Dem Panic: Biden Reverses Himself on Trump’s Border Wall

by John Kass

October 6, 2023

In an amazing reversal, President Joe Biden and the Democrats now support a Trump border wall in the hopes of stopping, or at least curtailing, illegal immigration that is overwhelming America and threatening Democrat politicians.

Biden once adamantly opposed Trump immigration policy. He vowed not one foot of wall would be built while he was president. He dismantled Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” policies that were once successful.

But now, never mind?

As  Biden’s paid liar and stooge Karine Jean-Pierre spun her fantasy protecting Biden, I thought I could hear the tiny scratching of dung beetles trying to cover up what Biden had just done, and burying it. But it couldn’t work.

Department of Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas had publicly cited an “acute and immediate need” to waive dozens of federal laws to build a border wall in Texas.

What was this “acute and immediate” need?

Simply put, Democrats had lost control of the argument  with voters, and key Democrat voting groups were in revolt in the cities. Black Democrats rightfully complained that that they were being passed over again, forced by Democratic politicians to hold open the door for illegal immigrants who were replacing them and pushing them and their children aside.

This clearly put massive pressure on Democrats in Congress and Biden panicked.

The administration had put a halt to new border wall construction, after Biden had promised that there would “not be another foot of wall constructed on my administration.”

Biden White House mouthpieces and media shills sought to minimalize the president’s policy reversal with spin, although the president’s people seemed as if they were confusing themselves. The administration said wall construction under the Trump administration was “just one example of the prior administration’s misplaced priorities and failure to manage migration in a safe, orderly and humane way” but that seemed comical with Democrat mayors whining and caterwauling like wet angry cats dumped into the Rio Grande.

Trump is now rightfully demanding an apology. He should get one but he won’t get one. But the policy reversal is proof enough that Biden panicked and cracked all over his promise never to build a foot of that wall. Now he’s building miles of it.

It was Biden who opened the border that allowed millions of illegals to cross and overwhelm the cites. It was Biden whose porous border allowed the Mexican drug cartels to smuggle Chinese made fentanyl that killed more than 100,000 young Americans last year alone. Before he took office–as the corporate legacy media was suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop scandal to help protect and elect Biden–and before the Republican Congress uncovered that Biden Inc corruption allowed the Biden family to take in tens of millions of dollars in bribes from corrupt oligarchs in Ukraine and the Chinese Communist Party and elsewhere.

Yet Biden could stand all that, as long as he was being protected by corrupt corporate legacy media.

What Biden could not stand was black voters in revolt, threatening to bolt to the GOP, with media actually doing its job and reporting the news that the border was in chaos.

As I’ve written before, it was Biden who reversed Trumps stay in Mexico policy. He and his press agents mocked and ridiculed those of us who know that borders are essential if you hope to have a country. Biden had ceded power on the border issue to the hard political left, which loathes everything America stands for and does not consider borders a priority.

But the policy changed when black Democrats realized they were being passed over for illegal immigrants.  Without black voters there is no Democrat Party. New York Mayor Eric Adams flew to Mexico with a plea, “We are at capacity,” although with Biden already having opened the door wide, it’s too late and the surge continues.  Black Democrats threatening to bolt increased Democrat panic.

For example, the ineffectual Chicago Mayor Brendan Johnson, who governs as something of a bizarre Bolshevik cartoon with crackpot plans to open government run grocery stores, cracked and panicked when asked when he’d visit the border. He began spouting nonsensical gibberish and apparently forgot that just the other day he was publicly teaching white lefty voters to shout “shut the fuck up” to Johnson’s critics.

Johnson said he’d visit the border soon–something Biden avoided for years–but he had other things on his mind, like his kids and soccer.

“Look I’m still running a major city! I have children who attend schools, we have soccer games y’all. You all are asking me as if I’m not a parent in this city. I get it. I’m mayor. I get it. But you’re asking me to give you a date, and I have to coordin–do you understand that you have not had a mayor like me? I get that.

“I have a wife. I have children. They have schedules and plus, we still have public safety that we have to address. We still have the unhoused we have to address. I still have a budget I have to address. And I’m doing all that with a black wife raising three black children on the west side of the city of Chicago. I am going to the border as soon as possible! But I have to coordinate that with running the government and making sure that my wife and children are secure as well”

I haven’t heard a mayoral rant like that since Rich Daley went full Mayor Chucky and Mayor Queeg over the loss of his strawberries. At at least Daley could govern. But Johnson is a joke.

If it’s too tough, he might start crying and quit.


So what do we make of this reversal of epic, nay biblical proportions, and the Biden White House trying to convince Americans that this is nothing new?

When the president’s mouthpieces speak on this, and lie to the American people saying it isn’t a reversal of policy, please consider the lowly dung beetle. It amuses itself by rolling dung and burying its prize.

Because that’s what this is: a high-profile dung rolling exhibition by the President of the United States. And now he’s not only asking Americans to enjoy his exhibition, but he wants Americans to smile and put it on crackers and eat it. Karin Jean-Pierre is eating it, and Democrat shills and pro-Biden media types are eating it.

But most Americans don’t make a habit of eating that crap.

It was Biden who called for the surge. He sent out the call to the world to surge the border. He got rid of Trump’s wall and Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” policy that the socialists dismiss by calling it racist.  And desperate migrants heard Biden’s call as a promise that his arms would be as wide open as our southern border. His wish came true.

Now Biden owns it. All of it.

And the best laid plans of men, mice and dung beetles…well, they don’t really put it on crackers, do they?






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  1. I as a taxpaying citizen of Chicago want the Mayor to stay here and do the job we are paying him to do. Traveling to the border and looking around doesn’t solve any of our problems.

    1. The border IS Chicago’s problem, with illegal migrants sapping up resources and spaces. One look at the flow of humanity into this country with nothing to stop them should be a wake up call for the mayor. Chicago, New York, LA and more are all border cities now.

    2. Considering his track record in just a few short months, I would think you’d want Mayor Brandon and his “solutions” as far away from Chicago as possible.

  2. It isn’t just the dung beetle suddenly building his wall, the wall for which he sold off all the accumulated wall parts from the previous administration for dirt cheap earlier this year. Just how does the dung beetle intend to cover the hordes who’ve already invaded the country? There’s not enough mud to cover them. I don’t forsee a round-up. Much too little, much too late.

  3. Lemme splain. Orange man wall very bad. Biden wall, well everyone knows good fences make for good neighbors. And on the home front. When retail stores pull out of Chicago because shoplifting makes doing business here a huge loss, that’s called corporate greed. Glad I could clear that up for everyone.

  4. Don’t feel too pleased or relieved, it’s all just window dressing. Biden will build a few miles of wall in high view areas, leaving hundreds of miles in gaps. Then he’ll claim that as ‘proof’ that walls won’t work as 2 million or more illegals stream in before election day.
    Glad to see you’re feeling well enough to write more!

  5. Excellent piece, as always. I also read somewhere that the Biden administration recently finished selling off $300 million in unused border wall materials for a mere $2 million. (Do you know if this is true?) So now taxpayers will once again be on the hook for even more waste and inefficiency. I’m sure they will grant some massive contract to one of their cronies (for more government money laundering, of course) to repurchase materials they just GAVE AWAY and overpay on labor as they are apparently doing in the “not-for-profit” migrant shelters. Our inept government at work once again, but why am I not surprised? We all need to keep the pressure on in educating uninformed/brainwashed voters that they are being lied to and left behind. Because they are. And maybe, just maybe, the election year pandering won’t work this time!

      1. Maybe it was all planned. Sell at $2Mil and buy back the next month? $298Mil profit for the buyer. Buyer a friend of the Biden’s? Don’t know and don’t care anymore.

  6. I may be your only subscriber who is furious at Biden for reneging on his promise. That fence is an obstacle to some but plenty are able to climb it. There is beautiful natural habitat that will be needlessly destroyed. A factor is that some of the land that has been taken has belonged for generations to Hispanic families, those with little political clout.
    There should be infrastructure of a different kind at the border: judges and staff to make decisions immediately on whether applicants are deserving of the designation of asylum. Releasing people in the country with years to wait for decisions invites more to make the journey here.

    1. Hmm…Sounds like something Trump wanted to do, have them properly vetted before entering this country.
      The democrat policy of getting more voters is destroying the country let alone some beautiful natural habitat.

      1. Hispanics often swing Republican and the charge that Dems are enticing migrants so they can vote is not true. I know from making phone calls in Colorado when I spent a year there. Many do not vote at all. Florida is different because so many Cubans came in without having to be vetted. They were hard right. Look at the last few decades.

        1. The people who survived both Batista and Castro ended up being on the Conservative side of the spectrum?

          Well, imagine that.

          Additionally, as someone who has walked many miles of that border, at no point did I ever see anything remotely “beautiful natural habitat”.
          It is mostly desert of the most barren kind.

    2. Geraldine, thank you for a thoughtful note. the craven impulse of politics allows this–democrats seeking constituents, republican chambers of commerce seeking cheap labor–and no real leadership.
      our country is being ruined like the landscape

  7. John the reversal of Biden and the scrambling of the talking heads is truly a wonder as the sanctuary cities go into full panic mode as they finally get what they have voted for.
    Johnson’s whiny rant is one for the ages. You can see his transformation to the little child over the last several weeks as his core supporters go into attack mode and he looks for cover.

  8. Joe is confused. His giggling sidekick in charge of border patrol is no where to be found. The house on Pennsylvania Avenue is running amok as news is buzzing about that the black voters have had enough and want change.

    The only thing Joe and giggles are changing right now are their diapers. The illegal aliens have created a shitty situation and when Joe and giggles smelled the stench in the room they realized it was themselves that had created the stink.

    Brandon’s diaper has a full load right now as well. He apparently failed his classes from the Barry school of neighborhood activism. No presidency in sight for him. Nope, he’ll be another Lori in the making. One and done. He won’t be fooling anyone at Harvard though, they have a spot for him teaching night classes at Curie.

    Front row seats for the greatest show in town. The Chicago Circus, not to be confused with Bozos Circus which had better clowns, big top band, and ringmaster.

  9. Maybe Comrade O Biden has reached his quota for importing future democrat voters. He may have brought in enough people fleeing socialist Venezuela to push us over the brink and become fully socialist.

    1. This is a really good point. Maybe this was the plan all along. Reach the target number, then (once enough damage is done), reverse course and pretend to be a hero. It’s the old “ask for forgiveness, not permission.” Let’s hope the voters don’t forgive!

    2. I agree. Comrade Biden has reached his goal of recruiting enough future Democrats. Anymore would be counter productive in that would alienate present Democrats (i.e. black voters) resulting in no net gain … or even a loss of same. Time to turn off the spigot. Brilliant. Maybe we were all wrong. The “Big Guy” is not a cognitively impaired idiot. That was all an act. On the contrary, he’s a political genius. Marx himself would be envious.

  10. Glad you’re back!!!! Great column. I have one question tho….other than headlines what does Johnson hope to accomplish by wasting tax dollars to visit the border?

  11. I’m trying to figure out why the mayor always needs to remind everyone about his black wife and 3 black children? What difference does it make what race or color his wife and kids are?

  12. Great column as usual, Mr. Kass. I’ve been quoting things that my little Italian Mother and my big Irish Dad taught me throughout my life, and they were both (non-college educated) very wise people.

    When politicians did something stupid, hypocritical, or illegal, my Dad would say that “People get the kind of politicians that they richly deserve, and that happens at the local, state, and national level”. Good call, Dad.

  13. Yianni,
    Borders, language, culture. Without these critical components, we have no country! Dems gotta be suffering from the TDS, cause Trump was right….again! Their heads must be exploding…..

  14. Listening to Mayor Brandon try desperately to make a meaningful statement reminds me of something. What is it?

    Maybe it’s listening to President Brandon. I recall his inspiring America from the White House lawn in June, 2022, declaring, “America is a nation that can be defined in a single word: asufutimaehaehfutbw.”

    Maybe it’s listening to Vice President Cackles last July as she noted, “We should always find times to express how we feel about the moment that is a reflection of joy, because as you know, it comes in the morning. Ah hah-hah-hah-hah-hah!!”

    No, no, it’s the late, great Professor Irwin Corey, “The World’s Foremost Authority.” The rhetorical forbear of our current president and vice-president enlightened us with such timeless truths as “If we don’t change direction soon, we’ll end up where we’re going.”

    Nostradamus-like, Professor Corey even managed to predict where the office of Chicago mayor was heading: “When your IQ rises to 28, sell.”

  15. It is interesting that Chicago is crying about the cost of care of the migrants shipped from Texas, but the numbers are 15,000-30,000 compared to 3.8 million since President Biden took office. Where are the rest and who is caring for them.
    Last night, Mark Levin on his show said the reason President Biden agreed to 20 miles of wall construction is that the money had been appropriated by Congress and refusal of the executive branch to be complaint would be an impeachable act.

  16. Dung Beetles! Love it! Now Biden is saying that Congress appropriated money for the wall that he can’t change and that he has no choice but to build it. Democrats really think we just fell off the turnip truck. They’re all dung beetles as far as I’m concerned.

  17. There is absolutely nothing that can be said to refute anything that you have mentioned in this column. Biden must wear the jacket for this horrible situation at the border, and for a lion’s share of the problems in our cities as well. Any “what aboutisms” issued on this topic and the topic of eroded public safety would be hypocritical.

    George Will wrote about Stacy Davis Gates, the CTU, the dismal academic achievement in CPS, the public safety challenges as well in his column today.

    As I see it, the lack of leadership in the city, county, state, and the nation are undermining the quality of life for most of us.

    The real shit will not hit the fans until the suburbs start getting the tent cities, unemployment climbs and we go into recession and the managerial class loses their jobs and half the value of their 401k.

    If only Trump could keep his mouth shut. His policies don’t look so bad in hindsight.

    Democrats are banking on abortion to save them. What a disgusting thought. Biden may be even more disgusting than Trump.

    These are the choices our corrupt system has given us.

    It’s possible RFK and Cornel West may pull 20% of the vote between them.

    The media will have a heart attack.

    They’ve done this.

  18. Don’t be persuaded by the Marxist-Democrat’s subterfuge. They have no intention of building a wall or stemming the flow of illegals into our country. Their goal, with the assistance of the corrupt, Marxist media, is to create the illusion of addressing the border crisis for short-term political expediency. Righty after the 2024 election, the flow will continue unabated . Their goal is to destroy our country.

  19. Watching the shill in Chief double talk and obfuscate the reversal blaming it on “ appropriated money” is so lame. Black voters are not happy. We can only pray that displeasure continues till next November. You can only ghost voters so long. $4+ gasoline (where is it in Newsom land? 6$? ). The economy cannot sustain it. Dem prosecutors and legislatures are doing all they can to
    Keep Trump off the Ballot. Talk about voter suppression. The Klan would envy their techniques. Now that Dem big city mayors and Govs are screaming us the WH having to listen. On the local front, Brandon will likely tie a family vacay to his photo op trip. Just gotta check the school vacay schedules. Total waste of space will get his photo op.

  20. You mentioned the media doing its job and covering the migrant crisis. But remember that except for FOX, there was nothing but crickets on this from the media for the first two years of Biden’s presidency. To reference the Richard Dreyfuss character in Jaws to the weasel mayor concerning the shark threat, it was ignored and dismissed until it “bit them in the ass”, and they had no choice.

  21. John, you’re right that the only reason Biden is building a portion of the border wall is to protect himself from being the target of the Black discontent/rage over the impact that migrants (a.k.a. illegal aliens) are having on the resources of northern, Democrat-dominated cities. A 538 report noted that a Pew Research Center study in 2020 revealed that “a quarter of black Democrats identify as conservative, and 43 percent identify as moderate.” Other research has concluded that “black voters are so loyal to to the Democratic Party in part because of social pressure from other back voters.” The migrant issue has the potential of breaking that habit which would free conservative and moderate Blacks to vote their self-interest. That’s a death knell for Democrats who need to hold about 90% of that vote in order to succeed.

  22. Isn’t it amazing when you hit the progressives where it hurts them they change their tune and fold like wet cardboard? Heard this morning on WIND a local alderman trying to soft peddle the problems of Chicago -and the border- by saying that every political party makes mistakes. Good Grief what a bunch of dimwits!

  23. You hit every primary target except the corporatist, Chamber of Commerce Republicans in Congress. They pantomine in a virtue theater, and somehow always avoid preventing cheap illegal immigrant labor from entering the country. It is kabuki theater for them, as they won’t do anything about it when they have the power to do so. Not one measure has been sent from the House to the Democrat Senate for up or down vote, that would affirmatively use legal force to build a complete wall structure. Or create barriers to amnesty for line and fence-jumpers. Those Republican failures need to be called out and primaried.

    1. Kass goes easy on the Republicans. They never shook down his old man for bags of steaks, they never offered magnet school slots for his kids, and they never chased him out of the job he loved.

      People who love Trump are almost as silly as those who defend Sleepy Joe. We’ve got quite a few Trumpers on here too.

      Also, so many of his readers are naive or in denial about the corruption, underhanded news, and lack of sense of duty that the Republicans themselves have, he doesn’t want to piss them off.

      He’s making more money now than when he worked at the Trib.

      1. Hey Asshole, why don’t you write your own column you bloviating insufferable gas bagging scold? Oh I forgot. You’re too f’n lazy and cheap. And Kass is making more money now than he did at the Trib? Really? You happen to have access to his tax returns? Or are you just pulling this shit out of your ass like you always do? Go F yourself.

      2. Maitino:’
        You’re a liar like Joe Biden. You’re the old man making up shit at the end of the bar.
        Everything you say is a lie, the only question is what to do with you? ban you? you demand to be the center of attention, perhaps we should make you the center of attention.
        one minute you write “There is absolutely nothing that can be said to refute anything that you have mentioned in this column.” in another comment you call me all kinds of liar.
        you lie about my father, my work, my earnings, everything, just like Joe with a full diaper.
        if you were a man with your senses about you I’d know what to do. but you’re an asshole in a wet diaper raging at the sky desperately seeking validationy and driving the nurses crazy
        I gave you plenty of rope. You brayed like a jackass but i left you alone, thinking even a broken clock had the right to have his say. but you don’t have the right to lie about me or others on this board.
        Read their comments. You’re pathetic. I turn my back on you as you defile what’s left of your honor.

      3. Robby Baby! This recent post is foul and hits below the belt. Pride seems to be your biggest pat on the back! But one’s pride is the worst thing to have. This your downfall. Professing to be wise, you confirm you’re a fool. Really nothing else to add. You can see your major problem in the mirror! BTW Robby Baby, people love ❤️ Donald J Trump because of his policies, where he put us American Taxpayers first! God help us if the DJT Tax Cuts don’t get extended! The media NEVER tells who they helped the most: those who can’t afford a house (renters), those that don’t have major deductions (lower paid workers) and retirees without Pensions! Hopefully this majority tells Congress to extend them. I’ll bet they even help YOU Robby Baby!

  24. Mr. Johnson obviously plays the race card BIG TIME! It’s VERY REFRESHING to see black citizens speaking up against these illegals who are being prioritized in many ways. Sadly, we who happen to be white, are way too quiet, understanding, proper with our LACK OF GUTS to speak up and complain vehemently as do our black population.
    It really is time for a TAXPAYER REVOLUTION…..

  25. All these northern urban Democrats would have no problem if the illegals were just ruining Texas. Bussing them up here was a genius political move by Greg Abbott. Make the Left live up to their own rules, and suddenly they don’t like it.

    1. Right you are…Abbott lit the fuse. However, most of the tens of thousands were bussed and flown throughout the country by the Federa Govt. and the non-profits. These “NGO’s” are being paid with government grants…our tax dollars…to be accomplices to the Biden administration plan. These agencies are the middle men in this scheme…well paid by the way. The NGO’s aren’t doing this out of charity…they aren’t all volunteers. They are being well compensated for their help.

  26. Biden’s guys sold off all the fencing supplies Trump had stockpiled. Wonder whose relatives own the companies supplying the new equipment? Never miss an opportunity. As Everett Dirkson used to say, “A million here, a million there, and pretty soon you’re talking about big money.” Better change million to billion these days.

  27. Just a thought here. Biden just sold all the Trump wall building materials last month, I am sure at a steep discount. So which Biden crony got the new ” let’s build a wall” contract?

  28. Excellent read.
    Come on man! Joe is scrambling. He’s down in polls, his popularity is in the weeds.
    So here he is throwing a bone to get votes. This is just one more lie. He had to do something to keep the black vote. So now he wants a wall? Seriously? I don’t believe it. We were told the border is closed. Now we are to believe this?
    Sorry Joe no votes for you!

  29. While watching WGN news Thursday morning, the Xiden about-face on the border wall was briefly mentioned in the “other news headlines” segment. Uh-oh, I thought, now the MSM propaganda machine is going to tell us Xiden has always been in favor of wall construction and it’s Trump’s fault that there is no wall. Then on the Channel 5 news at 10 last night, here comes Gov. Pricker saying exactly that. Because their voters are so thoroughly brainwashed, “progressives” think they can tell any lie they want and it’ll be believed. And Killary Clinton has the gall to say Trump supporters need deprogramming?

  30. You know what ? I agree with everything everyone has to say except maybe Rory.

    That said, we seem to be missing one important thing. It’s NOT really Biden !!! He is brain dead, remember ? He is a puppet. What we don’t really know is, who is the puppet master. It was questioned a little during the election and now somehow forgotten. Maybe it’s time to re-examine this in light of this amazing reversal. The classic NIMBY in play here. We want you, until you get them and then it “oh my gosh, what are we going to do?”. This is the real scary point !!

    We know Toni is pulling Brandon Local’s strings.

    Who is pulling Brandon Joe’s ?

  31. I agree with most of the above commenters; this is just lip service. It would be nice to see the black voters and their dem-donating white liberal brethren get equally worked up about the runaway crime choking the life out of the democrat controlled cities.

  32. Send them all back. Send all the DACA kids back who I used to have empathy for but no more. Send them back. If I am Governor Abbott, I keep sending illegals to NYC and Chicago and DC. Overwhelm them. Bury them. This is a war and they voted for it. Sanctuary City. Sanctuary State. They ignored the problems and advocated for the illegals because they didn’t have to feel the pain.

    I say, bring the pain. Make them hurt.

  33. John.

    While it may be true that president “….Biden owns it. All of it,” I doubt that the MSM will treat it as such. And with the former president as the presumptive Republican nominee, I doubt that Trump will be elected; he wins a battle but loses the war.

    The electorate is tired of the disfunction in Washington, as well as the corruption. Our leadership at the national, state, and local level is bankrupt. These are treacherous days. God help us.

  34. Funny how the media refused to report on the crisis until Democrat cities started getting the illegals shipped to them. The only thing that would be better than shipping them to Chicago would be shipping them to the hard liberal North Shore. The Raja , Brad Schneider, Jan Schakowsky and Jumbo Pritzker loving Wine and Cheese Democrats should get a good dose of illegal hospitality. Maybe Greg Abbott hears of this and decides to have some fun. We can only hope. There is a method to the madness though. Democratic operatives are down at the border deliberately sending illegals to democrat cities as the middle class flee and black voters threaten to leave their plantation. Democrats know they’re losing seats in Congress and they need the census numbers to try to hold on to them. Quick to recognize opportunity, Brandon( is better) and his union cronies know there is also vast amounts of public money to be heisted and are taking decisive action. No bid contracts being awarded to connected companies, identities kept secret from prying eyes by the city. Fourteen grand a WEEK for a “migrant coordinator”? Sounds about right. The stealing will come in second only to the theft committed with Covid money. Both so far leading as Crimes of the Century for the amount of public monies stolen. Just as inner city Democrats continue their looting of stores, Washington and City Hall Democrats continue their looting of public coffers.

    1. I like your style Enrique. Maybe a nice email or greeting card to Governor Abbott to drop a dime on our suburbs who are all for this and sympathetic to the cause is in order. Send more bus loads to Oak Park, Skokie, Evanston, Wilmette, and Highland Park. Let them enjoy the fruits of the leadership they voted for too.

  35. Awww, he has a black wife and a black kid? How many race cards does he have in his deck? Nobody cares, and it has nothing to do with the border problem. It sounds like somebody needs a cookie and a nap.

  36. I love John’s articles, and honestly, I enjoy the comments section almost as much.
    All I think about when John writes a great article that has lots of feed back is “ Lard-Ass” from Stand By Me movie. John sitting back in his chair, arms folded, ear to ear grin on his face, and enjoying the barf-o-Rama he creates. You’re the best John, stay healthy and keep up the great work.

  37. BJ is way over his head with his new job! He’s the CEO of a $5B entity with zero management experience. His uncontrolled, rambling, meaningless answers at press conferences will continue to display his inability to deal with the challenges of the job. Using the family references shows he is trying to garner some sort of empathy. Although this behavior just evidences his deficiencies.

    1. Too easy. They’re not “Sanctuary” States. Democrackhead run States/Cities talked the talk but now realize they can’t walk the walk. Seven or eight million Illegal immigrants so far really not needed in this country. Pony up some more $$$ for voting these idiots in. Screw the Veterans and put illegals up in hotels? Send them where they are “wanted”. No pun intended. Sadly, Rauner made this State that way. Goofy Democrackheads ran with it!

  38. C’mon man! Democrats begged for illegal immigration. They’re now crying poor when they’ve only received a tenth of the border crossers. Chicago’s Coordinator of Illegals should send them to Highland Park to occupy some of the vacant mansions there. There are many wine and cheese Jumbo Pritzker voters who would surely love to hire the new groundskeepers. After all, everyone loves cheap labor! Jumbo Pritzker continues crowing about how welcoming Illinois is for illegal immigrants so let’s give him more to crow about. The Chicago Fibune recently published a letter from a North Shore resident who stated she was envious of Chicago’s crisis and how her and many of her neighbors would love to open up their homes to house them. Hopefully Gregg Abbott, Catholic Charities and the United Way can help with many, many busloads to her village allow her to fulfill her desire. Now Mr. Rudd, you fail to recognize that poor people go where there is thing called Free Shit. Texas and Florida are terrible at subsidizing the Free Shit industry. Chicago and Illinois steal millions under the guise of altruism while their connected cronies steal and bill the Feds for the theft. The actual influx of illegals arriving in Chicago are cutting into that profit margin. Not acceptable. In reality the border crossers are voluntarily getting on buses to Chicago and New York in order to obtain a winning ticket in the Free Shit lottery. You’ve heard that line from a movie “…build it and they will come”. And build it they did. The Free Shit Industry that is. I suggest you watch the South Park episode about the panhandlers at Starbucks. Hilarious. “Spare change?”

  39. John, not sure if you got any downstate Peaches 🍑 that you ❤️ so much this year due to your health. But hope you get some next year. Need to have a ‘JK is Back’ BYO picnic in Indiana next year, what do you think! Like to put faces to your supporters. 😁

    1. Wow! The idiots showed up in full force this time. Maitano is a regular but his flatulent sidekick
      Shithead Mr. Google showed up. And Shithead Google is threatening Kass readers? Not to worry, the always cowardly Shithead Mr. Google, or whatever alias he’s hiding behind now (Riga Tony, Pjony Tony?) are more than welcome to show up at my door. If they’re suicidal that is. Keyboard warriors are the worst. Cowards all. Pieces of shit all. Typical.

      1. Ok ED, when have I ever threatened ANY JK users? Hmm, should I feel sorry you’re really ED? They might have some pills to help you. Oh not for that, rather to help you focus on what people actually write. No threats from anyone named Google. As JK stated to RM, show me. I’ll leave the “tough guy profanity” to fools. You might see one in your mirror? PS: is ED an illegal 👽? 😆

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