Do We Deserve What Trump is Getting?

By Steve Huntley

June 25, 2023

The bill of indictment accusing former President Donald Trump of mishandling classified documents is damning.

Lying, conniving, irresponsible, manipulative, dishonest, deceptive, reckless, contemptuous of the law — these are just a few ways to describe the picture of Trump in the 49-page indictment.

All things being equal, Trump deserves to stand trial on these charges.

But are all things equal?

Why does polling show that half of America thinks this prosecution is politically motivated?

Here’s a thought or two on that.

The Durham investigation lasting a couple of years found no basis for an FBI investigation into what we now know was the Russian collusion lie. It found that top FBI leaders were anti-Trump and perverted agency norms to launch and prolong the probe, giving credence to the hoax. It found that the FBI deliberately avoided giving Trump the kind of deference afforded Hillary Clinton in its inquiry into her email scandal, which of course resulted in no prosecutions.

Yet, neither Durham nor the now-Democrat controlled Justice Department choose to prosecute any of the wrongdoers, except for a couple of nobodies quickly acquitted in a courtroom in Washington. The diversity of the D.C. jury pool ranges from hate Trump to hang Trump.

Neither Clinton nor any one in her campaign was indicted for feeding false allegations to the FBI inspiring the years-long investigation that served to undermine the legitimacy of the Trump presidency and the 2016 election in the minds of millions of Americans. Isn’t lying to the FBI a crime?

No one among the anti-Trump leaders of the FBI was prosecuted for their abuse of their investigative powers. One of them had even boasted in an email about an “insurance policy” against the Trump presidency.

No one in the agency faced legal jeopardy for ignoring what the Durham report called “highly significant intelligence … pointing to a Clinton campaign plan to vilify Trump by tying him to Vladimir Putin.”

In contrast, a special counsel appointed by President Biden’s attorney general, Merrick Garland, took only months to indict Trump for his alleged mishandling of classified documents. And the charges fail to allege that any actual harm, like foreign agents seeing the materials, came from Trump’s reprehensible behavior.

Hmmm, when the investigation involves Democrat wrongdoing, there never seems to be much urgency about getting the job done and little interest in hauling the wrongdoers into a courtroom.

But when it involves Trump, the investigators jump to it and don’t miss the chance to come down like a ton of bricks on him. In New York, a Trump-hating Democrat prosecutor employed what virtually ever legal expert agrees was creative — and suspect — manipulation of the law to indict Trump for hush money paid to a porn actress.

Hunter Biden

Besides the leniency showed Clinton for her mishandling of classified materials in the email scandal, there’s the favoritism shown presidential son Hunter Biden.

A five-year-long investigation into influence-peddling and bribery allegations against him ended this week no more than a slap on the wrist — a couple of misdemeanor tax charges and an unlawful gun possession count, all gone with the wind in a plea bargain.

Also a special counsel probe into President Biden’s own mishandling of classified documents going back to his days in the Senate is proceeding at a snail’s pace.

Add to all that the contrast between the draconian prosecutions of the Jan. 6 rioters and the light hand — and often no prosecution — against the left-wing BLM and Antifa rioters who looted and burned cities across the country.

Is there one standard of justice for rioting against the powerful in Washington and another for rioters targeting everyday Americans in their businesses and neighborhoods?

Then throw in the way Garland’s Justice Department jumped on the ludicrous complaint from the National School Boards Association that parents speaking up at board meetings about their children’s education constituted a domestic terrorism threat.

The FBI took that bit of malice to a new level by looking for “violent extremists” among “radical-traditionalist” Catholics.

Any wackadoodle grievance about conservatives seems to perk up the ears of Biden’s Justice Department.

No one is above the law, declared Trump special counsel Jack Smith.

But that standard comes with the corollary that everyone is equal before the law.

Given recent history, is it any wonder that an ABC/Ipsos poll shows that 47 percent of Americans — and 80 percent of Republicans — see politics in the Trump indictment?

Now add in the unprecedented nature of the case.

For the first time in America’s history a former president is facing a criminal trial. And that former president comes from a different political party than the current president and his attorney general. And the indicted former president is running in the 2024 election to unseat the current president.

In other words Biden’s Democrat government is turning law enforcement loose against his top Republican opponent. It escapes no one’s notice that it’s just the latest targeting of Trump by Democrats, a campaign that stretches back to the Russian collusion hoax and included two impeachments.

But no one in the Democrat regime sees any problem with all that.

Garland, who no doubt holds a deep grudge against Republicans for blocking his nomination to the Supreme Court a few years ago, signed off on the special counsel’s indictment. He saw no reason to hold back a prosecution sure to throw gasoline on the nation’s already hyper-partisan political environment and sow further distrust of government institutions.

What’s more, Garland didn’t consult with Biden about this momentous decision. At least that’s what Biden says. Let’s take them at their word.

Think about that for a minute.

A profound decision upending nearly 250 years of history and portending only God knows what for the future of our country, and the leader of our government, the man at the top of the pyramid, the most powerful individual in the nation was, in effect, a no show. The buck didn’t stop at his desk.

A calmer, more reasoned review of the case by a president aware of the venomous partisanship in the country might have recommended that the allegations against Trump be laid out in excruciating detail, without an indictment, to let the American people come to their own verdict.

That would have been the high road. Joe Biden has never been known for taking the high road.

Neither Biden nor Garland deigns to address the earthquake in our political and government traditions this indictment represents. This despite half of America seeing it as politically motivated.

This indictment is on the two of them, as will be history’s judgment.

Supercharging it all is that Democrats are celebrating this prosecution. They hope and expect it will so enflame Republican primary voters that they will show their support for Trump by nominating him for another run at the White House despite his weak chances against Biden.

The predominant line of political thought, which I share, is that Trump is the only Republican who could lose to Biden.

In this campaign season the GOP has a rich field of talented and appealing candidates, any one of whom would likely emerge victorious over Biden in November 2024.

Don’t believe me? Consider this quote in the New York Times from a Democrat National Committee member:

“The only political risk is if the indictment and possible conviction of Trump causes him to lose the nomination and Biden has to run against someone else.”

Trump lost me with his election denial and the Jan. 6 riot. The indictment is just another reason for the GOP and the country to put him in the rearview mirror. I don’t think he deserves another Republican nomination, much less another term in the White House.

His conduct got himself in this mess. All this could have been avoided had he just turned over the documents in answer to a government subpoena.

So I don’t give a damn about Donald Trump.

I do care about my country, the reputation and integrity of its vital institutions, its civic health, the traditions that have made our nation the world’s longest-lived democratic republic, the rule of law in that no man is above the law coupled with the equal application of the law, and the historic tradition that politics stops at the courthouse door.

Trump isn’t worth a grain of salt compared to all that.

So I’d be fine with Trump facing a jury on charges of egregiously mishandling secret documents — all things being equal.

But are all things equal?


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  1. “So I don’t give a damn about Donald Trump.”

    Yes. Clearly, your entire article was a build up to take your cheap shots at Trump and completely ignore the facts of the case.

    We are living in a time when virtually the entire Federal government apparatus has been turned around to protect the leftists and attack the righties, but you “don’t give a damn”.

    1. The author gave a very balanced presentation of the facts believed by the great majority of Americans. Trump, who suffered years of baseless harassment by Democrats, is nonetheless his own worst enemy, and he cannot win the 2024 election. Blind allegiance to Trump will yield 4 more years of Biden. Worse, it could result in Kamala Harris becoming President. The Democrats want Trump to be nominated. Let’s not accommodate them.

    2. That’s the point. We want to win and bring some balance back to Federal Government. Trump is not our best option. Time to thank him and move on. Unlike the Dems who keep looking to same old, tired pols.

    3. The Donald doesn’t deserve anyone’s blind support. Against all odds, and unending harassment by the left, the federal bureaucracy and the leftist media, most conservatives and many honest independents would say that he had a successful presidency. He missed innumerable opportunities to rise above his own petty, narcissistic character flaws during his time in office that would have given him a second term. In denying his loss and encouraging the January 6th mob his post-presidency is a continuation of his inability to put country before himself. Many voted for him twice because the alternatives of Clinton and Biden were too awful to contemplate.

      Never again!

      If the Democrats actually run Biden again Trump is the only “Republican” candidate Biden can defeat.

    4. Being a two time Lockdown Donnie voter, I’m done. As far as I’m concerned, he and crooked Joe can share a prison cell for the rest of their lives.

  2. So, let me understand: you are a product of Chicago and you can’t bring yourself to believe Trump’s claim that the 2016 election was tainted by election fraud. Interesting.

  3. Trump’s his own worst enemy. But that being said the intense hatred of Trump by the democrats is ruining our country. They hate him so much they’d rather see a collapse of prosecutorial norms and our country than fairness of any kind.

  4. Wish more republicans would step back and realize we stand a much better chance of taking back our country with a candidate other than Trump. Whether you like him or don’t has nothing to do with his chance to win the presidential election and that should be the real focal point.

    1. Steve,
      You “lost me” when you blamed President Trump for “election denial” and the “January 6th Riot”, two terms straight out of the far-left playbook talking points.
      In the first case, Dinesh D’Souza’s powerful movie, 2000 MULES, raises salient points that strongly support thousands of instances of felony election fraud and tampering in targeted areas of swing states by putative Antifa members and anonymous operatives.
      In the second case, the release of thousands of hours of Jan 6 Capitol video raises serious questions about the so-called “insurrection” and the role of the same FBI you question in your piece, Congressional leaders, and DC Law Enforcement. Clearly, President Trump did little or nothing to encourage law-breaking in his speech that day. Also there are obvious issues with the timeline of events that day and the selective and unconstitutional incarceration and prosecution of people who only sought to exercise their First Ammendment protected “RIGHT of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      1. Right on Donald. The whole article points out all the Trash thrown at President Trump. Then the writer says “I don’t give a damn about Trump. Please don’t count Mr Huntley as a fighter.

      2. Let’s all take a step back and agree that some voter irregularities take place in every election. The time to prove that those irregularities were sufficient to change the results of any election is, for obvious reasons, somewhat limited. Every effort by the Trump teams to show that in courts across the country fell short.

        Put aside all of the injustices by the Democrat Justice Department and the need to bring balance back to American politics and culture. Put aside all the political talk of who can prevail in the next election if Trump is the candidate, or some other Republican is the candidate to face Biden.

        Contemplate for a moment what a second Trump Presidency would look like. No thank you.

  5. Thank you for this column. I agree with you that both Hillary and Trump violated the Espionage Act. More, they both made a game of flipping off the Fed about giving those documents back to the document owners, the fed. Finally, Trump being prosecuted for this and Hillary not, is unequal justice. The complaint against Trump has great detail so I believe that the fed can prove it up beyond a reasonable doubt. I want to see Trump convicted and serve a year and a day ( not more) making him a felon. So, he might be able to still run for President but could not vote for himself. This would deter future classified document handlers from playing god and, I believe, deter a potential Third Party candidacy for president now.

  6. Great points here by readers Young, Best and Christianson.

    An American POTUS has been beleaguered by political and illegal “ratf*ckers” since before he took office, coming from as high up as the WH and the DOJ, but this writer doesn’t “give a damn.” He buys all the crap about 1/6 and election “integrity” despite an inexplicable amount of voting irregularities, paused counts, altered voting laws and more, as well as the gulag treatment of unarmed citizens making their voices heard in the people’s house. He’s happy to throw away an innocent defendant to a corrupt system because he finds that person unlikeable.

    That is weak sauce indeed, Huntley. You identify the egregious two-tiered justice system, then shrug as it is accomplishing its evil and un-Constitutional intent. How many more free at-bats are you willing to give these soulless bastards?

    1. This Huntley column is a strong analysis of the corrupted justice system enforced by the left now. But there’s also much strength in the replies it provokes, especially this comment by Steve Aschburner and his noting the excellent points by Young, Best, and Christianson.

      The left’s domination of almost all media — including the formerly valuable newspaper for which John Kass wrote — now leaves hardly any public forum for realistic discussions. The op-ed pages and electronic news now mostly “balance off” the special pleading and tantrums of the left and the far left.

      Even during this period when our admired friend is recovering from his health problems, johnkassnews is a valuable resource. It’s become my favorite source for real-world commentary.

      1. Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am, stuck ing the middle with you. The News is fake. It’s distorted, shaped, manufactured to keep us arguing. The elections are performative too. If you don’t have money, if the right people don’t back you, forget it!

        Ask Bernie Sanders, who was actually doing the impossible, starting a movement until the DNC cut his legs off.

        Trump has been jobbed, but he’s a clown too.

        1. I agree
          Trump’s lack of impulse control is the saddest part of his past administration and the last 2 years.
          Also the silence of his entire family these past two years is deafening

      2. @Steve Aschburner & David Bittinger –
        Great follow up.
        Thank you.

        Semper Fidelis!

        PS: The next beer is on me (and it ain’t going to be Bud Light).

        1. Nice note, H Young! And thank you, whether you are a Marine yourself or just a wise admirer. I welcome your offer of a non-Bud Light beer. Or make it a wine as celebrated in “Schon winkt der Wein im goldnen Pokale.” (BTW, anyone can discover a wondrous piece of music by looking up that line.)

          1. Thank you.
            Found the poem but not the music. Will continue to search.

            And yes, but only since 15 Oct 64. Still a relative newbie compared to some the old timers still out there.

  7. I understand politics don’t work this way, but wouldn’t it be grand if we could find a way to get both “front runners” to go sit down and allow more appealing candidates from both parties a chance. I think a majority of voters find both candidates unappealing. We’re stuck voting for the lesser of two evils.

    1. Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am, stuck ing the middle with you. The News is fake. It’s distorted, shaped, manufactured to keep us arguing. The elections are performative too. If you don’t have money, if the right people don’t back you, forget it!

      Ask Bernie Sanders, who was actually doing the impossible, starting a movement until the DNC cut his legs off.

      Trump has been jobbed, but he’s a clown too.

    1. Me too. He was no doubt unfairly treated, actually horribly so. But he is also an egomaniacal obstinate jerk. Too many of my fellow conservatives are so upset about the first truth that they go so far as to deny the second.

      1. I believe you might be correct. However, I encourage voters to consider what the policies of a candidate are as all or certainly most politicians are morally weak.
        The very core of how one might evaluate policies is how they impact the sovereignty of the United States or how they impact the further globalization of control. As an example consider supply change matters when viewing policies. Just my two cents worth.

  8. Trump would not even exist as a political force if the Democrats weren’t such hypocritical, corrupt, disingenuous thieves.

    This left/right, we investigate them, they investigate us thing is a dance a con, a ruse to keep the grift going. Trump and Biden are patsies, being used as front men to distract us while they take our jobs, our money, our sovereignty and sell it all to the highest bidder.

    How can any of you support these clowns?

  9. Trump Derangement Syndrome has taken the politics of personality to a new low. Why can’t we just adhere to the practice of following what our politicians actually do, not just what they say. Handsome, politically correct and polite don’t get the job done. Sorry/not sorry.

  10. Up until recently, your columns have been of the thoughtful, well- written, and a refreshing departure from the pap and pablum propaganda in almost every other outlet and column space.

    Your analysis of the Biden administration and its DoJ under AG Garland is appropriately unmerciful and hard-hitting is rendered to be utterly worthless with your personal invective toward Trump.

    It isn’t the man that the vast majority of Trump supporters admire, it’s what the man represents, and the man is putting his fortune at risk to fight for this nation, for us – the ones about whom the Uniparty could not care less.

    We’re not gullible. We understand what is at risk, and that a Trump victory in November represents a wooden stake in the heart of the vampire that is the Democrat deep state – but go ahead and look down your nose at us – just be sure to thank us when you find the protections codified in the Bill of Rights, and the constitution have been preserved because the wannabe dictator has been removed.

    If you believe the polls that show Trump losing to Biden, then I can only conclude you do so because it reflects the result you desire – or, having lived in Illinois for as long as you have, you still believe that polls cannot be manipulated to help bring about a desired outcome? If so, then who’s gullible, now?

    So, you have an opinion and have expressed it as is your wont, and you have also revealed yourself to be no more thoughtful than Rachel Maddow, or Don Lemon.

    I hope John is back writing soon, making guest columnists like yourself largely unnecessary.

    Lately, your pieces reflect a misplacement of John’s trust. John is no Trump guy, either, but neither does he insult the intelligence and sensibilities of his readers.

  11. Of course, Trump’s mouth is his own worst enemy. That being said, the corruption is so rampant in our government, who could the guy trust? Remember why Hoover ran the FBI for so long? He had dirt on everybody and could just wiggle a finger and get whatever he wanted. Why do you think his partner destroyed his files? But why did they try so hard to defeat him in the 1st place? They were afraid that he would uncover them, and he did. Stevie Wonder can see that. As for Barr, as soon as he saw what was coming, he went along because he didn’t want to wind up a suicide. QUIT LISTENING TO THE B*TCHES IN THE MEDIA.!! They are owned, and far from politically unbiased. I watch David Miur at ABC for entertainment and to see how he “Markets” the news every night.
    Beware of AI and who controls it. Let’s not forget Ukraine. $ 6.2 billion error? Who’s running the accounting at the Pentagon? Bernie Madoff? This country is going down with a big flush.

  12. Readers Digest version of this article – “The Federal Govt. is comprised of corrupt actors who lie and shouldn’t be trusted …except for election results”

    1. Now lets figure this out. Republicans drag their feet on impeaching/ indicating
      corrupt Biden until the timing is right to remove him from reelection. Democrats have done their part by hog tying Trump hopefully stopping him also. The Democrats will then “save our democracy” by having an “open” primary. This removes their other useful idiot Kamala Harris from the equation. When all is done, the winner of the election will be a party regular who cuts deals across party lines enriching both sides. When you hear these old, embedded Washington pols whining about how they long for “the good old days” this is what they mean. No more apple cart tipping. Medium grade inflation. The price of gas? It goes up and down. The good old days. Endless military engagements. Crime? As long as you keep it in the big cities. Biden? Well you certainly can’t prosecute someone who is unable to defend himself due to diminished mental state. Joe rides off into the sunset to his Hampton estate with all of his Hunter money. Hunter? He already has a spot waiting at some military industrial corporation for a salary befitting political royalty. I mean who wouldn’t snap up someone who’s basically untouchable. We all love a happy ending after all.

  13. I also care about this country. I watched the Durham hearings, and it is an embarrassment to see politicians acting out against a respected prosecutor. The time has come for this country to return to civility, debate, and discourse, and neither leading candidate (for 2024) fits that bill.

  14. As one who has watched this shit show for years I’m exhausted!
    For me there is confusion about Trump papers. A grand jury decided there was enough there there to bring thirty seven counts against him. How was this decision met? Were they shown said documents? At this point how many people have seen or handled these highly classified documents? And in doing so who now has important information?
    I’m of the conclusion that I now believe little to none of those spouting we have the goods on Trump to lock him away for four hundred years.
    What are we to believe when one turns in the news or reads the news and there is no news? In the words of a song from long ago, “ feelings nothing more than feelings”. News is now we think, we feel, we have it from a source ( who is that?)
    The other day Adam Schiff was taken to task for his lies of “I have proof, I have seen the proof “ yet he never showed the proof. And then the gallery shouted SHAME . I watched with mouth mouth agape. I asked myself is this a kindergarten class or grown adults? This is the same group who impeached a president twice on lies. I must ask where was their shame?
    Meanwhile in the real world people are struggling to stay afloat. Wondering how to afford gas, groceries, and paying their bills.
    And meanwhile here in Illinois representative Dick Durbin is more worried about trans rights being human rights. And boys should have the right to be in girls locker rooms and bath rooms, young children should be allowed to take puberty blockers, and be allowed sex changes. Women are no longer women we are now birthing people. I’m sad I fought hard for recognition and equal pay of my counterparts.
    The whole thing gives me a headache and worry as to where we are headed.
    Thanks for the column.

    1. Totally agree with your questions about the “classified documents” being shown to members of the secret grand jury by the supposedly unbiased prosecutor. I read the entire indictment, and the only mention I could find about military capabilities was in some random general predicting armageddon, which Trump dismisses as lunacy. The media showed pictures of boxes of documents neatly stacked up all over Mar-a-Lago, but these most likely are Trump’s personal papers — which he might use in a future presidential library like his predecessors. Trump’s staff claims he was very protective of those documents, even knowing what was in each box despite there being no apparent filing system. I’m about 100 percent certain the pictures of the upended boxes with their contents strewn about the floor were staged by the FBI to make Trump look careless, which testimony from his staff clearly refutes. Also, if you look closely at the pictures of those scattered documents, you’ll notice that most appear to be magazines (Time) and newspapers (Washington Post), and not one says “secret” or “classified.” Since when are Time and the WaPo “classified documents,” and will I get arrested if I happen to buy one?

      1. John Allen so many questions so few answers.
        I agree with you on those photos that were released. Who doesn’t have boxes full of memories. For all we know they could have been filled with a variety of things.
        Could be old photos from school days. Could also be photos of his ex wife and family. Yet they made it look like they were all highly secretive and sensitive material. Seriously? Do they think we’re that stupid.

        1. Linda,
          I was naive enough to believe that there would NEVER be another Watergate.
          The good news is that there hasn’t been another Watergate.
          The bad news is that there have been intrusions-some by our own government-that are far WORSE than Watergate.
          “Justice for all” and “innocent until proven guilty” are simply words. Very hollow words.
          We have abdicated our power to unelected bureaucrats and have allowed our education system to become a leftist liberal indoctrination echo chamber.
          And we are called whatever the word of the day is if we don’t believe that men can get pregnant.

          1. Thank you Art for replying.
            I used to believe being called racist, homophobic, having white privilege were horrible things. Now it’s daily vocabulary. And those words mean nothing. It’s like gum on the bottom of my shoe. I scape it off and keep going.

  15. What I got out of Mr. Huntley’s article is that, for his own reasons, he doesn’t care for Trump as a person and therefore, the attacks on Trump-the legal proceedings, impeachments, etc. are all of Trump’s own making.
    If you are a woman, you dislike Trump because he’s been accused of being a womanizer and we have all heard the “grab them” audio.
    If you’re an alpha male, you dislike Trump because he used both hands to hold a bottle of water and take a drink.
    If you’re a golfer, you hate Trump because he owns very exclusive golf courses and you can’t play on any of them.
    If you are a Democrat, you hate Trump because Democrats have been programmed to treat the opposing party as their mortal enemy and must beat them at any and all costs.
    If you are a Republican, you dislike Trump because he put his own people into his Administration and upset establishment swamp creatures, effectively cutting out all the money that would usually go to relatives of the elite ruling class.
    If you haven’t noticed, what is going on with Trump is that Democrats, RINOs and Deep State swamp creatures are throwing everything they can at Trump, with the end result being that voters will move away from him because they are tired of all of the crap. That’s it. That’s the end game; not so much to put him in prison, but to keep things stirred up and wearing down the Trump supporter into submission. I know, because I am one of them. I supported Trump TWICE. There won’t be a third time and I am angry with myself, because Trump did some great things in his first term, but I won’t to beat the Democrats so badly that I will look at any viable candidate offered by the GOP.
    So, because of Trump’s flaws, his mean tweets, his gigantic ego, his billionaire status, his tendency to exaggerate and exercising of his 1st Amendment rights, Mr. Huntley doesn’t give a damn about Trump…doesn’t give a damn that Trump has been targeted by every governmental agency-federal and state-targeted because he is a petulant, irritating blowhard with terrible hair and because of all that, some can rationalize and justify the relentless convoy of illegal, immoral and unprecedented actions by the party in power.
    But, as long as you can find reasons to dislike a person, what they get is what they deserve.
    And if you apply that logic across the board, you can live with yourself and even sleep at night.
    That’s why we are where we are.

      1. Win or lose, the Democrats have already declared that it will be a Biden/Harris ticket in 2024. They won’t even acknowledge Williamson and the knives are out for RFK, Jr.
        Look at the GOP. Let’s get another 10 or so candidates into the already large field, so we can fight all the way up to Halloween, 2024 and watch as the Dems steal another one.
        GOP needed a big makeover, but we got status quo instead.
        RINO Ronna is still in charge of the RNC.
        McCarthy is too busy repaying MTG and others for getting Speakership.
        McConnell is worthless.
        And the party’s leader (Trump) is getting hit from every direction by the Biden Administration…
        But it isn’t political!

  16. Anyone who doesn’t believe this is political is a fool.

    That said, I’m done with Trump and enough is enough.

    DeSantis has become a little bit like Mitt Romney was…talks way too much and everything that comes out is damaging.

    Tom Scott…hmmmm ??? More intriguing each and every day.

  17. I would and probably will vote for President Trump, again.

    I would not share a beverage with him, nor swoon at at latest utterance. I find him to be a boor, a lout and a narcissist.

    That said, Donald Trump was and may again be a very good President, Commander-in-Chief and Chief Executive.

  18. “..polling shows that half of America thinks this prosecution is politically motivated..” Because that’s exactly what the right wing propaganda machine, who unflinchingly supports and coddles this narcissist, wants Americans to believe. I’m always baffled when MAGA apologists bemoan the ‘left wing media’ when Fox is the #1 ‘news’ outlet in the US and 4 of the 5 largest social media influencers are conservatives (the fifth is an athlete..). Trump is a traitor. Trump broke the law, he was given ample opportunity to come clean, he choose not to. End of story. No double standard, no conspiracy, no politics. Just because the entire GOP platform is built on protecting Trump and disparaging his accusers doesn’t make it real. In fact, this indictment is proof the system works and justice is indeed blind. Personally I hope Trump someone uses his wealth and influence to wriggle free of this indictment and becomes the nominee, what better insurance against the GOP holding power? I see he spent 90 minutes yesterday basking in the admiration of a group of self proclaimed “Christians”, who must have left their bibles in the car less they spontaneously combust in the presence of Trump’s lies. Why otherwise decent Americans have fallen under the tacky spell of a godless, morally bankrupt grifter like Trump is beyond my comprehension, wake up ‘patriots.’

  19. One more for any Trump apologists who believe a tacky bathroom is a safe/secure place to store state secrets-bathroom doors lock from the inside…

  20. I will not vote for Trump in the primary but if he ends up being the nominee I will. I think Donald’s biggest problem is he can’t keep his mouth shut. He’s a classic narcissist!

  21. “The predominant line of political thought, which I share, is that Trump is the only Republican who could lose to Biden.”

    HMM. Isn’t that what the media thought in 2016 when they ignored 18 other GOP candidates to relentlessly focus solely on Trump because he was the only candidate who would lose to Clinton? We all know how that turned out.

    1. Good point. But now we have evidence to support the contention that Trump can not win in 2024: elections 2018, 2020 and most importantly 2022 whereby the supposed “red wave” was merely a red trickle. In that “red trickle” Trump was a surrogate in many of the state elections whereby only one or two of his endorsed candidates won. All the rest were soundly beaten. In fact, in Pennsylvania, his endorsed candidate was beaten by a severely compromised cognitively physically sick man who in any other situation would never have been elected to the US Senate.

  22. Linda Cappazzo, I couldn’t agree more with what you have said. The problem is that people ARE stupid! Why do you think things are they way they are? People don’t research any “news” (ie, propaganda) that is being force-fed down their throats on their tvs or in the papers. They take everything they are told at face value. They believe all the lies they are told, because the pols “care about them.” It’s sickening.
    What we need to figure out is how to get the message to these people. Our politics is broken and it’s all about the money.

  23. Now lets figure this out. Republicans drag their feet on impeaching/ indicating
    corrupt Biden until the timing is right to remove him from reelection. Democrats have done their part by hog tying Trump hopefully stopping him also. The Democrats will then “save our democracy” by having an “open” primary. This removes their other useful idiot Kamala Harris from the equation. When all is done, the winner of the election will be a party regular who cuts deals across party lines enriching both sides. When you hear these old, embedded Washington pols whining about how they long for “the good old days” this is what they mean. No more apple cart tipping. Medium grade inflation. The price of gas? It goes up and down. The good old days. Endless military engagements. Crime? As long as you keep it in the big cities. Biden? Well you certainly can’t prosecute someone who is unable to defend himself due to diminished mental state. Joe rides off into the sunset to his Hampton estate with all of his Hunter money. Hunter? He already has a spot waiting at some military industrial corporation for a salary befitting political royalty. I mean who wouldn’t snap up someone who’s basically untouchable. We all love a happy ending after all.

  24. Ok, appears there is ONLY one answer to America’s political issues! It’s simple: Total Global Thermonuclear War! Problem solved, oops except for those so called atheists and unbelievers who will suffer FOREVER in a prophesized Lake of Fire, where high shrills and knashing of teeth occurs, FOREVER! All of humanities problems will be put to rest. PTL, I prefer to believe another one who paid MY sin debt! He’s waiting to hear from you today!

    1. Not ‘everyone’-quack jobs, brainwashed MAGA worshipers, a high percentage of white dudes who never attended college, Bart Myers and Joseph Raducka.

  25. “The tape also reveals that “the classified documents were not subsequently planted by the government,” unlike what the former president has claimed in social media posts, he said.

    “In addition, it’s an admission that he had not taken steps to declassify it, as he has claimed and that he knew he had no authority to declassify it once his term ended,” Kamenstein said. “As damning as it is on its own, it likely only gets worse for Trump from here, because those in the room with him at the time have probably testified before the grand jury and, at trial, would be expected to provide additional context to the conversation, further cementing the government’s case.” Sounds like all things are ‘equal’ to me…

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