Tom Bevan the Chicago Way. And what the #$%^!! is going on at Francis Parker School?

By John Kass

December 10, 2022

Tom Bevan and I have been friends for decades now. And it’s always a great pleasure for Jeff Carlin and me to have a chance to talk to him on The Chicago Way podcast.

What did we talk about? Well, you’ll have to listen. The links are here. I’m not going to scoop the No Chumbolone Zone. Scooping yourself would be the act of a chumbolone. And the Chicago Way is the No Chumbolone Zone.

Click on the links to listen. I promise it’ll be worth your time.

Bevan is co-founder and president of Real Clear Politics. A while back on a recent past edition of The Chicago Way, Bevan discussed his poll accountability project. It’s a great idea to hold the pollsters to account. It speaks to transparency. I tip my hat to Mr. Bevan for transparency and the sake of ethics.  He now expects to release the findings in a few days.

We also talked of whether Donald Trump’s self-inflicted wounds will kill off any dreams of a 2024 presidential campaign. And will American husbands sacrifice their brain cells by appeasing their wives and watching the Harry & Meghan show?

And talked of the phenomenon of how the media sucked up to disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti, and a Bevan tweet that gave me a launching point for a column on the “Twitter Files.” Jeff Carlin publicly confessed an Avenatti-related sin, but that’s OK Jeff. Your penance won’t last forever.

Also What the @#$%! Is going with Chicago’s elite K-12 private school, Francis Parker, where tuition costs $40,000 a year? There was that Project Veritas report. It should have inspired religious clergy from all houses of worship to stand on the steps of Francis Parker and demand answers. But Illinois and Chicago are woke, and for their sins clergy have lost moral authority.

Call me a conservative, call me a Stochastic terrorist on the verge of a visit to Room 101 and the Rat Cage on the face, but I really don’t think school children should be subjected to discussions of butt-plugs.

But that’s me.

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  1. The Dean at Francis Parker is grooming those students. That’s what the left wants: acceptance of pedophilia as the norm. It’s creeped in schools, corporations, politics. The dean should be fired. Not too many years ago he would have been and listed at a sexual predator and not able to a job near any children.

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