On The Chicago Way podcast with guest, Professor Charles Lipson.

By John Kass

July 21, 2022

Is Chicago rapidly becoming a crime plagued wasteland under Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the mayor’s endorsed Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx?

Ask any police family, especially those who know Chicago Police officer Danny Golden. Ask any downtown hotel manager or restaurant owner. Ask the Golden family and their neighbors.

They’ll tell you.

You’ll hear all this on the current edition of the Chicago Way podcast with our guest Professor Charles Lipson.

Co-host Jeff Carlin wonders whether President Joe Biden has crossed the Jimmy Carter Meridian, also known as a point of no return.

Once a politician crosses that line on the political globe, even his own party begins to see him as a Jonas, wanting to be rid of him lest he infect the entire crew.

Prof. Lipson has his theories about Biden as the old emperor who doesn’t wear any clothes. And now we can’t unsee it either. Lipson talks about what all this means for our republic.

To listen just click on the links provided. One more thing I mentioned in the monologue, but I might as well say it here:

Most of you know that Lightfoot and Fox and their crime policies are helping kill the city with rising violent crime. And you know that Chicago’s fading corporate media gives cover to Lightfoot and Foxx.

But the really weird thing?

At ‘the paper’ where I worked for decades, they appear not to have any time to spend on holding Lightfoot and Foxx to account for crime policy that destroys Chicago.

But you know what? ‘The paper’ does have time to focus on me, a former employee, on how many powder rooms we may have in our home and what we paid in taxes. I left ‘the paper’ a year ago, and started this website, and ‘the paper’ is still interested in our powder rooms?

Really? Is this news? No. It’s pathetic.

Do your bleeping jobs.

Chicago is bleeding. Downtown is dying. There aren’t enough police to handle the 911 calls. Violent offenders are routinely given low or no bail, or put on “electronic monitoring” where they can commit even more violence.

Democrats Lightfoot, Foxx, Foxx’s patron Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, Chief Judge Tim Evans, Gov. J.B. Pritzker and others have helped create the Chicago you see today.

The Chicago where cops aren’t eager to get out of their cars to fight crime.

Violent crime and the inability of local government to stop the crime, and the suffering of the people. That’s the story. My home isn’t the story. That’s petty and cheap.

The suffering of the people of Chicago is the story. The lawlessness is the story. The loss of businesses is the story. The utter failure of political demagogues who feed the anarchy is the story.

Do your bleeping jobs.

(Copyright 2022 John Kass)


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