The Chicago Way™ w/John Kass: Former prosecutor Robert Milan unpacks the bad policies driving surging violent crime

There is one story troubling the American people: The out of control rise in violent crime and the rise of hard-left prosecutors who’ve been elected coast to coast who let the violent out of jail.

From the Waukesha Massacre to street violence in Chicago, violence in Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco. Pick a town. Not only the beatings of innocent, but the looting in broad daylight, and repeat violent offenders awaiting trial on gun charges are continually let out of jail.

We’re at the breaking point.

And this week on The Chicago Way podcast, we sit down with someone who’ll tell you inconvenient truths, someone who spent decades in the system, who knows the culture of the courts, what motivates prosecutors, and what drives them off:

He’s Robert Milan, former First Deputy State’s Attorney in Cook County, and a former federal prosecutor.

We’ll talk with Milan about Kim Foxx, Jussie Smollett, Waukesha, the low bonds, the no bonds, CWB Chicago and the revolving door of violent offenders.

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