Covering the Cracks in the Foundation, Democrats Try to Play Black Voters for Fools

By John Kass

September 8, 2023

At Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson has come up with a solution to the crisis of illegal immigrants swamping his city and running his taxpayers off their own streets, out of their own neighborhood parks and police stations, schools and hospitals:

Mayor Johnson decided to cover them up with screens. Hiding them behind a wall of screens at the airport, tens of thousands of them where they sleep hidden from view on the airport floor, some reportedly on blankets some on garbage.

Snacking, lounging, waiting for the mayor and his Democrats to feed and house them—which means taxpayers will pay more to feed and house them, educate them and provide healthcare. And when they are not attacking and assaulting Chicago Police officers, provide for the public safety.

And the clear message to loyal black Democrat voters who were once courted and feted and fawned over by national Democrats like President Joe Biden? The message to them is this:

Get to the back of the bus. Or get off the bus. There are some new kids in town and you’re in the way.

This is the true source of tension between black urbanites who have been here for decades and the new Latino immigrants who just surged across the boarder and have overwhelmed the so called Northern “sanctuary cities” like Chicago, New York, and wherever else the left bathed itself in self-righteousness.

New York Mayor Eric Adams isn’t about to cover his massive immigration problem with a doily.

Instead he used his mouth to distract New Yorkers from what’s in front of their eyes.

“Let me tell you something New Yorkers, never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to — I don’t see an ending to this,” the mayor said on Wednesday night in his opening remarks at a town hall-style meeting in Manhattan . “This issue will destroy New York City. Destroy it.”

He rambled on, dissembling and blaming all the Republicans he could blame from former President Donald Trump on down. But it doesn’t change the reality:

What you are seeing in New York, Chicago and other towns suffering from the tidal wave of immigrants demanding to be fed, housed, and clothed is no accident. It is the direct policy decision of President Joseph Biden and other Obama Democrats, to abandon former President Trump’s “ Stay In Mexico” policy and welcome illegal immigrants to “storm the border.”

Biden outlined his “surge the border” policy in a 2019 Democrat presidential debate and question by reporter Jorge Ramos. Once elected Biden actually did it.

Ramos: “Are you prepared to say tonight that you and President (Barack) Obama made a mistake (on deportations)? Why should Latinos trust you?”

Biden answered by criticizing Donald Trump’s handling of migrants at the border, defending Obama’s, and adding:

“I would in fact make sure that there is, that we immediately surge to the border — all those people are seeking asylum. They deserve to be heard,” Biden said. “That’s who we are. We’re a nation that says, ‘If you want to flee and you’re fleeing oppression, you should come.’”

Flee they did. Surge they did. And come they did, surging the border by the millions because Biden, who later became president called them to surge our border. There were no carrots and sticks with the Democrats on the immigration issue. There were no sticks, it was all candy.

Democrats were looking at a flood of new voters. Some of the new surging illegal immigrants came wearing Biden T-shirts reading, “Biden, please let us in.”

“They see him as the migrant president, and so many feel they’re going to reach the United States,” Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said of Biden  “We need to work together to regulate the flow, because this business can’t be tackled from one day to the next.”

As president, Biden immediately stopped construction on the border walls and began to unravel and end Trump administration policy that kept the border better contained. The most significant of these changes was Biden ending the Trump administration “Remain in Mexico” order that kept migrants from rushing the border while they appealed for amnesty status.

The Chinese fentanyl came in with them. The Mexican drug cartels made fortunes on trafficking humans and fentanyl. More than 100,000 young Americans died last year alone. But by then there was no border.

The Democrats had to finesse the media and black Democrats into avoiding the issue. It wasn’t too difficult to finesse the media, they had already signed on. The corporate legacy media are on the Democrat team. But finessing black Democrats was another matter entirely.

In 2018, I wrote a column about black Chicago feeling somewhat jilted by the “Zoro Act” being put on by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Rahm was unable to recover his political footing after it was revealed that he withheld the controversial video of the police killing of Laquan McDonald until well after his re-election. Black Chicago never forgave him for it. And he tried to rise again seeking Hispanic votes as “Mayor Zoro.”

He came up with a classic: A city ID card available to citizens and noncitizens alike, offering an easier access to city services and discounts to some sporting and cultural events. The whole thing failed miserably. Black voters saw through it immediately, and said they were sick and tired of being pushed to the back of the bus by Democrat operatives. It was a thread that black Chicago broadcasters Maze Jackson and Charles Thomas used to criticize Rahm. But it was a thread that the rest of the corporate media virtually ignored.

Black voters weren’t fooled though, and the same thing is happening now, as black residents of Chicago and New York and other cities are pushed to the back of the bus to let the Democrats administer to the new Hispanic immigrants.

They don’t like what they’re seeing in their neighborhoods as their substandard public government schools get worse, as city services decrease and as the middle class told countless times they don’t belong flee the cities and take with them the means to pay for those services.

You can’t cover such resentment up with a carpet. You know the crack is there. And eventually in the cities at least, with the middle class leaving in droves, it will all come tumbling down.