President Non Compos Mentis

By John Kass

February 11, 2024

Do you really think the bizarre angry-old-man cane waving performance of President Non Compos Mentis demonstrates his fitness for office?

Because after that politically disastrous news conference in the White House is where we are now.

Biden is no longer mentally fit to be commander-in-chief. He’s an empty husk. I told you he was a meat puppet years ago. Last week, on national television, he proved it.

The world is on the edge of war. China is pushing us in the Pacific, Iran pushes us across the Middle East. Russia is taking Ukraine, despite our war party’s best effort to bring us to the edge of world war. And the president is not in possession of his right mind. He’s slow and senile and the world can see it.

He is President Non Compos Mentis. That is lawyer talk, Latin for “of unsound mind.”

How did this come about? Biden’s Justice Department the other day ruled that the president was not mentally fit to stand trial on the issue of whether he’d illegally and for years taken top secret documents and stored them in broken boxes in his messy garage. He did willfully take the documents. He did in fact put them in broken boxes in his junky garage.

But the special prosecutor appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland declined to press charges. Why? Biden is unfit to stand trial.

He’s not fit to stand trial, but he’s fit to be president?

Robert Hur, the special prosecutor noted in his report that during interviews, Biden repeatedly could not remember the years he was vice president under former President Barack Obama, that Biden could not remember the year his son Beau died. The report was released during a week in which the president said he talked to world leaders who were already dead. And then in his angry news conference he mixed up the presidents of Mexico and Egypt.

It was a disaster of biblical proportions.

You wouldn’t hire such a soft headed man to manage a Popeye’s Fried Chicken franchise, let alone task him to be the leader of the free world with China on the prowl. The fate of the United States is at stake.

First he must be tested to determine if he’s mentally fit. If he’s fit, then he stands trial. If he’s not, then he should be removed immediately.

One way to look at it that he’s a tired old man, too old for the rigors of the presidency, a man in the center of a re-election political campaign who decided to pass up a three-minute softball interview during the Taylor Swift Super Bowl. If he can’t handle a softball interview, how can he stand up to Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping.

Another way to look at it was that what America and the world saw on TV—Angry Joe Biden confusing the names of world leaders, sniping, mean—was no accident.

It was a takedown. And some of his own people helped. They put him out there and he performed poorly as expected. I talked about this to a man who spent his lifetime in American diplomacy and intelligence, studying the devious players of the Deep State.

Here’s what he wrote weeks ago, before Biden’s prime-time disaster, in a prescient essay for the conservative website American Greatness.

“The ‘Deep State’ and the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election: Down to the Crossroads”

“One indication to watch for could be whether elements of Biden’s Department of Justice, which has so far worked hard to shield the President, begin to re-examine some of the corruption and other allegations of wrongdoing aimed at him…”

The author is my brother Nicholas Kass, 30+ years of service in CIA and Department of State, working on the president’s daily brief, serving in Washington and overseas in Turkey, and other dangerous parts of the world.

He’s brilliant yes, but for decades when we were growing up, he refused to do household chores. He’d rather study Eastern Roman history and Kyokushin karate than cut the grass. Pete and John cut the grass.

Nick is our scheduled guest for this week’s new episode of the Chicago Way podcast that I co-host with WGN radio producer Jeff Carlin. We try to serve up hot cups of good old-fashioned common sense.

One thing we do know is that Biden is done. Jill Biden, the stern Mrs. Wilson of this White House, decided a year or so ago that the old man  would run for re-election. And so she pushed him out there because she loves power. Was he wearing his depends?

He’s no longer useful. Look at him. He’s dried up, a bitter raisin. And his advisors are turning the screws.

Now it’s too late for him to gracefully withdraw, so someone in his “braintrust” decided it would be a good idea to hold a free-form news conference, even though he’d been shielded for years.

It was predictable.

The sad thing is that our country doesn’t deserve this. He’s not some gentle old man. He’s vicious and mean and he has always put his appetites for venality before the welfare of his country. He’s in public service for what he can take and leverage, like the worst of the big city politicos.

He’s pretending the Junior Soprano senility defense to protect him from charges of taking millions of dollars from China, Ukraine and elsewhere.

Joe Biden’s favorite saying isn’t E pluribus unum. His favorite saying is “No one F’s with a Biden,” usually said with his hand extended to take a check in the form of a “loan” that is never repaid.

He’s not mad as a hatter exactly, but he keeps forgetting the names of world leaders, and according to the special prosecutor he couldn’t remember the year his own son died or when he was vice president when he pulled in all that cash.

And though team Biden came out swinging on Friday condemning the prosecutor for being unfair, with “gratuitous” smears, and the CNN and MSNBC lickspittles were defensively outraged, it became clear that the Biden White House will not release video of the president’s interviews to prove their claims that the special prosecutor was “gratuitous” and that the president is mentally fit. Because he’s not.

Who will they replace him with? The moron Vice President with the horrid cackling laugh? The hair boy Democratic governor of California dripping of hair products? Or the Gov. Jelly Belly of Illinois? How about my pick, Michelle Obama?

If he sticks he drags the Congressional Democrats down with him and their journos will freak. Poll after poll say voters don’t believe old Joe has the mental acuity to do the job.

In a recent ABC poll, 94 percent of Republicans, 69% of political independents and 21% of Democrats thinks Biden lacks the mental sharpness to be president.

Just 33 percent think the 80-year-old Biden is fit enough. And 58 percent of American adults who lean Democrat want someone else.

Is that Vice President Kamala Harris?

No. She has a much softer brain than Biden, but she was selected not for her mental or administrative prowess, but because she had the right skin tone and she’s a woman.

U.S. Rep. Adam Smith understands. Biden is done. As do other smart Democrats. The American people saw what they saw, it was a complete (bleep) show, and telling them Biden is really Einstein just infuriates them now.

And the voters see former President Donald Trump facing similar records-related criminal charges, the left hopes they can use their “lawfare” to put him in jail, but Biden is ruled incompetent and walks free while holding onto the presidency?

That double standard just won’t wash. It is unfair and corrodes the American  system of equal justice under the law. They kill democracy while shouting through their leftist media organs that they are here to save it. They are dangerous, malevolent, mincing buffoons.

The American left leaning corporate media, so shamelessly in the tank for Obama and then for Biden in scandal after scandal are now at point where they must decide who and what they are.

“Well, I think they’ve jumped the proverbial shark,” the classical historian Victor Davis Hanson said to Laura Ingraham on “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News.  “And I think right now there’s a lot of journalists who are saying I wanna get out of Dodge and I wanna go on record that I’ve always said I always believed he had mental problems… And I think they’re gonna try to be the first to say ‘I have integrity. I’m empirical. I’m disinterested.”

But they were quite interested, like the hairless eunuchs in the palace of the sultan. For decades Washington journalists danced the dance of grace and favor in the court of the kings of the Washington swamp. They have no place to go but down.

“It’s gonna get worse and worse,” said Hanson, “and they don’t want to be the last person on the Biden-is-competent-train and I think they want to get off. I think a lot of people are going to say ‘I knew this whole time.’ ”

Hanson knows it is the same behavior across history. It is the dance of servants covering their behinds. And it reeks, like the parliament of whores Washington has become.

“Very well madam,” some old man said long ago to the streetwalker who ended up in the palace. “We’ve established what you are. Now we’re simply determining the price.”


About the author: John Kass spent decades as a political writer and news columnist in Chicago working at a major metropolitan newspaper.  All he really wanted to do was cover boxing and write Chicago restaurant reviews and file one story a week. It didn’t work out that way. He lives in Northwest Indiana with the Lovely Sicilian. He is co-host of The Chicago Way podcast. And he just loves his “No Chumbolone” hat, because is a “No Chumbolone” Zone where you can always get a cup of common sense.

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  1. .., Jill Biden, the stern Mrs. Wilson of this White House, !!!
    Great line and accurate.

    “Well, I think they’ve jumped the proverbial shark,” the classical historian Victor Davis Hanson said …

    Brandon Johnson is the dog that caught the car!!

    I love when articulate observers of this political theater put the ball back in their courts. Keep up the great work Kasso!

    1. And here, I always thought “Mrs. Wilson” was a kind, doting grandma-like person – it was always “Good ‘ol Mr. Wilson” who was the crank.
      Of course, I remember this from the old “Dennis the Menace” cartoons from my childhood. Y’all must be talking about someone else…

    1. They say history repeats itself. This seems like 1968 all over again. Johnson declines to run for a second term. His vice-president runs a doomed campaign. The Democratic convention is in Chicago with radical factions of the party having a riot. The country is involved in an increasing unpopular war and we are associated and sponsoring two wars that are becoming also increasing unpopular.
      A Kennedy was a candidate until he was assassinated.
      Anyone who predicts how this year ends is a fool. I am not even sure who the candidates will be on the ballot in November.

  2. The Dems are done with Biden, and this was the opportunity they’ve been waiting for. They’ll use this as the reason for thieving Joe to drop out of the race, replacing him with one of the above. This was the best of both worlds for the Dems- they now have their reason to “compassionately” drop Biden, but also avoided an indictment. They still have their “lawfare” against Trump on the same issues for which Biden just skated. The Dems could not have asked for a better setup.

  3. There is a precedent in place for what needs to happen here. In 1973 Barry Goldwater and John Rhodes led a group of Republicans to the White House to tell a Republican President he no longer had political support in Congress and his effort to remain in office was surely doomed to fail. Two days later Nixon resigned. Facing the reality their President was unable and unfit to continue to lead, country came before party. Truth triumphed over deceit, the American principle that no one is above the law, even the President, held true. There is no similar courage among the Democrats leadership today in the face of Biden’s assumption he did not violate the law.

    Today, the partisan hacks in positions of institutional leadership and the legacy corporate media coldly calculate holding on to reigns of power, justice plays no role. The quest for gaining and holding power by any means , any reason, and denial of the truth, that’s all that matters. The American versions of TASS and Pravda lick the boots of the rulers and the hapless apparatchiks of the ruling party. Officeholders gaslight everything in self interest, rejecting the truth that presents itself before their eyes. Saddening, but is not proved over and over again that when there is no objective reality that drives a standard of right and wrong and truth is a matter of individual perception, then the attainment and exercise of power suffocates the freedom of a people? Truth and rule of law take second place to the elites’ drive to keep and grow their power.

    Political partisanship and party power before truth have become poison in the wells of America’s freedom. John Adam’s could see the potential danger in his words penned in 1780: “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”

    1. Whatever else is said, one thing is obvious-after the Democratic National Convention (if not before), Joe Biden will not be the 2024 candidate of the Democrats. Period!

    2. Remember that, in the Nixon example, the R’s first had to replace VP Spiro Agnew with a more-palatable Gerald Ford before they could proceed with the transfer of power. Do the D’s have the will to replace Kamala before ousting Joe? It may not matter, since Ford couldn’t win election in his own right, but I can’t believe the D’s will try to foist a President Harris on the country.

    3. John, with all the vitriol surrounding both Biden and Trump and the mentioning of John Adams fears of the two party system, where is your writing of an independent party? Where is the coverage of where Kennedy might fit into this sorted mud pit we find ourselves awash in? Dems chiming in here should be taken seriously when they say “anybody but Trump” and vote for the lessor of evils.”
      The red wave never happened because half the country can’t stand the narcissist orange man.
      If there ever was a time for a third party, now is that time.

  4. Joe Biden showed what a brainless narcissist he is in 2010 when he stumped for Gov.Pat Quinn at Plumbers Hall in 2010.

    He was late and he hogged the stage.

    Biden droned on, not about the man he was in Chicago to help, but about himself and the swell economy Obama made.

    I had fifteen Leo Boxers with an autographed boving glove for Quinn, but we nevergot to present it as planned. We stood with Congressman Danny Davis and his peeps, who beefed about Biden taking up all the time.

    We could not leave until Biden zippered his teeth.

    Non Compos Mentis for sure!

    1. “He’s pretending the Junior Soprano senility defense to protect him from charges of taking millions of dollars from China, Ukraine and elsewhere.”

      “He’s not mad as a hatter exactly, but he keeps forgetting the names of world leaders, and according to the special prosecutor he couldn’t remember the year his own son died or when he was vice president when he pulled in all that cash.”


      My opinion? They’ll keep Brandon in place for another month to six weeks. Even in the days of nanosecond Internet, there’s still real paper to process. I could be wrong, but maybe not. Then Giggles Harris will become temporary POTUS. I don’t expect this year’s election to be fair or just, for all I will vote. There will be ballot stuffing, harvested ballots changed, the incapacitated voting along with the dead.

      Ms. Obama doesn’t want to be POTUS. I think she wants to be Michelle, Queen of the United States, and use Air Force One as her private magic carpet to freebie resorts and to take “shopping” for free tributes of viands and raiment. If indeed your prediction is correct, then salving her traveling, jetsetting jones would at least keep her from doing anything harmful.

  5. Stick a fork in them. Them being the Bidens, the Democrat Party and the media. All of them are through.

    The border is the issue, the only issue this election, and as much as all three ignore what’s really going on there, the American voter knows.

    The trio has no credibility whatsoever. The new media is in the palm of my hand that to people like John Kass!

  6. We Democrats are not happy about Joe running again. There’s still time to replace him on the ticket. Trump is a horror: encouraging the rampage at the Capitol, trying to overturn the election, a life-long cheat (talk about not paying bills as he yelled yesterday; he’s refused to pay the bill his whole life). Trump has no knowledge of our history or much about government. But he’s feral and brings out the nastiness of those who choose his approach and find his limitations and deficiencies entertaining. Putin will be THRILLED if he wins.

    1. Geraldine, I have a question for you if I may?
      Since you proclaimed “ we Democrats are not happy about Joe running again”, what is your solution? If in fact he remains on the ticket with Kamala, do you put party before country and still vote for the glaring incompetence, or vote the other way as a signal to your party that these types of candidates will no longer be accepted or tolerated as the status quo?

      1. Easy to answer this. Trump is evil and I would never vote for a man who cares not a whit for our principles. He’ll dismantle many of our protections. I also labor under my experience including advanced degrees in the field and floor privileges as a staffer for the House Leadership when things were more normal (if you consider Watergate a regular event). I often tell people you vote for the lesser of bad choices so I will vote for Biden if he remains on the ballot, though not happily. I’ve met Joe and he’s a nice, likable guy but a second term is not desirable.

        1. Some people would rather vote for a corrupt turnip than Donald Trump. Yet they blindly complain about the price of a gallon of milk and watch their IRAs vanish along with a solvent economy. Yes, you,can still kill the unborn child you will never have. You have that right. Democrats love people like you.

          1. And the RINO’s (Trump et al.) and Putin love people like you.
            Make absolutely no mistake. Voting for Trump is a vote against all that America stands for. His latest comments that he would encourage Putin if countries didn’t pay their dues and attacking Haley’s husband make it damn clear that he is more unfit for office than the rat that made a sidewalk slab famous.
            I am NOT a chumbalone. Trump voters are true RINO’s and their MAGA cult followers are blind mice chumbalones if there ever were any.

    2. It’s always interesting to come across one of the many unfortunate people who are even more neurotically obsessed with Trump than he himself is. If Kass wrote a column about hurricanes, Conrad would explode in rage here about the real cause of bad weather, Trump. Talk about bringing out the nastiness . . . .

      1. Your comment is off base. I do not explode in rage at ANYONE and continue my subscription even though I find many comments here unpalatable. I like John personally and find it within my purview to disagree.

    3. This ⬆️. THIS ⬆️. An entire article about this incompetence of our CURRENT POTUS, and what does Geraldine have to say? But TRUMP. Address the issue in John’s article, but don’t use the usual TDS talking points (so much of what you pointed out as half-truths or democratic lies) to shift the conversation.

    4. Neither party has a competent, decent candidate, yes. Unfortunately, we are left with voting for the lesser of 2 evils. Trump as president can only go SO far, he cannot be a “dictator” as some suggest. He has a better grasp on history than you think. However, he is an arrogant, narcissistic power driven man. What happened January 6th was a handful of extremists rioting – it was NOT an attempt to “overthrow” the government, NOT an insurrection. I have friends that were there. Your party, the democrats, are off the rail. JFK is spinning in his grave at what his party has become. However, the Republicans have also failed miserably to do the right thing. God forbid Kamala will end up being in charge. Why can’t your party come up with a better candidate also??

      1. Ms. Mikkelsen — Congratulations on your outstanding Comment here. It’s so strikingly original and accurate, so free of the high-sugar talking points of malnourished ideology, so superior to what I hear most people saying these days . . . that I can’t help feeling concerned about you. You must either keep extremely good company or be impervious to loneliness.

        1. Wholeheartedly agree! Denise can be my friend if she is in need of one.

          After hearing Hur’s report and listening to that career ending (one can only hope) news conference, I couldn’t help but think of Robert Hur as a hero!

    5. Ms. Conrad;
      I was part of the counter-culture until I wasn’t.
      I protested the Vietnam War, but I was declared 4F (unfit under any circumstances) for the draft and somehow, it didn’t seem right to protest since some of my friends and classmates were getting sent. For the record, I had already had 3 major knee surgeries before my 18th birthday.
      I was pro-choice until the choice was made to abort a pregnancy that I had a hand in.
      I left the Democratic Party after President Jimmy Carter down home folksied us into a socialist nation.
      So, I have been a conservative for almost 50 years and I must say that I am a lot happier, as that type of conservatism spills into other aspects of my life. I guess it defines me.
      I have always loved music, especially rock and roll-particulary 60s/70s rock and roll. And the politics of an artist, notwithstanding, fails to spoil my joy. An example is John Fogerty. I love his music, even though his politics are on the other side of the railroad tracks, so to speak.
      My point is this: politics, if practiced correctly, is not a religion. Therefore, we don’t need a saint or a savior. We need someone who is willing to pull off the lid of a septic tank and pump it out.
      That’s not Joe Dementia, but it might be Trump. At least I’m happy to think that.
      I hope you find your candidate and your happiness.

    6. Geraldine Conrad:
      Just imagine if you were to run against Mr Trump instead Mr Biden? Who do you REALLY think would be the better candidate? Trump has a very good track record as POTUS, what do you have? Please list yours, thx in advance.

    7. Well if “you” hate America liberals are not “happy” with Joe running you must be really not happy with Trump’s Supreme Court picks and subsequent decisions which will save the Republic.

      A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I was a Democrat until I checked my wallet and discovered what they were doing with my hard earned money. I have this odd quirk, I like to keep my own money and spend it on what I think is important.

  7. Spot on Mr. Kass. VDH has been correctly alerting us to Dr. (bahaha) Jill’s “Edith” stratagem since day one. It ain’t just Joe and the boys who crave wealth and power. I pray to God that somebody, somewhere, has whatever it takes (photos or recordings, something that bares the truth) to save the Country from Michelle. There is no way in hell we survive an Obama Term IV.

    One disconcerting observation I have is that it sure seems like there are a lot of Congressional incumbents who are not running for re-election. I can’t help but wonder if they see the impending tidal wave of feces about to wash up on us all and they are getting out while the getting is good. I hope I’m mistaken.

  8. My nominee to reprise the roles of Sen. Barry Goldwater, House Minority leader John Rhodes and PA Sen. Hugh Scott who trekked to the WH to tell Nixon it’s over in July of 1974 is Cucky Schumer, especially if the D’s lose that special election on Long Island Tuesday to replace fsbulist George Santos! Might be a pivotal moment in 2024!

  9. Dear Mr. Caisson — Joe Biden here, and I deeply represent these incinerations you make on your webbed site. First, I have a fine relationship with that Mexico fellow and General DeGaulled. Second, no foreign-type nation has ever given the Biden family a big check, but if you know of one floating around, please forward it to Dr. Jill. Fourth, I have the greatest respect for President Harris, though I advise all White Horse visitors not to sniff her hair, as that gal’s got a temper.

    Finally, Bideonomics is working like a Swiss cheese watch. Not only is ice cream more reasonable then ever, it doesn’t cost me anything at all.

    As far as this talk about my resigning, well, such speculatium makes me so angry I just might go ten rounds with one of them reporters who abuse free speech by talking too much. As I once informed Corn Pop, “You’re gonna get a real beating, whether you’re real or not!”

    Finally, God bless America, especially Delaware and even more special blessings for Delaware’s fine credit card companies. Who’ve never given me a penny as far as I recall. Which also makes me angry.

    Joe Biden
    Duly Elected Vice President

    1. I just subscribed to JKN. I love reading the articles by John. They are easily worth the $50. As a bonus, I get to read the comments by (mostly) knowledgeable, clear thinking readers like Mr Bittinger (but not limited to him). What an awesome deal!

  10. I truly hate to see anyone suffering from the maladies that the president (small “P” intentional in this case) obviously has, whether I like them or not. What bothers me the most is that his political cohorts know this and are willing to sacrifice this country to stay in power, no matter the cost. Their lapdogs of the (sic) “media” are right there along with them.

    I wonder who they are going to blame when some of these illegal aliens who are streaming across our non-border start to engage in the type of activity for which they came (or were sent) here. Although many of these folks are seeking a better life, I fear that many of these folks are not “migrants” or “asylum seekers”, they are young military-aged men. I fear they are here for some nefarious, or at least criminal, reasons. As we’ve seen recently when NYPD Cops were attacked and then in another incident, shot at by these thugs, even after them receiving free housing, food, medical care, schools, travel, etc.. Apparently giveaways sometimes don’t always create good citizens. I am not anti-immigrant at all, my Mother and her Family emigrated to the U.S. from Italy, in the right (legal) manner and for the right reasons.

    The terrorists of 911 did it with box cutters- it is very difficult to defeat an enemy who is a zealot for whatever cause, see Hamas as an example. I fear that American Cops and our military are not prepared for the type of conflicts, on our own soil, that are coming, and as both a retired Cop and a retired Military Officer, it scares the hell out of me. I worry every day what kind of world and country my grand kids are going to inherit.

    1. Dan, I couldn’t agree more with you more. Close the borders to illegals NOW. We need more better trained police, and courts that actually put criminals in jail and keep them there.

  11. Some time after 2020, possibly before, I believe Biden came to be seen by his handlers and funders as a stalking horse President. Through him and the controlled Congress the instantaneous border invasion coild be abetted, Deep State could metastasize in Covid hysteria, huge pharma profits could be ensured- and the fall guy Biden would own it all. Be in for one and done.

  12. I largely agree, but why trash Popeye’s. Alongside Gus’s, it’s the best out there. There are many other institutions clearly run by incompetents you might have chosen as exemplars of operations which any off the shelf fool could improve and Biden couldn’t, say… Harvard, the FBI, Cook County, the National Education Association, Boeing, Disney, the CDC… Popeye’s by comparison is a glistening totem to perfection, a shining city on a hill, a consistent refuge for the soul in an attempted worldwide experimental scientific proof of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Please take care with the few societal treasures we have left.

  13. The voters could not see all this in 2020? It was there in plain view for anyone who bothered to pay attention. If anyone thinks 2024 will be any different no matter who is running, you are fooling yourself. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  14. You hit the nail on the head!
    Non Compos Mentis indeed! It was either go to jail or leave the presidency to retire never to be seen again…almost Shakespearian. I love the Wilson – Jill Biden jab. I suspect by March he’ll just shuffle around and do some waving but be too busy to take conferences.
    What scares me most is the move forward. Who will the Democrats get behind? The usual suspects: Gavin Newson, Michelle Obama, Gov. Commodus Maximus? On one point VP Kacklefest could run if the palace eunuchs think they can spin her though; after all her word salads are so disorientating that they could come off as magisterial. It’s going to be a very interesting (and cringe-worthy) election year for sure.

  15. Γιάννη,
    I guess the leftists feel we’re all dumb ass chumbolones, and will swallow whatever the swill of the day is put forth by Joe’s “journalists!” However, we are now witnessing the sinking of Joe’s ship of fools, as the media rats flee before all is lost to the sea! Watch them step over one another to confess that they knew Joe was a mindless idiot all along!! The worms turn eventually…..

    1. Again, excellent article with right on facts. All sad and true.
      BUT as i said before the Democratic 5Ws (wealthy, weighty, white, woke women) will play the ABORTION AND GUN lines and poof ya got Biden again, or the 1 that replies him. There are more chumbolones that vote than those who are not. Case closed.
      PS I’m thinking of adding a 6th W to the Democratic 5Ws: WACKY

  16. Great column as always. My wife is finally starting to see the Bullcrap that has been put on there on the MSM and I am relieved that she sees what is going on.
    As for me and I hope everyone else in Illinois, I will vote for the President Non Compos Mentis in the primary to show a strong showing for him in Illinois. I want Commodus Maximus to sweat a bit when ILLINOIS votes for President Non Compos Mentis to get the Democrat nomination for him at the Convention here in Chiraque. Big Johnson better stock up on Xanax for the convention. I believe it’s going to be a rough summer.

    1. Mail-in ballots are so….. 1924. Today, most roads are paved and afford mobility to the town center where the voting booths are located. If you foresee a weather pattern that will make a trip to town an impossibility on election day, an absentee ballot (requires you to be registered) will be accepted. So, two ways to vote. Absentee or in-person.

      I trust the honest leaders of both parties are working on this.

  17. Yes, those of us understanding even a modicum of the swamp saw this coming. We understood to look behind the Wizard of Oz’s curtain to see who was really pulling the levers, just as we understood the Communist statements coming out of Obama’s mouth while others were dazzled by a smooth talker. Biden was mental when he was a vice-presidential candidate: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” But none of this matters.

    This swampy story is a tale as old as time. The problem is half the American voters who believe climate change is the biggest existential threat and expect the government to provide everything to the citizens. Baby killing is healthcare. Women aren’t women. Kids can change their sex and their objecting parents can be jailed if they don’t agree. No one goes to jail. Everything is as upside down as Obama wanted.

    This election, I fear, will be the most corrupt of all. Of late, it appears there is no division between Republicans and Democrats. That is assured when it comes to Trump.

    1. Erin !!!! Wow !!!! BINGO !! You nailed it. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I can’t even to start to wonder which of the “swampy story” is the most evil. I mean, damn, they’re all bad.

      I TOTALLY agree that this election will be a corrupted as humanly possible. If only the Trump people and Republicans would have framed the “stolen election” better. It wasn’t stolen with a few suspicious votes in Pennsylvania or those of dead people in Rogers was MANIPULATED by the Dems who saw fit to executive order changing the election rules with all the mail in garbage received up to two weeks after the ever changing deadlines, no IDs, probably illegals voting too. We all know the same thing is coming…that’s why there is no border ! Wouldn’t it be hilarious if all those illegals (I refuse to say M…) voted against Joe ???

      Finally, John’s list of Biden replacements is scarier than the brain dead President ! I mean, Harris ? Newsome ? Dough Boy ?? Yikes, heaven help us.

  18. John – I agree 100%, however you left out one very important point. Which is THE ONE thing Biden has going for him: HE.IS.NOT.TRUMP. As we know, this election will come down to the handful of swing states, where the suburban mom vote is key. And when they’re in that booth staring at Biden and Trump, they’re going to forget about Biden’s dementia and political failings. Their Trump Derangement Syndrome will kick in hard. They envision four years of marching with their pink hats and “Keep Your Laws Off Our Bodies” signs. Then throw in a few thousand questionable mail in ballots, and the disenfranchised DeSantis supporters staying home, and Biden once again wobbles across the finish line. Four more years of President Non Compos Mentis 🙁

    1. Ann, you are speaking my language. Our loyal democrat friends should stay home and vote for the couch on November 4. We need to push that idea.

      Why do they believe all the anti Trump rhetoric that the media has pushed down our throats for the past 8 years? I keep hearing from them that Trump is a criminal…and Biden isn’t?!?! If you ask them what they are talking about they say, “Jan. 6.” If a pickle ran as a Democrat they would vote for it. They are Brainwashed.

      Is killing your unborn baby really more important than saving our nation?

    2. Well said Anne. Suburban women/moms are the key. And no matter what the so called experts say women do not like cheating whoring married men. And that’s what Orange Man is.
      Case closed, put ur money on Joe

  19. I’m not a monster. I watched someone I loved suffer from the terribly disease Alzheimer’s. It was terrible. The vacant stare of not knowing who I was. It is heartbreaking. We as a family tried to do what was best for said person.
    Is power and holding power so important that they ignore what all can see?
    I want to know who the real president is? Is it Jill? Don’t we need an answer?
    Joe should be in a rocker with a blanket across lap eating chocolate chocolate chip ice cream. Not running our country.
    Thanks for another excellent column.

  20. Sorry, not buying it. The American public is getting played again. Psy-ops, whatever you want to call it. I call it the shell game. Anyone who ever rode the Red Line from 95th street South Dan Ryan remembers the slicksters hustling money with the pea and three walnut shells. Many an unfortunate suburbanite lost his beer money on his way to Sox Park for a ballgame due to these guys. The findings of the Justice Department is giving you the empty shell. The “questions” he was asked had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with what he was being investigated for. They were asked to give Ole’ Joe political cover and to keep his ass out of jail. This is the equivalent of a prosecutor putting a bank robber on trial AND providing him with an alibi for robbing banks too. I don’t buy it for a minute. I suggest you go to YouTube and listen to Tucker Carlsons interview with Putin which, strangely enough has been ignored by American Mediacons. I guess Bidens doddering is a much larger story than a interview with its adversary. Although I suggest you listen to it in its entirety, I’ll sum it up like this. The United States didn’t allow the Soviet Union to put nuclear missiles in Cuba. China didn’t allow American military bases in Vietnam. Russia will not allow NATO forces into the Ukraine. Putin knows he has to negotiate with the our Neocons so he doesn’t quite say what he means but what he wants to say is this: The invasion of the Ukraine would never have happened if Trump remained president. Listen to the interview in its entirety and you realize one thing though. Putin is mentally sharp, articulate and decisive. Biden? Well you know what we have here. If Putin and Russia are our adversaries WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE.

  21. John, thank you! I have been waiting three long years for the other shoe to drop and predictably, it has. Now all my gleeful Biden-Harris loving friends who banished Bad Orange Man back in 2020 can finally enjoy a tasty dish of crow.

  22. Power is the name of the game and the democrats will do whatever it takes. Stuffing, harvesting whatever you call it, Tte problem is we are coming to be a paper tiger, China, Russia and Iran/Hamas know this. Our infighting and divided country has become complacent about the world around us.
    If we get into a shooting war who will serve? Draft — Unthinkable. Political suicide and politics is about power period. We will be the main course for dinner (we are already lunch) for Russia and China. With Biden’s open borders we are on the brink of becoming a second world country. God help us!!

  23. After last week Joe has officially become the Howard Beale of the Democrat party. I’d been thinking the real power people would take Joe out by bringing him down with Hunter. Like a “resign or you’ll be indicted too” type of move. Like Howard, Joe boosted their ratings and now he’s brought them crashing down.

  24. The 2024 Presidential election is beginning to look like one of those ‘create your own adventure’ books, where at the end of each chapter you decide from a series of options and that take you to the next chapter.

    Some of the decision points:

    Does Biden step down
    Does Biden get forced out by the DNC
    Does Trump get convicted and sentenced
    Does Trump withdraw from the race
    Who does Biden pick for VP in 2024
    Who does Trump pick for VP in 2024
    What does Putin do
    What does Xi do
    What does Biden’s son do

    And that’s before you start to bring in the characters from the clown college that we call Congress.

  25. I blame Republicans for failure to have testicles
    Look at some of the God awful pols like Santos and Green and Lindsey Graham and cash cow from China McConnell.
    Where is the Biden, Fauci, Mayorkas investigations and indictments.
    Where is the outrage at some innocents from Jan 6 th spending years in jail while a women on marijuana stabs a guy to death and gets probation.
    What about the Biden documents from his Senate days
    How did Joe get 3 massive homes.
    Weak pitiful people with sadly a leader, Trump, that has no self control
    He destroys every positive moment with anger or nonsense.
    We are losing.

  26. John, I agree with you and the article above wholeheartedly. However there are two issues with the upcoming election whether it’s Biden or some other surrogate.
    1) Trump is likely to be the opponent, and there are countless people who, even though they’d rather Biden not run (and may not even like whomever replaces him,) would come out to vote against Trump. They passionately believe the msm, that Trumps handling of documents case is clearly more vile than Bidens, that still believe Russian collusion, and believe that a) the laptop was at the very least tampered with, and b) there is no actual evidence that Biden’s did anything illegal.
    2) Abortion. I’m assuming some referendum on it will be on the ballot in every swing state. And liberals tend to win those referendums.
    How do we remedy these two issues?

  27. John, the conversation between the old man and the streetwalker you cite at the end of your column is much like a conversation the great playwright and wit George Bernard Shaw is said to have had with a woman at a party. A shame that such an assessment of many of our current political “leaders” is truer than ever.

  28. The late, great, Charlton Heston said it best. “It’s a MADHOUSE!” Personally I think the apes would do a better job than most pols. I have paid subscriptions to the 3 best writers out there imho. John Kass, Victor Davis Hanson, and Don Surber. My picks for POTUS, VP & Chief of Staff.

  29. This didn’t just happen….he was showing signs of deterioration in the ’20 election which is why they let him out so infrequently to campaign.
    Now we’re really stuck with democrat incompetence….If he can’t stand trial then he can’t govern. If he can’t govern he has to vacate the Oval. But that means KamalaBoomBaLa is allowed in and she is worse than Non Compos Mentis. She will certainly soil the democrat pants until November when they can try to right the ship with a new face.

  30. It is going to happen, at the Democratic convention they wiil nominate Michell Obama it will not mater what the primarys or caucus say or do she will get the nomination. This country is in real trouble.

  31. If I may, I’d like to quote Hedley Lamarr from the movie, “Blazing Saddles”.
    What we are witnessing today in the “Comments” section is; “the non-sensical ravings of a lunatic mind”.
    And I love it.
    Value-added for the subscription price.

  32. People better wake up and get to the voting booth. We need to bring sanity & competence back to not just the just oval office, but the senate too…got to dump Schumer & Durbin from leadership, oust McConnell too. “So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key” (Eagles…”Already Gone”) We, the voters, have the “key” ,not just this year but every election year.

  33. John, another superb offering. You not only provoke much thought amongst your readers, but you also motivate many to add to the conversation, which is the mark of a premiere writer for what was a premiere newspaper.

    Both today’s column itself and the commenters that follow are poking at more than a few important components of the indescribably complex question before the people of this country. I believe it important that we not fall into the next easily-offered, easily-followed dog trail….currently Biden’s senility. It is too easy to focus so totally on that and not think more deeply as to how did this happen? What is really behind it?

    Do not gloss over Mr. Obama…not the slick, easy-talking guy who presents so well on television; I’m thinking about the real Obama. Do you know him? I would never be so presumptuous as to say I know him well, but I had a chance to work with/interact with him on three different occasions while he was in the Illinois legislature – – – day-long, involved “problem solving” events. Friends, he is NOT the brilliant politically competent mastermind that has been portrayed ad nauseum by that same press we’ve been highlighting in the above posts. He just isn’t!! He is an opportunist of the first order. So, that presents a scenario and begs the question: Who is/has been operating our government? Who is propping up these ‘actors’? Neither Joe nor Barack are smart enough to have masterminded the intertwined idiocy with the Mexican drug cartels that is resulting in what will be the destruction of the country. They’re the “face” of the production, but they’re not it.

    No one willingly mentions Valerie Jarrett, but mark my words: The day will come that we will better understand what her role has been behind all of this. Her rather ill-defined ‘job’ in the White House – “Senior Adivsor to the President”, along with a staff of more than 36; the subject of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ voiced concern about her deep involvement in Defense issues. Her father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett (who also wrote for Mother Tribune) offered some hints of connections and directions. One of his 1979 articles here: telling about the meddling of one Khalid Abdullah Tariq AlMansoor (formerly Don Warden, a Black attorney) in the dealings of OPEC, oil price-fixing and the massive donations to the ‘historically black colleges and universities’.

    The connections and the links may not be there; they may be elsewhere. But what fools are we to think that all of this is just happenstance…that our first Black President was as truly maleable as he was; that his successor who is not sure today is Sunday is ‘leading the free world’ but is willing to accept a ‘donation’ here and there; that the nation’s #2 worked her way up through the ranks of California politics as courtesan to Willie Brown and wouldn’t know a coherent sentence if it smacked her in the face. We’re being ‘played’ friends – big time and it all seems far-fetched enough that it “…couldn’t possibly be true! Uh, hmm, could it?”

    Those who lived through the horrors of being an Iron Curtain victim country, of Cuba, of Venezuela, and yes, those faceless victims of the Mexican cartels who are currently so cleverly engineering the entry of so many Chinese into our country – streams of them coming across the border – would all tell you: We never thought it would happen here! Those who did see it and called out at least pieces and parts of it were laughed at and dismissed….until that Iron Curtain slammed shut. And then it was too late.

    By the way – the “out” for Ms. Kamala will be the ‘resignation’ of a Supreme Court Justice with an opening for her – Schumer will get it done.

    Keep digging, John. Keep thinking about all of this. Keep drawing on your years of reportorial experience, your years on the street as you listened, observed and connected some “coincidences” that made your column the VERY first ‘read’ of the day. Write what you know, and what you’re able to connect. You stimulate others to do the same, and our society will truly be better for it.

  34. I read the Special Counsel (SC) executive summary. I think you mischaracterize why the SC declined to prosecute. First of all, the law requires the SC to confidentially explain to the Attorney General why or why not he would prosecute or decline to do so. He declined to do so, not because Biden was unfit to stand trial as you state, but because the SC believed Mr. Biden had a reasonable chance of winning the case, because a jury might view him not as a negligent criminal but merely as a well-meaning forgetful elderly man … which the SC believed would likely be Mr. Biden’s defense. This is a separate issue entirely from “fitness for trial.”

    Furthermore, while it is true for all to see that Mr. Biden is severely cognitively compromised, many like my mildly left of center friends will vote for him no matter what because of the alternative: Donald Trump. In fact they would vote for Biden even if he was mute, and virtually comatose because of the unpalatable alternative. So I would not bet quite yet claim that Joe Biden is done. Like the “red wave” that you were so sure was coming, but failed to materialize in November 2022, claims of Joe Biden’s political demise might be premature wishful fantasy.

  35. Good Morning John,
    I found this article to be so disturbing for it’s clarity and the repercussions that may happen to our beloved country. My beloved departed Mother died due to the affects of Alzheimer’s. I along with my Father lived with this horrible disease for quite a few years. I saw her condition deteriorate for some 10 years. There were memory losses, misplaced items, such as keys left in the refrigerator, and the gas range burners left on. Her pattern of walking changed to a halting gait. Her mental condition would weaken, plateau, weaken again, plateau, then weaken and so on and so on.

    The end came when she forgot how to eat. The nurses would feed her and the food would just fall out of her mouth. The merciful end came shortly after this.

    As I look at and watch our President, I see the same deterioration in his whole being. His walking gate, memory losses, halting speech and anger. The only difference between our President and my Mother, is that Joe has his finger on the nuclear codes.

    I pray for out country and hope that Dr. Jill will finally come to her senses, give up the power, call the high mucky mucks in the Democrat Party and invoke the 25 th Amendment or announce that he has decided to retire, effectively tomorrow. Only thing that scares me more in President Kamala “Cackles” Harris.

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