The Chicago Way w/John Kass: Ald. Ray Lopez likes his chances for being Chicago’s next mayor

By John Kass

There is hope after all.

Brave and brilliant young people at the University of Chicago, from the Chicago Thinker, confronted media cynical establishment figures at David Axelrod’s center for politics.

The old guard turned into snowflakes and had a melt down. All it took were simple questions to show the cracks in their fragile mind palaces.

Also, a smart alec from The Wiener’s Circle on North Clark Street confronted troubled Mayor Phallus Maximus on the size of her hot dog and the size of her priapic boast.

You’ll hear all this.

And you’ll hear Ald. Ray Lopez, 15th, who is running for mayor!

Lopez sat down with Jeff Carlin and me on this edition of The Chicago Way podcast. His number one priority is to make the violent city safer. Lori Lightfoot has failed.

He also talked about ending the city’s residency requirements for cops, firefighters and other city workers. Also, about school choice. About Ed Burke and Bill Lipinski and how he started in politics.

And he talks about what the Chicago Way means to him.

If you want to know what he thinks about all these things, I’m not going to tell you today. You’ll just have to listen to our podcast.

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