The Invasion Democrats Created and America Can’t Unsee

By John Kass

February 9, 2023

Why was the so-called “Bi Partisan” border bill so important to President Joe Biden, his Democrats, the Republican Combine, MSNBC, CNN and all the rest of left-wing corporate media?

Because if the bill had passed and given them all political cover for what they’d done on the border, it would have then been pushed into America’s memory hole, that place where modern America drops ideas we can’t deal with.

And left-wing media–meaning all of corporate legacy media–have one job. To seal that hole shut so that what’s inside passes from memory and is forgotten.

But first they must memory hole the damn thing, because there is no need for new immigration laws. There are enough federal laws on the books right now. The president right now has all the unilateral authority he needs if he’s capable of being president.

For the rest of us, to remember is a problem we’re confronted with when we close our eyes and pretend it isn’t happening. But it is happening. It has never stopped. Forgetting is much easier.

Remember Kate Steinle?

She was walking with her father Jim after a waterfront lunch in San Francisco. He was holding her hand. There was a loud gunshot. As they tried to make sense of the loud “bang,” Kate Steinle slumped to the ground.

“Help me Dad,” Jim Steinle recalled as he testified at her killer’s murder trial. Moments later his beautiful young daughter was dead. The illegal immigrant who killed her had broken into the country illegally five times previously. He became a political issue, and anyone who brought it up was certain to be denounced as a bigot.

Or those 51 former American intelligence officers who were organized by the Joe Biden campaign for president in 2020 to warn America that the damning content of his son’s laptop were likely the product of a Russian disinformation scheme?

Remember them?

It wasn’t so. It was a lie. The Biden laptop and the information about the Biden Family influence racket, paid for by corrupt Chinese Communists and Ukrainian gangsters and others was real. Even the New York Times had to admit it, finally. But Biden used the confusion to win re-election.

And  by then Biden had been elected and the damage was done. Joe was protected. But Joe can’t stop lying. It’s the only thing that he was ever good at. He lived for 50 years in politics on his lies, and made millions in payoffs from foreign sources. He’s bought mansions. He is a corrupt politician, like those of The Chicago Way, writ large.

Yet a lie told loudly enough by a corrupt media is believed by what are charitably called “low information” voters. We call them chumbolones, but they vote and after ingesting and believing the lies, they voted for Joe Biden.

When I was lead columnist for the Chicago Tribune I remembered the groaning of many of the staff and an editor or two when I’d dare write a column supporting the New York Post and others who confronted Biden Inc.

Biden denied that he had personally interacted with his son’s business associates, despite photos and other evidence.

He condemned reports that he met with son Hunter Biden and brother James Biden’s contacts despite confirmation he interacted with the associates from China, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Russia and Ukraine.

“I did not. And it’s just a bunch of lies. They’re lies. I did not. They’re lies,” president said.

No, Joe. They are not lies.

The lies Americans have been told to protect Joe Biden and by extension his boss former President Barack Obama are never ending, from the Russia-collusion hoax portraying Donald Trump as a Russian spy to the regime’s use of pressure to compel Twitter to censor critics commonly referred to as the Twitter Files. The Censorship Industrial Complex is another.

As a public service the Federalist has compiled an epic list of many Joe Biden lies.

But all those lies only work when a sympathetic media repeats them and amplifies them and repeats them again while loudly denouncing those who don’t believe them as heretics or traitors.

You might want to keep this as the regime covers its tracks with some new replacement for Biden because his popularity with voters is so low.

So look for the regime to portray Biden as a “sympathetic, elderly but well-meaning” bumbler crippled by age and infirmity who kept classified top secret documents in his garage with his old Corvette. As if China Joe was some noble, forgetful old political lion besieged by senility.

That too would be a lie fit only for an Obama’s Netflix movie where Michelle arrives on a magic unicorn to save the day to save the senile grandpa.

But all that only works if you’re a child who hasn’t put away the things of a child, if you’re addicted to fantasy like those who “believed” that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation, or if you were one of those who “believed” in baseball fantasy “Field of Dreams.”

Because in America all things are erased and then rewritten again and again.

As the fictional writer Terrance Mann (actually J.D. Salinger) played by James Earl Jones) says in the film “Field of Dreams”:

“And they’ll watch the game, and it’ll be as they’d dipped themselves in magic waters. The memories will be so thick, they’ll have to brush them away from their faces. People will come, Ray. The one constant through all the years Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It’s been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game, is a part of our past, Ray. It reminds us of all that once was good, and that could be again. Oh people will come, Ray. People will most definitely come.”

Watching President Biden stammer and pause uncomfortably while misremembering a recent meeting with a French prime minister Mitterrand–who actually died decades ago—I’m confronted by how we remember and how we forget.

And how feeble old politicians become when they realize that their lies don’t work anymore.

If only that so-called bi-partisan immigration bill had passed, then Mitch McConnell could have used it to weaken his nemesis Trump. And he and the Democrats could have used it to present Joe Biden and themselves as noble public servants who “solved” the border crisis. And the media could have filled that hole and sealed it.

But even the media that hates Donald Trump and snuggled endlessly with Barack Obama and protected Joe Biden from himself can’t hide the invasion of illegal before their eyes, and invasion Biden called for from the beginning of his term.

What can’t be memory holed is what’s happening to America now:

The president at his disastrous White House news conference I’ve just watched on Thursday night, his memory hazy, the man angry and irrational proving that he’s not fit to continue in office, barking at clouds. And the Biden Justice Department ruling he’s incompetent to stand trial. Well then, how is he competent to remain in office? That can’t be unseen.

And what also can’t be unseen is the chaos in the blue “sanctuary cities” like Chicago and New York that are sagging under the weight of the migrant invasion that he has created. And the invaders at the border walking into our country as if they owned it, the migrants trying to kill those cops in New York and the audacity of the 8 million (or is that 20 million) illegals demanding what invaders have always demanded since the beginning of history.

All that is front and center in the American mind. They see it now. They can’t unsee it. And Joe Biden and Obama and the Obama Democrats who protected him and the media that coddled him for years now own all of it.

Their only way out is if America forgets.

Or, if they turn on him.


About the author: John Kass spent decades as a political writer and news columnist in Chicago working at a major metropolitan newspaper.  He is co-host of The Chicago Way podcast. And he just loves his “No Chumbolone” hat, because is a “No Chumbolone” Zone where you can always get a cup of common sense.

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    1. I see it. I get it. However, what is the alternative for November 2024? Donald Trump??? Seriously??? Unfortunately, I will still vote for Joe Biden with Alzheimer’s over Donald Trump. And this is from someone who has always voted Republican in presidential elections. That is until 2016.. And no, I did not vote for Hillary.

        1. Cecelia, what exactly do you think Trump would do that would doom the US?

          Okay, so he’s a douchebag.

          But that does not mean that the policies he has ability to implement without Congressional approval (note: abortion is not one of them) cannot benefit the American public as a whole.

          1. I agree! Trump isn’t very presidential, but he’s not afraid to stand up to anyone.
            In all honesty I feel that Putin wouldn’t have attacked the Ukraine if Trump had been president.
            The migrant crisis would not exist if Trump was president.

            Please, if you hate Trump, vote for anyone else. If not, you’re really voting crazy Kamala in.
            Then our country would be doomed for sure!!

          2. What he is incapable of doing, is working with congress to have his policies turned into law, so they can’t be overturned with the stroke of a pen. I voted for Donnie twice. It will not happen again. He’s as bad as Joe for very different reasons. We need a leader, an adult, and someone who doesn’t constantly behave like a toddler.

        2. Ceccelia, I appreciate you reading JKN and commenting. Without different opinions, I’m concerned JKN could be another right wing echo chamber, which one of the reasons Republicans are lose elections.

          But the country is not doomed if Trump regains power. That is exactly what the Left said in 2016, and the doom and gloom didn’t happen. The country is doomed if the invasion continues. As long as senile Joe (or Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsome) are President, it will.

          Please keep reading JKN. Then maybe someday, you will be worthy of a No Chumbolone hat.

          1. First of all, thank you all for not pointing out my most unfortunate typo on the word “country”. I would post an emoji for “embarrassed” if I knew how to look for one. But to answer your questions, and forgive me if I ramble, I think, if Trump regains the presidency, there may never be another election. He nearly succeeded in overturning the last one. We all heard the recording of his phone call trying to get the Georgia election official to find the 11,000+ votes to give him the win.And he encouraged the threats against election workers and put lives in danger. And the worst, of course was January 6. We saw him incite the crowd to march on the Capitol, we saw the horrors that were committed by the mob. To dismiss it as just a demonstration that got out of hand is a tragic understatement. He reportedly watched it on TV for several hours before gently calling them off. These people were going to hang Mike Pence (the gallows they were carrying were real), and Trump reportedly said that Pence “deserved it.” I believe they were intending to kill Nancy Pelosi and probably AOC and others. Some were carrying zip ties. This time around he could succeed because he has most of the Republican party enabling him and he will surround himself with sycophants who will do his bidding no matter what. There will be no checks and balances. I could see him pardoning all the imprisoned insurrectionists and forming his own militia out of them. Biden may be senile but Trump is truly a madman. As far as Ukraine, I believe he will simply turn it over to Putin, and we know what Putin does to his adversaries. Then we have Trump’s complete lack of any moral compass, his racism, misogyny, zero ethics, and the religious right cheering him on. That’s my piece for today. I’m going to enjoy the Super Bowl, and I’m rooting for Taylor!

      1. Are you serious? Trump can be the ONLY choice. Look at the fury he has brought out in the deep state- they will to anything to not just stop him, but to destroy him. And just as in Illinois, the Federal government, the “deep state”, is nothing more than a combine controlled by special interests. As unpalatable as Trump may be, he is the only one fighting that deep state, and for that, he is going through the hell which the establishment has brought down upon him. You’re voting for the interests of the U.S., not for a babysitter.

        1. I would like to think that I am voting for the entrance of the US. However, the choices we have are basically two different flavors of unadulterated crap. I am not going to vote for the interests of orange Jesus

          1. So you will vote for the team that was destroyed in Afghanistan, has no credible military intelligence on the Afghan takeover, Russian invasion or Hamas attack. You like the party of puberty blockers and sexual mutilation of children , even without parents approval, 6 million unvetted, unvaxed, people from hundreds of countries flooding in raising costs of rentals, medical care, with no responsibilities. You approve of abortion on demand anytime up til birth with no restrictions. The FBI investigation Latin mass Catholics and arresting non dangerous pro lifers. You like people in NY and Cal voting in local elections as non citizens. You like druggies getting free space on big city streets, free drugs and needles and and no ability to find a toilet to shot in.
            You want another 120 billion to corrupt Ukraine with no check on compliance or responsibility for corruption .and no plan on winning. Endless war like LBJ gave us in Viet Nam.
            Maybe the 6 billion for Iran now minutes from nuke power and the greenie policy of US using wind and power while China and Russia build coal plants because the eco- nuts now hate oil gas, nukes and propane.
            Please give up your gas stove, water heater , lawn mower and other gas items to save a universe while India , China, Russia, and an Indonesia laughs.
            Enjoy the new military where gender, race, etc are way more important than competency.
            Hate the man who gave us no wars love the guy who has us in 3 as proxies with no exit plans.m

            I’m guessing you were never a conservative, just another bs guys pretending Trump is the problem
            Please enlighten me.

          2. Mr. Walsh.
            You are correct. I was never a true conservative. I’ve always been independent and by golly that’s how I’ll stay. I’m not here to carry the water for either the Democrats or the Republicans.. The fact that I’ve always voted Republican presidential elections open till 2016 does not make me a conservative.

            as I said, two Flavors of unadulterated crap running for president in 2024. I am by no stretch of the imagination a Joe Biden fan

          3. Thanks, exactly. Have watched foolish conservatives allow emotions to play them like a symphony. There is zero logic to Donnie being put back in the presidency. He’ll be a lame duck. His candidates for the most part lose. He’s a horrible judge of character. re: Wray and Miley among others.

      2. Think of Trump as chemotherapy. Like chemo he is highly toxic and poisonous. But less toxic than the deadly cancer for which the chemo is prescribed. Biden and the Dems are clearly a deadly cancer within our Republic requiring high dose Trumpiamycin before the cancer further metastasizes.

        1. That is the analogy I’ve used when discussing Trump with family members. Chemotherapy is ugly and awful. Our political class is a cancer and it must be destroyed.

          1. Be very careful what you wish for. There are true adults out there. DeSantis being one. Trump has the emotional mentality of a two year old. As far as a business goes, his bankruptcies as well as being a one man show, don’t do much to qualify him, as he’s never had to work with boards of directors, stockholders.

          2. To Mr. Kurtz. I will not vote for a clearly cognitively compromised demented Joe Biden (besides in deep blue Illinois the outcome is already determined). There are no “true adults” – as you put it – who stand a chance against Donald Trump. I would vote for DeSantis, but he is out of the race if you will recall. Ms. Haley is in, but has the proverbial snow ball chance in hell of capturing the Republican Party nomination … unless of course there is an unexpected turn of events. Given the obvious pathologies and deep disapproval of the two likely major party candidates, a third party centrist might have a chance … at the very least throw the election into the House. The last time that happened was 1825. That might – or might not be – a good thing. Anyway, the best I am hoping for is that the 2024 election gives us a divided government where neither party can cause too much damage and thereby buy time till 2028 where Biden and hopefully Trump will be gone. Remember a divided government will ensure against two of the most toxic Democratic party fantasies: packing the Court, turning PR and DC into states. Immigration? That might continue to fester.

      3. Exactly! I voted for the guy that didn’t know what Aleppo was because I’ve long loathed Clinton and Trump. Now??? In 2020 I also voted Democratic for the first time ever and will do so again come November. And this is NOT being a chumbalone. Trump lied more in 4 years than Biden in 50. I’d consider Haley but to vote for Trump is most certainly a vote against America.

        1. Jerry. Trump actually is a “bullshitter” rather than a “liar.” A lair has to know what the truth is, in order to lie. Trump rarely does; nor does he care. What he does do, and does very well, better than anyone else in fact, is bullshit. He just says what ever comes to his mind … whether true or not is irrelevant. He pulls stuff out of his a… He is the classic example – bar none – of a bullshitter. I mean he is a master of the discipline.

  1. They are now called undocumented citizens instead of illegal aliens. Sanity is not one of the boxes needed to be checked when running for President. Stealing the school newspaper and printing your own issue protesting a war is okay because you don’t want to “overpolice a black student”.

    The world has turned. It’s not turning back. The Presidential election is coming and the best we have to offer is one of two old guys that are both tipping the scale. I voted for Trump twice, but he’s as unbalanced as Biden. Same circus different clowns were forced to choose the lesser of two evils.

    I no longer fear for myself. I now worry about my grandchildren and the world that awaits them.

  2. The democrat’s are proof that if you repeat a lie long enough and loud enough, it eventually becomes “their truth”. How do you hold these chumbalones accountable? They voted for this administration.

  3. I was shocked to see the crotchety old man babbling away last night without a handler or caregiver by his side. Glad to hear him say he has been in talks with the Mexican president to help get aid into Gaza . I was unaware that Mexico shared a border with Israel until yesterday.

    1. So funny (yet sad and true), you said exactly what I was thinking! Biden can’t appear anywhere, however briefly, without these gaffes, and they are happening with more frequency. How anyone in their right mind can’t see this boggles the mind!

  4. I am afraid for my children and my grandchildren living in States like California and Illinois who are in danger every day from the irresponsible actions of our Government. They have stopped listening to the Tax Paying US Citizens who supposedly elected them. They do not care. The only thing that matters to them is keeping the POWER.

    Does anybody who sees the sea of Illegal Border Crossers? Do they see that for almost all of them, they do not look worn out from the supposed hundreds of miles they have walked. No wear and tear on their shoes or clothes and they look for the most part as if they had been on vacation and just stepped out of the shower. They do not look malnourished like many of our inner city children. As a matter of fact, they appear well fed. How is that? And just who is paying those Cell Phone bills for them?

    When will the US Citizens, the ones who supposedly elect these people to Government Offices, open their eyes and look at all the lies? Our “Elected Congressmen and Senators” get rich off of our backs as they put us in danger more and more every day. And the very famous quote “There is none so blind as those who will not see

      1. It should. But you know Hur was a trump appointee so according to our leftist friends, everything he stated in the report is mean political untruths. Was hoping against all odds that Biden would come out during that press conference and pull out of the race, but I guess that was a crazy, altruistic thought on my part. Its really too bad that people are voting for personalities and not for OUTCOMES. Even with the msm tearing Trump apart for 4 plus years he still managed to create a strong economy, have zero wars, and maintain a strong closed border. That is what I will be voting for come 2024, not the lies and insane progressivism we have put up with the last 3 plus years.

  5. Another great column! The problem is our young voters, who have been led by Kamala and Hillary, believe that the greatest threat to our democracy isn’t invaders, a feeble president, or war. It’s a lack of abortion rights. No matter that women (Can I say that word?) still have the “right” to kill babies, it’s the fight of the century!

    The Republican Party needs to get their act together to combat abortion, the absolving of college loans, and the white guilt young people and suburban moms feel. But the GOP is MIA all because they are working together with Democrats to ensure a Trump loss.

    There are no statesman or stateswomen interested in saving American ideals and the rule of law anymore. We need a miracle.

    1. I see the Hur report as the first shot in a palace coup . The memory fogged old man nonsense was not needed to give him a pass on the criminal issues . It is there by design and the design is to ditch Biden. The nomination will be the guy that Obama picks and all the Obama/ Biden policies will survive in tact

    2. It will not be Michelle Obama. She is way too lazy. She likes the trappings of the presidency (the pomp, being treated like royalty, the large staff, etc.) but not the work. She would rather hang out in her mansions and Branson’s yacht.

      It could be Newsome, but my money is on the progressive witch governor of Michigan – Gretchen Whitmer.

      1. I dunno, Brad. Given what little Biden actually does from day to day, the rest being done by his handlers, Lurleen Wallace, er, Michelle Obama could easily slide into a titular head of state with George, er, Barky pulling the strings behind the scenes as First Gentleman. Just like with Barky, any and all criticism will be immediately dismissed as racist/sexist.
        We’re toast.

  6. …and forget, they will.

    Far too many will, anyway.

    Those of us who will continue to remember, will be marginalized if not ignored – perhaps even silenced.

  7. Wonderful synopsis of the political reality of our day John! The border invasion should become the “We must never forget” message of 2024, like Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and last year’s 10/7 Hamas attack on Israel events. The real question is will enough independent voters be able to remember, or are they chumbalones. I don’t like Trump, he’s a populist and narcissist, not a conservative, but I truly hate the Washington D.C. combine and they’re selling out of America! Can the nation survive 4 more years of Biden and his handlers, or whomever they replace him with? Can we survive 4 more years of Trump? Will our enemies across the world that the combine ignore not ramp up their attempts to destroy what freedoms remain here in either case? Those are key questions of the 2024 election! I must vote against what I hate, even if the alternative is distasteful!

    1. Can we survive 4 more years of Trump? Really? They were 4 relatively great years (BTW Covid was came from China, just like Trump first stated, by prohibiting Chinese coming into America). You still like your personal Freedoms? You have No Choice, Vote For Trump!

  8. What’s the MOST frightening thing is the fact that 39% of the electorate STILL Supports him! If there is ANY doubt about his mental acuity after the DOJ ruled he’s too old to be tried and the DNC still puts him up as their candidate then it PROVES he’s NOT running this country. Obama and his minions are.

    1. Well stated C W Christianson. I’ve always felt the same way. Why 39% of the population would still vote for Mr. Mumbles? The only answer I can come up with is their distain and contempt for Trump. They’d rather see this country go down in flames than vote for a person who kept us out of war, low inflation, energy independent, closed borders for the most part,..and a smooth-running economy.

    2. The 39%. Start with 15% of the US workforce being federal employees. Add in their family members that don’t want that paycheck to go away. Add in the retired federal employees. Add in the Blue states government workers. Add in the 20% of Americans that are on some sort of welfare. And just for good measure add in 2.5% of the workforce that are teachers. Sure, there are some rebels in this list but none the less, those on the receiving end of tax dollars are watching out for their interests.

  9. Kass makes a powerful point here that the state media refuses to recognize — and demands the rest of us not recognize: These serial disasters undermining our country are their deliberate creations, not accidents.

    Their leftist creators survive the disasters only by sealing them up in the “memory hole” Orwell described in “1984.”

    Into the memory hole it must go! All of it: Hunter’s laptop documenting the Biden crime family’s traitorous bribe business. Ten million imported benefits-dependent indentured voters. Ruinous inflation created solely by the drunken-sailor spending of Joe’s handlers. Repeat criminals set free by the many Soros DAs (who appear merely dumb and grinning like the one in Chicago but are actually sinister as assassins).

    Also headed for the memory hole: a president who was a blithering idiot decades before he became demented . . . and will sooner or later be succeeded by the idiot who’s been busy destroying California or the one who removed toilets from a mansion to lower his Illinois taxes . . . or an even greater fool, if they can find one.

    Well, Kass continues to fight back bravely against the left’s memory hole, and so will all of us who can still read and think.

    1. Add the murder of Ashli Babbitt to the Memory Hole list. Don’t forget the slaughter of 58 citizens in Las Vegas.

      Fortunately for the commucrats the Hole is bottomless.

  10. Right on the money John. And honestly, one of the big reasons Trump got elected in the first place. It’s not that we Trump supporters were or are, against people immigrating to the United States. It’s that we expect them to come legally. We refused to accept the notion that demanding a closed border was racist. We knew an open border was a bad idea. And we were right. Not all of us love Trump. There are many things about him I really don’t like. But it doesn’t matter if I like him or not. The only thing that matters is, the only questions we should be asking ourselves are, “What results did we get when Trump was president? And what results are we getting now? “.

  11. Γιάννη,
    You are the voice of reason in the darkness! Remember Reagan’s admonition that the government IS the problem. And yet, the insanity of it all is that we continue to seek solutions to our problems from the people that created the problems in the first place! Forrest Gump said it best – stupid is as stupid does!

  12. John. Excellent read. We used to have the constitution and courts of Law to protect us from these left wing “BIDA” extremists. They have corrupted our court systems and all of them plus a good portion of the republicans are in on the disgrace. We need to get a leader that will uphold the rule of law and constitution soon or RIP USA.

  13. My KA Sponsor (KA = Kassaholics Anonymous) asked me not to post for a month. Man this is tough.
    One day at a time, one hour at a time. So grateful for this column and community

  14. There are so many things I can’t unsee. I’m told what I see with my own eyes is not what I see. And yes if I voice that there is a gaggle of folks to scream I’m a shit load of names. No facts just name calling.
    Yesterday seemed like a long long day. Not one but two denials from the president. I’m stumped. I’m confused. I’m angry.
    Why does one’s affiliation with a party give them a free pass? Why did the Supreme Court have to hear arguments on a presidential candidate being on the ballot?
    Why did illegal immigrants who attacked police walk out of jail flipping the bird? Oh and now they’ll be getting free money for food. Umm I don’t spend twelve dollars a day on food.
    My eyes are tired. My forehead has a permanent mark from all the times I have hit it in disbelief.
    I was delighted to open and read this column today. You never disappoint.

  15. Well said. What is happening at the border is going to be the only issue in this coming election. Nothing about Trumps lawsuits or Biden’s age will be worried about.

    Do you want the border closed or 4-more years of an open border. That’s what this election is coming down to.

  16. These invaders are not “Migrants “. They’re ” Illegals”. Don’t be swayed by the media spin on illegal border crossings. The Illegals that commit furthur crime, such as ORGANIZED looting and robberies are BIDENS CRIMINALS . Thats right. BIDENS CRIMINALS. Trumps people need to hammer the term home. BIDENS CRIMINALS. The thugs that attacked NYPD officers were BIDENS CRIMINALS. Keep pounding it home. BIDENS CRIMINALS. BTW..I’m channel surfing between “news” reports of Bidens rantings last night. The spin is amazing. Only Fox highlighted his stumbles and mumbles including his referring to the Egyptian president as the president of Mexico! Other media outlets refer to his reaction as defiant and brave. Not senile and doddering. By tonight I’m sure the Democrat media operatives will inject the term “heroic” into the narrative. Basically he’s stating his mental acuity is sharp enough that he should be charged like Trump was. I said a few months back that despite all of the mounting evidence of RICO violations by the Biden family Biden would never be charged due to his diminishing mental state. He’ll never be charged since he can’t mount a defense. I was right. I’m just curious though. Who declassified the documents Biden stole while he was VP? Only the president can declassify documents. Who did it? He whose name that cannot be mentioned? Just wondering…

  17. One of your best columns John. Listened to Tucker Carlson Putin interview. Vlad very sharp and shrewd. Good grasp of history. The description by DOJ of Biden as a kindly old man etc came home more vividly. Both China and Russia are led by people in their prime. US, by a forgetful sleepy man who should have been retired after his vice presidency if not earlier. Like other posters I fear for my children and grandkids.

    1. John: I do not think we know who is really leading the country, Ol’ Joe is just the figurehead.

      Vlad even pointed out that Biden is not leading the US, referring to people in the shadows who are pulling the strings.

  18. What the Biden administration has done to this country the last three years is unconscionable. It’s Dereliction of Duty to defend this country from foreign invasion. To defend the borders of a sovereign country. This has nothing to do with immigration. He has refused to do what is necessary…with a stroke of a pen. This “border bill” was a sham. Thank God it was defeated. Another year of this administration. I’m not sure this country will ever be the same. If Trump runs, and that’s a big if, I’ll vote for him. Yes, I get it concerning Trump. America, as we know it, will not survive another four years of Biden.

  19. A masterpiece, John! “Because if the bill had passed and given them all political cover for what they’d done on the border, it would have then been pushed into America’s memory hole, that place where modern America drops ideas we can’t deal with.” This sentence is applicable to every difficulty we deal with in society and frames the issues of the day perfectly – oh, well, move on, nothing we can do about it!! Excellent column from a wise ole fisherman with a chumbolone radar detector second to none.

  20. Salient points again, John Kass.
    Cormac McCarthy wrote: “Just remember that the things you put into your head are there forever, he said. You might want to think about that.
    You forget some things, dont you?
    Yes. You forget what you want to remember and you remember what you want to forget.”-From “The Road”.
    I don’t like invoking Adolf Hitler’s name, but as part of my college political science reading, we studied The Big Lie Theory as practiced by Adolf Hitler in his ascent to power and while prosecuting his war. The premise of the Big Lie was to tell a lie so preposterous that it could not be refuted. Then , put it on repeat; telling the lie again and again, using all of the media that is available. Some would call it propaganda. But, the lies were responsible with the killing of over 6 million Jews. That in itself should demonstrate the sheer power of the Big Lie. And whole countries of people believed them.
    Look at effort that it took to spread lies back in the 30s-40s. Now, compare it to today. With social media, legacy corporate media and cable news, a lie can be spread in nano-seconds and repeated over and over again. Kids who take the Tide Pod challenge are capable of differentiating between what is truth and what is not? Doubtful.
    “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”-Mark Twain

  21. When I watch sleepy Joe talk, I’m constantly reminded of Ceausescu on that balconey ranting his pathetic rhetoric while thousands below him were drowning him out calling for his head. Thanks to all the chumbalones who voted for this trainwreck.

  22. The invasion we can’t unsee has been seen by Fox viewers for three years now. The liberal, Trump haters are like mushrooms, growing in the dark of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and MSNBC. Now, even they have to see it. I just love when I say something about this to liberal friends and they say “where did you hear that? On FOX NEWS?!! The damage is done. The Obama sycophants who hate America are in charge and every city and municipality in this country are feeling it. Schools overcrowded with kids who can’t speak English, who are carrying diseases; hospitals breaking under the strain; people living in the streets. It is disgusting. Let’s hope we defeat this evil next November.

    1. Our country can’t survive 4 more years of this progressive agenda. If you want real news, tune in to NewsMax. It’s buried deep in your cable guide, where you can’t stumble on it, but it is there.

      Let’s not let Biden’s Illegals get thrown into the Memory Hole!

  23. Thank you John Kass, again and again….Mann Page Ciesemier’s Community club of Kassaholics Anonymous should be promulgated and take in members….should be a large “club”….useful for passing the words of gratefulness to you John Kass. God bless you and keep you and yours well.

  24. In order to tell a lie the speaker has to know the truth. And therein lies the problem. Joe Biden is so cognitively impaired that it is impossible for him to know the truth. So here is the conundrum: if you have no idea what the truth is, how can you possibly tell a lie?

  25. You hit another home run, John!
    Very well crafted. Hah, “memory hole”.
    Glad to see meaty sentences and well-formed paragraphs.
    Worthy of being re-read, and shared with a larger audience (by you).
    The “memory hole” is spot on (likely, the size of a “black hole”).
    The replies would indicate TDS is being kept alive by those in charge.

  26. Well I guess TDS is still alive and well. Why? Well,Trump can be brash and an a-hole at times but looking beyond that his policies were great for the whole country and that includes Rs Ds Is and everything in between. The big question is who will be running against him? For the last year I have been saying Michelle Obama but most consider that a conspiracy theory. Obama is the only one I can think of that could possibly beat Orange-Man-Bad. Not Gavin, not Jay Bob. However if they can’t convince Obama to run their only choice is to take out Trump ala Epstein. It really would be easy because of all the TDS. I don’t believe there was a Kennedy Derangement Syndrome.

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