Who Was That Mystery ‘Columnist’ Referenced in the Weak Trib Hit Piece on Dan Proft? And Democrats Go Stark Raving Mad Before Tuesday’s Elections, The Chicago Way.

By John Kass

Nov. 5, 2022

Whew. That’s a long headline. But I’m lathered up in the final stretch. There’s no stopping now. But as we approach the mid-term elections on Tuesday it should be obvious that the Democrats have lost their bleeping minds.

Our leftist friends have become hysterical over the projections of a Red Tsunami on Election Day. Their projections and pro-left media accounts could all be wrong, and instead of a Red November, leftist Democrats may rally and take both houses of Congress, end inflation by Tuesday and make violent crime disappear.

And every Americans, even me, will beg President Joe Biden to run for a second term in 2024.

Or not.

Yeah, probably not.

Because now, unfortunately, our Democrat friends are trapped in paranoid psychotic fantasy loops. The poor wretches are crawling out of their skins like lunatics in Victorian-era padded cells. If he truly gave a fiddler’s fig about the Democrats and the country, Biden would order them all tranquilized immediately.

But he hopes to salvage whatever  hysteria he can and put it to use. And that’s sad.

As Jeff Carlin and I recorded your favorite podcast–The Chicago Way podcast which you can listen to right here by clicking on the available button in the photo up top—we talked of some of these more public psychotic breaks with reality.

“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin has likened white women who vote Republican over the crime issue to repulsive insects.

Actually, Hostin said white suburban women who vote for Republicans are like “roaches voting for Raid.”

That’ll win you friends, Sunny. And every white suburban woman who votes Republican and watches the flesh-eating harpies of “The View” might as well tattoo their foreheads with: “I’m a stoopid Chumbolone.”

And then comes the leftist historian Michael Beschloss of leftist MSNBC talking not like a respected historian, but more like a drooling psycho ape chattering that if that if he’s not happy on Tuesday, if Democrats don’t with the elections, then America is doomed.

“A historian 50 years from now – if historians are allowed to write in this country and if they are still free publishing houses and a free press – which I’m not certain of – but if that is true, a historian will say what was at stake tonight and this week was the fact whether we will be a democracy in the future, whether our children will be arrested and conceivably killed,” said Beschloss.

He’s from Homewood in South Suburban Cook County—where Soros State’s Attorney Kim Foxx lives. The people of Cook County have some common sense, don’t they?

And yet he still babbles like an idiot, torrents of jabberwocky spewing from his mouth.

Beschloss? You’re a leftist, a Democrat, and the modern leftist Democrats are all about authoritarian policy. You are a clown, sir. A dangerous, blithering clown.

Yes, you may scream orange man bad to rally the morons, but the Democratic left shut the schools, shut down the businesses, and had the Department of Justice and FBI to treat concerned public-school parents as domestic terrorists for daring to object to their children being indoctrinated by leftist teachers.

We couldn’t attend church and schools were locked down, but we could go to liquor stores. The Democrats are the true authoritarian party. You’re the party that uses the government hammer to keep us in line. You’re all about using fear to control the people. You’ve devoured moderate Democrats and you’ll pay for it on Tuesday.

But I had a few nagging questions, like: Just who was that unnamed mysterious columnist sitting with conservative radio personality, political operative Dan Proft?

It was in ‘the paper’ in a weak sauce hit piece apparently designed to curry favor with Gov. Commodious Maximus. Under a photo of Proft was this caption, “Dan Proft is interviewed on Nov. 11, 2009 by a Tribune columnist.”

What the?

Who was that columnist?

The photo was taken by Chris Walker, one of the best news photographers in the business. Years ago, Chris and I were together in a violent protest in Athens. The Constitution Square was thick with tear gas smoke, and the Communists were throwing huge chunks of broken marble, one or two pounds apiece.  A friend Strati and I flanked Chris. We kept looking up at the night sky, moving him to the left and right, hoping to spot the flying marble chunks arcing in the night before they hit us.

Walker took some great photos that night. He’s one of the absolute best.

But there was that caption. It read as if subjected to teams of humorless bureaucrats. And it looked as if Proft –in jacket and tie–were being interviewed in a vaguely familiar Italian restaurant. There was olive oil on the table. The guy doing the interviewing wore a jacket and tie also.

So, who was that columnist that the ‘paper’ didn’t have the guts to mention? Was it some lefty writer eager to suck up to the Chicago Teachers’ Union or some Democrat boss, or pray at the altar of Obama? There were certainly many of these. This mystery columnist apparently liked Italian restaurants, one of my favorites was Volare on Grand Avenue.

“Were the peppers and sausage your go-to even then?” asked Jeff on the Chicago Way.

Yes, Jeff.

Thinking back to ‘the paper’ and what some of the weasels tried to do to my reputation later, for telling the truth about lawlessness, crime and George Soros funded prosecutors, I was reminded of a movie line texted to me by writer Michael Ledwith.

Ledwith is a valued contributor to johnkassnews.com. I’d like to ask him on the podcast. He invited me to take Betty to a screening of the classic movie “Get Carter,” starring Michael Caine. That was thoughtful.

He mentioned a line in the film that applies to ‘the paper’ and the leftist newspaper guild that sided with Soros as Foxx tore up Cook County. And it also applies to Joe Biden.

In the scene I’m talking about, Cain as hitman Jack Carter is at the racetrack. He runs into a man he detests. He slowly removes the detestable man’s sunglasses and looks him right in the eyes.

“I’d almost forgotten what your eyes looked like,” Carter says. “Still the same. Pissholes in the snow”

Yes. Pissholes in the snow.

The guild leader’s eyes, some editors, etc. And they’re still the same as they destroy a once great institution, pissholes in the snow.

Hope you listen to the podcast. And prepare for the main event that comes after Tuesday’s elections: The race for Mayor of Chicago.

If you pay attention, you will see many eyes like those holes in the snow, tearing up a once-great city, the Chicago Way.


(Copyright 2022 John Kass)

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