The Chicago Outfit “watering” the Golf Course Hole Where Jimmy Hoffa is Buried? Now That’s The Chicago Way!

By John Kass

If you’re from Chicago, if you really know Chicago, you’ve probably got a Chicago Outfit story or two. And this one’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s about “missing” Teamster Union boss Jimmy Hoffa. And told by Fox News anchor Eric Shawn on The Chicago Way podcast it’s a Chicago Outfit story that I’ve never heard before. It involves late Chicago wise guy Lou “Lou the Tailor” Rosanova, and the possible (likely?) Georgia golf course burial place of Jimmy Hoffa, whacked by the mob in 1975.

 “Lou he Tailor” loved to golf. He was involved with the gracious and genteel Savannah Inn and Golf Country Club on the banks of the Savannah River. And Shawn, the reporter of the series “Riddle: the search for James R. Hoffa” now streaming on Fox News Nation, explained it to Jeff Carlin and me.

“Every time the Chicago outfit guys would come down and play golf. Every time teamsters from Chicago would come down and play golf and got to that hole? They would urinate on the hole,” Shawn said on The Chicago Way. “They’d pee on the hole. They would urinate on the hole where Hoffa was and Bubba would wonder, ‘Why are they peeing on the hole?’. It was where Hoffa was. That’s what Bubba was told.”

Bubba is the Southern lawyer who handled their business in Georgia. It was a nice, quiet, place, where the Southern gentlemen golfers would mind their business. It was perfect for their purposes.

What did Southern golf gentry think about Chicago wise guys adding nutrients to the golf course where Jimmy Hoffa might be buried?

Can’t you hear their ghosts, in the castle along the Savannah River laughing it up in the hotel? Playing Sinatra records loudly, an entire floor reserved for Sam “Momo” Giancanna, guys shouting, “I amuse you? You amuse me!”

I can hear it. Can you? But then, you’ll have to listen The Chicago Way yourself.

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