Welcome to my excellent adventure:

My farewell column to the readers of the Chicago Tribune is out. It ends with -30-. It’s an old school newspaper code. It means, the end.

But I’m not ending. People are calling, asking what I’m going to do now. This is what I’m going to do:

John Kass News.

Why? I’m a writer. I write. Writing is my oxygen. And there is plenty to write about. As I told you in the last column, I’m no Laertes to putter around the garden talking to plants. I love my garden, but plants are just plants.

I don’t talk to plants. And I still have a few spears left to throw.

Instead of reading me in the newspaper, you can read me here. Until I figure out the next move. You’ll be able to read my content. There will be links to the best podcast in the universe, the Chicago Way podcast where my buddy Jeff Carlin turns the tables and interviews me for a change. We can have sponsors now. And there will be links to other podcasts too, like my good friend Thom Serafin’s “Crisis Cast.”

I am by no means in crisis. And every day or so, I’ll write something. Sometimes a full column. Sometimes a few paragraphs. The Bears, Mayor Lightfoot’s meltdown, catch-and-release Kim Foxx, real school choice and how legacy journalism devours itself and becomes little more than propaganda mills for the woke.

You can communicate with me via email on the page, and I’ll read what you send me and write you back, just as I’ve done for the past 30 years.

What’s on the menu? Links to old columns. Links to stories I think are important now that you might want to read. There’s so much crap out there, and too many barking dogs telling you this and that. I’ve never talked down to you and I never will.

You’re the ones who’ve had my back. I owe you.

The adventure begins. Let’s see what happens.

-John Kass