Can the White Rabbit Save Biden Democrats From the Witch of November?

By John Kass

April 21, 2022

Every time President Joe Biden is allowed by his handlers to wander off by himself, even just a few feet away, bad things tend to happen to him, to the Democrats and the nation.

And the video goes viral, like the one of our feeble president being rescued by that big white rabbit.

Democrats wring their hands over Biden’s bad poll numbers. They approach the coming mid-term elections with dread. They went all in with him on policies to soothe the leftists who form their party’s base. But these are policies that voters had rejected, on immigration, on the border, on inflationary spending, on violent crime in the cities.

Only about one third of Americans think Biden’s doing a good job, according to polls. The rest think the country’s gone bonkers.

Fantasy will always be mugged by reality in the end. And the witch of November is coming.

Democrats whine about “the messaging,” but c’mon man. Legacy corporate media has been handling the Democratic Party’s liberal messaging for many decades. It is their life’s mission.  And their Big Tech allies control the information aqueducts, shutting off the water if it gets too hot.

Despite partisan media spin and Big Tech censorship/suppression of news, voters have seen enough. They’ve had enough. Now they’re just waiting for the mid-term elections.

And murderous Russian boss Vladimir Putin, his hands drenched in Ukrainian blood, pushes his insulting theory that the American president lives in a fantasy world and may suffer from dementia. That might be the only half-believable thing coming out of the Kremlin in a century.

How dare Putin  question the mental acuity of the American president? Here’s how: At least half of the country, most likely more, see Biden that way too. We watch our president babbling, or trying to shake hands with thin air, we think of our infirm and aging parents, grandparents and other elderly loved ones.

They’ll appreciate a nice coffee cake when you visit. But they don’t have the nuclear codes.

The Democrats handed Biden their presidential nomination, blocking socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for the second time to soothe their wealthy Wall Street donors who were frightened of a socialist Sanders as the Democrat nominee. To make up to the Bernie Bros who drive the Democratic Party, Biden veered hard to the left.

And here we are.

Failure is always the unwanted stepchild, the orphan beaten in the old fairy tales. So what is left to the Democrats now? Denial. And fantasy.

Will the White Rabbit come to the rescue in November?

Human beings who make poor choices often seek fantasy as refuge. Social media, the new precinct captain, is all about fantasy and projecting your ideal self. If some disagree with your “truth,” well, you can always call upon your bannermen to virtually burn them down and relish your victory. That is, if you live mostly in the virtual echo chamber.

Sample the left wing news, meaning most of corporate media, and you’ll notice their storytellers build delicate mind palaces, and lacy alternate realities. There’s always a happy ending as they try keeping  hope alive.

Remember the Hopium epidemic in the Washington Media Complex during the Obama ascension? Journalists, once thought to be sober-minded skeptics grounded in reality, became besotted with the stuff. They smoked it non-stop. They puffed like Absalom the blue caterpillar in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

So in love were they with Obama, they wet the carpets at his approach. They forgot about his buddy, convicted Chicago bagman Tony Rezko, who helped Barack and Michelle get their dream house back in the day. Such is the power of Hopium.

Now Obama has mansions and walks like some barefoot god on the beach in his Netflix nature documentary. He loves the beauty of nature, as he must love his multi-million Netflix production deal though Netflix stock is collapsing from what Elon Musk has identified as the Netflix woke mind virus.

Meanwhile, construction crews prepare to chop down groves of beautiful old trees in Chicago’s Jackson Park to please him. Why?  The old trees are in Obama’s way, just a bunch of nature to be hauled off and mulched to make room for his fantasy palace, the Obama Temple of Love and Fealty.

President Joe Biden was his vice president then. “The Big Guy,”  travelled with First Son Hunter to foreign lands on Air Force 2. Joe used his Obama White House political clout to leverage Hunter’s multi-million business deals. Hunter scored bigly in Ukraine, China and in other lands.

President Biden has mansions too, because, well, public service. He takes refuge in fantasy, the sanctuary of the serial fabulist. As Biden speaks, his eyes widen and he believes his words. And just when Biden falters, the White Rabbit shows up.

The other day there was that video shot by Thomas C. Dillon. It showed Biden being rescued at the White House egg roll from dangerous questions on Afghanistan. The president was saved by a big white Easter Bunny.

The White Rabbit was also there earlier at that same event, standing near the president and First Lady “Dr.” Jill Biden. She’s still playing the role of Edith Wilson. Jill told Joe to wave to the nice people cheering on the White House lawn.

“Wave,” she told the president of the United States. “Wave.”

He obediently raised his hand and waved to the nice people.

If there is anything positive for the Democrats in the White Rabbit videos, it was that Hunter Biden,  suspected Biden Family bagman, was also there.  But the Easter Bunny sucked up the media attention.

The Bidens are lucky they’re Democrats from Delaware and Washington and not Democrats from Chicago.

These days, given what’s going on with the federal indictments of the once-untouchable Illinois Democratic Boss Madigan in the giant alleged racketeering conspiracy that led to Madigan’s indictment, you might ask yourselves this question:

If the Bidens were doing business in Chicago, using Joe’s political clout and threats to  leverage millions from businesses and set up Hunter as a bagman, is there any doubt Biden Inc. would be standing in a federal courtroom?

After November, the Republican Congress will feast on “the Big Guy,” on Hunter, Joe’s brother and their enablers. The Democrat majority in the House has protected Biden. But after November, the formidably savvy Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be gone. It will get messy. We will hear the grunts of corruption revealed, the Washington Way as the Chicago Way, the Biden Way, the howls stretching to 2024 and beyond.

As Dr. Seuss once said, “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” Yes, you may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.

“If the grand jury in Delaware investigating Hunter Biden’s business ventures does its job properly,” writes the New York Post’s Miranda Devine, “it will be pulling on the threads that lead to the president, and already there are signs that is happening.

It all seems to be coming apart now, doesn’t it? Those running the Biden White House might not mind if Joe becomes the fall guy. He’s done what was required of him. They can rid themselves of Joe.

I see Biden in those videos, wandering, looking lost. He reminds me of the mentally feeble Junior Soprano from the old HBO mafia show. Old Junior thought he was the boss, because they called him the boss. He wasn’t.

In one recent video of Biden lost in the White House, you see a president ignored, talking to himself, as other Democrats surge to surround the glittering Obama. Barack once mocked Joe for for being something of a chumbolone. But that didn’t stop Obama from closing his eyes, perhaps winking as Biden  helped Hunter make a few scores overseas.

The time grows short. The pressure builds. The New York Times and the Washington Post have had to grudgingly concede that the New York Post’s reporting on the Hunter Biden Laptop From Hell was real after all. But 20 months too late. It wasn’t “Russian disinformation,” no matter what the prostitutes from the “Intelligence Community” said when the Post broke its series of Hunter Biden stories.

The Times, Post, the unctuous members of the intelligence community, CNN, National Public Radio, Facebook, Twitter, and most if not all of the rest of corporate media colluded to suppress the New York Post’s Hunter Biden stories in order to help elect Joe Biden.

Did the White Rabbit visit them at the office or in their dreams? Do they believe in fantasy, or are they simply just liars? Do they feel shame?

Does it matter now?

Some Democrats resign themselves to fate. Others pull their hair, wondering why stubborn voters refuse to adopt the Biden White House chant about those “Putin Price Hikes” and rally around the president. Americans don’t like Putin. But they don’t want World War III. And after Biden’s terrible failure in Afghanistan, Americans have little confidence in the president.

Stagflation approaches. Costs of gas and food keep rising. Twenty somethings wonder if they’ll ever have an economic future. Inflation is now at a 40-year high. The southern border is gone, wiped out by Biden policies. There is no border now. It is chaos.

Illegal immigrants and fentanyl pour across what was once the border, and fentanyl poisons young Americans. Some 100,000 have died from drug overdose in the past year. Now even Democratic Senators are panicking and bolting. As polling shows, growing numbers of Latinos are walking away.

The cynical left wing installation of Soros-backed “Justice Democrats” in local prosecutors’ offices has triggered skyrocketing violent crime in big cities across America. Biden says nothing remotely critical of the Soros prosecutors.

Now party mouthpieces complain about losing the culture wars even though the left has long held the media, the universities and China-favored Hollywood.

But voters still have eyes. They can watch “Libs of Tik Tok” on their phones even while cancelling their family subscription to the Disney channel or that vacation to Disney theme parks.

On “Libs of Tik Tok” parents can see legions of elementary school teachers  in videos that teachers themselves have posted. Even those with pins in their faces are giddy, thrilled and determined to teach kindergarteners about gender identity, without letting parents know a thing.

At work, people might chew garbage or worse in those corporately mandated “Inclusion, Diversity, Equity” re-education camps. They sit through it to keep their jobs. But they don’t want it forced upon their children. I remember when Democrats cared about and understood the American family. What happened to them?

Now about that White Rabbit.

Joe Biden was in his mid-20s in 1967 when Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane recorded their classic  “White Rabbit,” that drew from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” stories and was filtered through cocktails of psychedelic drugs.

 “White Rabbit” became one of the greatest tripping rock fantasy songs of all time.

And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you’re going to fall,
Tell ’em a hookah smoking caterpillar
Has given you the call.
Call Alice
When she was just small

Biden was just 29 years old in 1972, when he won his U.S. Senate seat.  Now, at 79, with Dr. Jill telling him to wave to the nice people on the lawn, I just can’t see him with “White Rabbit” on his playlist, bobbing his head to the bolero-style bassline, those aviator shades, his white man overbite.

For 50 years, Biden has seen spinning one fabulist fantasy after another, from his fantasy rumbles with “Corn Pop” to his fantasy of being a “full professor,” from his mythical “arrest” while trying to see Nelson Mandela to driving that 18-wheeler just like a trucker.

If he were just another helpless old man lost in his own house telling his lies to his caregiver, that would be sad enough. It might happen to me, or to you and those we love. What could be worse? Nothing could be worse.

But he’s the president of the United States. The world is full of killers with nukes. Russia, Iran and China have nukes. And China is bent on taking us down.

And those around Biden, what of them? Those politicians who protected and supported him in his obvious decline. And Obama, the true master of disinformation who used the federal hammer to go after those who stood up to him. The journalists who schemed and spun the news to help Joe. And all those who knew the Hunter Biden laptop wasn’t Russian disinformation.

They knew Biden was like this, yet for the sake of their own power, because they were determined to play their great game, they ignored the warning in his cloudy eyes. After November they’ll turn on Biden, fingers pointing, accusing, doing what Washington courtiers do best, deflecting and surviving.

But to serve themselves, they risked our country. They’re the ones who bear responsibility for Biden. And the people see this and they’re angry.

The Democrats may have done Republicans a favor. Former President Donald Trump will be pushing 79 in January of 2025. America sees Biden’s pitiful decline. Trump is not Biden, but some voters may wonder if political vindication for Trump is worth the risk.  Especially since conservative Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, much younger at 43, is building a presidential profile in his pro-family battles with Disney. But that’s for another day.

For now, though, would Democrats be upset if Joe returned to his basement, avoided White Rabbit videos and concentrated instead on ice cream and “I Dream of Jeannie” reruns?

No. I really don’t think they’d mind if he went back to the basement. But the president just let it be known he intends to seek a second term.

Can some fantasies develop a will of their own in the world of dreams? Perhaps. But I don’t think the White Rabbit can hop from the dream world to the real world to save Biden and his House and Senate Democrats in swing states.

Eventually, even hookah smoking blue caterpillars must face reality, especially with the White Rabbit so old and tired, with no more Hopium left in the bowl, as the Witch of November comes calling.


(Copyright 2022 John Kass)


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