The Chicago Way of Boss Madigan and the Foul-Mouthed Way of Lori Lightfoot a.k.a. Mayor Biggest Manhood—Listen Here

By John Kass

Listen here to Chicago’s best political podcast.

What does the federal racketeering indictment of Michael J. Madigan, political boss of Illinois, mean for the political class of this broken, crooked state? And what does it mean for you?

We talk to Thom Serafin, my good friend and the best political analyst in the state, the founder of Serafin & Associates and co-host of the Crisis Cast podcast. Jeff Carlin and I talk with Mr. Serafin about Madigan’s legacy, and how the indictment will figure into upcoming political campaigns, and while we’re at it, what the heck happened to the White Shadow?

My question: Now that the federal hammer dropped on Boss Madigan, what’s up with the Porcelain Prince of Illinois talking about ethics? Didn’t he pull that toilet tax scam? You know, the big guy, or as I fondly call him, Gov. Commodius Maximus.

And what’s up with Lori Lightfoot’s foul mouth, allegedly bragging on a Zoom call that she has the largest “manhood” in Chicago, fighting over the Columbus statues she keeps in her Lori Lightfoot statue prison.

What the?

She doesn’t have to talk like Queen Victoria on WTTW (Wilmette Talking to Winnetka). She doesn’t have to “talk like a lady” or Mayor Manners.

But Lori, you really need to put a bar of soap in your mouth and go sit in the corner. And then write 1,000 times on the blackboard, “Mayor Priapic is a Foolish Child Obsessed by Male Genitalia.” And stay there.

I don’t care about your sexual proclivities. I didn’t care when I supported you for mayor. And I don’t care how big your “manhood” is. I didn’t know you even had a “big manhood” before you started comparing your “manhood” size. And I didn’t know you’d brag that your “manhood” is bigger than that of Italian Americans of Chicago.

All the Italians want is that you release the Christopher Columbus statue you keep in your political statue prison. But there you go, comparing the size of your “manhood” to theirs.

This is puzzling.

Don’t tell me she talks like a sailor. I was a sailor. I worked as an able-bodied seaman on a merchant ship before getting into journalism. The crew came from every rathole in the world. They weren’t snowflakes or cupcakes. And no sailor I know ever talked like Mayor My Manhood is Bigger Than Your Manhood.

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Next up, on The Chicago Way podcast…Tribune reporter Ray Long on his new Madigan book, “The House That Madigan Built.”

And Ron Onesti, president of the Joint Civic Committee of Italian-Americans, is scheduled come on with us and try to decipher what the hell Mayor Tugboat Annie was talking about when—according to a lawsuit–she bragged, rather angrily that she had the largest “manhood” in the city, and whether she’ll ever let us see Christopher Columbus again.

Poor Chris.

Poor Chicago.

We’re stuck with Mayor My Manhood is Bigger than Your Manhood, at least for a while.


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