The Chicago Way: Mayor Lightfoot earns new title over boasts about the size of her “manhood” and she’s STILL keeping Christopher Columbus in her jail?

by John Kass

The Christopher Columbus statues remain in the mayor of Chicago’s politically correct jail and she’s bragging about the size of her “manhood?”

Why, Lori?

Why? Why? Why?

Ron Onesti, president of the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans is our guest on this, the latest edition of The Chicago Way podcast to explain the whole sorry mess that Lori stepped into. It started when the mayor kidnapped Christopher Columbus.

And poor Columbus is still rotting (or rusting) in her jail of politically problematic statuary.

I bet you want to know the mayor’s new nickname. But I’m no chumbolone. You’ll have to listen to The Chicago Way (Free) to learn her new nickname.

Yeah, it’s epic, if I do say so myself.

But what does Onesti think of the new Latin name for Herself with the politically priapic accents?

“Your Latin is amazing!” Onesti said. “I call her just Mayor Lie-foot.”

Why thank you Mr. Onesti!

Jeff Carlin engages us in a dramatic reading of  “alleged” mayoral boasts, but you’ll have to imagine the clarinet of the mayoral tarantella. Onesti says I should run for mayor.

And I just sit there, thinking about whether it’s possible to work all this into a tasteful column for I think I can.

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