On Independence Day, What Would America’s Founders Think of ‘China Joe’ Biden?


By John Kass

July 2, 2023

John Trumbull was an American painter, American diplomat, and a veteran soldier in our War of Independence from the greatest superpower on earth, the British empire led by Mad King George III.

He painted “The Declaration of Independence” that is set at the top of this column, and fills me and most every other patriot I know with a great sense of reverence. He was witness to pain and suffering and great American courage as an aide to George Washington, and you might as well call him “The Painter of the Revolution.” Others did. His painting “Declaration of Independence”—one of four of his paintings that hang in the United States Capitol rotunda—is often seen by Americans in documentaries of Independence Day.

The 56 brave men who signed it and their families risked certain death. And many did in fact, die as a result, their families risked torture and loss of fortune. And it also may have been first and the last time that the well-suited clique that we now refer to as the so-called “Washington political establishment”  risked what the people risked—pain and suffering for our beliefs–and pain for demanding our liberty.

But they weren’t gods, though we treat them as such, with their images on our coin, great marble statues of them in our public squares and mythology about the cherry trees and honesty, in our monuments, obelisks and reflecting pools, their gigantic heads peering down on us from the Olympian heights of  Mt. Rushmore.

Not gods but wise imperfect men who understood human nature, and to treat them as gods encourages the drooling iconoclasts who have no religious beliefs but their own power and topple old statues as they shriek their hatred of America.

At Independence Day celebrations this week, you’ll be encouraged to stuff yourselves with hot dogs and barbecue, corn and beer. You’ll wipe the rib sauce from your faces and maybe you’ll think about how Americans learned to catch the crafty and indominable wild pig. (hint: with the bribe of tasty government corn, that’s how.)

You’ll watch sports on TV and some of you will idly count the number of dead in urban mass gang shootings, you might also consider what our Founding Fathers would think of us.

And gods or not gods, I wonder what Trumbull and the Founding Fathers would think of the photograph below, of then Vice President Biden puckering his lips to loudly and publicly kiss the behind of China, and the benefactor of the Biden Crime Family. Would they see it as evidence of flannel mouthed grifters betraying everything they worked and risked their lives to build?

Xi Jinping is pictured–Biden held the festivities in his honor just as we’ve learned the Biden Grift Machine was working overtime–though other Biden Inc., benefactors including earthy players from Ukraine and Romania were not pictured. Coincidence? Or are the Bidens just lucky?

And what would Turnbull and Washington think of the Bidens?

There is a back story that makes this picture worth at least $40 million words, but if you get your news  from members of the corrupt Washington Democratic Media Complex you might miss the true flavor. This involves Joe Biden’s crackhead son Hunter.

Hunter sounds as if he’d been fully hatched at Chicago’s City Hall, a spoiled child complete with a viper’s tongue, just a sneering Chinatown tough guy. All of his extortionate demands of Biden Crime Family corruption can be read in transcripts here, and were released the other day by the House Ways and Means Committee.

Credible IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley Jr. testified before  a house committee.  His testimony and Hunter Biden’s incriminating text messages were included in the transcripts.  Predictably, Hunter’s attorneys and White House media suck-ups called Shapley a liar. The corrupt media from the New York Times to the flesh eating harpies of “The View” bleated and bleated that Joe was just a father who loved a troubled son. Really?

You decide.


With U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry looking on, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden raises his glass to toast Chinese President & Communist Party general secretary Xi Jinping at a State Luncheon in the Chinese leader’s honor at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., on September 25, 2015.

Study the official photograph. There, smirking on the left, is China’s strongman, Communist leader Xi Jinping. China Joe Biden his glass raised, is oozing at those who fill his pockets, making with a grand toast in 2015. What isn’t mentioned is that Hunter Biden and his father Joe are thought to have reportedly picked up tens of millions of dollars in Chinese cash, not to mention other payments from from power players in Ukraine and Romania.

The text messages from Hunter to Chinese officials are quite damning, but sound rather like the son of a political boss threatening clout reprisals, backed up by his father’s army and corrupt Department of Justice.

“I’m tired of this Kevin,” Hunter told one of them. “I can make $5 million in salary from any law firm in America. If you think it’s about money, it’s not. The Biden’s [sic] are the best at doing exactly what Chairman wants from this partnership. Please let’s not quibble over peanuts.”

Of course you can, Hunter. You can easily make millions. Smoke some more dope. And you can make millions and millions more from selling the finger paints you pass off as “artwork.”  It reminds me of what crooked Cook County judge  was accused of, selling his wife’s “artwork” to lawyers hoping for an edge in his court. It all works, the corrupt Chicago Way becomes the Delaware Way becomes the American Way, allowing for Democratic  grift and graft. And fortunes made at the expense of the people. Just take the audio of Biden’s cheap grifter’s toast to Xi Jinping and mix it with the sound of Chinese boots marching down Pennsylvania Avenue.

It will work as long as American people allow the Biden Department of Justice and the Democratic Media Complex in Washington to protect the Biden Crime Family’s every move. The other day, pundits in knee pads were saying all this drama is really only about a father’s love for his son. And that father is the president of the United States.

In another of the bombshell Hunter Biden  corruption texts released by the House Ways and Means Committee, Hunter talks about sitting next to his daddy, also known as “The Big Guy” and “President 10 Percent.”

In another text, Hunter Biden responds angrily and threateningly to Raymond Zhao a translator for a Chinese energy company that reportedly was to give  Biden Inc a five million dollar “sweetener.”

“I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled. Tell the director that I would like to resolve this now before it gets out of hand, and now means tonight,” Hunter wrote. “And, Z, if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than you, Zhang, or the chairman, I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction. I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father.” 

Sounds like extortion to me. Wonder what the Founding Fathers would say?

Would they brandish their canes and give Biden and his enablers-Democrat, Republican and supine media-a much needed and thorough good thwacking? Or would George Washington be so disgusted that he would simply turn his face from us in disgust?

I think he would consider Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s cash machine, and Donald Trump’s narcissistic vulgarity, and simply turn away.

And what do the Bidens do now? I suppose they’ll still have the Kamala Insurance Policy.

Vice President Kamala Harris is so stupendously dumb that no one in their right mind would dare try and  replace China Joe with Kamala, or the world would band together like angry ants and take us down for our arrogance in electing her.

Now, all Joe, Jill and Hunter can do is give each other a few touching hugs and wait for the walls to crash in. As Sir Walter Scott once said, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

But China Joe, the plagiarist, liar and serial fabulist who destroyed careers and cashed in on a half a century of grift and graft as leader of the Biden Crime Family, including cash from foreign powers who despise America, and his garage of one his many mansions where he illegally kept state secrets he lifted when he was a Senator has been deceiving us for at least 50 years. Smiling at us, smirking, he ate his ice cream.

It all must end for China Joe. Or it will end badly for all of us.


President Joe Biden hugs his family during the 59th Presidential Inauguration ceremony in Washington, Jan. 20, 2021. (DOD Photo by Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Carlos M. Vazquez II)


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  1. Spot on. Sounds like extortion to me. But you answered your own question. The media that has gone completely left doesn’t want to. Because then they would have to admit they’re biased. Unfortunately journalism is dead in this country. The days of Walter Cronkite are long behind us. Except for a few journalists like yourself (and they call them heretics) the Erosion of this Country seems to be accelerating under the weight of stupidity.morals are gone. If you speak up you’re called a racist or some form of ism. If you don’t speak up you’re considered part of the problem. Indeed troubling times. Pelosi and democrats keep invoking the 25th amendment at every turn. Biden can’t remember his grand kids name. Where he is at ect.. and nothing but silence. Mr Kass enjoy your 4th glad you’re healthy. And God save the Queen.

  2. I remember history teachers talking about the Founding Fathers and how much they risked (everything) to attempt the seemingly impossible.

    For some reason, all of my history and civics teachers were men, and they were all WWII and/or Korea Vets. These guys had walked the walk and we listened to them.

    The Founding Fathers and our Veterans gave the world a great gift that will not continue without some significant repair.

    It is up to us to hold the politicians at all levels to account and make sure they know we’re watching them. Other than calls and emails, plus the occasional walk-in visit, there isn’t much we can do but we can let them know we are out here.

      1. You forgot to mention the Attorney General. He has been covering for the Biden crime family all along. It even looks like he, our chief law enforcement officer, obstructed justice by lying to Congress and preventing U.S. Attorneys from doing their jobs.

  3. China Joe it is.

    The shabby flannel mouth Irish grifter who mouths the will of his global elite puppet masters is a train wreck of American history. God help us.

  4. The Founders were well aware of human weakness and the corruption that political power can bring; what they would be shocked by, I suspect, is the utter abdication by the ‘Press’ of its role in keeping the Republic free of such a scourge as La Cosa Biden. Thanks for the post and God bless you, John!

  5. Happy Independence day. When you say “Vice President Kamala Harris is so stupendously dumb that no one in their right mind would dare try and replace China Joe with Kamala” don’t be too sure. Ability and fitness for office are of least concern as long as power is retained. For an example look at our current government officials in Illinois, from Chicago to Springfield.

  6. I worry about the world my grandchildren will inherit. The corruption in our government runs so deep I cannot fathom where to even begin to put things right. As usual, your thoughts are spot on….and scary!

    1. I feel the same way. How in the world do we get rid of these corrupt pols with a corrupt media backing them up? I can’t believe how bad things have gotten. Money is all corrupting.

      In the battle of Good vs. Evil, I pray to God that good prevails.

    1. For a moment I thought you were talking about that gutless, back-stabbing weasel who was Trump’s VP.
      Clearly you must know some other guy named Mike Pence.

      1. HY, you must be young, really young, maybe 4 or 5 to make your unbelievable smear about Mr Pence. Oh, I forgot, you must be a Christian hater, that explains it. You don’t have eternal life, but eternal death in a lake of fire as your destiny. But since it’s Sunday, please Google John 3:16, repent today while you can. Amen.

        1. Mote, meet beam.

          Not sure why you appointed yourself as preacher, and your assumption that I am some kind of Christian “hater” would be laughable, if it weren’t so un-Christian.

          You need to quit quoting the bible and start studying it again.

          Never heard of what that gutless weasel did after the Religious Freedom Restoration Act I take it?

          Just as with all too many professional politicians, he turned gutless when the crazies went after him.

          I’m done responding to you.

      2. Your disdain for Mr. Pence is sad to read. Most voters I know who voted for Mr. Trump did so BECAUSE Mr.Pence added the needed balance to the ticket. More than a few of us were hopeful that he would be able and willing to be the restraint that Mr. Trump so badly needs. I voted for him, I liked what he did for the country, but now? Without that tempering influence and perhaps some private advice, Mr. Trump is stuck in reverse. His 6th grade schoolboy name-calling is old, insulting to the electorate, and not what you’d expect from someone who was once the leader of the free world. His New York real estate guy bluster worked when that was what he was. Not anymore. Whining about the last election and calling people names is all we’ve gotten so far – – – and that is simply not enough, not considering the mess the country is in right now. Right now and going forward we need someone who is a visionary for our future.

  7. What is so amazing is how the American population has become numb to the corruption of our national politicians. After growing accustomed to years of “connected” people being enriched through city concrete contracts, we don’t give it a second thought when our national leaders sell out our country for “peanuts”. Nevertheless, this is still the greatest country on the face of the earth, may we all wake up and keep it that way.

  8. Contrasting the presidency of Washington to that of Biden is a tough historical lesson, but Kass delivers it brilliantly, without flinching.

    It’s actually difficult to grasp the decadence of America’s political character reflected in the Washingto-to-Biden decline. But it’s necessary, and it’s why johnkassnews is important. We need to see the decline realistically, not through New York Times’ rationalization or Chicago Way / Delaware Way official corruption.

    Kass is right to warn that if we accept Bidenism, “it will end badly for all of us.” The Fourth of July is a good occasion to reject Biden’s slow-motion treason and influence-peddling corruption as the new American norm.

      1. We all need to keep in mind that the dolts in Springfield as well as in D.C. are there because “We the People” put them there. When we, the voting citizens, wake up and come together to elect better people to these offices then we will begin to right these ships – those of the States and the Federal Government. We have low turn outs in elections for many reasons not the least of which is too many people have given up on voting. I know this from running my precinct poll for twenty years. We seldom exceed 25% turn out for elections counting both early/absentee and in person voting on election day. My neighbors are “educated” hard working Americans. But too many of them do not see the value in taking the time to vote and to vote intelligently. As Pogo said many years ago; “We have met the enemy and he is us!”.

        Steve B.

  9. John, the circus that will ensue if Joe goes and Kamela is risen up will be a larger cacophony than anything we have seen. “First black woman President”, the virtue signaling would be amazing. The key is will Kamela let the henchmen operate? Or, would she actually try to do something? Biden is a doddering idiot and wracked by old age. We know it is not him pulling the levers of power but he can remain upright for television soundbites and deliver them. Can Kamela make the same deal?

  10. There exists a little girl in Arkansas- who’s biological father (and family) refuses to acknowledge her, refuses to support her and refuses to allow her to take his last name – but was ordered by a court to give her his finger paintings. The father is trash – and the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

  11. I tend to think the Founders would give Biden & Co. a good wack then turn away. The people would, then, tar and feather them.

    All of you thinking that Kamala is too dumb to be President are forgetting that she wouldn’t have to be President for long. They move Joe out due to his feebleness less than 4 months before the election. She takes over, and the media narrative will be she is the first Dem, female, black President. They get bragging rights for history.

    Let’s face facts, Joe isn’t really the one running anything. Obama is. Kamala would do whatever he told her then move out of the way just to be a historic figure like KJP!

    1. Erin Geary sez: “All of you thinking that Kamala is too dumb to be President are forgetting that she wouldn’t have to be President for long.”
      I dunno. If Obama is indeed running the show from behind the scenes (and I won’t argue that point at all!) and wants to stay in power, why bother moving her aside, and for whom? They’ve got their puppets in place now – Bernie or Newsome would want to run their own show.
      I suppose you could make the point that the puppet, regardless of who it is, would have to be appear competent enough to be elected, but the 2020 election shows otherwise, and the monkey business needed to turn a close election for the D’s is already in place and was shown to work.

  12. Spot on!

    As the Founding Fathers were imperfect men, they did strive to be better; we can hardly say that about our current leaders.

    Not a single Founding Father, William Franklin, or even Benedict Arnold would look those classless jerks in the eye.

    The column opens so much at so many levels. The Bidens didn’t operate in a vacuum. Neither did the Clintons or even Trump. People elected them. We hear and see the lies, but most of us are happy to ignore them for whatever rationalization we can make. Yes, the ending is in our hands; not the Bidens, Xi Jinping, or the Clintons.

  13. “These are the papers,” Trump says in the audio recording, while he’s discussing the Pentagon attack plans, a quote that was not included in the indictment. “As president, I could have declassified, but now I can’t,” Trump says. I wonder what our founding fathers would think about a former President who jeopardizes our national security and hoards classified documents in his tacky bathroom? Who has been indicted, twice? Who orchestrated an insurrection that injured 138 police officers (back the blue my a**), Who belittles and bullies anyone who challenges him, who shook the hand of one of the most repugnant dictators in the world. It shouldn’t shock me anymore the depth of your hypocrisy John, but it does. What’s the weather like in your alternate universe? Hunter gossip is all you have to feebly hide behind? BIDEN illegally kept state secrets he lifted when he was a Senator? I know he returned whatever he had when asked to do so, see how easy that is John?? Rest assured, outside of the MAGA echo chamber the majority of Americans see through the thin cloud of right wing propaganda (Hunter! Woke! LGBTQ! Trans!) They know who has ACTUALLY been indicted, who the real crime boss is, who the real grifter is, and they recognize hypocrisy when they read it. “Biden crime family?” Seriously?

    1. R-T, why do you waste your $$ reading the real truth the Leftist media hides? Mr Kass continues articles that bringil light in today’s darkness. You really want someone to complain about, I can direct you to look in the mirror. There you will find a mentally blind one. As proof, I’ll bet you still subscribe to the Chi Trib leftist rag. Lol

    2. again I ask all of you: Wouldn’t the world benefit by knowing the real identity of the bloviating fool who calls himself “Riga-Tony?”

  14. “All I want to do is this: I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have,” Trump says, according to audio of the call. “There’s nothing wrong with saying, you know, that you’ve recalculated.” Say John! Wonder what the founding fathers would think of THAT quote!!

    1. i know you’re interested in truth. so here’s a new policy, “riga-tony.” full exposure of your fake “hidden” identity since you hide along the baseboards like some cockroach. OK?

      1. Riga-Tony is Tony Cesare. He is the imaginary bartender, bouncer, cook, and proprietor of Tony’s Tap in Mineral Point WI … a real bar which he claimed – on a previous FB page of his – he owned, but he does not. And of course Tony is also the guy who formerly swore he’d never pay for a subscription to JohnKassnews, but now can’t help himself and somehow can’t stay away. And then, when previously trolling Kass’ site, rather than a baseboard cockroach, was more akin to a cockroach residing in a gas station urinal.

        1. Bruce-have you ever stopped at a Bucky’s Gas Station?? They are destination worthy, bathrooms are absolutely spotless!!! You should check them out, amazing brisket sandwiches, beef jerky made IN HOUSE! It’s a Texas based brand that is spreading North and South, altering the perception/expectation of the ‘filthy gas station bathroom.’ What do you think about Trump refusing to hand over classified docs?? Piled in the bathroom unattended, same bathroom that locks from the inside, bragging to Mar-A-Lago guests about the content? Changing his story every other day in a lame attempt at obfuscation? Does that bother you at all? Oh yea, I forget, Hunter, Hillary’s emails, woke..blah..blah..

    2. Trump wanted to overthrow the election and maintain power. He wasn’t upset about the threats to hang his Vice President. He does nothing for anyone but himself. He’s cunning and feral, qualities not suited to a POTUS, but useful in attracting those who like his kind of entertainment.

      Re Hunter: He has been a screw-up for decades. Biden relatives have been too enthusiastic about making money through their surname. But I don’t think Joe is pocketing money.

          1. What do you think about Trump refusing to hand over classified docs?? Piled in the bathroom unattended, same bathroom that locks from the inside, bragging to Mar-A-Lago guests about the content? Changing his story every other day in a lame attempt at obfuscation? Does that bother you at all? Oh yea, I forget, Hunter, Hillary’s emails, woke..blah..blah.. Gladiator reference, loved that movie.

  15. I can’t help but notice President Obama comes away unscathed in your latest column. He shouldn’t. While China Joe speaks ingratiatingly and as if his mouth is full of flannel, and the eloquence of Obama escapes his grasp, these two past democrat presidents should be thought of as one. For as astute as you are, I’m kind of shocked you have not inculcated us with the thought that their symbiotic relationship, their mutual defense alliance, has brought us to our knees!

    1. Excuse me for dismissing your comments for lack of evidence. Obama was so careful he refused the taxpayer contribution of well over $100,000 for redecorating the White House when his term started. He paid for the expenses himself. He earned much money from selling books which HE ACTUALLY WROTE HIMSELF.

      1. Geraldine Conrad sez: “Obama was so careful he refused the taxpayer contribution of well over $100,000 for redecorating the White House…”
        …And, Trump donated his Presidential salary – all of it – to charity, because he couldn’t technically refuse to take it. What’s yer point, aside from trying to polish Obama’s halo?

  16. Yianni,
    Well put. The only reason Joe hasn’t been impeached thus far is that all the house and senate can’t muster the votes which would put Kamala in charge! Theos Filaxee! So, we’re doomed to stumble through the rest of this year and next, with mumbles as our prezident, and – miss stupid is as stupid does – as our veep. Somewhere along the way we pray a competent candidate will rise to the top, that can actually lead, and undo the damage wreaked upon by Joe, his Chinese cohorts, and socialist climate “experts!” Our founding forefathers are probably doing double back flips in their graves about now…..In any event, good to “hear” your voice again! Stay well…

  17. “Suppose that we hit the body with a tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light,” Trump said at a White House coronavirus briefing on 23 April, before continuing: “Supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way.” Wow! Founding father Benjamin Rush was a Dr, I’ll bet even HE would have been shocked by THAT statement!

      1. Mr Kass, stay strong, we’re all with you. Can’t use my name as another man with Federal Employment has it and they could try to cancel him. Retired like you nothing, nobody can affect us! Amen

      2. I offered an alternate POV on your hit piece on the imaginary Biden ‘crime empire’ (versus acknowledging Trump’s REAL crimes..) and you, what, is that a threat?? Weak. Anyone who has read this column knows exactly what my name is, what difference does it make? Hate to play ‘whataboutism’, but you would be doing handstands and speaking in tongues if President Biden had hidden classified documents, shared them liberally to show off and refused to return them when asked, and you know it. That you can write a piece like this, knowing what Trump is accused of, is a shocking example of extreme gas lighting. I’m no ‘bug’ John, I’m not a hypocrite either.

        1. No Riga Tony, you are an idiot. You are clever in the same way someone who puts feces in a paper bag, lighting it on fire and then running away after ringing the doorbell. You are like that. That clever.

          1. Seriously John? You attack people in every column, horrible, personal insults that rise way above simply disagreeing with one’s ideology or POV. I digress. What do you think about Trump refusing to hand over classified docs?? Piled in the bathroom unattended, same bathroom that locks from the inside, bragging to Mar-A-Lago guests about the content? Changing his story every other day in a lame attempt at obfuscation? Does that bother you at all? Oh yea, I forget, Hunter, Hillary’s emails, woke..blah..blah..

    1. God. You really are stupid. Speculation of photo therapy is crazy? You never heard of photophoresis? How about phototherapy for infant jaundice? Ole Ben Rush? You mean one the staunchest advocates for therapeutic blood letting? You are an idiot. You know that don’t you?

      1. Stop it Bruce, just stop. Do you REALLY BELIEVE that Trump’s ignorant screed was based on his prior study in the science of phototherapy? Come on, really? I am and remain curious-Why do you, and millions of other old white thin skinned cranks continue to scramble for ANY POSSIBLE plausible deniability when defending a morally bankrupt grifter like Trump? Think about it, what does he really represent to you? Dig deep. I know the answer..

          1. I had never heard the expression ‘nudnik’, I had to look it up!! Awesome! My vocabulary of yiddish expressions is growing, first ‘gonif’ now ‘nudnik!’

  18. Right on target. There are no bulls loose in the China Joe grift shop, as are needed. FBI Director Wray outrageously redacted the unclassified 1023 from congressional and public eyes and covered up for the existence of recorded grift re: Burisma. He is just one of many Mad King Georges in our government waging war on us from the inside this time. What better day than Independence Day to commit to a rebirth of freedom? To demand better? Why has McCarthy not authorized a contempt action against Wray, since Wray has signaled his contempt of congress- and worse, against us? Our representatives need to start hearing from us, and acting accordingly. Or hear from us loudly in 2024. Like the 56 signing patriots in 1776, let our words unite us in declaring an end to this generation’s insufferable tyranny and graft. Then may our deeds match, as did theirs.
    Godspeed your recovery John.

  19. Happy Birthday America — especially to you in the America-hating left-wing cabal that insists the Founding Fathers were all racists because most of them were slave-owning white guys. Your misplaced anger at them ignores history, but examples of repression of people because of their race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or even economic status abound in today’s supposedly enlightened world. Take a look around to Iran, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Afghanistan and dozens of other countries and try to imagine if our Founding Fathers would even try to rebel against the tyrants ruling those places.

    As for the slave-owning charge, it’s mostly true, but that was how things were done back in 1776. It would take nearly a century for us to outlaw slavery and another century to reach some semblance of the promised equality of “all men are created equal.” We’re still not perfect, but like John points out, neither were they. All we can do is strive to be better.

    Last, the left-wing media must have completely missed the excellent series from Reuters showing how many recent presidents and other politicians are directly descended from slave-owning families. Every one, including the sainted St. Barry of Obama. You know why they didn’t report such earth-shaking news? Because it showed Trump and his family to be the only ones who didn’t own slaves. Here’s the link: https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-slavery-lawmakers/.

    You’re welcome. Get well soon John. I miss the moutzahs.

  20. Great piece, John! My concern is, when will enough be enough for Americans? The powers that be (at both state and federal levels) are doing everything they can to buy votes in all demographics with giveaways and “forgiveness” offers. When will enough VOTERS realize more government intrusion isn’t the answer to every single issue facing our country?

  21. You’re Back…Thanks, John. Excellent column! You mentioned a couple of my relatives in your column. If there is anything to DNA, I feel your assignment of what “our founders think of China Joe Biden” is disdain and disappointment.

  22. Democrats have done more to ruin this nation in the last 30 years than Republicans, and that’s saying a lot. This corporate duopoly that essentially owns the nation, taken over through a gradual coup de etat, has broken the culture and done way with common sense and respect for ideas and the common good.

    If you step back objectively and listen to what they say and watch what they do, politicians from both parties contradict themselves regularly, and the public is so numb to it, that they go along with the sleight of hand shell game both parties play. Look at the trans, Orange Man Bad, Woke, the border, abortion. We see no leadership on any of these things, true debate is discouraged and arguing is encouraged. They want me to hate Kass, they want me to hate Trump, they want me to hate Clarence Thomas.

    Biden is garbage and we have Barack Obama, the black mascot for Wall Street, to thank for Biden. Obama begat the loser, crooked Hillary, who gave the presidency to Trump. He campaigned skillfully and outworked her, but he had to thread the needle to win, and she gave it to him by ignoring the rust belt and branding working people as deplorable. The first woman president, it should have been a cake walk had she had a jobs program, increase min wage, and health care reform. These are things most people agree on and want to some extent. But neither side gives a shit about workers, Republicans and Democrats clearly do not.

    Republicans are war mongers, the Democrats have taken the mantle and the defense industry money and are now even bigger war mongers. Democrats used to be anti war. They used to be for free speech, they used to be for autonomy, individual expression, and staunchly pro labor. They are none of these things anymore. Instead, you have to wear the rainbow flag as a prop, but cannot disagree with any aspect of it. We have a bill of rights that applies to all Citizens, but the way they talk, you’d think the first amendment doesn’t exist, nor the second, or the fifth, let alone the 13th, 14th, and 15th!

    So, yes, Kass, Democrats are corrupt, and Biden is the Cappi di tutti cappi, along with his scumbag kid, Hunter. He needs to go. But where do we go from there? How do we disentangle the corporate capture of our government John? How do we bring back real journalism? How do we bring back the civility that Biden campaigned on and didn’t remotely deliver?

    Term limits
    Public financing of campaigns
    Ban legislators from becoming lobbyists
    Prohibit lobbyists from writing legislation
    Strict ethics law with draconian penalties for violation
    End pensions and lifetime health care for all for all elected officials.
    Eliminate the Department of Education, Commerce, Homeland Security
    Use antitrust laws to encourage competition and dismantle the monopolies

    I read somewhere that every 2% of economic growth requires 1% growth of energy capacity. We need a sound energy policy that both respects the environment and provides Americans with jobs. If green tech is feasible, we need a Put a man in the moon type research drive to develop a clean source of energy.

    Besides dumping Biden and scumbag Hunter, and Giggles, where do we go from here?

    Because for 60% of the nation, Donald ain’t cutting it either.

      1. Ooohhh..John the stern ‘taskmaster’, scolding paying subscribers for DARING to comment beyond some fictitious word count, or something. Better hire an editor Robert, John certainly doesn’t have one..

        1. Well well well. So Tony baloney Riga-Tony is now a paying subscriber after all. Last I checked you used to brag about your freeloading and how if John enforced payment you’d never ever pay to subscribe. IT JUST WASN’T WORTH YOUR TIME OR MONEY. So what happened? Couldn’t stay away? Was it your mission from Wokeistan to keep us heretics and heathens in line? Maybe smoting “echo chambers” which offend you? You are a liar, an idiot, as well as a phony. Speaking of liars and phonies, Riga-Tony, how’s Tony’s Tap doing? You know the bar that you claimed you owned in Mineral Point WI?

          1. Not Mineral Point Bruce, we are located just east of Lake Pearling in downtown Kleintown. Closed for Independence Day but reopening tomorrow! You are always welcome here!!

    1. How do we get government, let alone *leadership*, for the middle 60% of the nation indeed! Paraphrasing a past post about politicians in our 2 party system, “If we win, we win. If they win, we win”. All at the expense of America – the people and the democracy. To me, it seems that American democracy has devolved to simply voting out the dumbsh** incumbent who pisses one off. As said elsewhere in comments here, I’m getting too old for this sh** (too). The next culture swing from an extreme to the center (e.g. going from the ’70s to the ’80s) can’t happen soon enough.

  23. Excellent column. The charges against Hunter and slight slap of hand were not only shocking, but stupid. People were like huh? why? If it were any of us we’d be in prison. Many went to prison on tax evasion. Buying a weapon with a history of drug abuse and dumping in a trash can near a school would also land the average person to do some time. So yes it’s unfair.
    The left gets a pass at too many wrong doings.
    Meanwhile we are told to sit down and shut up. We are told America is a horrible racist place. If one states I’m a proud American who believes in country and God we are labeled with more names than I can count. Some of us are done! We are seeing our country slipping away. We are scared. We are worried. We don’t know how to get it back. We do understand we are damaged.
    I can’t believe some of the things I am asked to believe. Some days I’m just too old for this shit. Im not mentally inadequate.
    Thanks for your words.

  24. China has been working diligently in recent years to clean up corruption within its own party, CCP.
    Do we have what it takes to do the same here — on both sides of the aisle?
    Appears highly unlikely to me.
    Told not to question those in power (and be ready for the, “How High?” response to the “Jump” command).

  25. John, spot on with this column! The deceiver-in-chief and the entourage around them would make the founders believe that virtue and courage has sold out to power and money, like we’ve seen so frequently in history! They knew human nature and built consideration of this power/money grabbing corruption into their constutional thinking, while much of the press is MIA on the pursuit of truth, it is still getting out! The majority of the country still desires better and believes in constitutional liberty,but it is incumbent on the people to speak out. Our greatest enemy is the unelected bureaucracy, as is evident in so many areas. Hopefully, we can elect a congress and president in the next election that will help tear that bureaucracy down, piece by piece. Meanwhile, celebrate Independence Day glad that Federalism is still alive and constraing the behemoth of the government bureaucracy on our behalf.

  26. We, the people, tolerated the great corruption of the Clinton ear and a fawning press which watched as everyone down to shirt tail relatives got rich. If memory serves, one pair were so clumsy in their efforts they were ridiculed in the press, but not obstructed. The Obama era made another generation of sycophants wealthy at the public trough with nary a mention and even Nancy Pelosi has invested her money to grow at five times the rate that Warren Buffet could manage. Joe is but one last vestige of this house and selling the American people out is only a complaint leveled against Republicans by the press. Mister Jefferson said “were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” Congratulations sycophants, under Joe we have neither.

  27. It seems the national media is finally coming around to the Hunter Biden story! It only took them three years to give credence to what has been public knowledge for the last four years. Republicans drag their feet on investigating Biden so the Democrats can continue to hog tie Trump. In the spirit of bipartisanship the Republicans make more noise as the election nears, removing Biden from running again. Of course this leaves Kamala Giggles twisting in the wind. Democrats, in the interest of “saving our democracy” declare a wide open primary which removes that dead weight. She was the worst the last time she ran and will still be the worst. So who’s next? My guess is “would you buy a used car from this guy?” Gavin Newsome. He fits their bill completely. Photogenic, a true swamp politician and willing to lie to the public without blinking an eye unlike Karen “Blinky” Jean Pierre. Now what do we do about Joe? Well we surely couldn’t put a senile ex- president on trial since he’s unable to properly defend himself due to deteriorating mental capacity could we? Joe will ride out his days watching beautiful sunsets on the beach from his estate in the Hamptons. American banks also take Chinese money too! Not to worry about Hunter though. An “inside” guy like Hunter is valuable to the military/industrial complex. I’m sure he’ll be just fine. I mean fifty grand a month is what he was getting paid by the Ukranians. I’m sure that figure is doubled these days with inflation and all. Do you know how expensive child support is these days?

  28. Hunter Biden slap on the wrist for lying on a gun background check is no different than a DA plea bargaining and tossing a charge of Convicted Felon with a gun charges. Screaming for tougher gun laws but not enforcing the current gun laws. Is it A stutter problem or stupidity?

  29. “I watched him (Trump) show classified documents to people at Mar-a-Lago on the dining room patio. So, he has no respect for classified information. Never did,” Grisham explained…

    1. Why do you guys bite on rigatony’s bait. He’s entitled to his opinion but if you feed him attention he gets his reward. A reply of “Absolutely” or “O.K. Tony” and reels in an empty hook. My Dad used to say ” don’t wrestle with pigs , you just get dirty and the pig enjoys the exercise”.

      1. Bait? Hardly. Back to reality. Trump, two indictments and a third on the way, a first year law student reading the counts against him would tell you he is f****d. Biden, guilty in the court of Fox News of…something…because that is the narrative. See the difference? One is real, one manufactured. So, I’ll ask again, what is it about Trump that makes other wise good people abandon they’re ethics, morals and credibility in an all out effort to shield him from his own lies? I am and remain genuinely curious.

        1. Let Riga-Tony say whatever he wants.
          One plays into his hand by commenting on his posts.
          Ignore him. He’s looking for comments.
          He might comment on my reply with some sophomoric response.
          I’ll not respond.

  30. John, what can anyone say but this is if not your best column ever certainly one of the best and maybe some day in a book on America today by John Kass…thank you for your voice on our past, present and future. God bless you. Happy Independence Day ! Be well, Bob Oplawski

  31. “It all works, the corrupt Chicago Way becomes the Delaware Way becomes the American Way, allowing for Democratic grift and graft.”

    “Big Shorty” (King Richard II) met Slick Willy & the Hag, and it was Kismet. Thence, “Sparkle Farts”** was foist upon us as the set-up for Killary.

    No doubt Daley’s Local 13, Thieves, Villains, & Scoundrels*, in some part, conjured up the roots of the current Democratic party and we now witness obfuscation, outright lying, smears, and thuggery.

    Thanks for an excellent article.

    * Rocky & Bullwinkle, Jay Ward Productions
    ** Second City Cop – Back on Twitter!!

  32. What the Founders might think?
    Just got back from my ancestral neighborhood in Albemarle County Virginia. Where the philosophical under pins of the Revolution were formed. And where the war was won. The Founders from my hood would see the Bidens as just another iteration of New England hypocrisy, just another “barrel to the whale” as my ancestral first cousin (founder of the University of Virginia – look it up) called the Missouri compromise.

    Trump, however crass and limited, my ancestors would clearly recognize as someone who stands on principle, and who has sacrificed his ease to defend these under pins.

    The Bidens are carp, rough fish, who swim to whatever food is thrown in the water.

  33. John,

    I started reading your columns in the Chicago Tribune decades ago when the Tribune was still a respectable source of news. That’s so long ago this broken person can not remember it well, but I stopped paying the Tribune for “news” over 15 years ago, when I realized they were publishing more fake news than truth.

    John, I’m happy to pay for your reporting of facts and your opinions on the current news. Please keep writing and posting your columns two times a week if you are able. What has broken me are auto immune disorders that cause me to sleep 11 – 12 hours per day. Once or twice a week when I am alert and able I will read your stories as long as you can write them, or will read stories posted by your friends when they need to fill in for you.

    God bless everyone fighting to expose TRUTH in America, and bless everyone willing to pay for such information and Patriotic opinion as expressed by John and his writing friends.

    To Riga Toni, are you on the Biden Family payroll? If so, shame on you for knowingly accepting money sourced from the Chinese Communist Party.


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