The Chicago Way: “Windbreakers” Smollett and Foxx have a pity party, and the Book on Boss Madigan

By John Kass
What would my late grandfather, Papou Pete, say about the embarrassing pity party that Hollywood entertainer Jussie Smollett and Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx are throwing for themselves?
Loyal readers of and listeners to The Chicago Way podcast know exactly what Papou Pete would say. He’d say this:
“They speak, and the donkeys break wind.”
Indeed, Foxx and Smollett and all the donkeys are breaking a lot of wind.
They are without shame. Jeff Carlin and I have our say on the moronic windbreakers on this edition of The Chicago Way podcast. You can listen to the whole thing by just clicking the prompt at the top of this mini-column.
Yes, they play the race card. Yes, they play the victim. Their problems are all someone else’s fault. And as they play the victim and try shoving race cards down voters’ throats, the real victims of crime in Chicago and Cook County–most of them minorities and poor–are pushed off to the side.
Foxx and Smollett are disgusting. The media carried Smollett’s water until he was found out to be a liar. And now the media carrying Kim Foxx’s water, letting her say these ridiculous things about the court system that she’s a part of, without any real pushback. Media gives her sympathy and softball questions. Me? I give her pushback here, and I’m thinking about the open palm, the moutza, and a Nah!
I suppose Boss Madigan of Illinois is also feeling sorrowful. But the book on him says he’s not all that emotional. He is extremely cunning and meticulous, though freshly indicted.
Listen here to long-time Tribune reporter and friend Ray Long is here with us to talk about his exquisitely timed book, “The House That Madigan Built: The Record Run of Illinois’ Velvet Hammer.”
Thanks for listening.
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As Mayor Phallus Maximus says, “The Chicago Way is a DEEP cultural phenomenon.”
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