Biden Vote Bribe: Squeezing Chumbolone Nation Workers to Subsidize Elite College Grads

By John Kass

Aug. 28. 2022

When Democrat President Joe Biden was starting out in politics, how did Democrat Bosses buy votes just before the election?

They’d have trucks pull up outside their political offices. And their political workers would toss out the turkeys and hams and booze to the crowds.  Who paid? Shopkeepers who “donated” all those turkeys and hams.  They didn’t dare complain. They just shut up and took it.

And now that Biden is the boss–or at least the doddering front man for the Obama Biden 2.0 regime– the “Big Guy” is still buying votes, with mid-term elections just weeks away.

Yet Biden’s fingers don’t smell like poultry or ham from throwing turkeys and hams out from the back of a truck to buy voters before Election Day. He’s got a phone and a pen to unfairly take your money to buy Democrat votes before the November mid-term elections. What is this?

It’s a bribe.

Biden has bypassed Congress to use dubious executive powers to order a massive (and unprecedented) $300 billion to $900 billion transfer of wealth, taken from the working and middle classes and giving to the college educated to subsidize those college tuition loans.

But Biden’s shakedown is unconstitutional and politically dangerous. It is inherently unfair, because those who didn’t attend college, those who didn’t sign those college loan agreements, are still the ones who’ll pay for it. That’s how Ivy League lawyers and budding power players in Washington get their tuition breaks, thanks to Joe Biden and the Democrats.

And who pays? The plumbers and electricians pay. The truck drivers, motel maids, and others who never went to college. And those who went to college yet paid their own way, and spent years after college, eating Ramen noodles and working two jobs to scrape by and pay their debts and the bills.

I think of the young people who struggled and economized and paid their debts and college loans. It wasn’t easy, but they had an obligation. They signed their names. They paid.

And think of the parents who scrimped and saved so their children  wouldn’t be saddled with debt. Of that dad who didn’t fix the holes in his shoes until the spring rains came, and the mom who didn’t buy new clothes for herself. The couple who drove that clunky old car, and didn’t take vacations. Some ate beans rather than fine steak. Why? Because they loved beans? No. It was because those college bills were coming.

You know the people I’m talking about. People like you and me. What do you call such people? You could call us suckers, but now that Biden is playing old timey boss and godfather, he’s christened us anew.

We are the Chumbolones.

Because if you sacrificed to pay your college debts, you’re a chumbolone, which is Chicago Chinatown wise guy slang meaning “stupid, idiot, or fool.” It is pronounced this way: Chum-buh-LOAN.

Thanks to Joe Biden, we are a Chumbolone Nation now.

Yet if you dare publicly mention that the beneficiaries are the elites (think of Biden White House staffers) and those who are stuck paying are the working classes (think of motel housekeepers) here’s what happens: You’ll feel the wrath of the leftist Twitter fever swamp.

And corporate media that has been protecting Biden since before they suppressed news of that Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell will also strike back:

“The GOP Throws A Hysterical Shit Fit Over Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Targeted at The Middle Class,” shrieked a headline in “Vanity Fair.”

“Shit Fit?” is that the name of Biden’ White House adviser Susan Rice’s garage band that sang those songs of unity on Biden’s Inauguration Day?

You get the message? In case you missed it, here it is: Shut up and Take It, Chumbolones.

Philip Wegmann nails the elite beneficiary angle in Real Clear Politics .

“There is more outstanding student debt in Washington than in any other city in the country,” Wegmann writes.

“The average debtor in D.C., according to a 2021 breakdown by the small business analyst, AdvisorSmith, owes $52,982 in unpaid student loans. This includes many political staffers at the Department of Education, senior advisors as well as junior aides who moved to that agency from the Biden campaign.”

And the White House.

But only about a third of Americans get a college degree. And those who pressed on seeking dubious degrees, signing their names on loans for a degree in Ancient Greek Mythology, Gender Studies, White Fragility or the Origin of Indo-European Languages and the like found that jobs are few. But they get a break.

You know who doesn’t get a break?

The young person you may know who went into debt to purchase a pickup truck to start a landscaping or other business. The plumber, the electrician, the house painter who didn’t go to college, didn’t put themselves into debt. Under Biden’s vote buying scheme, they’re still forced to pay off college tuitions of White House staff? What’s fair about that?

Nothing. The socialists are for it. They want to call themselves “progressives,” but that’s a lie. They’re socialists.

If you read their whiny Jacobin nonsense or hear their wailing on cable news you know this. They constantly portray themselves as morally superior to those deplorables with calluses on their hands. And now that Biden reaches into those deplorable jeans to take the bribe money, the young socialists lunge are ecstatic and protect their treats.

They’re exactly like those old-time Democratic voters in Chicago or Baltimore, or Tammany New York lunging and jabbering excitedly over all those “free” pre-election turkeys and hams.

This may be one government giveaway that will bounce back and bite. Why? Because it is clearly unfair and American mythology depicts us–despite our differences–as a people who prize fair play above greasy political clout.

And what’s fair about the college tuition of an entitled White House staffer or a pouting CNN anchor being subsidized by a motel housekeeper, or a truck driver or anyone else?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, has been singing that socialist song of “free” college for years. During the last presidential campaign, out in Iowa, she was approached by a voter, a hard-working dad who sacrificed and paid his daughter’s college tuition so she wouldn’t have debt.

“I just want to ask one question,” said the man to Sen. Warren. “My daughter is getting out of school. I’ve saved all my money. She doesn’t have any student loans. Am I going to get my money back?

Warren was shocked.

“Of course not,” said Warren.

The father was outraged.

“So, you’re going to pay for people who didn’t save any money, and those of us who did the right thing get screwed?’ he said, his voice rising. He adds, “You’re laughing at me.”

They’re still laughing.

If you played by the rules, if you followed the law, if you paid your bills, they’re laughing at you. Those with political clout who use your money for their benefit are always laughing at you.

 We’re the fools of Chumbolone Nation. And they slap us in the mouth, telling us to shut up and take it.

But Nov. 8, is Election Day, which is 72 days from this Sunday.

And all the powers of the regime, and their allies in corrupt corporate media and Big Tech are focused on one thing: distracting and confusing Chumbolone Nation  before the mid-term elections.

Will the people continue to doff their caps to the lords of the regime, and kneel, and shut up and take it?

Or will they remember who they are, that they’re Americans, and refuse to play the Chumbolone?

It’s not up to me. It’s up to you.

It’s your country.


(Copyright 2022 John Kass)

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