Matt Rosenberg and the Unravelling of Chicago, the Chicago Way

By John Kass

Sept. 13, 2022

There is a scream at the beginning of this edition of The Chicago Way podcast. It is a real scream, a scream from the great unravelling of Chicago, a woman’s scream.

It is the scream of a crime victim in  Chicago’s leafy Lakeview neighborhood on a lovely Sunday afternoon. Does that scream have a race? Is it a black woman’s scream, a white woman’s scream, a scream from a Latino woman? Does it matter? I don’t think so.

Here’s what matters. It is the scream of every woman, a scream against the violence against women and the inability of elected officials and Chicago’s City Hall to stop the violence.

Must every woman walking in Chicago now carry a gun?

The great unravelling is what we’re going through now. Matt Rosenberg, senior editor at, calls it, the great unraveling. Once you say the words, you know you’ve been noticing the great unravelling for quite some time, for years now. And you’re tired.

Rosenberg has written extensively about urban crime, about government school policy and “the great unraveling.” He’s s our guest on this edition of The Chicago Way podcast. Rosenberg used to write for another site you may know, But then snapped him up and Chicago is the better for it.

Rosenberg is a good writer, meticulous researcher. He broke that story about all those 911 emergency calls in Chicago going unanswered because of the lack of police. And another about the deadly attacks on cops.

I value his insight. I hope you listen to the full interview. To listen to the Chicago Way, just click the button in the photograph at the top of this column, the photo with a guy you may recognize talking into a microphone. He looks peeved.

Jeff Carlin and I had fun talking to Matt for this podcast. We’re going out to dinner with our wives to my favorite Indian restaurant, and this coming weekend we’ll be together again at an already sold-out event on the North Shore, hosted by and

The rise of crime, the indifference to suffering from elected officials, the high taxes and the lack of police to handle emergency 911 calls, the exhaustion of cops and the people, the people leaving their homes in droves, all that’s part of the great unraveling.

Just say the words out loud to yourself, and once you do, you’ll realize that you’ve been witnesses to the great unravelling here for quite some time.

There are political people in the dysfunctional city of Chicago, policy makers and professional talkers and spinners and political hacks who don’t want us to talk about the great unravelling. They’ll use race to shield themselves and allies from legitimate criticism. Mayor Lightfoot–who endorsed do-little prosecutor Kim Foxx–plays the race card often. The city crashes down around her ears and still she plays the race card.

The great unravelling is “why angry, twisted young men embark on mass killings,” Rosenberg has written. “Like the young shooters taking Chicago down a greased skid to hell, they’ve let their worst instincts, resentments, and hatreds loose. They’ve also been abandoned by their parents to their own pathologies, raised without care and without love. Without encouragement, resilience, perseverance, and dignity.”

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