Hero on the Border: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

By John Kass

January 28, 2024

When you think of men alone on the Texas border protecting settlers from murderous Comanche raiders, bandits and man-burners,  you might think of Larry McMurtry’s Texas Rangers, hard men like Captain Woodrow F. Call and Captain Augustus “Gus” McCrae. They were always doing what needed to be done.

You’re probably not thinking of the man in a conservative blue suit and rep tie, sitting calmly in a wheelchair.

But there he is. So take a look: Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, hero of the American border.

Yes, what Abbott has done is heroic. There is no question about this. Only mentally defective Bolsheviks, left-wing journos and Democrat activists lunatics would say otherwise.

Abbott has called out President Joe Biden for failing to do his duty under the law to protect our border.  And what is heroic is that he has focused the American people on what is truly important: the border, the border, the border.

Biden has done everything he could to personally destroy the border. He could shut down the border immediately by simply following the law.  But he has refused to follow federal law. He’s made the border even worse. And every Democrat who supported him should be held responsible and subject to criminal indictment. Biden should be indicted by a Texas Grand Jury for what he’s done. And if convicted after trial by jury in Temple or Waco, not exactly hotbeds of lefty politics. CNN and MSNBC should send reporters, even to a hanging.

Abbott is the one person who has convinced Americans that the warnings they’d heard previously about the broken border were real, and that those warnings couldn’t be brushed off by Joe Biden and his Democrat surrogates who had broken it–allowing millions upon millions of illegals into America and truckloads of poisonous Chinese-made fentanyl–plunging our nation into chaos.

The only groups not aligned against Biden are the Mexican drug cartels.

By sending illegal migrants where they wanted to go, Abbott brought Biden’s broken border to every city in America. He was assisted by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sending illegals to Martha’s Vineyard the playground of wealthy American elites like Barack and Michelle Obama who turned the migrants away helped highlight the walls-for-me-but-not-for-thee hypocrisy. America owes DeSantis a debt, too.

But the southern border of America is in Texas. And Texas is the home of the Alamo.



I read about the Alamo when I was a little boy bedridden with pneumonia, living for what seemed to be weeks in a plastic oxygen tent at Little Company of Mary hospital. My mother gave me a copy of John F. Kennedy’s ghost-written “Pulitzer Prize” book “Profiles in Courage.” It was easy to think of political leaders in such glowing terms. We were encouraged to think of them as gods, as heroes, in part because the Imperial Presidency dovetailed with the Imperial American Media.

I hadn’t done serious reading. I was a little kid. I had read “Treasure Island” but I hadn’t thought about President Eisenhower and his warning about the Military Industrial Complex. I hadn’t yet read about the Deep State and “1984” and the Kemalists of Turkey and their counterparts in America, in the bi-partisan Combine city of Washington D.C.

But things change.

I grew up, became a man and put away the things of a child.

I don’t like portraying politicians in mythic terms. They’re not gods. They’re human like the rest of us, and so they’re born sinners with feet of clay, and it’s too easy to manipulate Americans, particularly the weak-minded into thinking of political gods.

Politicians think it’s useful. But I don’t.

I’m cautious and none too fond of making heroes out of politicians. It doesn’t really work. Politicians are by their very nature people who seek to compromise on their ideals, politicians have nothing in common with the Texans who fought the Comanche War chief Buffalo Hump or stood up to Santa Anna at the Alamo.

The politician is soft. The hero is uncompromising, and is naturally despised or regarded with suspicion as the years pass. The hero doesn’t care if he or she is liked. But the politician, by nature, wants to be loved, and so they trade their rigid outlooks for a softer posture.

The politician trades for better deals.  Soft hands and blarney purring what Americans know are lies.  I don’t think any of us think of heroes when we consider suits like Biden or the Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, R., Ky. who would trade our border security to make the Ukrainian tough guys happy.

McConnell is a Combine boss, and those of us from the Midwest understand. The Combine cuts down any weed in its way. I’ve seen the same kind of Combine Republican conspire with Combine Democrats to kill the once-great state of Illinois. Their media friends call them the “Unity Party.” But they’re not about unity. They’re corporate gangsters in pinstripes.

Mitch McConnell is a Combine Republican the way his counterpart and partner Sen. Charles Schumer of New York is a Democrat. With apologies to Kurt Vonnegut (and those with delicate sensibilities) I’ll best explain this way:

McConnell and Schumer  would sell a rat’s asshole to a blind man for a wedding ring.

Biden has allowed millions, upon millions, of illegals to crossover In part because Republican Chamber of Commerce types want cheap labor, in part because Democrats want cheap votes to replace blacks and others who threaten to bolt from the Democrat Party. Many of the migrants are on the terror watch lists. Many travel alone, young men of military age, coming from China and Africa.

Disaster came to us on September 11, 2001, when almost 3,000 Americans were killed in the deadliest terrorist attacks in our history. We’ve forgotten, haven’t we?

Make no mistake that this is an invasion of millions of people and this is no accident. Black Democrat voters understand. They’ve been treated poorly by Democrats for decades and now Biden has their children moved out of their own schools and parks to make way for the Democrat replacements.

In the big cities, in New York, and Chicago and elsewhere the white man from the White House plays loyal black voters for fools.

This is an invasion with millions upon millions streaming across our borders on invitation from Biden and the Democrats.  Greg Abbott and other Republican voters have joined the fight. Right now they’re fighting in court.

It’s a good place for this argument in the courts. The alternative is we all grab the tomahawks and play like the Comanches. And who gets to walk away unbloodied? Nobody.

If you follow local Chicago politics, then you know that Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson–the host of the upcoming Democrat National Convention–is cracking under the strain of all this. He is reportedly suffering from panic attacks. And one of the sources his panic is the passive aggressive Gov. J.B. Pritzker who tells us he is “deeply concerned.”

“Deeply concerned” Governor Big Boy? Who the hell talks like that JB? A man doesn’t talk like that. I wouldn’t trust you to watch my back.

I’ve spent my career covering the egg-suckers of Chicago politics, race hustlers, the mouthpieces of the wise-guys, the lefty corporate elites and other crooked weasels. Mitch McConnell is of the breed. The Combine Boss himself.

As the superb conservative magazine “The Federalist,” frames it, McConnell tried to bait-and-switch Americans on to benefit Ukraine and Biden.  He’s failed. McConnell and his purring media cats insist that the deal fell through because it was Trump’s fault and Trump’s alone.


As I’ve said before, Americans want to help Israel. They don’t like getting conned by McConnell and Romney and the rest of the Combine to send cash to Ukraine while ignoring the American border. Trump isn’t the issue here. You don’t like Trump’s style? Grow the bleep up.

The issue here is American sovereignty. A country without borders isn’t a country. And a people who offer their throats to those who would slit those throats are sheep in every sense.

And a party that cedes control of our border to the Mexican drug lords aren’t American. They’re traitors.

Gov. Greg Abbott understands. Though he can’t walk, he has a spine of steel, facing Biden down.

Abbott is truly a hero.

And true Americans stand with him, and with Texas because we love our country and our people.

We’re Americans.

(Copyright 2024 John Kass)






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  1. That fine point that one does not want to place too fine an edge:

    “The politician is soft. The hero is uncompromising, and is naturally despised or regarded with suspicion as the years pass. The hero doesn’t care if he or she is liked. But the politician, by nature, wants to be loved, and so they trade their rigid outlooks for a softer posture.

    The politician trades for better deals. Soft hands and blarney purring what Americans know are lies. I don’t think any of us think of heroes when we consider suits like Biden or the Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, R., Ky. who would trade our border security to make the Ukrainian tough guys happy.”

    Another John Kass-terpiece!

    1. Agree, another masterpiece.
      All pols are whores, including Abbott. A hero for trying to secure the border, maybe. Like his idea about sending some of them to so called sanctuary cities. Sounds good, sanctuary city, until ya gotta be one.
      Yes, many are criminals, but the vast majority aren’t and don’t want to leave their home countries. But our policy of supporting dictators force them here. As far as drugs coming here, one thing I learned as coroner and drug overdose deaths is that DRUGS EXIST IN THIS COUNTRY BECAUSE CERTAIN POWERFUL LAW ENFORCEMENT SUPPORTS AND PROTECTS IT. It’s just like Prohibition. When my grandfather sold hooch during that time he bought from the Mob. When they stiffed him by not selling the real thing, What did he do.. Called the local CPD chief and had the good stuff delivered in unmarked ‘paddy wagons’.
      GI Joe Gliniewicz, the cop who faked his suicide in Fox Lake, Il, was accused of stealing from an Explorer’s Acct. Chump change. What didn’t get out was the $400k he had in his accounts from running drugs and selling weapons to the GANGS of McHenry and Lake County, Il. Why? Because too many pols and high ranking members of Law Enforcement here ARE were/still are getting their cuts. They were even powerful enough to have the FBI back down!
      So much for honesty in govt.
      Who’s to blame for all. WE ARE. we vote these whore/crooks in.

      1. You are categorically wrong about Governor Abbott! As Mr Kass stated, he is a an American hero. Only a simpleton would make a comment that all politicians are whores. Possibly just the ones in which you vote.

  2. You nailed it! Yes, the Governor of Texas is a man who takes his oath seriouly. He is an example for others, starting with Illinois. To see so many politicians disregarding the laws and no one is being held accountable is disgraceful. God Bless America as we have just begun to walk into 2024.

  3. People like McConnell, Romney, Liz Cheney and the Adams- Schiff & Kinzinger all think that the voters really believe them. They lie, cheat and steal because they have the ability to rationalize in their pea brains, that they are better than the people who they represent.
    I think that their role model is Joe Biden. I can’t think of a more corrupt politician.
    Washington D.C. seems to be a magnet these types of people and the only way to fix it is to vote.
    If we don’t vote then out of office, we deserve what we get. VOTE.

  4. Now that the Democrats have normalized suing ex Presidents criminally, Texas can bring Biden to justice in November for his actions at the border. Greg Abbott is standing tall.

  5. Excellent column.
    Added to this is the threat to public health from infectious diseases.
    The big one that is coming is measles which was once thought to be eradicated in western democracies. Europe already is seeing this and the US is beginning to. The CDC while bring it up has not yet called out the new source unvaccinated immigrants.


  6. Gov. Abbott is certainly taking the correct public posture, so give credit where it is due.

    The brave men behind him – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, are the one doing the heavy lifting, here. They are the heroes.

    Paxton prevailed over an attempted impeachment effort led by Texas Combine politician Dade Phelan (pronounced as, felon).

    Abbott will need to square his suburb-like housing development for illegals with his current public stance.

    Most of us here don’t trust him because despite he being among the first governor to end mask mandates in Texas, he was every bit as knee-jerk in imposing them in the first place.

    1. “he was every bit as knee-jerk in imposing them in the first place.”

      …as was everyone when no one knew what the outcome would be. The fact that he pivoted when more information came to light is more of a ‘feature’ than a ‘bug’.

      Not many folks anywhere in the world got things right at the outset. The best leaders made changes immediately when the situation came into focus: children weren’t victims/spreaders (school should resume), outdoor activity (going to the beach, hiking, exercise in general) was not a spreader-activity, old people needed special precautions (vs. loading up nursing homes with covid patients like NYC), covid shots reduced covid-danger in high risk groups but did nothing to stop transmission (vaccine passports was a meme), etc.

  7. John, you have framed the state of play succinctly as you always do (though the reference to the blind man and a rat’s asshole was unexpected while eating breakfast). But I ask myself as an admirer of what Gov. Abbott has done here: What took so long?

  8. In my opinion, I think everyone’s missing the major point here. Biden won’t close the border because these illegals are being filtered to blue states. With tax paying citizens leaving blue states to red states because of taxation and crime, they’re replacing them with illegals to keep their numbers in Congress up! It’s that simple.

    1. Add to that the butchery of the current rate of abortion – in Illinois alone last year some 66,000!!! They’ve got to bolster the population numbers somehow so they can continue to suck at the government teat!

  9. Well said. I’d just highlight that the executive branch’s responsibility is to uphold/enforce the law, as created by the legislative branch, and Biden has utterly abdicated this responsibility with regards to the southern border.

    Presidents of both parties need to understand their duty to country and walk back from their “voter mandates” to issue “executive orders” or ignoring the laws. Executive orders might “get something done” but they are outside/beyond the proper system and leave a lot of people behind, and is what I believe is a root cause in our country’s growing disenchantment with our government. Our country’s growing disenchantment with our government is what concerns me the most.

  10. Great historical perspective and toughness in this Kass epic. Made me wonder when Mayorkas will give back the Alamo.

    The Obama-Magoo Party has it figured, top to bottom. The prosperous, college-educated influential ninnies vote Obama-Magoo. They keep shrinking the middle class, and who cares? Now they only need to import 10 – 20 million more indentured voters plus their children, aunts and uncles, and other benefits seekers — and here they are!

    The invasion Of Indigent Democrats is an engineered nightmare, sure. But the Obama-Magoo power base that bothers me most is the prosperous, college-educated influential ninny population. What are they learning at college? Plutocracy Studies?

  11. Γιάννη,
    Spot on! Real heroes today are such a rarity, and are never identified as such by the leftist media moguls, who are all in bed with Joe or “the combine!” You continue to be the voice of reason in the wilderness, regardless of how many would seek to silence it! So many today forget what the Alamo meant in our history – fighting for America’s future. Is it any wonder that military enlistments have declined? With all the wokeness and DEI mentality about, and a feckless commander in thief, who would choose to serve? Yet Governor Abbott continues his fight and we should all be thankful for his leadership and stamina. Thanks for another stellar essay on the state of America today! Εις ανώτερα!!

  12. Bravo John!
    Another superb article on a dreary Sunday morning. You had me at “McConnell and Schumer would sell a rat’s asshole to a blind man for a wedding ring” and you could have added all the lefty politicians and media to that statement.
    I enjoy your harsh words as that is what we need to keep staying, these losers are grifters, traitors, and mob criminals. They need to be held accountable for their decisions to destroy our great country. The hurt to our citizens, our communities, our children is unacceptable, it never was and it needs to end now!

  13. I have TX in my background and present. I disagree on Abbott. I suggest you listen to the TEXAS TAKE podcast on Friday evenings to understand how he operates.

  14. Truth in the media today is all but absent, John, and you are one of the very few voices of truth. Mark Levin is another. I would use the word “evil” to describe Biden and his clowns, including Obama – they trade political favors for dealing with critical issues and care not what is truly good and what truly works. Congress is a disaster. We are a totally divided country today, and the politicians and the really “stupid” voters are to blame. No more heroes.

  15. Yes, without Abbott, the border STILL would not be being covered by all the major media players, except Fox. But thanks to him, and after cities like New York and Chicago started busting at the seams, the media had no choice, and Biden finally got at least some culpability.

  16. Great column, John. Around here we have the anti-progress “progressives” shouting that (1) all 10 million are legitimate asylum seekers; and (2) the Dems’ blatant effort to import new voters is a conspiracy theory. They ignore that the process and standards for asylum have both been thrown out the window; once this crisis is over and (God willing) a law and order administration is in place, we need to prioritize all migrants who have followed our process legally and penalize or otherwise deal with everyone who didn’t. On point two, we need to publicly call their bluff. They are not disputing the massive numbers who have entered, so we need to put this question to the Combine politicians, loudly and clearly: “If you claim to want free and fair elections and not to dilute legitimate votes with illegitimate ones, and since you admit there are 10 million more ineligible voters inside our country since Biden took office, then SURELY you must agree that universal voter ID is essential going forward?” They will expose themselves further when they balk. We can’t put this genie back in the bottle quickly so we’ll have to deal with it on the back end by stepping up election security going forward, not allowing them to further erode it. They can only use the “conspiracy theory” defense for so long. (And isn’t it funny how often recent “conspiracy theories” have turned out to be true?)

  17. Growing up a tad further south in the shadow of “Little Company” I believe you used it from habit. Mary was often left off “ LC” was also in use referring to the hospital growing up. This was long before Advocate became the Juggernaut in the area. Spent some time in the ED for myself and later watched my dad pass there.
    Outstanding column. Abbott is a hero. Also agree on the comment regarding tight voter ID laws. Never considered that population legal or illegal drives Congressional representation. Clever bastards those demoncrats.

  18. Great column!
    Just because he can use his legs doesn’t mean he has no spine. Agreed!
    But the problem on the border has been festering for years; albeit exploded under Biden and his idiots. So what Abbott did is just a logical step in letting all the political progressives feel the pain that Eagle Pass or Laredo feel when illegal aliens overburden their infrastructure and their community. I doubt if more than 10% of the so-called asylum seekers are legit. The rest are opportunist who will slink back to their home country when the going here gets tough like they did in 2008/2009.

  19. Using Reagan as an example, Biden is sure to wave the amnesty wand. Then after that, “these hard working people need their voices heard too,” welcome new voters. The irony may be the short-lived gratification of this new bloc until, those actually from this hemisphere, have their Catholicism kick in when they realize their trading their souls for freebees by voting for abortion.
    Trump is way down on the list of people I’d like to have a beer with, but at the top of the list to help save my country.

  20. Biden has betrayed this country at our southern border. Treason. Thousands are coming in everyday bringing drugs, disease, spies, gang members, who knows what. He could rectify this with a stroke of a pen. He wont. This cancels any “good” that this administration could accomplish. Trump, with all his flaws, if nominated, is still a thousand times better than Biden. Personally I would prefer someone else. I would vote for Haley if Trump doesn’t make it. One word on McConnell. He kept Garland off the Supreme Court and for that, this country should be eternally grateful

  21. Isn’t it funny how the Democrats have all of the sudden become border tough as the election nears. The MediaCons ridiculed Texas and Greg Abbot until he started shipping the illegals to Democrat states. Then it become a crises. A major hospital in Colorado is going into closure from all of the Illegals flooding its gates. All of these states are now begging the Feds for mire money to bail them out. Hopefully Trump can stop these bailouts when he wins the election. I escaped Chicago five years ago for the sunny skies of Texas five years ago. Texas once was its own country and some here want it to return to being it’s own country. Texans value their freedom. Personal freedom. This is why the leftists hate Texas. The Democrats pumped at least 300 million to get Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke elected. A fake Mexican and an even more fake Irishman. He lost by ten points. Never got close. Democrats think they could sell fugazi Beto to Hispanics using identity politics and it didn’t work. Hispanics here here have roots. Roots in the land for many generations. Digging into the land. Serving in our military. Educating their children. “Mexican Americans” don’t refer to themselves as “Mexican Americans “. We are Americans. And we don’t give up what we fought and worked for to ANY foriegn invasion.

  22. Great article, John Kass.
    Clearly, Texas Governor Abbott knows what to do about the illegal alien invasion. He has the attention of an entire nation.
    But, he can’t lose sight that liberals are moving to his state to take advantage of the friendly business climate and lower taxes.
    Unfortunately, they aren’t leaving their liberal politics behind. They are bringing their liberalism to Texas. Look at Austin. Texas needs to be a red state; not purple or chartreuse or blue…RED.
    The proper mixing ratio of red to blue should be 100 to 0. This can be accomplished if Gov. Abbott puts the liberal politicians invading his state on the same buses with the illegals.
    Keep Texas red.

  23. 1st time some anti-American jihadist, Islam fundamentalist, foreign radical enemy, Iranian or Chinese proxy border jumper from some sleeper cell commits an atrocity against a Jewish Temple, gay nightclub, Catholic Church, federal building , or courthouse causing mass casualties the blood will be on Biden’s hands. We will read a lot more on presidential immunity. I believe he should not be immune from gross negligence and treason charges if this scenario ever should come to pass.

  24. Great column John

    Louis Brandeis once wrote that “sunlight was the best disinfectant.” By sending immigrants to sanctuary cities, Abbott has the sun blazing on the problem. We have about 38,000 immigrants here – and Chicago is belly-aching to the moon that the immigrants have overwhelmed the system. Texas gets that every two days!! The federal government wouldn’t do anything to help so Abbott said, “screw it” and sent immigrants to the cities who claimed they were sanctuaries…until they are no longer. Lightfoot, Pritzker, Johnson stepped up to the microphone and told us we have to be humane and help these people. It was pretty fashionable to be a walking inscription of the statue of liberty

    “Give me your tired, your poor
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”

    But guess what, they weren’t speaking for their constituents, they were speaking for themselves to look good…And Abbott has exposed them all. I’ve been reading the comments – is he perfect? Hell no. Is he forcing a solution? He is.

  25. Impeach this idiot already! Enough is enough. He was a do nothing senator with a huge ego and no other talent for 50 years. I still can’t believe he ever got elected.

  26. Yes, politicians are not gods; neither are they devils, as the Dems have portrayed Republicans ever since they succeeded in kicking out Nixon. And so one’s vote is not like a vote in American Idol, but rather an instrument in democracy.

    I implore everyone in neo-commie states like Illinoism, my home state, and California and New York–vote strategically, with your head and not your heart. Black people are getting it. We all need to do the same. https://pd1000.substack.com/p/vote-strategically

  27. Great column John. Even in a wheel chair, Gov. Abbott stands head and shoulders above most of the “soft-handed leaders” who park their arses in D.C. He and his partners in the Texas state leadership effectively brought the border crisis to the hypocritical sanctuary blue-city leaders and they don’t like it. ‘Tis a shame!

  28. Todays Chicago Fibune has the headline, “Naperville ends idea of local migrant hosts”. A Naperville council member asked if local residents would be willing to take illegals into their homes now that the Abbott Express is dropping them off there. NOT ONE PERSON SIGNED UP. NOT ONE. Cancelled due to lack of interest. Just like their cohorts from Martha’s Vinyard, well to do Democrats proudly display their NIMBY cred. Give em a hug and a train ticket to the Big City. Chicago or bust! Hilarious!

  29. I’m a South Side guy, but spend part of the year in Southwest Texas. These are not people that can be pushed around like Illinois Sheep.

    They can smell a phony a mile away and they won’t tolerate it. If you don’t believe me, ask frequently unemployed Lefty “Hero”, Beto O’Rourke.

    In general it’s probably not a great idea to pick a fight with people that used to have their own country and reload their own ammunition.

    Just for fun, they shoot at 8-inch bullseye targets at 200 and 600 yards with their wives and family on the weekends, before the backyard BBQ Brisket.

  30. And thank you for the link to the Federalist article. News Nation reported the story that Trump blocked the deal for election reasons, which seemed plausible. McConnell is a real snake.

  31. John another great explanation of politics and people with Soft Hands that control too much. I’m hoping that Abbot follows Dan Proft advice and start shipping bus’s to Lexington Ky to McConnell office!

    1. Cruelty? Is it cruel to ship a problem to those who created it? True cruelty is the Cartel. The border is a true dystopian nightmare. Those aren’t my words, those are the words of RFK Jr. and so many others that have visited the border.

      Didn’t expect virtue signaling on johnkassnews.com. Isn’t this supposed to be a no chumbolone zone?

      1. Causing desperate people, including children, to drown and be sliced by razor wire is not only cruel, but sadistic. Add to that, among other things, Abbot’s disregard for the victims of the Uvalde massacre. He couldn’t be bothered to attend a single funeral. That’s not my idea of a hero, but you seem to be OK with it. Also, I suspect, and I’m only guessing, that if Biden were to fix the border tomorrow, you would still want to destroy him. On another subject, the renewal date for my subscription to JKN was January 6, the events of which you all also seem to be OK with, considering how you continue to worship Trump and continue to ignore all his crimes. I did renew because I like to hear a variety of viewpoints. I hope Trump eventually goes down, not because I want to “own” the MAGAs, but to save democracy. Both Trump and Abbott, in my opinion, are monsters and deserve to rot in prison, then rot in Hell.

        1. Hi Cecelia, Thank you for responding. I am glad you are here to see a variety of viewpoints. However, you have made some incorrect assumptions about me, and I suspect most other JKN subscribers.
          1. No one is forcing migrants to crawl underneath razor wire. That is a risk those migrants are choosing for themselves. I understand that they may be desperate people. That doesn’t give them the right to enter our country illegally.
          2. Even if Biden does “fix” the border. I’m not going to vote for him. He had made too many other bad choices. Plus, I suspect he would “unfix” it as soon as was reelected.
          3. I am not ok with Jan. 6th. It a protest that became a riot, which is not at all uncommon, just like he George Floyd “fiery but mostly peaceful protests” (thanks CNN). But I don’t think the J6 persons that did nothing more than take selfies should be charged with much more than trespassing. Many of them are looking at years in prison. That is not justice; that is power. That is the Left saying to the Right “we own the courts”.
          4. I did not want Trump to win the nomination. I wanted DeSantis. I think the Republicans are making a mistake, as his chances in the general election are not good, especially if he runs against Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsome (see JKN column.
          5. “Trump and Abbott, in my opinion, are monsters and deserve to rot in prison, then rot in Hell”. You are proving JKN’s point that hero “The hero is uncompromising and is naturally despised or regarded with suspicion as the years pass.”

          To repeat, the problem with you and others on the Left is you do not understand what real cruelty is. You think that tough or harsh words, or not compromising on difficult issues is cruel. Real cruelty is the Cartel leaving babies to die on the side of the road to distract the border patrol.

          I rarely get into online spats with strangers. Not worth my time. But you are a Cartel chumbolone.

          1. Frank, I respectfully disagree with you on many levels, but I’m on the road right now, so I’ll leave it there. I’m a grumpy old agnostic liberal, but I’m not in lockstep with any group. I try to call each situation as I see it as objectively as I can, which is not easy. My fundamental fear is that Trump will regain power and will truly become a dictator He is enabled by the GOP congress and by millions of followers who actually want a dictator. I saw on the news interviews with individuals who said just that, and that Trump is ordained by God for that purpose. If that makes me a Chumbalone, so be it. I truly wish all of you well.

  32. Thanks John for another quality column. Real Americans know who the heroes are. Your truthful columns put you in the hero column. Praying that all Real Americans realize what’s at stake in this upcoming election and voice their opinion at the ballot box. It’s up to us as voters to clean out the swamp!

  33. John I have been following you for a long time as someone from down “Starved Rock State Park”way and have always respected your writings. When you left the Tribune I, like many, canceled our subscriptions to that rag and followed you. The last time I reached out you mistook my writing as an invitation to come down for a fight……….I could never figure that out as it was an invitation to come down so I could show you my Gods country out of Chicago. I think i still wore a badge back then. Im long retired from that field but now have an elected position in local government. I can’t wait for my term to expire. Politics are not for me. I await your writings as I couldn’t be more in line with anyone more than you. The Chicago way controls Illinois and I’m not afraid for the future for me but for all my adult children and numerous grandchildren. Please search Carus Chemicals in La Salle and watch what happened last January 11th 2023. Im easy to find to discuss at length most of you have no clue of. God bless you and keep up your good fight.

  34. This particular calling out of vermin as vermin was excellent plus, the sight of a man in a wheelchair standing ten feet tall prompts me to place my hand over my heart and proudly say:

    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, for liberty and justice for all.

  35. Texas has been fine with the open border until it got out of control. In Jan. of 2025 if DJT somehow gets elected and the border gets closed then what is my question? The soft-palm people will pass some DOCA-like policy that will give protection from deportation and will pass the problem along with 34 trillion debt to our kids. I do not see how this ends well at this point.

  36. Someone (maybe Peter Doocy) needs to ask Biden the following…
    “When an illegal immigrant/terrorist sneaks across your open border and kills thousands in this country, using a suitcase nuke or biological weapon. what will your response be?”

  37. WRT the Comanche, I don’t know anything about them but I do know about the Apache – they could run so well in each others footsteps that you couldn’t tell whether there was one or fifty of them. I know about Charles Langlade (pronounced “lung-LAHD”) whose mother was full blood Huron, who accompanied his Uncle to fight the English in Virginia during the French and Indian War, and enjoyed eating the heart of a particularly brave English commander during the same battles that my ancestor fought in besides George Washington. Langlade becoming a cannibal while becoming the Father of Wisconsin. And who could forget Ahiron, the Iroqouis chief known for his success in maintaining raw numbers of living Iroquois people – who had no trouble cooking his enemies for a day or so, and if they cried out, were considered to have died poorly. And then the miles long list of European crimes against each other and others – I decided years ago to just call it a draw between them all.

    But I can say this about the Comanche – I can say what they were not fighting for. They were not fighting to maintain their position as presumptive leaders of the free world, nor were they fighting so they could some-day distribute fentanyl to school children. No, Governor Abbot, all of us now for sure, are fighting a much more insidious enemy than the Comanche ever were.

  38. John,
    Huge admirer of you and the critical work you do everyday to rage against the machine. However, the time to wage a battle against cocaine Mitch is after the war has been won.
    The libs revel in conservatives eating our own. We are going to need every vote in November.

  39. “McConnell and Schumer would sell a rat’s asshole to a blind man for a wedding ring.”

    Whoa! That’s a better description of those men than selling their mothers’ crutches for firewood. But, they would probably do that, too.

  40. Governor Abbott is indeed exhibiting a profile in courage. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to end well for him. As correct as his actions seem, he cannot defy the Supreme Court without suffering the consequences from Biden’s DOJ.

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