The Chicago Way: Combine Sniffing Around Chicago Mayoral Race to Block Paul Vallas with One of Their Own? And You Can Hear the Heads Exploding Over Richard Irvin’s fade?

By John Kass
June 23, 2020
The only thing I left out of that rather long headline of Combine intrigue was a reference to Richard Irvin’s Combine supporters jumping his sinking ship like rats and thinking we’d just forget about them.
We won’t forget.
It’s in the Chicago Way podcast.
The insiders in this broken city just can’t give up their grip. They’ve lorded so long–with chumbolones kissing the hem of their kilts–they just want to keep playing.
And with the June 28 political primary only days away, and Combine candidate for governor Richard Irvin imploding, we talk–what else?–politics of a broken state.
Jeff Carlin and I speak with pollster and campaign strategist Rod McCulloch @IlPollster
Hope you listen. I hope you share and tell your friends to listen too.

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