President Meat Puppet’s “extraordinary success” in Afghanistan

By John Kass

Joe Biden read what they gave him to read about his “extraordinary success” in Afghanistan. And once again he became that angry old man at the end of the bar at closing time.

He used that special voice of his, the Commander McBragg voice, the one he uses to recount his fabulist heroic exploits, from vanquishing the mythical thug “Corn Pop” in their titanic rumble behind the pool or lying about the time he was mythically arrested trying to visit Nelson Mandela in jail.

The words they gave him to read bore him aloft, as if upon the wings of eagles. And as he spoke, he seemed to believe his own myths, Biden as Horatius at the Bridge, Joe as our Churchill during Dunkirk, getting us out of Afghanistan and that 20-year war.

He spoke for more than 20 minutes. And for all that time, he didn’t look at his watch. Not even once.

Days before, Biden checked his watch again and again while at the “dignified transfer” ceremony of those Marines killed in his disastrous withdrawal, killed by the terrorists the Taliban let through with their bombs to the crowded Kabul airport wall.

The Gold Star parents were disgusted with Biden, for checking his watch repeatedly as if he had something better to do. But Biden-friendly media buried their disgust, allowing him to prattle on and on.

“No nation, no nation has ever done anything like it in all of history,” Biden said of the airlift of Americans and unvetted Afghans out of Afghanistan. “Only the United States had the capacity and the will and the ability to do it, as we did it today.”

What he meant was that only he had the will and ability. Shameless.

He blamed former President Trump for his failure in Afghanistan, gaslighting the American people by saying he had no choice but to follow Trump’s plan. But he cancelled all of Trump’s other policies, from restricting the flow of illegal aliens at our now wide-open Southern Border, to the Iran nuclear deal.

And in the words they gave him to read, there wasn’t anything about Biden breaking his promise to Americans he left behind.

Just days ago, he told Clinton Donor Zero George Stephanopoulos in an interview on ABC that he’d delay leaving Afghanistan as he planned on Aug. 31, so as not to leave Americans behind.

“If there’s American citizens left, we’re gonna stay to get them all out,” Biden said.

Biden left them behind to the mercies of the Taliban. He blamed those who remain there for wanting to stay, though we know now that many were barred from approaching the airport in Kabul by the Taliban and are now, in effect, hostages.

“Ninety percent of Americans in Afghanistan who wanted to leave were able to leave by the deadline,” he boasted. “And for those remaining Americans, there is no deadline. We remain committed to getting them out if they want to come out.”

Is there anything quite like a president blaming people he left behind after he promised to never abandon them? No.

Biden’s team now says there are only a hundred or so left there. Yet after so many lies, and the credibility of so many White House talking points shattered in the past several weeks, with bureaucrats and generals pointing fingers anonymously through the media, who believes him?

Just after his speech there were reports of desperate American citizens and others Biden had left behind.

 “Thousands of American University of Afghanistan students and graduates were left behind,” said a headline at the otherwise slavishly pro-Biden CNN.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Biden’s hasty withdrawal left at least two dozen Sacramento schoolkids behind.

And what of the Afghan interpreter who helped save then Sen. Biden’s life in the mountains there?

In 2008, the Army Black Hawk helicopters that Senators Biden, D., Del, John Kerry, D., Mass. and Chuck Hagel, R. Neb were using as transport had to make an emergency landing during a snowstorm in those mountains.

 The interpreter, identified by the Wall Street Journal as Mohammed, risked his life to go up and get them along with other soldiers.

“Hello Mr. President: Save me and my family. Don’t forget me here,” he told the WSJ.

Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was rushed, chaotic, and deadly, costing the lives of at least 13 American Marines and a Navy corpsman and who knows how many Afghans.

And all because Biden wanted to make a speech on September 11, claiming credit for getting America out of the war, to use that  Commander McBragg voice of his.

The speech Biden read wasn’t about those he’d left behind, or us.

It was a desperate plea written by his handlers, begging the corporate, legacy and liberal media that propped him up during his campaign, to rescue him, saving what remains of his presidency and saving the leverage and clout of his advisers.

Predictably, media is already following the White House playbook, casting it all in purely partisan political terms. His useful idiots now praise the military, using their newfound patriotism to insulate themselves from the fact that if Biden had been a Republican, they’d have damned him to a hell they don’t believe in.

And the soulless neoconservatives—bi-partisan yes, but mostly Republican establishment intellectuals who tempted former President George W. Bush into the doomed dream of nation building in Afghanistan and Iraq—are now prattling that we should have stayed on.

They love war if other people’s kids do the fighting and dying.

To my shame I initially bought into their arguments. But I rejected them years ago.

We should have gotten out of Afghanistan in May of 2011, after Osama bin Laden—the mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America–was killed by U.S. Special Operators in Pakistan.

Biden was then vice president to President Barack Obama. And Obama, ever the silky, wanted to be re-elected and so he bought what the lies of the warmongers and pushed a surge, sending tens of thousands of more American troops over and the quagmire continued.

Biden doesn’t mention that either.

Democrats don’t much like the polls that show his popularity dropping because of his disastrous withdrawal.

But I’m sure those who run the White House enjoyed Joe using his Joe Biden voice, while reading their approved text.

 He refers to them often, telling America and the world that that “I’ve been instructed” to call on friendly reporters for questions, sometimes saying “I’m gonna get in trouble if I answer that” or “They told me not to answer questions.”

You’ve “been instructed?” You’re “gonna get in trouble?” Are you the president?

Ron Klain, the White House chief of staff, is now openly referred to as President Klain. Perhaps the president is former Obama adviser Susan Rice, now in charge of Biden’s domestic programs.

We don’t see them much, they’re off in the wings, or up in the rafters above the proscenium stage, pulling the strings of the puppet.

Most every American can see what’s going on. We see what they’re doing to Biden and what he’s doing to himself and the presidency.

Many of us have elderly uncles, or parents, spouses, or in-laws. Some fade with age. And most of us try to help them preserve their dignity.

I don’t like his politics. Perhaps you do, or don’t, but politics isn’t the only issue.

The issue is that the cynical crew around Biden strips him of dignity every time they trot him out before the public.

And all he’s got for protection is to bark like the angry man at the end of the bar, or weakly call attention to the strings on him by babbling things like “they’ve told me not to answer questions,” or “I’m gonna get in trouble,” or he’s “been instructed.”

You’ll see more of this defensive babbling as time goes on.

You see it. America sees it now as the world has seen it for some time. The world sees it. China, Russia, and Iran see it, and plan their moves.

Even during his presidential campaign, it was obvious that he was fading fast, a windy pol driven by blind ambition like a character in a novel, an old-time Democratic ward heeler making that final score, with one dead son cast as a saint and the living son with the crackpipe, the hookers and the laptop cast as a political bagman.

And all around him, White House suits steeped in the corrosive cynicism of politics are bent on using this empty old man to maintain their power and control.

If there’s one positive thing coming from Biden’s Afghanistan disaster, one thing out of all the precious lives lost and America’s now-weakened position in the world, it is the clarity.

He’s not even that old guy at the end of the bar at closing time ready to shuffle on home on his own

Now he’s the old guy they put out on the White House stage to be used.

President Meat Puppet.


(Copyright 2021 John Kass)

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