Miranda Devine: Wakeup Call Coming for Americans Who’ve Been Lied to by Media

By John Kass

December 18, 2022

Miranda Devine, the New York Post columnist and author of the critically important book, “Laptop From Hell,”  knows who President Joe Biden really is.

 He’s not just that smiling fraud with the capped teeth, Joe wearing his aviator shades and eating ice cream as his crackhead bagman son Hunter scored millions in China and Ukraine. He’s not only the phony working class kid from Scranton, one of the ridiculous poses this congenital liar, fabulist and notorious plagiarist has told the American people for years. He’s something else.

Miranda Devine knows the real Joe Biden, the Biden that bought mansions and fine clothes and lived large on a government salary. You might call him President Biden. I call him by another name:

President Grifter.

“So this is a guy (Joe Biden) who lives high on the hog, and he has this Tammany Hall style attitude to power and it is the Chicago Way,” Devine said on  the Chicago Way podcast.

I’ve included the podcast link in the paragraph above so you may listen to her interview. I do hope you listen. After all, it’s your country.

There are many powerful interests in America that don’t want you to listen to Miranda Devine or read her book about the corruption of the Biden White House, corruption that now compromises the national security of the United States.

It is the book that illustrates the corruption of Big Tech and corruption of Big Media–corporate legacy media–that suppressed the New York Post’s stunning expose in October 2020 of that Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell.”

Big Corporate Media ignored the New York Post story, and willingly jumped to support a disinformation campaign on behalf of Joe Biden by 51 former intelligence “authorities” who suggested that the Biden Laptop stories were part of a Russia disinformation campaign to discredit the Biden presidential campaign. That turned out to be a lie.

Many corporate media journalists shamed themselves by ignoring the New York Post story. I worked at a paper that wouldn’t touch it, and when I’d write columns about the New York Post story I could feel a chill and hear the groans.

National Public Radio’s managing editor, Terrence Samuel, guaranteed he’ll leave an immortal legacy of NPR as National Jester Radio, the national broadcast clown car with this quote about why leftist NPR ignored the most important story in decades.

“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions,” Samuel said.  “And quite frankly, that’s where we ended up, this was . . . a politically driven event and we decided to treat it that way.”

Of course you don’t. Shake that rattle stick Terry, the stick jesters often carry.

And now come the revelations of the “Twitter Files” that point directly to FBI involvement in suppressing those stories and censoring information as if we were living in some Orwellian nightmare.

But Corporate Media avoids mentioning of the “Twitter Files,” and the FBI isn’t interested.
You might ask yourselves: Why?
Why don’t they want you to pay attention to Devine and the revelations coming from the Twitter Files about the FBI’s role in censoring information before the vote in 2020, the American national police helping rig an election.

Why does the corporate legacy media avoid the “Twitter Files?”

Because they’re all in on it, that’s why.

And they think you’re all part of the placid American herd, chewing your cud as they drive you through the stockyard chutes down, to that last chute where the hook awaits.

This is far worse than Watergate. This one makes Watergate look like a birthday party for perfectly behaved 1st Graders from the Gilded Age, kids speaking like that gentle Hollywood child actor your great-grandma forgot. His name is Freddie Bartholomew, Little Lord Fauntleroy, if you’re interested.

Why should Americans read Devine’s book?

“So they’re not completely gobsmacked when the House starts holding hearing, and you see people testify under oath about the money coming from China and Ukraine and into the Biden Family coffers,” Devine said on the Chicago Way.

Gobsmacked indeed.

“I think it’s going to be a bit of a wakeup call for a lot of Americans who’ve been lied to and misinformed by their media organizations,” Devine said.
If you don’t think you’ve been lied to by corporate, legacy media on Biden corruption, then you’re hopeless and a fool. But you’re here, so I really don’t think you’re a willing chumbolone.
But Americans who only read the New York Times and the Washington Post, and watch only CNN and MSNBC, and CBS and ABC, and who stay obedient in the news silos of the left have no idea.
“They have no idea that this is a real story about corruption, the president of the United States who has been running this influence peddling scheme with his family for decades, who internationalized it when he was vice president, took millions of dollars from China, our greatest adversary, from Russia from Ukraine, you name it… and now he’s president.”

This is bigger than Watergate. The comparison to Watergate would have once made liberals uncomfortable. But liberals have disappeared. And Watergate became something of a Holy Grail story for the left, as journalists evolved from reporters of fact to high priests.
“Joe Biden lied during the campaign about his involvement in his son Hunter and his brother Jim’s overseas business dealing in which they took millions of dollars from our greatest adversary, China, not to mention Ukraine,” Devine said. “He lied about it when he said he knew nothing about it. Reams of evidence showing he did, and knowingly met with Hunter’s business partners in Washington. There is evidence on the laptop that he (the president) benefitted financially from comingled finances between hunter and his father, bills being paid, the email to his daughter saying, ‘you’re lucky you don’t have to give half of your salary to Pop.’
“Influence peddling is a bi-partisan disease in Washington, and Joe Biden is the best at it,” Devine said.

As he was being wined and dined by China–and many in Washington were sucking up after Chinese money–Biden was perfectly positioned. He was Sen. Joe Biden, D-MasterCard.
And what the “Twitter Files” reveal is that the FBI–the most powerful federal law enforcement agency in the world–was right in the middle of the censorship on behalf of Biden Inc.
James Baker was the top lawyer at the FBI, the top lawyer throughout all their (since discredited) Russia collusion stunts and dirty tricks to get rid of Donald Trump. And lo and behold he shows up at Twitter as their general counsel,” Devine said.

According to the Twitter Files, Baker was pushing the Biden Inc. argument that the laptop story was hacked information, which it wasn’t. New Twitter owner Elon Musk fired him.
“If this were (the plot) of a John LeCarre espionage novel, you wouldn’t believe it,” she said.
“You cannot have a globalist company that has more power than the leader of the free world,” Devine said. “Twitter and Facebook were able to deplatform a sitting president of the United States and people didn’t care.”
The attitude among many–except Trump’s supporters–was “Who cares? It’s Donald Trump, he’s beyond the pale. But it’s Donald Trump today and it’s you know (fill in the name) of your favorite president tomorrow.”
By then there won’t be an American republic.

I keep thinking of what Miranda Devine said at the outset of our discussion, about Joe Bi eating high off the hog, with that Tammany Hall attitude of a politician using the government hammer to get rich.
The Washington Way is The Delaware Way is The Chicago Way.
And how did Biden’s boss, former President Barack Obama, not know this was going on?
Devine thinks Obama must have known. So do I. Biden was operating out of the Obama White House.

Biden is not unique. He’s a grifter. He flashes his capped teeth and flashes his blarney and his blah-blah-blah and sniffs some poor young woman’s hair and eats his ice cream and tells his fables. He’s been doing it for years. It’s big city Democrat corruption writ large. The difference is that he put his crackhead son out there as a bagman to deal with China, and China wants to kick America to the curb. Maybe you wouldn’t succeed under China rule. But guys like Biden would. He’d be a natural. Guys like Biden are supple that way.

I’ve seen grifters like Biden in Chicago. Any reporter in any big city has seen grifters like this. You can see them coming from miles away. They get rich playing the same game, speaking on behalf of the poor, while using the government hammer to leverage the big bucks. It is the way of the world and the humans with feet of clay who live in that world.

But they couldn’t succeed if they didn’t have protection from corporate, legacy media that shields them, just like the Chicago hack Jake Lingle shielded the violent baboon Al Capone. I don’t loathe crooked politicians as much as I loathe their mouthpieces and virtue signalers.

But President Grifter had more than a few journalistic hacks from the New York Times and the Washington Post, and MSNBC and CNN guarding his back, didn’t he?
He had Twitter. And Facebook. And according to the “Twitter Files” he had the benefit of the FBI working with Twitter to censor, isolate and diminish conservative voices who were in the way.

What the grifters of both parties in Washington count on is your indifference. They’ve been at it since Thomas Jefferson unleashed his own media hacks on John Adams and called Adams a hermaphrodite.

They form what I call the Bi-Partisan Combine. A combine chops everything down, even the weeds. They’ve destroyed Illinois, then Chicago, and Washington.

The corruption is out there for you to see, bigger than Watergate ever was, to read for yourself in Miranda Devine’s book on President Grifter and his bagman son, “The Laptop From Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, And The Dirty Secret The President Tried to Hide.”

It’s your republic, America. If you will keep it.
(Copyright 2022 John Kass)


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  1. Good Morning John, I used to know a gentlemen named Frank P Schrieber. Frank was the chief speech writer for Colonel McCormick. Frank has been gone for many years, but I can remember Frank lamenting the direction the Chicago Tribune was taking, and that may be some 35 years ago. Frank ended up owning a restaurant called Otto’s in Forest Park. I spent many lunches and dinners at Otto’s listening to Frank tell stories about the Tribune and Colonel McCormick. If only Frank and the Colonel were alive today. They would be at the forefront of the disclosure that will take place shortly of the Joe Biden crime syndicate.

    Miranda Devine must be selected for journalistic sainthood for her disclosing the facts of Jurassic Joe and his entire crime family. I cannot wait for the first of the year when the basis of Miranda’s book, is used by Jim Jordan and James Comer to peel away the layers of Biden’s sell out to the Chinese Communist Party. It will be interesting to see how the Tribune, the NY Slime and the Washington Post couch all of the evidence that will finally be exposed to the American people. I think Steve Chapman, Rick Pearson and Rex Huppke, wherever he is now located, will have proverbial egg on their face. They have tried to destroy Donald Trump and most Republicans for the past many years. Happily, I cancelled the Tribune this year and I used the funds to subscribe to your writings. Keep up the great work.

    1. John and Harry, the problem with so many Americans today is that they are consumed by the demands of everyday life and have little emotional or mental capacity left for understanding the current political environment. And if they are aware many feel they are unable to bring about meaningful change by voting. Many do not have faith in our voting systems. Much as Christ said in his parable about someone coming back from the dead; “Even if one comes back from the dead “they” will not believe”. I want to be wrong. I want the revelations of the Hunter Biden’s laptop to destroy the veil that has surrounded all this wrong doing, to change the way we Americans view our governments at all levels but until it happens I will remain a skeptic.

      I also expect that as the depths of the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop are plumbed there will appear links to one Barack Obama who had to know what “Joe” was up to while serving as V.P. I believe Obama is “dirty”; how else to explain the enormous wealth he has accumulated? Lots of people are going to be emotionally shattered by the revelations. And I say; Good. It’s about time.

      S. W. Baranyk – Indianapolis

      1. Stephen,
        So true. I whole heartily agree about B. Hussein O. He knew what Joe was, is and would be. Yet, he picked him. He famously said, Joe, you do not need to do this when he announced for President. That is why Susan Rice and Ron Klain are in the White House, to run Joe. O knew that someday, all of this would come out and his reputation would go down the drain.

  2. Miranda Devine warns us. It is for the American people to behave accordingly, to read up on the globalist corruption, to cast off our learned prejudices( “I am straight-ticket Yellowdog, union made Democrat voter”), to vote with conviction and speak truth to power. The warning is powerful and evident. Act accordingly.

  3. “This is bigger than Watergate. The comparison to Watergate would have once made liberals uncomfortable. But liberals have disappeared. And Watergate became something of a Holy Grail story for the left, as journalists evolved from reporters of fact to high priests.”


  4. Inquiring minds want to know: when the new Republican led congress holds hearing will the major networks broadcast them live in prime time like the Jam. 6th show trials? Will the hearings get the same level of media attention the Jan. 6th hearings did?

    Yea right. We all know the answer to that question.

  5. Γιάννη- I’m 4th in line for Miranda’s book at Glenview Library. Should have soon. Only bona-fide news thus far on the laptop issue has been posted on FoxNews site. A trickle is starting on others, but very slow to name names!! Imagine that!!

  6. Great article. After reading it a phrase popped into my head that explains a chunk of America right now.Stockholm syndrome!!Stockholm syndrome is a coping mechanism to a captive or abusive situation. People develop positive feelings toward their captors or abusers over time. Hopefully America is starting to wake up to what’s going on in this great Republic.

  7. John, I always wondered who in the FBI was in charged of the Obama senate seat investigation. It always seemed weird the investigation stopped when Valerie Jarrett and Obama started to ask how they could get their person in the seat. Did the FBI protect them before they could offer something on tape recording?

  8. John: I still enjoy reading your column in spite of your total negativity about President Biden and the Democrats. You are indeed a very gifted writer and certainly have a way with words, but I’m sorry your hate for almost everything political is bothersome.
    My comments don’t amount to anything to be concerned about, but it just gives me the opportunity to express myself. I am 90 years old and luckily have survived all the political messes we’ve gone through, I get the feeling that you even support Trump and the Republican way. Why I can’t understand. Trump and many of his followers are out to ruin our country- write about them too.

  9. Anyone with a brain and a memory knows whoBiden is. He previously for president and was practically laughed out of both races, lying and plagiarizing himself. He’s a grifter, a loser, his son is a drug addict and a pimp.

    But my choice in 2020 was? And Mitch McConnell’s Chinese heiress wife is with him because of his good looks. Trump never lies, he doesn’t pay his taxes, and has multiple women accusing him of various improprieties.

    Both parties are full of corporate stooges and the media does their bidding in exchange for access. If you think the answer is just electing these Republicans, you are the stooge as well.

    Why not call for reform?

    Did William Randolph Hearst not push his favored candidates and policies? Did Pulitzer push certain candidates? Hoe about Colonel McCormick? He wasn’t politically motivated in the least, was he?

    As Ive said before, Biden deserves everything he’s got coming, the full Trump treatment. Expose all his lies, crooked deals, hypocrisy, all of it. He will most certainly be impeached. Im sure Garland will be as well, and Schaffer, AOC, Omar, Tlaib, will all be kicked off committees.

    Meanwhile, we spend over a trillion on the Pentagon and they cannot account for a huge chunk of the money John. DO any republicans work there? Do you think the list of publications you read are not slanted? Who actually tells the full truth?

    So we install Trump as president, and then what?

    Where is the plan for reform?

    “Please Ken Griffin, fund an opponent against Pritzker”. It’s just insert one clown for another.

    This is getting ugly. I’d sure like to see Paul Vallas have a chance to work on the city and it’s issues. He needs exposure

  10. When we say the 2020 election was rigged, this is what we mean; crucial information about the Bidens and covid was censored; Democrats shut down the economy over covid because it was Trump’s economy and then they blamed him for not handling it properly when it was their bureaucrats like Fauci and the teacher’s unions that imposed what was essentially a contrived nationwide labor strike; then they loosed their thugs on the public in the streets in the five-month run-up to the election to make it seem like the country was in chaos and Trump was powerless to stop it. All the while they were using the pandemic to manipulate changes in voting procedures in battleground states and elsewhere.

    Later after they stole the election, they got apoplectic when a five hour riot besieged the Capitol on Jan. 6– as if that was more important than the five months of rioting, destruction, killings, assaults on police and billions in property damage inflicted from the end of May until November, 2020.

    Yes, the election was rigged because Democrats know how, in the words of Rahm Emanual, to “never let a crisis go to waste because you can do things you wouldn’t normally be able to do.”

  11. I don’t think the media will report on any hearings from the new Congress in 2023.
    I am afraid that the media will continue to ignore and hide any realistic findings from the sworn testimony of the people that they already depise, and fear.

    1. John,
      You are correct that the media will simply ignore the revelations. They ignore the border crisis, and people do not believe it exists. They ignore the lack of secret ballot with mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting, and thus, there is no problem. A majority of voters are not sufficiently interested in what is happening to them to prevent it. Votes of the majority that do not pay taxes are bought and paid for with money from those who do pay. The Republic is failing and I fear irreversibly.

  12. I’m stating chapter 3 and sent a copy to my boyhood friend, who is a Trump hater, to read
    as a Christmas present. Do you think he may change his mind over Trump after reading the
    book?If nothing elemi hope he wakes up to the ongoing corruption in our DC swamp, and pay
    more attention to current events, and follow them in honest media,not the corrupt ones in
    your great report.
    GK, Oak Forest

  13. Isn’t there 1 journalist at the “woke” papers that can see this is how they break out and shine? She can’t be the only reporter out there and the “woke” need to wake up.

  14. This corporate media propaganda has been filtering down into local television news. I’m looking at you WGN, WLS, WMAQ, CBS and Fox32. These local outlets don’t have the budget for actual reporting beyond the weather and neighborhood violence, so they regurgitate anything their preferred national ‘news’ networks spit out. The problem is, there are far too many out there (less every day) who find it difficult to question their local news or even employ critical thinking skills when faced with corporate media lying on behalf to the democrat party in general and senile Grifter Joe in particular. They just all fell all over themselves to give barf out one last in-kind donation to the Democrat Party by hyping up the sham J6 Roland Freisler Tribute Band one more time, all while devoutly (obediently actually) ignoring the Twitter Files.

    The piles of evidence of malfeasance by the Biden Crime Family should at least imperil Grifter Joe’s immunity from the Moutsa.

  15. The grifter and the bagman, and the people who refuse to believe, as long as the crumbs and the circus continue.
    It’s as old as time. Money, power and pleasure
    Thank You Miranda and John for your courage.

  16. Laptop from Hell has inflamed me. Combined with my CD copy of 2000 Mules it tells a story of intentional corruption orchestrated in a disgusting and admittedly brilliant manner. How can this or any country survive such immorality at the highest levels of leadership? Perhaps with the TRUTH being effectively written. I admire John and Miranda for their efforts as our present day “Thomas Paines”! Write on and on and on until the crooks and their collaborators are disgraced, de-throned and behind bars!

  17. Γιάννη,
    Just finished her book. OMG! What a bunch of sleazeballs and lowlifes. The Biden clan of degenerates makes the Clintons look like boy scouts!! God help us!!

  18. What an eye opener this book is. I guess we always knew it was bad but not this bad. The Bidens are all crocks and should be locked up. I still can’t believe that some of my “former” friends actually voted for him.

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