The Chicago Way w/John Kass: After 26yrs, Anita Padilla is done with Chicago’s media machine

Chicago Way w/John Kass (01/15/24): This week, hometown reporter Anita Padilla talks about her time covering Chicago and what is next as she embarks on a new role as News Director for Florida’s Voice. Plus, John Kass & Jeff Carlin wonder if Mayor Brandon Johnson is cracking from the pressure of membership in Chicago’s clown-carpool of politics?

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  1. Super Podcast today! Interesting to hear about the changes in journalism and media.
    Anita Padilla tells it like it is.
    She is fascinating to listen to, sharing years of experience and behind the scenes info
    on Chicago news and politics.
    Florida’s gain is Chicago’s loss. Please have her on again.

  2. Great interview.Anita was always good about reporting facts.I always liked that she would ask tough questions.Jeff,John always phenomenal.John I haven’t read the tribune since you left.Their is no investigation into holding anyone accountable any more.That state and city are done.Great job!

  3. Great interview–all the best to Ms. Padilla on her new venture. Keep asking those tough questions!

    On a side note, something I’ve been meaning to ask . . . on the show opening, is that Chicago’s late Dennis Farina describing “That’s the Chicago Way”?

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