Who’s the Real Carnival Barker, Governor? Illinois and Chicago are Unsustainable, with Surging Crime, Unsustainable Taxes, Failing Education: Ted Dabrowski of Wirepoints on the Chicago Way Podcast

By John Kass

October 27, 2022

Listen up. I’ve got a confession to make.

October brings the October wind. And then come the October rains slanting across your face like a Dylan Thomas poem.

Then November and the elections. That Red Wave coming on October 8—Democrats fear it’ll be a Red Tsunami. And here comes the confession. Because when I was a kid, November meant the circus.

But I hate the circus. I hate the fat ringmaster carnival barkers with their megaphones. And their malevolent mini-me clowns with their violent slapstick humor. Illinois has such a pair of such:
Gov. Pritzker (aka Gov. Commodius Maximus) and his evil mini-me clown Mayor Lori Lightfoot (aka Mayor Phallus Maximus).

Illinois and Chicago are failing, circling the drain. There are three areas where the once-great city and the once-great state are collapsing, and everyone can see: Public Education; Rising Violent Crime and Impossibly High taxes.

 Pritzker and Lightfoot don’t want voters to pay attention.Lightfoot and Pritzker have the media on their side, like a big megaphone. The fat carny barker and the mean mini me are trying to stall out the clock. And the loser of this game? The people.

So Jeff Carlin and I invited one of our favorite guests, the always data-driven Ted Dabrowski of Wirepoints.org to cut through the idiot clown nonsense and join us as our guest on The Chicago Way podcast.

Pritzker paints a pretty picture. And all those who dare object and warn voters are condemned as “racists”, as “extremists” by Gov. Big Toilets and his clown, Lightfoot and their mincing political eunuchs.

“That’s what I find so objectionable,” Ted Dabrowski tells us on The Chicago Way. Illinois is ranked 50th in so many things. Yet he refuses to acknowledge the problems Illinois has. It’s dishonesty of major proportions.”

He can avoid it because the corporate legacy media protects him and Lightfoot as they destroy Illinois and Chicago.

“When I think structurally, education, crime and taxes, we’re a disaster,” Dabrowski said. And so, wirepoints.org has been putting out some incredible data-driven reporting on its website, something the Tribune and Sun Times used to do.

But then they went woke.

Pritzker was so irritated with wirepoints.org, using “data” and “facts” to illustrate Pritzker failings—and I hope you read the site–that Governor Commodius Maximus became quite upset.

“He didn’t like it,” Dabrowski said. “He called us names, like carnival barker.”

But who’s the real carnival barker here?

It’s Pritzker, relying on his billions and news shops kissing his behind to portray him as a success, as violent crime rises, as taxes suck the life out of business, as public education is such a failure that only 26 percent of kids can read at grade level, and if you look at black and Latino student scores, reading and math comprehension is only in the single digits.

That’s a crime. And that will create the next generation of carjackers, drug dealers and gang bang killers. Chicago and Illinois just can’t survive that.

No city, no state, can survive that.

And worse? Pritzker and his crew of political hacks, and Lightfoot and her crew of unexperienced leftist hacks, treat the people as if they’re fools, chumps, idiots.

You know, like chumbolones.

I hope you listen to this podcast. It starts out under the tree in my backyard “sanctuary,” just Zeus the Wonder Dog and me.

And I hope you visit wirepoints.org to read some real journalism.

Illinois is dying.

Chicago is dying.

Save your city. Save your state.

Only you can do something about it.


(Copyright 2022 John Kass)

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