Listen to this: The Chicago Thinker on The Chicago Way

by John Kass

Brilliant young University of Chicago students—staff members of the Chicago Thinker—held a takedown of the media elite at a badly named conference “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy.”

And they gave the corporate media elite a bad case of “the vapors.”

A conference on disinformation hosted by David Axelrod, mouthpiece of Obama, the master of disinformation? And what did they mean by “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy?”

Like media ignoring and suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story? Like Obama protected by an adoring media that smoked the Hopium and thought him to be, well, wonderful?

The brave staffers of The Chicago asked polite but pointed questions at that ill-named conference. And Chicago Thinker managing editor Evita Duffy is our guest. The hosts you know: Jeff Carlin and me.

I was a copy boy at ‘the paper’ when Axelrod was a political writer. You think I’m old school? But then I was a whippersnapper.

Should I tell you how it was when I broke into the business and Axelrod was the big cheese of politics? Do you want to hear what Evita Duffy has to say about her life, how the left tries to intimidate the young, and how the Chicago Thinker began?

Do you want to hear about the Chicago Thinker’s takedown of the media elite just by asking a few questions?

Then you’ll just have to listen, won’t you?

Click on the link.

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