The Devil’s Spawn

The Devil’s Spawn

By Cory Franklin

If it is true that everything old is new again, then this must go double for Jewish doctors.

Especially now. Apparently, Jewish doctors are the Devil’s Spawn after all. In the first half of the 20thcentury, Stalin and Hitler both had Jewish doctors treat them, but those two fellows knew better than to trust them. So, Hitler routinely sent Jewish doctors to those charming European concentration camps and Stalin sent them to those enchanting Siberian work camps.

After all, those Jews weren’t really healers were they?

Devil’s Spawn, remember?

Here in the US, we weren’t as creative in how we handled them. The best we could do was establish quotas in our medical schools and keep them from working in some of our hospitals. A poor alternative. Then, after World War II, when Stalin and Hitler exited the scene, we really lost the plot. We actually let the Jews into medical schools and hospitals based on their credentials. Imagine that. We were asking for trouble.

And trouble is what we got until two fearless Jew hunters recently sounded the alarm, on a mission to save us from these Jewish doctors.

Saira Rao is a progressive/activist/attorney/author who ran unsuccessfully for Congress in Colorado. Undeterred, she turned to writing and, became coauthor of “White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How to Do Better” which, according to Amazon, was an instant New York Times best seller. Just goes to show you can’t be too sure about trusting those white women either.

Saira recently said that she was “genuinely terrified for Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, South Asian and black patients” because of the number of “Zionists” among American doctors and nurses. Shockingly, some people construed those remarks as being antisemitic. You know how touchy those people can be.

Saira might have had some trouble were it not for another woman who leapt to her defense. And this woman is a bona fide physician with some street cred.

Dr. Rupa Marya, is an associate professor of medicine at University of California San Francisco. According to her UCSF profile, she was recognized in 2021 with the Women Leaders in Medicine Award by the American Medical Student Association. A reviewer for the American Medical Association’s Organizational Strategic Plan to Embed Racial Justice and Advance Health Equity, Rupa was appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom to the Healthy California for All Commission, to create a model for universal healthcare in California. The kind of can-do person who has her finger on the pulse of modern medicine.

(Siena College, in upstate New York, recently named Dr. Marya a featured speaker for a March lecture series. On its website, Siena said it was “proud to welcome” Rupa to speak March 13 on the topic of “Decolonizing Medicine: Transforming our World Through Medicine, Activism, and Music.”)

And true to fashion, Rupa recognizes where the real problem is. In support of Saira Rao, Rupa wrote, “The presence of Zionism in US medicine should be examined as a structural impediment to health equity. Zionism is supremacist … how does their outlook/position impact priorities in US medicine? … people who hold any supremacist position are not going to be doctors who advance health equity. They are part of and support structures that obstruct it. This may be an important reason why, in spite of 20 years of investment into health equity, we’ve closed no gaps in health disparities.”

See? Hitler and Stalin got it right – the ones keeping medicine down are those Jews and their medicine. All those problems in health care you hear about? Yep, Jews. (As someone pointed out, Saira and Rupa could save everyone a lot of time by cutting to the chase – forget about the “Zionist” stuff and just say “Jews.”)

In case there were any doubts, the Canadians are figuring it out about the Jews, too. Ted Rosenberg, an esteemed medical professor at the University of British Columbia, just resigned after thirty years at the university. “One third of the medical students and some faculty, have publicly expressed their contempt towards me, as a Jew. I cannot take the risk of being accused of implicit harassment or racism, which is indefensible, by a ‘triggered’ student.”

International. Jewish. Conspiracy.

Pay no attention to those 59 Nobel Prizes in Medicine or Physiology they have received, 30% of the total awarded. Likely some Jewish trick. You know how sneaky they can be. Nothing to see there.

And those Jewish doctors who treated the relatives of  Ismail Haniyeh, chairman of Hamas’s political bureau? They performed a bone marrow transplant on his niece in an Israeli hospital. Just one of their tricks.

Or the Jewish surgeons who operated on convicted murderer Yahya Sinwar in an Israeli hospital when he had a life-threatening brain tumor? After all, he did pay them back when he was released in a prisoner swap – he masterminded the October 7 Hamas massacre.  How much more gratitude could you ask for?

Now maybe you know some Jewish doctors – the ones who snuck into medical school when no one was watching. Have you looked for horns? Why not? Can’t be too careful.

The Devil’s Spawn.

I know, I’m one of them.


He was director of medical intensive care at Cook County Hospital in Chicago for more than 25 years. An editorial board contributor to the Chicago Tribune op-ed page, he writes freelance medical and non-medical articles. His work has also appeared in the New York Times, Jerusalem Post, Chicago Sun-Times, New York Post, Guardian, Washington Post and has been excerpted in the New York Review of Books. Cory was also Harrison Ford’s technical adviser and one of the role models for the character Ford played in the 1993 movie, “The Fugitive.” His YouTube podcast “Rememberingthepassed” has received 900,000 hits to date. He published “Chicago Flashbulbs” in 2013, “Cook County ICU: 30 Years of Unforgettable Patients and Odd Cases” in 2015, and most recently coauthored,  A Guide to Writing College Admission Essays: Practical Advice for Students and Parents in 2021. Dr. Franklin is the author of the forthcoming book, “The COVID Diaries 2020-2024: Anatomy of a Contagion As It Happened.”

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      1. At the risk of being blunt, what has destroyed reputations of Jews in America, it’s the likes of the Pritzkers, Soros’, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, and every other Leftist. As an avid supporter of Israel, it’s rough to condone the likes of the above, who assist in every way, those who would destroy us.

    1. I’m old enough to remember getting the Salk polio vaccine just after it became available when I was six years old. As I recall, Dr. Jonas Salk, who happened to be Jewish, declined to patent the vaccine that he had developed so that it could be widely available to combat a disease that had crippled and killed children and adults for many generations. Dr. Salk’s unselfish actions, and those of many Jewish physicians like him, serve to demonstrate the wickedness of the modern day liars who engage in antisemitism on social media and in public forums today. Shame on them!

  1. We can’t move past this dangerous phase of heightened identity politics soon enough. It’s slung by a bunch of hucksters (on both sides of the aisle) hoping to make a quick buck or power grab at the expense of our society & country.

  2. The attitudes and ideas of those arguing against Jewish doctors are beyond disgusting. Their reasoning is absurd and sounds like some twisted revelation from a fever dream.
    I practiced law in Chicago for 63 years. Like medicine, the legal field has many Jewish professionals. Zionism and privilege were never part of their practice of law. I found that, due to the irrational prejudice and suspicion of Jewish attorneys these attorneys tended to side with the less privileged and downtrodden clients, much more so than those attorneys who could be identified as having different beliefs.

  3. Frightening and unexpected. I truly thought we mostly were done with anti-Semitism here decades ago. Rosenberg’s quote, particularly, has knocked me sideways.

    1. I’ve noticed a different, self-inflicted form of anti-semitism.

      It’s broadly believed by most intellectuals (including Jewish ones) that affirmative action based on skin color is needed to fix disparities in societal-participation by all ethnic groups. If there aren’t enough doctors with darker skin, the solution is to replace some of the doctors with lighter skin with doctors of darker skin.

      This seems like a ‘short-cut’ to me, since becoming a doctor has more to do with a lifetime of choices vs. a single skin-color-test. I’d be more interested in eliminating chronological differences on the way to becoming a doctor (i.e. make sure all groups have quality pre-natal, quality family-setting, quality-education, etc – fixing the differences as they’re discovered). This involves too much patience and cultural-adjustment, so it won’t happen.

      The problem with replacing ‘light-skin’ doctors with ‘dark-skin’ ones is that the ‘light-skin’ group will want to look for members within their group that are ‘over-represented’. If skin-tone-population-percentage is a valid criteria for exclusion, why can ethnic-population-percentage, or religious-population-percentage? I genuinely surprised many of my Jewish friends haven’t thought this through

  4. Consider the universities and schools where these idiots teach and are from. Consider the damage that they are doing and will continue to do. The only thing worse than an idiot is an educated idiot. The bigger idiots are those who actually believe this garbage about the doctors. Remember the line from American Pie (the song)? ” Satan danced with delight.”

  5. If you hate happy, productive, courteous and talented people, you are a Progressive. Happy, productive, courteous and talented are dangerous triggers for people who live by ‘getting over’ on others,

    I can only pray that God blesses me and mine with the talents of the Spawns of Satan when health goes sideways.

    Always great to hear from you Dr. Franklin!

  6. How different our perspective would be if, every time someone espoused this foolishness of privilege and oppression on the basis of ethnicity, gender, faith, nationality, and so on, the descriptor was replaced with image bearers – Imago Dei – and we stop and ponder what that means in our relations with others. What a revelation to see a person not a label, and communities trying to live, love, and advance together versus warring tribalism that tears us apart.

  7. Your columns (and guest columns like Cory’s) are so eye-opening, John. It’s easy to be lulled into assuming that everyone universally believes that the evils of slavery (racism) and the Holocaust (anti-semitism) are a stain on the world and should never be repeated, only to learn that certain elites in our society continue to aggressively promote and advance both racism and anti-semitism (without remorse or one iota of self-awareness). We see history repeating itself all around us, and the fact that they use concepts like equity (the ever-elusive “equal outcomes”) and alleged “supremacy” of certain groups to justify it makes it all the more egregious. As a non-Jew myself, I had no idea (until recent events) that rabid anti-semitism is as pervasive as it is. Have history (and MLK) taught us nothing about the importance of judging people based on the content of their character???

  8. Well said Doc. Let’s see…48 years ago, a Jewish OBGYN delivered our almost 9lb son. Two years later, same doc delivered our 7lb daughter. Hmmm, and my sailing buddy who taught me how to sail 50 years ago, was also my dentist, and BTW, is Jewish. I grew up in South Shore and we had the only Xmas tree on the block. Wonder why? Most of our neighbors were Jewish, not Greek like us! My best friend from 4 years of age is Jewish and his sister is still friends with one of my sisters! My sisters and I had no clue we were “different!” We all practiced our faiths in our own ways and in our own churches or synagogues. The more we studied religion the more we realized we were more alike than different!!! I just don’t get all this hatred of late, directed at a people that have struggled for centuries, just to exist. And yes, in case no one noticed, our very own Lord, Jesus Christ, was a Jew! Seems like so many today are still willing to crucify Him for their own sins! Shame on them…

  9. The medical term “comorbidity” describes “the effect of all other conditions an individual patient might have other than the primary condition of interest.” The current revival of widespread, raging antisemitism could be called a horrifying primary condition of interest — or disease.

    The comorbidities are also horrifying:

    most of the modern left, including some powerful Democrats, now taking the side of terrorists

    universities having become incubators of neurotic “oppressor”-mongering

    mass stupidity, whose symptoms include voting for the most brainless presidential candidate possible and, of course, brainless blamIng of the one, tiny Jewish-majority state in the entire world

  10. Some of the most selfless people I’ve ever met were/are Jewish. Why so many in health and law? Because they highly value education and service to their fellow man. As a health professional myself (retired DDS) I had many colleagues that happened to go to synagogue and didn’t practice on Saturdays. Where could you find a DDS open on a Sunday in Chicago? Rogers Park, South Shore, Skokie for sure. Talented and caring. I worked for one for 10 years and had a great time. Paid well and fairly and never had a paycheck bounce. (Can’t say the same for one non Jewish boss. ). As a kid, got my polio vaccine – thanks Jonas. Had two classmates in iron lungs in the 50’s.
    I want a doc who like MLK exclaimed is judged by their character not their color. LBJ screwed the blacks with his “Great Society” effectively ending two parent homes in the black community. That was the beginning of the downfall. Social justice warriors miss the point. I want a doc that got into med school on his or her brainpower, not an arbitrary quota. Thanks for the column Dr Franklin

  11. Okay John. Enough is enough. These Racists White people haters can go around spewing hatred for the White Race like in America theses days. The truth must be told, the Black Race along with the Politicians in Washington want to wipe out the White people in America they want a Racist Black Country. Michelle Obama is all over TV telling you all that. She and her husband run Neflix which I would never order making millions of the stupidity of the people and now she wants to run for President and I am sure the Polls will be on her side. They have brainwashed the young, there is no more Education in America, now an idiot in Washington wants to take down the Statue of Liberty. It says bring us your tired masses, and get a job and come with papers and a sponsor it does not say Walk in and rob and kill, and rape and destroy all that so many have worked so hard to built. This will be a Muslim Country in 20 years, and the young will find out the truth which I am afraid will be to late. Only Christian people can save the World and not the Churches that are becoming Political. As for the Jewish Doctors, they are the best, and the best neighbors, and friends and people, and if we are Christian we must admit that we are all Jewish from one of the Tribes of Abraham. If we go to Church we must go for Christ, and know the truth. If you have ever been to Jerusalem you know what I am saying. I am so sick and tired of these Idiots on TV and awful people spewing hatred, but we that want the truth are being hated by so many that we thought were honest and friends. The World is all about money look at what happened at Davos this week and that person John Kerry making a fool of himself again and again and of coarse the women on the View and MSNBC that I never watch, but see in the news love all of the liars, and opportunist in Government and in our lives. McConnell must go along with Schumer, and of coarse that person from Illinois I believe his name is Durbin. His wife is a lobbyist in Washington so they keep making money in the backs of the poor, and the poor Whites and Blacks. They Black people are good people they have made them obsolete, and they will never make in America they brought all these Illegals to represent them. A woman speaking in a College about the Palestinians want more teachings about them, not the people that built America so they can come and destroy it. I pray I am out of this Earth before all these things happen that we know that in the Scripture and those books are correct. Enough of the liars John have people tell it like it is. PLEASE.

  12. Dr. Franklin- great job, as always. You got me to thinking about my own health care history and I have realized that my Urologist is Korean, my Orthopedist is Jewish, the Anesthesiologist at my shoulder surgery was Nigerian, and another surgeon for another procedure was from Egyptian.

    I didn’t pay one damn bit of attention to their ethnic or racial backgrounds. They were professional people who knew what the hell they were doing, and who treated me very well. That’s all I needed to know- that’s all anybody needs to know, unless of course they are looking for the type of bias that they are including others of having.

  13. You cannot end Racism against one group of people by turning it on to another group of people. Telling people to hate based on their Religion, skin color, or ethnicity is a sure recipe for disaster.

  14. I hear you!
    So we should just throw all the achievements that occurred in medicine out the door to keep the activists happy? Maybe they forgot about Rosalind Franklin or Rita Finkler or Burrill Crohn?

    I look at it this way: when you are bleeding out on the table and screaming in agony, I doubt if you are going to care so much if the doctor saving your life is Jewish or not.

    They are dimwits.

  15. Great column! I am continually amazed, and greatly chagrined, by the bigotry and fascist inclinations of the “Woke” crowd as well as those who fancy themselves members of “the Academy.” I would love to hear from former US Senator Joe Lieberman on the ugly resurgence of anti-semitism. He is ostensibly ignored by big media.

  16. Thank you Dr. Franklin for an excellent column.

    Ignorant used to mean uneducated but now it seems the more educated
    have become the ignorant.
    Case in point Rao and Marya.
    They are nobodies who obviously haven’t worked in a trauma center.
    It makes me sick their condemnation of Jewish Doctors.
    Antisemitism and racism have no place in medicine – or any where else.

    My Family and I have had Doctors of different races, ethnicities and religion, including,
    Jewish and Arab Doctors.
    They practice good medicine without indoctrination or politics.

    For those of us who have worked in hospital Emergency Rooms, I never heard anyone request a Doctor, or a Nurse, by their sex, race or religion. (Though, sadly, I am sure it has happened.)
    Whatever happened to respect? The hate has to stop.

    Today we need more Doctors, Nurses and other medical staff who qualify,
    not just by checking off a box.

  17. When I see a doctor for the first time, and find out he or she is Jewish, (I don’t ask, I kind of just figure it out) I think “great!” Love my Jewish eye doctor.

  18. Thank you Cory Franklin for your words.
    A snowy morning, a cup of coffee, and a great read.
    I’m fed up. Crazy has no home here. I wish these ladies would pack up their self righteous bags and move. Just go already and take all who jump on their crazy train.
    Enough already. When did it become a thing where we are judged and labeled by those who have too much hate and loathing?
    My thoughts on situations such as this is gum on the bottom of my shoe. If one has ever stepped in gum especially on a hot day the immediate need is to start scrapping it off. It’s time folks to scape that gum.
    Thanks again.

  19. My internist, endocrinologist, urologist, orthopedist(s), dermatologist, dentist(s), lawyer(s) are Jewish. I am not. I selected them because they are the BEST IN THEIR FIELD WERE I LIVE.
    What is coming out of medical schools in very near future is scat. The words incompetent, dumb, poorly trained, etc doesn’t due justice to what will be released on the public soon.

    1. PS
      My college advisor, Dr. Naomi Weisstein (Harvard), at Loyola U, took a provincial bumpkin and taught me to think, question and challenge. I lived in the delis of Roger’s Park, ie Ashkenaz, Thorndale stop, etc at that time. My medical school (U of Ill.) advisor was Martin Swerdlow, MD. My Chairman of pathology at Northwestern University Medical Center was Geoffrey Kent, MD. My Chief of Nuclear Medicine at Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center was Steven Pinsky, MD. They were all Jewish. I am deeply indebted for what and how they taught me and how they treated me.
      Right now there is a movie playing in Chicago: Zone of Interest. Google it. See it at the theater at 2828 N. Clark street, Chgo. It’s very pertinent about what’s happening today. It’s not getting much play becuz it’s not woke and to some favors the ‘wrong side’. But it shows what happened and what can occur again. Finally, as a practicing pathologist who does forensics I have been allowed to see the complete unedited horrors of what the terrorist animals did on Oct 7th. It will never be released to public becuz of the vile nature of what was done. But it should shown.

  20. I am nauseous contemplating this. It is not even 80 years since the end of WWII. Well, Marya is a Califorian…If she truly believed in “First, do no harm.” she would not be spewing this garbage.

  21. The majority of Jews in this country have supported liberal policies for years. Ready to stop yet? Or shall the cows continue to vote for the butcher? Dr Rosenberg? “ I cannot take the risk of being accused of implicit harassment or racism, which is indefensible, by a ‘triggered’ student.”. Awww, his students might say unkind things to him. So he quits. Jews in this country have closed their eyes to where their liberal party has taken them. Wake up, speak up and stand up for yourselves. But please own how stupid you’ve been.

    1. You’re absolutely correct. Your comments are harshly and uncomfortably inconvenient but are 100% true. I grew up a “liberal Jewish Democrat” like most of my other Jewish peers. But now I’ve had an awakening to reality. Jews, as exemplified by Dr. Rosenberg have to stop being meek little wusses. Stand up for God’s sake and say FU! It’s time to stop being a victim. It’s time to stop voting for Democrats. It’s time to stand up for the 2nd. It’s time to devote as much time to learn how to fight as we Jews spend learning how to be scholars. It’s time to face reality. It’s time to stop outsourcing our safety to the good will of others … because it really can happen here … and others will be more concerned with saving their own butts rather than our. You said it. You called it like it is. Thank you.

  22. “… the Government of the United States … gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance. … May the children of the Stock of Abraham, who dwell in this land, continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other Inhabitants; while every one shall sit in safety under his own vine and figtree, and there shall be none to make him afraid. May the father of all mercies scatter light and not darkness in our paths, and make us all in our several vocations useful here, and in his own due time and way everlastingly happy.”

    — Letter of George Washington to the Hebrew Congregation in Newport, Rhode Island

  23. The reason why folks like Saira and Rupa don’t cut to the chase and say what they really mean is that “Zionism” and “Israel” allow them to couch their toxic antisemitism behind a shroud of legitimacy. Like a cancer the “woke” nonsense has metastasized to the sciences, including medicine. Of course there is another big irony that Dr. Franklin chooses not to discuss: is that much of this nonsense has initially been supported by Jews. Similar to the overwhelming support of Jews for Democrats, and historically a significant number of American Jews supporting Stalin, until it was undeniable that he was in fact a butcher even exceeding the likes of Hitler. But as a secular Jew myself, I vividly remember all this fervent support of extreme left wing politics from my youth growing up in NY. It lives on in Jewish Voices for Peace and other such delusional Jewish self-loathing suicidal groups. So for me it’s simple: I understand what’s going on. It’s that age old contagion to which Dr. Franklin refers – antisemitism. But what is not so simple is why so many Jews in fact support this nonsense. That really does have me perplexed. And Dr. Franklin provides no insights. I guess I should ask Bernie.

  24. Just goes to show ya…if you were an idiot when you got to college, you were still an idiot when you left college. Just a better educated idiot. Kind of hard to believe although not shocking, that the Left would support terrorist rapists. Just goes to show ya what moral fiber they’re made of….

  25. Everything negative that happens in the world today seems to be blamed on the “Jews”. Has the world gone totally insane? I knew in my heart of hearts the October 7th massacre would somehow be blamed on the Jewish people & Palestinians/Hamas would be made the victim. I and my 2 brothers were fortunate to be born in Grant Hospital and delivered by Samuel Abraham Levin, M.D.. I still remember the family going to his office on the corner of Fullerton/Lincoln. Going up the steps to his second floor triangular office we would sit and wait for Dr Levin. No secretary or nurse here folks, just the Doctor. He would open his office door and beam with pride at the 3 of us kids he delivered. He looked like W. Clement Stone with his pants pulled up to his chest & spoke in a raspy voice. How come the Physicians back then could figure out what was wrong with you back then without charging a fortune or going through a myriad of expensive tests? I’ve thought of S.A. Levin MD, which is how it was noted on his office over the years & get emotional when thinking of him. I wonder what he would think of this insanity? I’m glad he was my Physician as a child in the 60’s. God bless the Jewish people who have always made the world a better place and thank you Dr Franklin for a wonderful article.

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