The Chicago Way w/John Kass: When science and culture collide, ‘experts’ rule the day

The great Cory Franklin, writer and physician, is our guest on The Chicago Way podcast.

This is an honor. He’s a friend. And an excellent writer. A man I respect.

Franklin is an ethicist. He thoughtfully writes about what is fair, what is right. His columns have appeared in publications across the world, including several fine pieces for

But did he meet the second most beautiful woman in the world when he was technical adviser on the movie “The Fugitive?” I guess you’ll have to listen.

He thinks about fairness in women’s athletic competitions; what we once held to be true, and what we say is now wrong.

On this episode he joins Jeff Carlin and me on this special podcast. We hope you share this, and tell your friends and family to subscribe free, wherever you get your free podcasts. Or subscribe to and have every podcast sent to you via email.


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