The Chicago Way w/John Kass: A guide to burying news of a police boss, a niece, and a drug bust

By John Kass

You think the Chicago Way is over now just because a Daley has finally been convicted in federal court,  and because an alderman is waging jihad against Dibs during a snowstorm?

Think again.

On this episode of the Chicago Way podcast, we talk about the big heater case at police headquarters: The car belonging to the chief of the CPD’s Internal Affairs Division that was involved in a heroin bust.

And I’ll tell you a story about meeting a guy from internal affairs for chili and beer on Archer & Western. We talked about another drug bust. What was the name he gave me?

Ian Aloysius Donnelly.

Also, New York Mayor Eric Adams plays the race card, and Canada’s pajama boy dictator, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau plays the swastika card

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