The Chicago Way: The Brilliant Hannah Meyers and those no-prosecution prosecutors like Kimm Foxx. And, the angry media squirrels clench their tiny paws in rage at me.

By John Kass

June 16,2022

On this latest edition of The Chicago Way podcast, Jeff Carlin and I welcome Hannah E. Meyers who knows all about those progressive prosecutors who don’t prosecute:

Like Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and Chesa Boudin, just bounced out of office by liberal voters in San Francisco.

Other uber progressive progressive non-prosecutors funded by leftist billionaire Gorge Soros take notice. Democratic elected officials take notice too, of angry voters, and now those Democratic officials begin to shape-shift on crime.

“This is a big moment,” Meyers said of the Boudin recall. “A very big moment in the progressive prosecution movement nationwide.”


Meyers had just written a column for about Boudin, Foxx, and others like them and what it all means. In Case You Missed It, here’s the link. We had her on the podcast to talk about it.

I like Hannah Meyers. She’s a mom of three little kids, she loves the big city of New York New York, she’s tough, having spent years in the New York Police Department’s intelligence unit working counter-terrorism investigations.

Such people are by nature and trade, intellectually curious. Hannah Meyers is extremely curious. She writes for many publications and is a director of policing and public safety for the Manhattan Institute. Her Twitter handle is @HannahElka

She asks the questions that many in  corporate legacy media don’t really want to ask about the spike in violent crime across America:


Jeff Carlin and I hope you listen to the podcast. To listen, just  click on the links. The non-prosecuting prosecutors, rising violent crime and the government emboldening of the violent have become an important story. For me, it’s personal.

I loved Chicago. I hate what has happened to it. And when I tried to warn readers about prosecutors like Foxx, and George Soros, the union at “the paper” moved to protect their ideological allies. They falsely defamed me as a religious bigot to silence me.

Once I was given a chance to jump of that fetid swamp, I jumped.

Now they’re at it again. If you follow their slimy tracks on social media, you’ll see that the left is now targeting me personally, again. Now, they’re fascinated about where I live. They’re chattering like angry squirrels.

Where we live is none of anyone’s bleeping business.

It never ends with them. But I’m not going to shut up to appease the tiny angry media squirrels,  who helped ruin a great paper, dragging it ever-further to the left, and chirping at me from their social media tree.

I am starting to hanker a good plate of squirrel stew, with garlic, tomato and pearl onions and a good chunk of sourdough bread to mop up the sauce. Truth is, I’ve never tried squirrel. Reminds me too much of rats. But I’ve got to believe those squirrels would make a poor stew, a bitter stew. They taint their own meat with high anxiety. This stew might need a big pinch of sugar. Probably not even worth eating.

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One more note:  As some of you may know, I banged up my left shoulder in repeated falls one afternoon in the shower. It’s worse than I thought: Two torn rotator cuffs and a tear of the tendon that hooks the biceps to the shoulder.

I told the surgeon that this peeves me. My left arm is my favorite. It is my salmon fighting arm, my brown trout fighting arm, my steelhead fighting arm. And I don’t like painkillers.

But I’m muddling through, with help from guest columns from friends Pat Hickey, Mike Houlihan, Cory Franklin, Greg Steve Huntley, Hannah Meyers, and more are coming on board.

I can still type. Just not every day. But I am writing columns. And since I have a big mouth, and am unafraid of tiny squirrels filled with rage,  Jeff Carlin and I will keep doing the Chicago Way podcasts.

Thanks for listening and reading.

And Happy Father’s Day!!!


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