Covering the Cracks in the Foundation, Democrats Try to Play Black Voters for Fools

By John Kass

September 8, 2023

At Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson has come up with a solution to the crisis of illegal immigrants swamping his city and running his taxpayers off their own streets, out of their own neighborhood parks and police stations, schools and hospitals:

Mayor Johnson decided to cover them up with screens. Hiding them behind a wall of screens at the airport, tens of thousands of them where they sleep hidden from view on the airport floor, some reportedly on blankets some on garbage.

Snacking, lounging, waiting for the mayor and his Democrats to feed and house them—which means taxpayers will pay more to feed and house them, educate them and provide healthcare. And when they are not attacking and assaulting Chicago Police officers, provide for the public safety.

And the clear message to loyal black Democrat voters who were once courted and feted and fawned over by national Democrats like President Joe Biden? The message to them is this:

Get to the back of the bus. Or get off the bus. There are some new kids in town and you’re in the way.

This is the true source of tension between black urbanites who have been here for decades and the new Latino immigrants who just surged across the boarder and have overwhelmed the so called Northern “sanctuary cities” like Chicago, New York, and wherever else the left bathed itself in self-righteousness.

New York Mayor Eric Adams isn’t about to cover his massive immigration problem with a doily.

Instead he used his mouth to distract New Yorkers from what’s in front of their eyes.

“Let me tell you something New Yorkers, never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to — I don’t see an ending to this,” the mayor said on Wednesday night in his opening remarks at a town hall-style meeting in Manhattan . “This issue will destroy New York City. Destroy it.”

He rambled on, dissembling and blaming all the Republicans he could blame from former President Donald Trump on down. But it doesn’t change the reality:

What you are seeing in New York, Chicago and other towns suffering from the tidal wave of immigrants demanding to be fed, housed, and clothed is no accident. It is the direct policy decision of President Joseph Biden and other Obama Democrats, to abandon former President Trump’s “ Stay In Mexico” policy and welcome illegal immigrants to “storm the border.”

Biden outlined his “surge the border” policy in a 2019 Democrat presidential debate and question by reporter Jorge Ramos. Once elected Biden actually did it.

Ramos: “Are you prepared to say tonight that you and President (Barack) Obama made a mistake (on deportations)? Why should Latinos trust you?”

Biden answered by criticizing Donald Trump’s handling of migrants at the border, defending Obama’s, and adding:

“I would in fact make sure that there is, that we immediately surge to the border — all those people are seeking asylum. They deserve to be heard,” Biden said. “That’s who we are. We’re a nation that says, ‘If you want to flee and you’re fleeing oppression, you should come.’”

Flee they did. Surge they did. And come they did, surging the border by the millions because Biden, who later became president called them to surge our border. There were no carrots and sticks with the Democrats on the immigration issue. There were no sticks, it was all candy.

Democrats were looking at a flood of new voters. Some of the new surging illegal immigrants came wearing Biden T-shirts reading, “Biden, please let us in.”

“They see him as the migrant president, and so many feel they’re going to reach the United States,” Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said of Biden  “We need to work together to regulate the flow, because this business can’t be tackled from one day to the next.”

As president, Biden immediately stopped construction on the border walls and began to unravel and end Trump administration policy that kept the border better contained. The most significant of these changes was Biden ending the Trump administration “Remain in Mexico” order that kept migrants from rushing the border while they appealed for amnesty status.

The Chinese fentanyl came in with them. The Mexican drug cartels made fortunes on trafficking humans and fentanyl. More than 100,000 young Americans died last year alone. But by then there was no border.

The Democrats had to finesse the media and black Democrats into avoiding the issue. It wasn’t too difficult to finesse the media, they had already signed on. The corporate legacy media are on the Democrat team. But finessing black Democrats was another matter entirely.

In 2018, I wrote a column about black Chicago feeling somewhat jilted by the “Zoro Act” being put on by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Rahm was unable to recover his political footing after it was revealed that he withheld the controversial video of the police killing of Laquan McDonald until well after his re-election. Black Chicago never forgave him for it. And he tried to rise again seeking Hispanic votes as “Mayor Zoro.”

He came up with a classic: A city ID card available to citizens and noncitizens alike, offering an easier access to city services and discounts to some sporting and cultural events. The whole thing failed miserably. Black voters saw through it immediately, and said they were sick and tired of being pushed to the back of the bus by Democrat operatives. It was a thread that black Chicago broadcasters Maze Jackson and Charles Thomas used to criticize Rahm. But it was a thread that the rest of the corporate media virtually ignored.

Black voters weren’t fooled though, and the same thing is happening now, as black residents of Chicago and New York and other cities are pushed to the back of the bus to let the Democrats administer to the new Hispanic immigrants.

They don’t like what they’re seeing in their neighborhoods as their substandard public government schools get worse, as city services decrease and as the middle class told countless times they don’t belong flee the cities and take with them the means to pay for those services.

You can’t cover such resentment up with a carpet. You know the crack is there. And eventually in the cities at least, with the middle class leaving in droves, it will all come tumbling down.


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  1. Ask any 19th Ward resident in the 60642 Zipcode and you will learn that all border crises, car-jackings and rising costs and taxes are the direct result of Donald Trump. You will not get any crump of fact, but hear loudly that the conversation is over.

      1. Easy. Just takes a steady diet of state-edited news, a lack of faith in anything greater than the government, and enough unaddressed fear that you’ll attack anyone you’re told is the source of all your problems. See also: The Wreckers, The Kulaks.

      2. I think Pat is saying that this is what the residents will say (as in, they are brainwashed into blaming Trump for everything), not that Pat believes it. That’s how I read the comment anyway.

      1. Let’s face the truth. Most of the crime in Chicago is being done by young black men. If we enforced the laws, this would help some. The other issue that few people talk about, is that when a crime is committed in a Black or Latino neighborhood, very few people will report a crime for fear of retaliation by the perpetrators and their friends. So perhaps, a witness protection style program should be initiated for major crimes committed, at the very least.

    1. Dear Pat, I’m curious to know your source of information. Many of us don’t particularly like Trump but like his policies like gas at $2 per gallon, making NATO nations pay their promised defense budgets, etc. Last I recall he was building a wall to deter illegal immigration. We were warned of the dangers of illegal immigration by Clinton, Schumer Obama Trump was following through on their warnings. Please keep us posted!

  2. True, John, so true. But will those same people you talk of be wise enough to say enough is enough when the time and opportunity comes ? Me thinks not…just see Brandon Johnson, JB Pritzker and Gavin Newsome, to name a few. The opportunities were there and were fumbled like a Justin Fields snap. The media frothing is despicable. It seems that all we can do is SMH 😢

      1. Sadly I believe it will go on for decades. Many of the CPS children come from homes where poor schools are tolerated for a variety of reasons. This tolerance dates back more than 50 years at least. It is just worse today.

    1. Well, the voters had a distinct choice between a sane, effective candidate likeVallas, and yet fell for the Soros backed minion like Johnson, a Marxist, never done anything suit!! Γιάννη, I fear Chicago is over. The voters of today were indoctrinated by socialist CTU teachers and policies for years, and it’s going to take decades to alter the current course!! Θεός να βάλει το χέρι του!

    2. When the opportunity comes?

      It came and went. 2023 was that last train back to sanity and it left the station empty.

      There’s no more opportunities. That’s what importing a permanent underclass is all about.

      1. I agree with you and that was what I was trying to say. There will be another opportunity, another scam election. But like before (as pointed out by the 3 clowns I mentioned) it’ll be fumbled away.

  3. Weepy, overwhelmed Democrat mayors suddenly realize that their leaders’ “sanctuary country” is an insolvent disaster. The New York Times hems and haws in their efforts not to cover this reality. The Hedge Fund Tribune keeps shrinking, still imagining it doesn’t need the columnist it was so anxious to push out the door.

    More people are realizing that the most important news stories now are only being covered up by the lefty grads of journalism schools — but are being covered meaningfully here at jkn. Black voters being played for fools? That’s a harsh reality, one that the media you grew up with can’t handle, but one covered here.

    Remember “indentured servants”? What we’re seeing now is the mass importation of indentured voters. Just watch how soon the push for internationalized entitlements is followed by a new push for internationalized voting rights. And watch where this story is covered: here at jkn.

      1. Mr. Kass, the bill comes due…on illegals, on public pensions and so many other manufactured Democratic crises. That’s why they must control the White House and Congress…so they can funnel money from ALL taxpayers to blue states to bail them out. Willing RINOs will want to wet their beaks and go along with it

  4. It’s an amazing, incredible problem, that the sanctuary cities have created, and our country, with its open borders! Name one other country who has open borders! The numbers Chicago is dealing with such disturbed, is Wood, Texas deals with on a daily basis! And all of these cities are demanding more federal money, our taxpayer dollars, to deal with the mess they created! It’s amazing, the solution is simple, none of them will say it! Tell the jackass, sitting in the White House to close the borders!! It’s destroying our entire country!

  5. The most outrageous part of the pathetic immigration policy is LEGAL entry is nearly impossible! My nephew is a very well respected architect in his home country but can’t get a visa to move here even tho he has a job waiting! So he gave up.

  6. You’ve proved once again why we need your voice John. Our country has become so used to hearing and accepting lies our politicians spew. It’s as if people want to be fed the pap because it’s much harder to face the truth that on this path our cities, and our county, are dying.

  7. Let’s get to the root cause of the problem; these illegal immigrants deserve good jobs, good housing , good schools, a path to a good future and the right to feel safe. But they deserve that where they were born. This is not an American problem, it is a Mexican, South and Central American problem. Fix the problems in their home countries and America does not have an illegal immigrant problem. The Democrat Party made this our problem because they see future voters and cheap labor. Why isn’t every US union screaming loudly and abandoning the DNC?

    The low information voters (Democrats) are mislead by the legacy media. Next time you read the Libune or Scum Times count how many times you read the phrases far-right, radical or extremist when referring the Republicans. Then count the number of times they use loaded phrases and words to refer to Democrats. Amazing, isn’t it?

    1. Unfortunately, the immigration debate is dominated by two idiotic groups:

      “South/Central America is a living hell, and we need to keep them out”.

      “South/Central America is a living hell, and we need to let them in”.

      Any solution that accepts “South/Central America is a living hell” is not workable. People need to be able to thrive is those places, just like people needed to thrive in Europe after WWI.

      If you ask new immigrants why South/Central America is a living hell, they’ll mostly talk about the lawlessness associated with the drug trade. If you look into what’s driving the drug trade, you’ll discover truck-loads of money/weapons coming from here – so we have a North-American problem to fix that will also reduce the immigration problem. Let’s start culturally-shaming all members of society (high and low) who made “better living through chemistry” part of their way of life – just like we’ve recently started to call-out sexual abuse against women.

      Another interesting idea is to support training would-be immigrants in South/Central America for productive life in this country:
      – Training takes place in ‘safe-places’ in South/Central America – perhaps we start annexing portions of South/Central America that generate the most refugees.
      – Training involves physical health (i.e. to the same standards that New Zealand has for allowing someone to immigrate into their country), literacy, useful skills.
      – Upon completion of training, you’re allowed into the US. You’ll also have basic skills that provide you with better opportunities in South/Central America, so staying may be a better option.
      – All of this is funded by established immigrants in the US. If you’re not familiar with the US immigrant community, they already sends lots of money to take care of family members back home. Why not have them send money to prepare family members back home for success here or elsewhere?

  8. They voted for it and they’ll vote for it again because they are more afraid of republicans than they are of their own destruction. I say, let it happen. Accelerate it. When the lights go out in New York City, then the time will be right to rebuild.

  9. No surprises here. They showed their cards and played their hand. The sheep all followed along and then gasped as if they were tricked. The sheepdogs were told to stand down. Now as Armageddon approaches a woe is me attitude propels itself into the National spotlight.

    Nope. Not today Homer. The man behind the curtain has pulled the last lever and the band continues to play as the titanic continues to sink.

  10. Superintendent Snelling asked for humanitarian effort to help address the illegal aliens sleeping on the floor in police precincts. Pride goes before the fall, its getting close…

  11. Pat Hickey must have a direct pipeline to your posts John. Consistently she (he?)is the first to reply. There was sarcasm I believe in the reply. I grew up in 19 a long time ago. Pretty well educated. But owe there jobs to the Hall. Biden’s chickens coming home to roost. The abject disaster the country is facing with the immigration debacle will overwhelm all the resources. Folks in red states like TN are quite fed up with tax dollars to fund this policy. It’s all about cheap labor and potential voters.
    Stacy Gates is another typical hypocrisy.
    Too bad the low info voters will never hear because the media is in tgecdem pocket. SMDH

  12. Same o’ same o’. Since Slavery after Lincoln freed the Slaves the Democrats used this poor people for Votes, and even the likes of Obama and all the Black Mayors of the big Cities use the poor people. The Democrats were the members of KKK and promoted Slavery, accused the Republicans of doing so and the dumb Republicans laid down and played dead. It is unforgiving that the Big Blue City Mayors treat Illegals better than the Poor Black or Minority groups for Votes. They are throwing out American Citizens just to house the Illegals. They blame the Governor of Texas and Trump for all their sins and only 13,00o went to New York from Texas, the rest of them choose to go there on their own. They get free health care, and free housing and jobs and the American Born get nothing. Is this what you Liberals want? Is this what it means to be a Democrat? I do not think so. I am tired of hearing about Social Security and FDR and that is the reason people Vote for Democrats. They are uneducated, even tho they think they are uniformed, do not want to know the truth while George Soros and Bill Gates and the likes of Obama got together to destroy America and Soros said as much. Americans are complacent and when they wake up it will be too late. We must pay 600 for gas, we must accept LGBT, and Trans and we are the enemy if we disagree. There is no more FREE SPEECH IN THE US. Now you watch they will destroy Biden to get Kamala and Michelle Obama to the House House. Folks there is Evil lurking all around us. Wake up. Please someone expose them for what they are and tell the truth. Yes, elections have been stolen like the Mayor of Chicago that hates White people and wants Black America he already proven that folks. So sad, trust the Lord and you will be fine. America is on it’s on its way of been a poor minority Country. Accept it.

  13. The Democrats saw that their voter base was shrinking. Decades of killing their future base in the womb, minority groups seeing they were being taken for granted and the elderly still thinking it was the party of JFK dying off, were combining for the perfect storm. Hence the design and execution of the Voter Restocking Program. Once the quota has been reached, the border will start to tighten up. They’ll cite Reagan’s immigrant amnesty and have their restocked base. The new voters will pull the lever for expanded social benefits and the Dems will stay in business. Could be some short term gratification as many are coming from Catholic countries and, if their faith kicks in and their wallets are healthy, turn on the abortionists.

  14. Great read. At one time in my life early on when I became eligible to vote, I thought politicians were smart, worldly, and cared to make a better world.
    Now I think you’ve come a long way baby.
    I now realize most politicians have little to no morals, and they care only about themselves.
    What I can’t understand is the need for the social justice warriors. Above video is a perfect example of flapping gums.
    I’m fed up with those who kowtow to certain groups. They tell us and preach if we don’t agree we are called a group of ugly names.
    I ask why. Why do I have to go along and accept the unacceptable? I’m not a politician or an expert but I could see the shit show that would happen with open boarders. How is it I’m not surprised yet those in power are surprised?
    Next up on the shit show is the trans rights. A boy/man with a penis stating they are a girl and undressing in front of girls/ women. Allowing and encouraging children to take hormones. Really? Seriously? This is an example of what we are to believe. A man who now identifies as a woman joins a sorority. The girls in the sorority stated they are made to feel uncomfortable. Instead of addressing the matter realistically they are told to shut up. One has more rights than a whole.
    Then said he/she states they are attracted to girls which then makes them a lesbian. I can’t wrap my head around this.
    I’m no longer surprised at insanity.

  15. I have paid attention to this issue for decades; it’s been mishandled during most of my long adulthood. We long ago had a system where migrants could spend months here, usually working on farms, and return to Mexico when the harvest seasons ended. Then we “tightened the border” by ending this practice that helped our farmers too; Mexicans chose to stay here all year without papers to avoid the potential loss of access. But remember Americans knowingly hired people without papers because they were desperate to find help that they could afford. So the cycle continued; more people here without papers as a magnet for their relatives. SO MANY! I remember being approached at the Daley Plaza 20 years ago by a man, probably from Guatemala, in winter, in short sleeves, trying to get directions to a place on LaSalle. He spoke a dialect I had not heard so I wasn’t much help. But he has stayed in my mind since. Think of the desperation to undergo this trip.
    We now have people from throughout the wide world coming because of upheavals. My anger is great that we stranded Afghans who helped save the lives of our armed forces with the promise we would let them come in. And we have failed again.
    Think of the famines and the environmental disasters that will compel those in Pakistan, for instance, to try anything to get here. I have as little hope we will solve this as I do that people will give up their SUVs to save the planet. It’s frightening.

  16. John Kass:
    I respectfully disagree.
    Today you wrote that blacks are being ordered to, “Get to the back of the bus. Or get off the bus.”
    Your August 18 headline was, “Democrats Kick Loyal Black Voters to Back of the Bus.”
    That is absolutely not how it is. Black voters obediently march to the back of the bus all on their own. They willingly cram in back there.
    A few years ago, a famous Republican challenged Black voters to change their voting habits. “What have you got to lose?” he asked.

    1. You are absolutely correct David. John is ignoring the inconvenient facts that give a lie to his narrative:

      “Meanwhile, data from the Chicago Board of Elections show that Johnson won City Hall on the Black vote. He won all 17 Black wards, including the 27th Ward, which voted for Vallas in the Primary election.

      Johnson won over 80 percent of the vote in nine Black wards. He won over 70 percent of the vote in four Black wards. Johnson’s strongest win was in the 24th Ward, where he won 84 percent of the vote.

      Overall, Johnson won 76 percent of the Black vote to Vallas’ 24 percent.”

      John’s column here is simply wishful thinking … pure fantasy.

      1. Bruce:
        You have shared critical information. It makes clear that Blacks in Chicago and other large cities willingly sacrifice their neighborhoods, their homes, their retail stores, their jobs, and even their lives by electing candidates based solely on their ethnic race.
        It is racism in its purest and most vile form.
        And look where these communities and people are today.
        Side note: There’s been no nonsense from Riga-Tony (Tony Cesare) for weeks. Has John Kass finally and successfully blocked him?

  17. John, when do the people who have voted for this radicalism step forward and take ownership of their pattern of lockstep democrat voting history? They need to come clean!

  18. Recently Biden gave NYC $140 million to deal with the problem and $12 million to Tucson. You have to stop it at the border. Mayor of NYC claims 10,000 a month coming in and he can’t handle that. AZ get that in a week.

  19. The media has hypnotized large swaths of the electorate into obedience for both of these lousy parties.

    The Democrats have taken it to a new level as they’ve sold out the poor and taken over the universities, media, and most corporate boards by hook or by crook.

    When both parties stink to high hell, neither has to be that great. They just have to appear less lousy than the other side.

    Both of these parties cater to elites exclusively. They are of the elites, by the elites, and for the elites.

    This left/right bs is infuriating. I wish there was a true left or right party, or candidate for that matter.

    And we all by it hook, line, and sinker.

    If your for it, and you’re a trumper, or any Republican, I have to be against it, regardless of the issue, and vice versa.

    This is an effective tool for the oligarchy that really runs the nation. If we cannot get together, we cannot solve any of the major social issues, and they can continue their grift.

    Military is a grift
    Immigration is a grift
    Environment is a grift
    Religion is a grift

    Everything’s a grift and politics as we practice it in this country enabled by a corrupt enfeebled media, is purely performative.

    We need reform.

    But I will say this. Trump is not the most corrupt candidate running in 24, despite his many indictments.

    Can’t we do better?

  20. Now John. C’mon man! We are a nation of whiners. Did the Ukraine complain about the sixty (and more) billion dollars Biden sent them? Of course not. They appreciate the gift and wait for more. Hawaiians, on the other hand were handed a whopping seven hundred dollars (per family) from Bidens government after their city burned down and all they do is bitch. Ingrates! Hawaii is a pretty expensive place to live but these Hawaiians scoff at what essentially is a movie night and McDonald’s. Most of us would appreciate a Happy Meal and “Barbie” on the government nipple ok? Like I said, ingrates. I’m not trying to be mean spirited but there’s a clip on YouTube from a local news feed with another ingrate from Palestine Ohio whose town was destroyed by a train derailment six months ago who states that 60 percent of her town “lives below poverty level” which explains why she now lives in a tent since no government help forthcoming. C’mon they’re getting the “Migrant” experience! There are millions who tramped through jungles dodging bugs and cartels to get to the new tent city in Chicago. Are the Venezuelans/ Columbians/ Guatamalans…oh well everyone else… complaining? OF COURSE THEY ARE. Yes, of course our new “migrants” are complaining. They now demand all of the rights our domestic ingrates demand. Housing, free health care and free food cards. Who says our “migrants” don’t want to assimilate? They are embracing the American experience from the time they cross the border. It’s truly the American way. Ya see? NO ONE has the right to bitch about getting sent to the back of the bus (again). OK?

  21. I lived in the Austin neighborhood for the first 18 years of my life (starting in 1936) and recently for another three years. However, once a Chicagoan, deep inside, always a Chicagoan. So, I will use the word “we” in that context. Simple question: our founding documents, the Declaration and the Constitution (remember them?) speak about a large group of humans referred to as “We the People” (remember them, too?). I’m hard pressed to remember exactly when “We the People” were told about what a Sanctuary City was and what the pros and cons of that were, much less asked if we’d really like be Sanctuarians through some form of formal vote or referendum or a show of hands at the very least. I’m thinking……..thinking real hard. Nope. Can’t come up with anything. Not a speck of regard for the people who will, in the end, be responsible for coming up with the huge amounts of good ol’ CASH needed to pay the bills. Just bald faced “let’s guarantee political power for eternity” by not trying even a teeny weenie bit to rationalize the real benefit to “The Power” of opening the gates, providing everything the recipients could want or need and more in return for “Democrat” tatooed on their foreheads in very plain view, even possibly all they’ll need to VOTE (at least once and maybe even more, but that’s a different thing altogether). About the “We the People” business, if anyone can tell me I missed the memo, I’d appreciate their correcting.

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