Thanks to Biden’s Open Borders, in Dem Cities it’s Black vs. Brown

By John Kass

October 4, 2023

The last time the black vs. brown tension was this thick, you could cut a chunk and fry it as the Black Lives Matter riots were tearing Chicago into pieces.

Black protesters led by media-protected white leftists tore up downtown to hurt Donald Trump’s re-election prospects. This was their insurrection. It took lives and cost billions of dollars in damages in cities across America. They tore up the downtowns and black neighborhoods and black-owned businesses. Then Mayor Lori Lightfoot was in literal panic. But in Chicago, the BLM rioters and their white Democrat Socialist handlers did did not tear up the old and iconic Latino neighborhoods on 18th and 26th street.

Why is that?

Because Latino street gangs publicly threatened to shoot Black Lives Matter rioters if they were found in the Hispanic neighborhoods.

And so, BLM backed off.

But now? The tension if not the physical damages are high, with longtime black residents told to step off the corner, to step back and give their place in line to illegal Latin immigrants who are being courted as new prospective voters by Biden Democrats. Black voters have been betrayed. Down deep they must know this. Will they stay angry and vote that anger? Urban political history tells me no, that the Democrats will come up with some shiny object to lure them all back to the Democrat political plantation..

I keep wondering whether another Malcolm X will be born again to come in anger and violence.  This cycle of political betrayal and anger is not only happening in Chicago but in all the other major urban centers from New York to Los Angeles. President Joe Biden’s failed immigration policy is completely broken and collapses in pieces upon the heads of the people, increasing tension and animosity to the point of violence, even as the Mexican drug cartels rule America’s southern border and city residents–including black Democrats who’ve been loyal to their party are told to make room for the newcomers.

“I say this to my friends, I very seldom say it in what I call in mixed company—we blacks far too often we’re holding the door open for everyone else and we’re last once again,” said former longtime Chicago Ald. Roderick Sawyer (6th) to Jeff Carlin and me on our WGN podcast The Chicago Way.

“We try to house them, clothe them and provide services,  but come on now, we cannot adequately take care of those who are coming here and take care of those who are native Chicagoans. We just don’t have the resources,” said Sawyer.

It was Joe Biden who, at the beginning of his last campaign called for immigrants both legal and illegal to rush to the southern border, and “Surge to get across.”

It was Biden who was desperate to win support of the hard left that now runs the Democratic Party, so eager to out-Bernie Bernie Sanders, driven to secure the favor of the hard left white progressives who now run his administration. He cut a deal with the hard left against his own country.

Who lost out? The white working class that was once the bedrock of the Democrat Party, but they were sold out on illegal immigration. And they moved to Trump. And now black voters have been sold out. You see them interviewed, the media calls them “activists” as if to minimalize them or at best put them in some pigeon hole.

It was Biden who called for the surge. And desperate migrants heard his call as a promise that his arms would be as wide open as our southern border. His wish came true.

Now Biden owns it. All of it

So when did the surge begin? Maybe right around the time of a September 2019 Democratic presidential debate, as Biden was accused by Univision journalist Jorge Ramos of supporting deportations of illegal immigrants when he was vice president in the Obama administration.

Ramos: “Are you prepared to say tonight that you and President (Barack) Obama made a mistake (on deportations)? Why should Latinos trust you?”

Biden answered by criticizing Donald Trump’s handling of migrants at the border, defending Obama and adding:

“I would in fact make sure that there is, that we immediately surge to the border — all those people are seeking asylum. They deserve to be heard,” Biden said. “That’s who we are. We’re a nation that says, ‘If you want to flee and you’re fleeing oppression, you should come.’”

Flee they did. And come they did, surging. Some came wearing Biden T-shirts reading, “Biden, please let us in.” He let them in. They told their friends. Now millions have come across–many illegally–and only recently as black city residents became angry did the corporate legacy media bother to tell their stories.

Now the chaos plagues the Democrats, so that they engage in their favorite pastimes: whining and performative art.  Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker  sends his “public letter” to Joe Biden, begging for money, warning that Biden’s border policy is unsustainable.

“First and foremost, I recommend that there be one person in the federal government who works directly for you in the White House who can lead the oversight of our nation’s efforts at the border,” Pritzker wrote.

“Right now, we have too many different federal department contacts —  who are uncoordinated with one another —  that handle various programs related to this humanitarian crisis. A single office with an identified leader must be assigned to work for the cities and states across the silos of government to manage the challenges we all face,” said Pritzker.

At the beginning of Biden’s term the Democrats controlled the House and the Senate. Biden pushed through a federal bailout of spendthrift Democrat cities. It was regarded as a tricky strategy. Beltway journalists congratulated Team Biden on their tactical brilliance in taking tax dollars away from red states to subsidize the blue cities in blue states like Illinois.

Now, I don’t think there is a national appetite for another migrant bailout, not with inflation tearing at American savings.

But the millions of illegal and legal Latino migrants that Biden welcomed and encouraged just keep coming.  You see them on TV news. They will demand social services. If they don’t get what they want they will become angry. They will take what they want.

And longtime city residents, in Chicago, in New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Detroit and elsewhere will be told. Keep holding open that door.

Hold it wide and smile.

Remember it was Biden who told black voters that Republican Mitt Romney would “put y’all back in chains.” Blacks supported him. Last campaign, he told black voters “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Put y’all back in chains. You ain’t black.

The cities are unlivable. Immigrants sleep in the police stations. Schools are overcrowded. Hospitals and health care are overrun and overwhelmed. Eight million illegal immigrants in less than three years from Biden’s policies. The future Democrat vote and the cities be damned.

The illegal migrants come for the same welfare check the legal “asylum seekers” demand. And Democrats are seeding the ground to come to taxpayers to ask for more money.

When does Biden pay for what he’s doing on the open border and to the cities?

When do black Democrats say “I’m done Democrats, I’m  not voting for you anymore?”

I asked Sawyer this:

“I think it’s coming close John ,” he said. “Black people starting to realize that we’re dismissed once again.”

Dismissed again…I’d like to think their pride would well up, that it would begin to boil, that they’d say they’re tired of being betrayed by the white lefties who manipulate them, and sick of Democrats who whisper old racist slogans to keep them in line, sick of media dumbing down what they say and what they feel and that they’re tired of all of it. And, that they’d stand up for themselves.

But they don’t stand up, do they? Instead, they just shut up and take it, like urban Democrats have been doing for years, taken advantage of, and dismissed, but still obediently holding open that door wide.







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  1. 8 idiots gave Black Democrats a reason to shrug it off and go along. Eight morons stood shoulder-to-shoulder with 208 Democrats including the psycho-Bolsheviks like Schakowsky, Quigley, Durbin and the Squad to undo any gains America might have had.

    Count on the GOP to blow your toes off in the blocks, let alone at the finish line.

    1. John I completely agree with you on these issues. Unfortunately the Dems are so oblivious to the crisis they are forming & addicted to their feel good politics that they will continue their present course. So many of those taken advantage of only know to vote democrat. It’s a matter of generational
      habit, it’s almost like religions. It’s not going to change.
      If Biden is re-elected we are doomed as a sovereign nation.

    2. Pat: I agree 100%. John makes it seem as if there is a sane alternative to the idiot Democrats. But as you point out that alternative is neither sane, nor rational but they are (politically) suicidal. Why should the Democrats even worry or care, when their political adversary – the Republicans – are imploding all by themselves. The psycho-Bolsheviks are likely saying this morning: “hey, forget Bernie, we need more Republicans … they really know how to help us out with our revolution.”

  2. Since the “deal” made with Reagan, the borders have been open in various stages. We let people come here and for the most part, they are American in everything but status. We cannot ask or expect the law enforcement or military to kick in the doors of 30 million illegals (yes they are illegals). We need a “HERE BY” date…today and anyone here by today gets vetted, photoID and DNA swabbed. If they pass vetting, they get to stay til we figure this out, felons leave immediately. Kids brought here under age 18 can apply for citizenship with the only fast track being the military. People here over 18 get guest VISA and it can be taken with a felony. No taxpayer funding for illegals to go to college (private funding only). If you come after the “HERE BY” date, you never get to return for any reason (immigration, business, health or visit to family). Charge their home country for the money spent on moving their citizens.

        1. 2 more fools…Illinois Senators Durbin & Duckworth. Why have they have gone mute on this issue? Must be waiting for Chuck Schumer to tell them what to say.

      1. we allowed them to come here since the 1980’s. We have to pay for that. We don’t have to let it continue. The kids, many who grew up here their entire life, are American….they have no memory or ties to foreign countries other than family left behind.

  3. Biden should be held criminally liable for this. And the Democrat Party should be reduced in numbers so that only their terrorists-for-hire, Antifa and BLM, are willing to vote for them.

    And I agree with you John, the Democrats let the riots go on for five months in the runup to the 2020 election solely to defeat Trump. The covid shutdown and its length were diabolically used to the same purpose. It allowed the Democrats to send out 100 million mail-in ballots when only 30 million had been sent out in 2016. Biden blamed Trump for his ineffective covid response when it was “fifth column” Fauci who ran the whole show.

    There is a good chance that the Hispanic vote here in Texas will tilt Republican this time because of these border policies. Some of these families have been here hundreds of years and they are proud Americans. My electrician, who is Central American, is a strong Trump supporter. The border towns and those in central Texas with high Hispanic populations are fed up with open borders. Hispanic and black voters are moving to the Republicans, which is another reason to support Trump. Proud people understand Trump.

  4. Great writing, as usual, Mr. Kass- my biggest takeaway is:
    “First and foremost, I recommend that there be one person in the federal government who works directly for you in the White House who can lead the oversight of our nation’s efforts at the border,” Pritzker wrote.

    Unless I’m mistaken, don’t we already have a “Border Czar”- that lady who laughs at almost everything and who can deliver a mean “word salad”??

  5. The idiots out there abound. I have been chastised for saying many of these same things about Chicago, and told that “the state of Illinois wants to be a sanctuary state.” Not just Chicago by fiat, but Illinois by “majority vote,” given that the state voted for Pritzker, who wanted the good feels for being a nice guy. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  6. Eagle-eyed journalists have been uniformly ignoring Border Czar Kamala Harris’ management of the border issue, since it’s easy to ignore nothing. But Kamala could promote her one policy concern, electric school buses, alongside her Biden-In-The-Basement-style disinterest in immigration. Imagine her marrying these two issues with that unique Kamala eloquence:

    “Immigration, yes it’s real, because immigrants are real! And so are electric school buses, with that pretty yellow color and clean electricity. Wouldn’t it be great if our new citizens drove their children plus some black children to school in clean yellow school buses so they could help save the climate while saving school budgets? Immigration is like electric school buses! They’re both beautiful and free. Misunderstandings between brown and black people? That’s not a problem! Basically we’re all yellow, sort of!”

  7. Matt Taibbi summed up modern Dem politics thusly. After getting trounced by Reagan, Clinton and Sam Nunn figured out that they could take the corporate money, sell out, and rat $&^k their constituents because they wouldn’t vote for the other side anyway.

    Republicans have been doing the same for years. They’ve historically been the party of business, the corporations, the rich. Only now, the educated pseudo elites have taken over the dem party. They’re in on the hustle too. It’s all about social programs they can skim as opposed to tax breaks, grants, special carve outs that the corporations have been getting for years.

    Black and Brown? No one gives a shit about that. It’s about one color; GREEN. If they can make money, their ethics and morality are malleable. Flexible ethics and morality of convenience.

    Black and Brown, if the black elites sell out their own just like the Clintons and the white elites sold out working poor white folks, neither of these parties really wants to give the worker as fair shake. It’s all a grift.

    The church rapes kids, the CDC pushes a vax that actually hurts kids more than it helps, we have polluted drinking water, sub standard sanitation facilities, we pay corporations to plow under farm land and give them more than the salaries they pay the workers. We pay for jobs!

    Allegiance to either of these parties is silly.
    People of all colors, factions, what have you, need to stand up and demand better.

    Or, just vote Republican.

    Trump in 24!

    He cares!

    1. Robby Baby! Your 2nd to the last paragraph says it all! The only human answer is Total Global Thermonuclear War! Glad you brought it up. Then we will see who’s in paradise and who will be in a lake of 🔥 forever. A crucified yet risen Jew named Jesus is waiting to judge us all. Those who’s deed were paid by Him, and those who eternally will pay that debt themselves in torment, FOREVER! Thx for bringing this up.

  8. Another superb column John. As I read Gov Fatass quote, my immediate thought was Madame Word Salad is supposed to be in charge. I’d also bet that if someone delved into Pritzger family finances you would see the same “illegal” inflation of property values or other assets that Trump is being tried for by the NYAG! What is always missing in the story is that he paid back all the loans with interest. The big banks were not whining when they made big profits from him. The Dem party will do whatever they need to in order to insure sleepy Joe another four as figurehead. BO has been pulling those marionette strings so easily. Even in his own party he is refusing USSS protection for a Kennedy — hmmm weren’t two of his relatives assassinated?? One in office and one highly likely to have made it to
    president. Hunter will walk, somehow the hard data on the laptop will become irrelevant and Joe will again campaign from his basement because of another Fauci ginned up COVID crisis.
    Unless folks with common sense in the black community unite to change course for their own benefit we are doomed. Sadly the Gang bangers will likely suppress the black vote so they can continue in their lawless — and non prosecuted — behavior.

  9. Great article as always. Blacks have been holding the door open for far too long, but its almost like “who doesn’t”. There is nothing wrong with it, in and of itself – for instance, its what a gentleman does – always. But this of course goes back to slavery, the equation I am a part of. But it took on brand new life after the Holy Republican War to subjugate the South (and murder civilians) as evidenced by none other than THE Harriet Beecher Stowe, while relaxing at a conquered and subjugated Florida seaside resort exclaiming typical white Radical New England hypocrisy “I just cannot understand the poor attitude these Blacks have around here – what with all the money we bring down here”. God Bless Ms. Stowe and every white “neo New Anglican” liberal ever since. It never stops. Ever. So lets root it out, lets write an amendment to the constitution that gives the 38 States ratifying it, the right to kick states out. Starting with Massachusetts and California. Think about it – for ALL OF US – FREE AT LAST.

    Its consitutional too! No branch of government can stop it.

  10. In August of 2022 my friend Stephanie Trussell invited me to join her and Darren Bailey to March with them in that year’s Bud Billiken parade, which of course I did enthusiastically. I ended up volunteering for banner carrying duty and was behind Roderick Sawyer’s campaign the whole route down MLK Blvd. I was impressed with his reach to voters and how many knew him by name, many coming up to his vehicle to express pleasantries with him. I tell this story because in February when he received only 0.4 of the vote in the mayor’s race in a large field, I was very disappointed for him. I hope his prediction is correct that those in his community are starting to wake up to the fact democrats take them for granted, but I fear there is a lot of runway yet before that concept takes off. I hope I’m wrong! Oh, how I hope I’m wrong!

  11. Effing hilarious to watch angry Chicago locals vent about losing park district facilities and city services thanks to Bidens Illegales. Yes, the truth is hard to take. As Johnny Rotten famously said at his bands final riotous concert “..ever had the feeling you’ve been cheated?”. Chicago’s Communist Mayor and his Bolshevik aldersquad (Sigcho Lopez, Rosas, and the other Communistas) now reveal their true colors. IT NEVER WAS ABOUT YOU, IT WAS ABOUT THE MOVEMENT. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT THE USEFUL IDIOTS THAT WE USE . That movement being the implementing of the communist principles of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and other “socialist” paradises. Ironic how the new arrivals are fleeing these same paradises the Chicago Bolsheviks adore and champion. Comrade Brandon (Is Better) has gleefully thumbed his nose at the people who elected him. Yes Chicago media does their part by dutifully airing the insincere posturing the Bolsheviks and Governor JB the Hutt spew. God forbid anyone in Chicago media actually ask any tough questions to Illinois billionaire Socialist governor. I escaped the Socialist paradise of Chicago for Texas four years ago and haven’t looked back once. You can’t get a good Italian beef sandwich here but great Texas brisket is a fair enough trade off. I heartily discourage any Democrat leaning family from moving here. You got what you wanted, stay where you’re at. Thanks to your Democrat politicians, Illinois is the most crime friendly state in the nation. Business is booming here in Texas. People go where there are jobs. New home construction is booming. Most are already sold. I agree with a previous comment that Hispanics here, especially second and third generation are leaning to conservative beliefs, most being college educated and raised in Catholicism. This explains why Democrats are importing a new underclass of future “DACA” recipients to turn that tide. Texas doesn’t give away free stuff easily which explains why the Illegales go to Democrat cities. Most go voluntarily thanks to Catholic Charities and United Way workers meeting them at our border. Once again, great column. Take care John.

  12. The Ryan/McConnell Congress failed to work with Trump from 2017 to 2019 in finally building a security wall. To the party’s eternal shame. To this day the McCarthy House has failed to use the gavel to bring an up-or-down vote to the Senate funding once and for all a comprehensive, real border wall. Let Chuckie Schemer and his Dem droogs march into 2024 elections with having voted against our security, sovereignty, and fentanyl death prevention. Instead, there were rumors of furtive “side-bars” on more Ukraine funding by Republican consent. Enough.

  13. “…we blacks far too often we’re holding the door open for everyone else and we’re last once again” reminds me of the Mensheviks complaining about the Bolsheviks rushing through the door (i.e. government welfare handouts) Mensheviks held open.

  14. The opening of our southern border was the plan all along for the Biden administration. No other conclusion can be reached. On Day One, they have had the goal of letting anyone and everyone into the country who wanted to come in. The cost of feeding, housing and providing medical care to these illegals, I mean, “undocumented immigrants,” will ultimately be borne by taxpayers like you and me. This cost, which will be in the billions, is irrelevant to the Biden administration. Somehow, I see Obama’s hand in all this. Barack once said that his goal was to transform America, and by golly, we are seeing it transformed during what some have called “Obama’s third term.”

  15. “First and foremost, I recommend that there be one person in the federal government who works directly for you in the White House who can lead the oversight of our nation’s efforts at the border,” Pritzker wrote.

    Apparently our woke governor forgot that Xiden already put ONE person in charge of that oversight: Border Czar Kammie the Commie Harris. She, however, was just too busy with her vice presidential duties to be bothered even going to the border.

    Well, I guess they can always blame Trump and the Republicans. Oh, wait…

  16. Yianni,
    This country is out of control at all levels of “government!” In other words, it appears our frail republic is in its death throes. It’s a free for all across the country. The leftists, socialists, and marxists have succeeded in removing all forms of restraint from our laws, ordinances, or judicial branches, so that anarchy may prevail. In a few short years, they’ve managed to defund law enforcement – which started the slide – elected Soros baced DAs and SAs to free the criminals, and pass no bail requirements like our own governor maximus. Years ago, Rod’s dad was my alderman in the 6th, before he became temporary mayor. Always admired him and his stellar staff, and we looked after each other, helped each other, and watched out for one another. But no longer. It’s now everybody for themselves, and damn the country. Joe’s ploy to stock the country with illegals is working, and they will soon become his voters that will surely vote the left party over and over. So, it’s time to wake up and band together with all colors to vote the bums out. Harry Truman said it best – you show me a rich politician and I’ll show you a crook, with which even Mark Twain agreed! Always follow the money…..All voting blocs better awaken soon, and take back the country before it’s too late!

  17. 100% right on and in 2030 when a new census is taken and each blue state is awarded more House seats as red states lose, hopefully the concerned citizens figure it out, before it’s too late.
    Looking forward to your next column, Scott

    1. Spot on with the census Scott. They’ll be a road to voting rights too. The ringer may be that when those from the Catholic countries of Central America figure out that they’re voting for abortions, the tide may turn.

  18. After decades of liberals aborting their future voters, the growing loss of minority voting blocs and the waning of the old-money Dems that think it’s still the party of JFK, the Voter Restocking Program is in full swing. The noise from Pritzker and the other urban mayors is just noise. The next steps will be more blanket amnesties and the road to voter registration. Reagan will be cited as setting the precedent. The border is not a disaster but rather going to plan.

  19. Great piece, John.
    But, I believe that the end game for all of the illegal invaders isn’t because they are potential Democratic voters.
    Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are getting rich off of all of the “services” that they claim to be providing to illegals.
    Now, I will ask you: how much COVID money went missing and is still unaccounted for?
    How hard is it to register with the feds to do business as an NGO?
    In the old days, activists would beg fellow activists for money and goods for their cause. Now, the government throws our hard-earned tax dollars at them like no end.
    Between illegal aliens and the war in Ukraine and Biden’s college slackers bailout, I would think that the piggy bank is getting pretty empty.
    But make no mistake; it’s not compassion; it’s GREED that is keeping our borders open.
    And one has to wonder if the Big Guy is getting his 10%.

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