The Chicago Way podcast: Political guru Thom Serafin decodes ‘politicalese’

By John Kass

President Joe Biden’s poll numbers keep dropping, and Illinois parents of schoolchildren are exhausted, their children still in masks, even though blue states across the country are dropping the mask mandates and lockdown blue state governors imposed. The retreat of the Covidians begins.

But Illinois’ J.B. Pritzker (Gov. Commodius Maximus) holds on defiantly, and helpful corporate media bleats and bleats his talking points:

Trump, Trump, Jan 6. Trump!

The Porcelain Prince of Illinois wants to be president, as if, but I suppose we’re expected to ignore inflation, forget violent crime through Chicago and its suburbs, forget about your kids wearing masks at school while other states go mask-less, because all you hear from Pritzker friendly media is Trump! Orange Man! Jan. 6! Trump!

But isn’t there more than that, beyond partisan politics? Where the culture of Chicago and Cook County is infected, rotting from crime and violence and a stubborn insistence to ignore the policies that fuel crime and violence. Boss Toni Preckwinkle, maker of judges, of the state’s attorney, guardian of the budget of the Cook County Jail, gets a pass from local media. And Mayor Lori Lightfoot takes all the heat. As the media and other institutions crack and fail, is there someplace voters can go to decode what the candidates are jabbering about? And perhaps more importantly, what the candidates are not jabbering about?

Our guest on this edition of The Chicago Way podcast is a master decoder of politics, what is said and not said and the reasons why. He’s Thom Serafin, of Serafin & Associates, my friend, a decent and fair man who just so happens to be the best political analyst in the state.

Our cohost–WGN radio’s Jeff Carlin, master of pies, befriender of cats–here as always. And I’m John Kass, husband, father, sitting in the squeaky chair as always, editor-in-chief of your favorite website for independent commonsense commentary and opinion:

And where are you amidst all the jabberwocky, and all the painful, studied silence from those who try to avoid the issues?

I know just where you are. You’re about to enter the “No Chumbolone Zone” ™  on The Chicago Way podcast.

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