The Chicago Way w/John Kass: Megyn Kelly on her time in Chicago

Megyn Kelly, host of the Megyn Kelly Show, joined Jeff Carlin and me on the latest episode of our most excellent podcast, The Chicago Way.
She came to Chicago as a young lawyer when Chicago was great.  Steak houses, Rush Street, music and  classic dive bars, like one of her favorites here, the Hangge-Uppe.
You get the picture.
Now every city neighborhood has become a gritty crime scene. Even in Lincoln Park you can’t see Chicago when you’re looking behind you, wondering if you’ll get jumped or carjacked.  But when Megyn Kelly was first in Chicago after law school, the beauty of this city was obvious to all.
I pictured her as a young kick ass litigator out of Syracuse, NY, on her own great adventure.
“In the year 1995, I came to Chicago,” she said. “I went out there and was totally dazzled. The first couple years were the best of my life. As long as i live, I’ll never forget the night I moved into my apartment, I looked out one window and I had a view of Lake Michigan, and looked out the other side and had a view of the Chicago River and the beautiful bridges, and all I could think was: I have arrived.”
What happened next? How did she become a journalist? What does she think of Chicago now?
Well, I guess you’ll just have to listen, won’t you?
So listen.
Jeff likes me outside in the wind when I do the monolog. How cold was it? You’ll have to listen to that, too, so cold you can hear the brass monkeys groaning.
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