The Chicago Way: Paladin, Mayor Phallus Maximus & the Trolls at the Door

By John Kass

July 29, 2022

Jeff Carlin and I open the latest edition of The Chicago Way podcast with a great cowboy ballad from a classic TV western:

“Paladin, Paladin, where do you roam
Paladin, Paladin, far, far from home”

I don’t want to brag, but I’ve already been blessed with my own cowboy song theme, “The Legend of Kasso” by Maximus Squirehogg off an old Lorne Greene talk-song  “Ringo.” Jeff, master of sound, has folded it into our podcast opening.

How many columnists have their own theme song? Oh, OK. None.

The Paladin theme from  the TV series “Have Gun Will Travel” is a superb tune. It’s mournful and timely, noir cowboy. Jeff likes that Paladin also refers us to one of our topics on this edition of the podcast that you can listen to here at the links provided.

It was my recent column about editors at ‘the paper’ being so interested in my home that they teamed up with Jacobin trolls to out me and publish where I live, as if I’d committed a sin. That column was picked up by Real Clear Politics and read by people all over the country—”Have Laptop Will Travel and the Demise of the Chicago Tribune.

Days later I’m still getting emails about it. Many new subscribers have signed up. And I hear that some Tribsters are seething, clenching their tiny fists in rage because I punched back.  Oh, they’re upset? Too bad.

It really frosted Jeff that the Tribune editors and a lefty troll rep of the little bike people teamed up would doxx me and report breathlessly on the modest home Betty and I bought in Northwest Indiana. It frosted us, too.

What bothered Jeff was that a former Tribster has breathlessly rushed to the bike troll’s defense. So typical of the Tribster and the troll.

They natter and natter like gossips at a fence. If they lived in a gas station restroom, I wouldn’t care. Where they live is their business, not mine.

In Case You Missed It, I missed telling you about another edition of The Chicago Way podcast that you might want to listen to, as well.

John O’Malley, the former Deputy Mayor for Public Safety—and 26 year veteran of the U.S. Marshal’s Service—is the guest on that one. Again, click on the link.

With rushing back and forth to the docs to get ready for shoulder surgery, and the drama at our house after being doxed by ‘the paper,” I forgot to mention the podcast episode with John O’Malley.

I won’t spoil it. But he does talk about riding the CTA rapid transit line with a friend.

I asked: Is the friend’s name Sig (Sauer)?

No he said, it’s S & W.

But he’s law enforcement. He’s the son of a Chicago cop, the nephew of Chicago cops, is extremely well trained, disciplined, doesn’t react on impulse and keeps his skills honed.

There are others out there trying to ride the el, decent people, trying to get to and from work, worried about becoming victims of violent crime. They’re not law enforcement. They’re not particularly well trained. They’re afraid. And some of them carry, too.

I keep waiting for another Bernie Goetz episode to happen during the current mayoral campaign. It’s only a matter of time. Eventually, it’ll happen. It’s inevitable given the breakdown of the rule of law in Chicago.

We’ll bring the subject of Goetz up next week, with our scheduled guest Rafael A. Mangual, the head of research for the Policing and Public Safety Initiative at the Manhattan Institute. He’s also a contributing editor of City Journal.

Mangual is author of a book critically important to everyone living in Chicago and Cook County and every other jurisdiction where George Soros has elected catch and release prosecutors who are protected by local woke newsrooms.

I’m reading his book right now: “Criminal [In]Justice: What The Push for Decarceration and Depolicing Gets Wrong and Who it Hurts the Most.” Follow him on Twitter @Rafa_Mangual

So who are the people in the book title, those who are hurt the most by Decarceration and Depolicing?

Just ask a paramedic. They’ll tell you who is most hurt.

They’re the victims in the back of the ambulance, in pain as they’re rushed to the hospital emergency room. And those at the grave when they’re buried.

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