Red Wave Coming: The Time of the Jesters Honoring Themselves Comes to an End

By John Kass

November 6, 2022

I must admit that I’ve always been susceptible to the dark charms of jesters, particularly those evil jesters who use cunning and wits to rid themselves of their enemies in politics and at court.

Not circus clowns boiling out of a tiny body humor-clown car making with the fart jokes, but jesters. America is awash in jesters now. You see them everywhere. In media and politics. Many are sad. Many panic in silence. They are all Democrats.

And that Red Wave is coming for them.

The iconic American hero was once The Cowboy, but cultural High Priests had to kill him off when they decided we were too advanced of a culture to stoop to the vulgar and brutal practice of fighting fight to keep our own lands. Naturally, without The Cowboy, we killed off concern for our borders. And now with death of our fighting spirit and no urgency about the Southern border, it’s only a matter of time until the land is gone too. We sit passively as the knife is pressed against our throats.

With the Cowboy abandoned to bleach his bones at the ruins of the Alamo, we’ve developed a new American hero: the pinch-faced federal Bureaucrat fighting “terrorists.”

Whether the Bureaucrat hero is Jack Ryan of the CIA or Jack Bauer of “24,” or other iterations, rest assured that the Patriot Act may be used against innocent American citizens. When we all held a common belief in the Constitution, that would have been shameful. But now, thanks to the left that has been steadily undermining the Constitution, I guess it all depends on politics of the moment.

Didn’t Stalin say–or was that his faithful servant Walter Duranty, Pulitzer Prize winner of the New York Times–that to make an omelet you have to break some eggs?  Communist Russia starved tens of millions of Ukrainians to death. Duranty defended Stalin and kept his Pulitzer. And the Big Lie that Duranty and the Times started then and continues to this day is that the Left and the Democrats who serve them aren’t authoritarians.

Yes, yes, mistakes have been made. Yesterday’s bomb-vest wearing terrorist on TV screaming “Allahu Akbar” may have morphed into middle-class suburban American parents at your local school board meeting opposed to gender dysphoria and CRT propaganda. They may not know that their names may be part of an FBI file. But Joe Biden’s Justice Department knows who they are.

And now the Jesters take the stage, spinning their magical tales of a dystopian future if the Democrats don’t win on Tuesday, and Democrats are in absolute hysterics, with President Biden shrieking threats that Americans who don’t vote to keep Democrats in power are destroying democracy in America.

The president is something of a Jester himself, but in reality the president is a meat puppet without wits. And you can see the jesters on full display on MSNBC, CNN, and elsewhere in the left-wing and oh so corporate legacy media. They scamper and roll about on the floor in rage.

Was it the dwarf Piccoline who first got to me and caused me to appreciate jesters? He was the malevolent dwarf in Par Lagerkvist’s great novel “The Dwarf” that was set during the Italian Renaissance.  Piccoline was servant to the Prince (Machiavelli) and he was familiar with the Scholar (Leonardo da Vinci).

When the wrestling match was arranged between Jehoshaphat and myself I forced him onto his back after twenty minutes and strangled him. Since then I have been the only dwarf at this court.”

Leftist American jesters have been on display for the past several weeks and with Tuesday approaching, they shake their head rattles–known as a marotte–and hiss though their filed teeth, warning of dire consequences and much terror if Americans vote the wrong way and don’t keep Democrats in power.

The great Polish jester Stanzyk was no MSNBC clown. He is depicted in the masterpiece in red by Polish master Jan Matejko that is finally in its rightful place in the Polish Museum in Warsaw.  It is one of my most favorite paintings. If it were in Chicago at the Art Institute, I’d happily spend days sitting in front of it.

 The formal title isn’t “Sad Clown” or “The Sad Clown Paradox” but “STAŃCZYK DURING A BALL AT THE COURT OF QUEEN BONA IN THE FACE OF THE LOSS OF SMOLENSK), 1862”

His back is to the party just outside the room. He is depressed. He has dropped his marotte on the floor. The red jester, heroic and sad, is worried that the royalty of Poland didn’t take the world seriously enough. .

It’s all been too much for the unhinged leftist jester-historian Michael Beschloss of MSNBC. He warned the other day that descendants of leftist jester-historians like himself may be dragged out of their homes and shot by some authoritarian government of the future if the pro-authoritarian Democrats don’t retain control.

“A historian 50 years from now – if historians are allowed to write in this country and if there are still free publishing houses and a free press – which I’m not certain of – but if that is true, a historian will say what was at stake tonight and this week was the fact whether we will be a democracy in the future, whether our children will be arrested and conceivably killed,” said Beschloss to another jester, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, whom Beschloss described as a fellow historian.

If you need another example as to Beschloss’ unctuous and oily jesterly malevolence, consider that the American left is up in arms trying to kill a book by associate Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett before they ban and burn it: According to Politico it will touch on “how judges are not supposed to bring their personal feelings into how they rule, according to three publishing industry sources.”

Simply put, Beschloss’ argument is that if Democrats don’t win on Tuesday in great numbers the Republicans will kill kids.

I’m not a Supreme Court Justice but the hysterical left sought to cancel me at the newspaper I worked at for almost 40 years as revenge for outing George Soros’ involvement in selecting do-nothing prosecutor Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Fox and other like-minded progressive prosecutors in regions all over the country. Those regions from New York to Philadelphia to Chicago and Los Angeles where Soros has great influence with the Democrats, are being devoured by increases in violent crime.

The left pushed for the firing of James Bennet, the New York Times editor of the newspaper’s editorial page, merely for the sin of publishing an op-ed by a U.S. Senator, Tom Cotton.

It was Cotton who suggested the military be brought into American cities that were being destroyed by Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioters after the death of George Floyd. Staffers said publishing the piece endangered the lives of black people. Hysterical? Yes. But if military and national guard had been called in to stop the riots and looting then, Democrats would be in a better position facing Tuesday’s elections.

And now, the American people are fed up with them and their media bullies that crush dissent. And the fed up Americans will hold them accountable.

What happens when all the jesters stop the rule-of-law?  And searching the smoldering ruins of the BLM and Antifa riot-torn cities, did Democratic mayors ever stop to think of the political consequences of turning over their cities to the mob?

Over on MSNBC, Beschloss and Hayes just sat there, talking, two “historians” on nodding sagely for the cameras, but probably thinking their thumbs were stuck into the bowls of their TV-historian pipes instead of in their own behinds.

To neo-Marxists and Jacobins playing journalist jester, the end of days come when they lose power. Once they do, and a conservative Republican Congress begins pulling at threads to determine how corporate legacy media colluded with the Democrat Party, Big Tech and the American Security state to silence critics and mold the American information landscape, there will be much howling and caterwauling in the jester precincts.

With a Red Wave bearing down on them, and the jesters in Biblical panic like those who suffered Noah’s flood, is it OK for me to dream just a little bit?

“Schadenfreude doesn’t normally do it for me, but I have to admit watching people who think they’re about to lose political power engage in panic-stricken hysterics has a certain appeal,” writes the brilliant David Harsanyi in “The Federalist.”

In the paragraph above, I’ve put a link to Harsanyi’s piece, depicting Republicans in the eyes of Democrats the way the monks of English coastal areas viewed the marauding Viking hordes:

 “If Republicans Win, They Will Burn Your Home, Steal Your Possessions, Take Your Lives, And Laugh As They Enslave Your Children.”

Please read it. It’s delicious. And the moans of the jesters as they are about to feel the wrath of the North Americans is comforting.

Yes the hysterics of the jesters of the left–and weren’t they just the other day playing the roles of Robespierre and demanding a pile of lopped heads?–appeals to most Americans.

The MSNBC racist Joy Reid is a famous American jester. She’s not a dwarf per se, but she got into Harvard on the intellect she puts on display. The other day, Reid insisted the Republicans made up the term “inflation” simply to  trick voters.

“The only people I’ve ever heard use the word inflation are journalists uhm and economists. Right? So that is not part of the normal lexicon of the way people talk,” Reid said. “So it’s interesting that Republicans are doing something they don’t normally do, right which is not use the common tongue right, not use just common English just sort of use like on their campaigns what they do do with crime. But what they’ve done is they’ve taught people the word inflation right? Most people who have never used that word ever in their lives are using it now because they’ve been taught it!!!”

The American people have seen enough. They’re tired of being pushed around by jesters who shriek for their heads and their jobs.

They’re fed up.

That Red Wave gathers force. And the time of the jesters honoring themselves will soon be at an end.


(Copyright 2022 John Kass)


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