Dr. Jill? Just Say Naaah!!!!

By John Kass

Sunday July 7, 2024

There was no Golden Moutza of the Month when Edith Bolling Galt Wilson controlled incapacitated racist Democrat President Woodrow Wilson.

They were married. He suffered a serious stroke. She wasn’t  elected to anything. She thought she was president. And she acted like it. It was illegal and unconstitutional, but when did Democrats give two figs about the Constitution?

Wilson was not capable of being president, but power is power and Edith had it. Media wasn’t 24/7 then and wasn’t about to report that he was out of it like our stumbling President Biden.

Biden recently forced the hands of his cheerleading corporate media by offering up his recent, stumbling, incoherent and senile debate performance.  Democrats and their corporate media defenders were dumbstruck at the sight of him. Now they call for him to step down, but not for love of country, but love of their own behinds. They’re panicking and covering those behinds as I type this Golden Moutza column.

Back in Woodrow Wilson’s time, my grandfather John Kass had emigrated to America to open a produce business and lugged heavy crates of produce on his back.

He lived in a barbaric and violent city by the lake called Tsee-kah-go.

Yes, my Papou Ianni was civilized, though back in those days, we Greeks weren’t allowed to sleep indoors and in hotels. They told us to sleep in the barns. And yes, he knew the Moutza, the talk of the hand. As I demonstrate in the photograph below, it is best punctuated by a pithy “Nah!” (here take it).

But back when my papou was lugging cases of stombeddys throughout the South Side, and peetses and other fresh produce to sell to the housewives, I had not yet been born. But I was destined to bring the Moutza to the people, which I did almost a century later.

After his disastrous debate performance, Joe Biden was on damage control and tried to reassure panicky Democrat fundraisers at a political event that he was doing well.

“It’s just my brain,” the president tried to joke the other day

It’s just my brain?

That’s the problem Joe. Your brain. And now you tell us you don’t need to take a cognitive test. But you know what? The presidency isn’t about making fingerpaints and eating animal crackers before naptime, Joe. We wouldn’t let a toddler play with a loaded gun, but we let a senile old man play with the U.S. nuclear codes?

The Democrats and media are worried about what all this means for the elections. Is that what is really important here? Or is it the security of the United States in a dangerous world full of predators?

Madness. The rest of you know how this works. Readers find me on social media, add news links and nominate their winner.

I’ve been writing about this presidential meat puppet for years, and many of you knew that he is President Non Compos Mentis. The corporate media lied to you and said he was fine. But he wasn’t fine. All those around Joe knew this. Obama knew. His spies who lied knew. Hunter Biden and his other bagman, his brother knew. And Jill Biden knew. After the debate she led the president before supporters, to pump him up, Jill shouted at the president as if he were a halfwit. They all knew he wasn’t fit for the job. They didn’t care.

And Dr. Jill holds onto power with both iron talons.

“I know your #1 rule is ‘No Presidents’,” writes Joe Malez. “But after Thursday’s debate, It’s painfully obvious that our president is not the one running this country. So I say to the politician formerly known as Mr. President, “Nah!”

So sorry, Mr. Malez, but the sacred Moutzatution is clear. Presidents are exempt. We must respect them, even if they don’t respect themselves. But the Moutzatution says nothing about power mad spouses.

Then came David J. Steinback to open wide the sluice gates.

“There are people out there who say that Joe Biden is the “worst human being on the planet” writes Mr. Steinback, “they haven’t been paying attention to Dr Jill.”

And soon many other readers demanded the Moutza for Dr. Jill

“Joe and Jill went up the hill, It took them to Atlanta. Joe was practiced and rested, All set to be tested,” wrote Karen Sherman Bushy. “Jill prided herself on her savvy! Joe went on the stage, where they told him to stand, Jill stood on the sidelines, telling all who would listen: ISN’T THIS GRAND?”

Maria Bronny Ciesla offers a perfect Golden Moutza nomination, complete with magic words:

“Edith Wilson, er ‘Dr’ Jill Biden who is now letting her true colors(of the drapes and tablecloths) come out of her harpy face after the Debate- hands down for the June Moutza. Good boy, Joe. Good boy!Nah! Feesah Etho!”

“I nominate Hillary Clinton,” writes Grant Davies, “because she is the only woman in the country who is a worse human being than Jill Biden. Nah! They both make me break my own rule to never address people when I can address ideas. It’s just that their ideas also suck because they have only one shared idea, namely to be personally in charge of the world.”

Even worse than Joy Behar, the vulgar Tugboat Annie of our time?

“A collective moutza,” demands Alex Lekas, “for the corporate media that knew about and hid Joe’s cognitive shortcomings during the 2020 basement campaign, then spent four years telling us to ignore our lying eyes, until Thursday came and that was no longer possible. A few feeble “he has a cold” attempts but it was too late.”

John Allen gets to a most important question for a nation with a senile front man placed into the Oval Office by devious puppeteers: Who is running the country?

“I nominate whoever it is that’s running the country,” Allen writes. “We now know for sure it’s not Brandon, so who the hell is it? Whomever it is, they’re part of the coup d’etat that took place in 2020. When will the House of Representatives investigate THAT? Also, keep in mind that the media that’s been telling you Brandon is “fit as a fiddle” for the last four years is the same media that tells you Trump will “destroy democracy” if he’s elected. Holy smoke, that’s THREE nominees in one post.”

“Can I call out  Dan Proft for breaking John’s ribs?” asks Ann Macintosh Baker. ” Or was that fake news/cheap fake?”

Do not give him that much credit. Dan did not break my ribs. I fell backwards while barbecuing. They hurt like hell.  It hurt worse than reading what passes for journalism at the Tribune and the state-run NPR Times.

“The tech billionaires of Silicon Valley see Kamala Harris as one of their own,” writes the valliant Tom Winike. “They will do anything to place a California stooge in the White House. If Biden wins, I predict he will suffer an unfortunate accident within weeks. Perhaps lost at sea while para-gliding; or plunging off the vertical rock formation of El Capitan Peak in Yosemite National Park.”

I doubt it will come to that. Biden won’t ‘win.’ We have a country without a functioning president. And Democrats have a drag on their 2024 ticket.

By the close of the long Independence Day weekend, as little boys were about to burn their fingers off with fireworks, it was clear there was another Biden PR stunt in the works to allay fears about Joe’s obvious senility:

A friendly taped (and edited) ABC News interview with Clinton Donor Zero himself, the Ephialtes of his age, George Stephanopoulos. He is the Iago of his time, duplicitous; George, you embarrass us and yourself. I bet you know the Moutza, don’t you? Of course you do.

Biden told him only God Almighty could get him out of the presidential race. And Joe doesn’t care about losing if he gives his very best. All the Democrats knew he was not fit for office. They knew he wasn’t mentally fit. They defended him and turned their corporate media dogs against those of us conservatives who would say he was a senile meat puppet.

Kamala Harris defended him, and the donors a knew. And the infamous Dr. Jill, who holds onto power to keep Joe in position to play the Biden Family’s golden goose?

If Biden doesn’t want to leave, he won’t leave. Jill will see to that. They’re all grifters and they don’t care if it damages the nation. They want their money.

As reader Maria Bronny Ciesla and many others have said as the Democrats implode: Edith Wilson, er ‘Dr’ Jill Biden is letting her true colors show. Hands down for the Golden Moutza of the Month. Nah! Feesah Etho! Blow right there!

Your hear it Dr. Jill?

The Golden Moutza belongs to you. Nah! Feesah Etho!


About the author: John Kass spent four decades as a reporter, political writer and lead news columnist in Chicago working at a major metropolitan newspaper. He is co-host of The Chicago Way podcast. And he just loves his “No Chumbolone” hat, because johnkassnews.com is a “No Chumbolone” Zone where you can always get a cup of common sense.

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  1. Next up is a nomination for a future Moutza. It’s to Kamala, the next Democrat nominee for President. If you vote for Joe you get her because he will never serve a day. The only Democrats who don’t know that are those with the same affliction as Joe.

  2. The Moutza of the month for Jill Biden is well deserved. But the corporate media deserves a Moutza as well for how fast they turned on old Joe “for the good of the country”. Lying trash. Don’t forget Joe’s fellow Democrats led by the lying Quisling Quigley, who can’t wait to get on the bandwagon to save their own gravy train. The Democratic Party exposes itself for the unprincipled thieves that they are. But guess what? There are those out there who will still vote for Biden. The Democrats are despicable. Some of the voters are beyond redemption. A plague upon them all – the media, the Democratic Party and the idiots.

  3. Lady MacBat is a good call, John. You were right to honor tradition in not naming King Dunce-an, though he’s a figurehead king, as the now-visible role played by Sir Coky Bagman makes clear.

    The play’s the thing for Democrats. That and destroying cities, importing indentured voters, and relying on courtiers like Stephanopoulos to recite the scripts.

    Chicago’s Battle Of The Compassionate next month should be entertaining. I want Lady MacBat to keep order and prop up Dunce-an as she steers him to the podium. In your poll, I voted for him not to step down. He’s the character Democrats have earned.

    1. I see what you did there. The Scottish play applies in many ways…

      Who was it that said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes”?

  4. Campaigning for president is a stressful and onerous task for the hardiest of men. If the Big Guy were to have a stroke or a heart attack, would Dr. Jill take the blame?


    Would she care?? Only because the gig is up and the flood of filthy lucre would come to an end.

      1. Last time I checked, Nancy Reagan passed away years ago. Only to a Democratic Party member would give the Moutza to a dead person. But that should be no surprise – Nancy Reagan isn’t around to defend herself. A perfect Democratic Party target.

  5. The worthiest of worthies. Moutza to ‘Dr’ Jill. Georgie was the dutiful servant Jester on Friday too doing his best to save POTUS and the Democrat party from the foolhardy work four years ago. Joe sat in his basement (was the senility that worrisome back then? ) The three am surprises when oodles of mail in ballots magically appeared to push the meat puppet into the WH. I KNOW WHAT IS BEST. I get a cognitive test every day (I guess between 10 and 4?). POTUS is 24/7/365. Hamas or Putin or Xi or Kim will do their thing on their schedule not worried about your lack of sleep. Which makes the question more important. WHO IS REALLY RUNNING THE COUNTRY. Not Joe for sure.

  6. I thought that there was no one more vile, devious, evil, repulsive, lying, power hungry, and any other nasty description, than the slimy creature known as Hillary Clinton, but we’ve now met her equal, if not even worse successor, “Dr.” Jill. Such a sunny, happy go lucky name for perhaps the most dangerous person to walk the earth since Hitler. Her thirst for power through her perpetually inept husband is beyond despicable. He’s obviously becoming senile but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he was always an empty suit in congress, the predecessor to the useless Dick Durbin of Illinois. Back to Jill, this woman actually scares me, after all, she spawned the delightful Hunter Biden, and has gone on to bigger and better things.

  7. There are two Joe Biden’s. One is teleprompter Joe who is lucid, strong, and reads everything pumped up on power drinks, caffeine and or adderall. He even includes, pause, stop, start and read on. The other is debate Joe and we all saw that I have a cold, jet lag, Trump shouting at me horror show. Joe’s supporters, his alter egos, Jill, oops, Dr. Jill and now FELON, Hunter, argue Joe is fine. But there is one giant nail, should I say spike in the offing that will bring it all to an end.

    Much like the Nixon tapes, the visual and audio tape, known as the Hur report will be the end of Joe. Merrick Garland, the legal protector of Joe refuses to release the tapes. So, I suspect if Joe is still around, and when SCOTUS reconvenes in October, the justices will, just like in the Nixon tapes case, rule 9-0 that Garland must release the tape. That will be it. Shumer, Pelosi, Raskin, Nadler, and all those suck up governor’s like fat boy Pritzker, will go to Jill and say the end in now.

    Joe’s final act will be to pardon his demon son from the gun conviction. He might even try to pardon him from the tax case which will start in October. I do not know if he can legally do that, but Joe will try.

    Look at the hand Jill, NAH.

  8. Dr. Jill’s “cheers” for Joe after the debate were exactly what I’d expect of a person who has fallen for the “just try and you’ll win even if you lose” attitude that has infected far too many educators (yes, retired after 35+ years. We’ve taught kids that results don’t matter, only attempts), and his response during the so-called interview with George Stephanopolous confirmes it: “I’ll feel as long as I gave it my all and I did the good as job as I know I can do, that’s what this is about.”

    No, Joe, that is NOT what this is about. That’s a child seeking adulation. This is about ensuring the safety of the nation you claim to lead… and actually accomplishing your duty, not about having people say “Well, you tried at least. But we love you!” when you destroy multiple nations.

    Yes, attempting hard things is necessary. Attempting things you don’t know if you can manage is necessary. But blithely stating that as long as you try, whatever happens is fine, even when it kills people, is NOT necessary.

    1. Exactly, Rebecca! And these are the people who are indoctrinating our children in the public schools. No winners, no losers, everyone graduates, only 30% (or less) can read or do math at grade level. Is this how the Democrats prepare our country for the future?

      1. Actually, teachers are not permitted to teach outside the locally elected school board mandated curriculum. Those who get caught doing so get fired – tenure or no.

        This is something EVERYONE should know: if you are concerned about what is going on in your schools, ask the school for the curriculum for a subject at a grade level. Read it. Check that the work coming home matches the curriculum. If it does not, raise a stink! If it does, and it’s problematic, gather like-minded parents have speak at the school board meeting. Run for office. Volunteer for the curriculum committee.

        For years, the mandated curriculum in a variety of districts with which I was (and am) familiar included requirements to stoke kids’ egos and raise their self esteem, without understanding that self esteem grows by increasing your skills to do difficult things – not being told how wonderful you are for tripping over a low bar.

        That’s where the problem is.

  9. “All the Democrats knew he was not fit for office. They knew he wasn’t mentally fit. They defended him and turned their corporate media dogs against those of us conservatives who would say he was a senile meat puppet.” Actually, not “All the Democrats” were complicit in supporting Biden. Remember that Biden finished a distant 4th in the 2020 Iowa primary, 5th in New Hampshire, and Sanders beat Biden 2 to 1 in NV… but all the D. C. Demwits knew Biden was not fit for office…including Obama…Chicago’s Homeboy.

    1. They fixed it so that Sanders would not be the nominee. Then they fixed the election so that Biden would win in the dark of the night with all those mail in ballots. Then Obama got HIS third term.

      1. And they will fix it again, don’t worry. How many voting machines will be connected to the internet. This will be another fascinating steal I am afraid

  10. Despite the constant information overload these days, I always relish waking up to a new John Kass column. Not only for your voice of reason and sanity in these scary times, but for clever (if not terrifying) passages like this: “The presidency isn’t about making fingerpaints and eating animal crackers before naptime, Joe. We wouldn’t let a toddler play with a loaded gun, but we let a senile old man play with the U.S. nuclear codes?“ To the party who constantly screams about “saving democracy” while doing everything in their power to destroy it, what is more undemocratic than allowing an unelected shadow president (likely Obama) run (destroy) the country for four whole years? Even a removal of Joe after the primaries (while the power brokers continue to prop him up right up to the moment they ditch him) is a betrayal of their voters. Please explain to me how the Dem establishment installing a replacement (to Hillary, Bernie and now Joe) is “democracy”? God help us all!

  11. Point of order Chairman Kass:
    “Doctor” Jill is not a real Doctor. She has an Ed,D. a doctorate in education. A cheap title often earned by receiving all A grades automatically in education studies at the graduate level.

  12. Totally agree with the choice. In 2020 I, and so many others, questioned a wife who had to keep Joe in the basement. How could a “loving” wife be so cruel to the family man and good ol’ Joe the media painted? But we knew. Power. We also knew that the bumbling President Biden was just a puppet for Obama’s third and, thus far, most disastrous term.

    Anyone who has had a senile elderly loved one sees the signs and knows what will come next. There is no bouncing back mentally, and it is a horrible decline from here. All Dems and Never Trumpers are to blame for working with the media in unison to hide how bad this president is. But Jill, for sure, is the most culpable.

    1. Yes, agree with all you have said. This is really Elder Abuse. Don’t people go to jail for that?

      Can any of us trust the media anymore in anything? They have lied to all of us for years about Joe’s fitness to lead our country. This is scary, and the perfect time for another 9/11. Unfortunately, we have another 6 months to deal with the Devilcrats “leading” our country. God help us.

  13. Excellent JK.

    Doctor Jill needs to be charged with elder abuse. What human being no less a person with a doctorate in education, would allow a feeble old human being, in the twilight of his life to be treated as a circus side show.
    Give the man his dignity, let him walk away with honor and pride for the good of the country. Nothing to be ashamed off, leave before his legacy will be completely destroyed.

    if he was my dad, the decision would have been made a long time ago to take the car keys away, and sadly as you point out, who then is really running the country.

    Dr Jill is in the Moutza hall of fame, on the first ballot.

  14. Shortly into the debate it happened. Fumbling, mumbling, Joe came out.
    Clean up in aisle 46. Next day shove out Joe in North Carolina . Tell us he had a cold. Send out Karine Jean-Pierre. The press secretary adamantly stated he had a cold. He had a cold. Then to add more to the pile she said he had a cold and jet lag.
    Jet lag? Seriously?
    So many questions about what is to come. Could the presidential election be delayed? Who would replace him? What about the monies given to the Joe?
    Now we have been told Dr. Jill will now have the help of Hunter. That makes me sleep better at night.
    Thank you for the column! Great pick. Good job fellow readers, and contributors.

    1. So many others to add to the Moutza list!
      Hunter, Karine, George S., the Mainstream Media (Joe Scarborough, the ladies of the View). The list goes on and on and on!

  15. As always, an entertaining and insightful column. Love to read comments from your other subscribers. Meanwhile, if the Almighty comes down, he will most likely smack Jill upside the head for elder abuse

  16. John, strawberries & pizza’s. Love the Greeks from the old country pronouncing the English language. Every nationality has their words they pronounce in their own distinct accent. I love it, and growing up in Chicago we’ve heard it everywhere. Those that have been here a few generations would tease those of us who had parents/grandparents that spoke broken English, yet how many of their parents spoke another language?
    As for the Moutza award, there are thousands who could be in the running for destroying this nation, from the Democrats to the RINO party, the alphabet agencies & most government workers. When it all collapses we are going to be in a world of hurt. Far worse than what happened to the Roman Empire. FJB

    1. Ah yes. You bring up our one time fav Democratic Party Troll. Do you really want to hear from him though? He is likely very busy running his imaginary north woods bar. Let it be. LOL.

  17. Now that the 2020 basement campaign has wrought a four year debasement campaign, the Dementiacrats are finally facing consequences.
    And the next election is their only concern. The enfeebled senile leader has already been allowed to continue to be snookered by siding salesman Zelensky, DNC operatives pushing college debt transfer, etc.
    Shouldn’t either the shyster siding salesmen or Biden be made to go go away?
    Remember the cost of FDR’s deathbed trip to Yalta, where Stalin parlayed his diminished capacity into a disaster for eastern European freedom?
    Upon this Biden, we risk years or eternity of similar misery for the cost of electoral perfidy.

  18. At the comments section end I voted NO, Ole Joe should not step down – because I believe he is the worst candidate the democrats could run. Maybe the evil Jill is actually serving the country well.

  19. Most excellent article, John.

    But one small correction:

    “They’re all grifters and they don’t care if it damages the nation. They want their

    They don’t want THEIR money. They want OUR money.

    A giant collective moutza to the lot of them!

  20. John, I have the perfect title for your next column. I found it in that once proud paper you used to work for. Tragically it came from a young man whose mother and little brother were just killed by Brandon’s “Not Baby Capones Group” the other day. The “Not Baby Capones” drove up to Moms house and let loose with a couple of hundred round of machine gun fire killing his mom , brother and injuring a few others. I guess it doesn’t qualify as “Capone” like behavior. The line? “CHICAGO AIN’T GOT NO REMORSE”. Perfect. Someone should put it on a t- shirt alongside a picture of Mayor Gumby. It would be very very appropriate…

  21. I voted for ‘Ole Joe to stay in the race. If he bows out we could really be in for it. Michelle, Hillary, Kamala, Big Boy in Illinois, Gavin-the favorite nephew in California, shifty Schiff and Sanders will for sure try to get in……..

    I feel that DJT is capable of winning against Bumble Joe, only if we all do what we can to get out the vote. It isn’t going to be a slam dunk for the Donald.

    Rhetoric is great, it gives one a chance to voice their feelings. Following up with votes is the way to a win.

  22. At least Capone and the Mob did not kill innocent women and children.
    If someone did kill an innocent, they had to answer to Capone. Capone did not kill innocents or steal from the taxpayers; he knew it was bad for business. A great difference from what is running Chicago today, from Toni Taxwinkle, Kim Foxx, and the CTU tool, Brandon.

  23. John, another great column! Tsee-Kah-Go.made me think a couple of seconds. I grew up in Kan-Kah-Kee. In a way we worked for the same company. Though I did not do as well as you. I delivered the Chicago Tribune for a couple of years while attending St Patrick’s Grade school.
    But to the point, I believe that Hunter, not Jill is Bidens Number One Hatchet Man and Cheerleader. Remember that Joe said Hunter was “the smartest man he knew.”Hunter is also well motivated. He needs Joe to remain President so he can be pardoned for the least serious crimes he committed. For some reason, the statute of limitations ran out on the more serious crimes.

  24. I think the award should go to the termite Stephanopoulos a true Ephialtes and so aptly named. He has pandered to the Clintons and has done his best to protect sleepy Joe and his elder abuser wife, Jill. George Steph is a disgrace to his heritage

  25. I may be in the minority, but don’t underestimate the American voter’s ability to make dumb choices when it’s time to vote. Chicago is a prime example. Biden could win. Heaven help us.

    1. I agree completely. Biden will win if he stays in.
      Decent GOP voters will not vote for a convicted felon, whore mongering, cheat on his wife, massively obese, orange man. Most decent minded women will not vote for a man who cheats on his wife. I wonder: did Trump use a condom with his trysts and whores to protect Melania from catching STDs?
      Just asking?

    2. Yes I agree. Not too long ago there was the “red wave” fiasco where John and many others were certain a huge red tidal wave was about to land and sweep the wokesters out of office. Didn’t happen. Now despite President Biden’s demonstrable decrepitude, he trails Donald Trump within the margin of error (or thereabouts) on most polls. You would think otherwise … that given the obvious physical and mental debility of Mr. Biden – on national exhibit on June 27 – he would be overwhelmingly behind. But he is not. The power of the Orange Man – his ability to keep Biden politically viable, cannot be overestimated.

  26. My worry about this whole situation is that it now gives the perfect opening for Illinois’ own Son of Flubber, JB Pritzker, to waddle onto the stage during the Dem Convention (after Biden has been made an offer he can’t refuse) and say, “Hey folks, pick me! I’m the ‘host governor’ here, after all, and I promise to continue Chicago/Obama-style neo-Communist government in Washington for another four years–plus, I can finance my own campaign!” How convenient!

  27. You have to wonder who is running the country, given that it’s now abundantly clear that it isn’t Biden. Is it Kamala, our border czarina? Is it Mayor Pothole Pete? Is it Barack Obama, aka “The Messiah?” Will we ever find out who ran the country for the last three and a half years?

  28. Ironic isn’t it? Did the dems not say that Trump will refuse to leave the White House in 2020? Now you have a President whose own party is begging him to leave and he and the family refuse to do so. Interesting turn of events.

    “Biden told him only God Almighty could get him out of the presidential race.” Do you think being in Stage 5 of a 7 Stage Dementia affiliction is not God’s way of telling you it’s time to pack it up?

    Jill loves the spotlight and the life in the White House, while Hunter is in the back with Pardon papers for his sorry behind, getting Walter The Puppet to scribble his name onto it.

    The U.S. is the laughingstock of the world right now. How are enemies are not seizing on this is a minor miracle. He needs to go – RIGHT NOW!!!!!

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