The Chicago Way w/John Kass: New Year, same old problems

Chicago Way w/John Kass (01/01/24): To close out 2023, friend of the show Charles Lipson (the Peter B. Ritzma Professor of Political Science Emeritus at the University of Chicago) joins John Kass & Jeff Carlin to discuss Charles’ piece in RealClearPolitics about Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s ‘Hat Trick of Dreadful Policies’ and what that means for 2024. Plus, Kasso wonders how the migrant influx impact the DNC convention this summer?

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  1. Great podcast, as always.

    Here are my questions: What is the point of driving out articulate, educated, middle and upper class people from Illinois, California, and New York to draw impoverished who need government services? Is it all about power and creating a few communist states? Or is it dilute traditional, red voting states to make them purple? Look at Arizona, for example.

    Additionally, from my view, the destruction of cities and states due to illegal immigration is to break state budgets to ensure that the federal government will have to intervene.

    Both areas of my questioning/thoughts lead to the same place: The march of Communism and authoritarianism.

    1. Good broadcast, thanks. Can’t go wrong with Lipson. Also loved your Moutza article. Really told it like it is with Ms. Gay. She’s an awful person.

  2. The reason Mayor Brandon is going after Texas Governor and skimming the buses he sends to Chicago is that Pritzker and Biden won’t give him anymore money for the migrants. They know, Brandon already stashed away enough millions for 3 generations to come, off the migrants. After all he is black, has a black wife trying to raise 3 black children and he has to take care of not only his immediate family but also provide for his legacy (future generations)!

  3. I ABSOLUTELY agree with you Erin. Its all about the movement NOT the people. Those who can afford to leave DO. The hollowed out middle class is being replaced with illegals. Chicago politicians gerrymandered an ordinance to ban Chicagos sanctuary city status. Any one of these cities can do the same but refuse. Democrats and the media keep parroting the false concept that these illegals are here to work. All of these new arrivals are going into low paying menial jobs if they choose to work at all. They will be be attached to the public nipple for life. The money that they could earn won’t be enough to offset the poverty level jobs they get. American taxpayers are getting the bill. This is being done purposefully by local Democrats to get rid of the dwindling number of opposition against their objectives in Chicago. The largest number of people leaving Chicago are black, which shows why Mayor Brandon has ignored their objections to the loss their political status in Chicago. Its all about the movement NOT the people. These socialist cities you mention refuse to stop accepting the illegals and are waiting for Bidens reelection to fund their socialist political objectives. These will soon all be socialist states funded by the American taxpayer. California’s providing healthcare for illegals proves this. Democrats are desperately trying to stop Trump (again) because they know he is going to vehemently oppose their schemes. When Trump says “America First” he means it. This is why he must be stopped. Hopefully the Supreme Court does its job and keeps “America First”.

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