Memo to RFK Jr., Tucker, and Mark Steyn: The CIA Did Not Kill JFK

By Cory Franklin

May 19, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., now a candidate for president in 2024, recently asserted that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was behind the 1963 assassination of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy. Controversial former Fox commentator Tucker Carlson and conservative columnist Mark Steyn have voiced similar opinions.

What’s the most charitable way to put this? To use the fashionable argot, these guys are promoting fake news.

The CIA, always a multifarious organization enmeshed in politics, has prompted many theories why it might want JFK dead. So it’s understandable that people might believe its involvement – but believing does not make it so. The key is that there is not a single shred of reliable evidence that the CIA was involved in the assassination. Never has been.

RFK Jr., in particular, completely misrepresents the facts of the various assassination investigations. To paraphrase the critic Mary McCarthy, every word RFK Jr. says about the JFK assassination is untrue including “and” and “the”.

Speaking on Fox News’s Hannity about the assassination, RFK Jr. told host Sean Hannity, “There’s millions of pages of documents — of CIA documents, of transcripts, of recorded conversations from the Cuban embassy in Mexico City, it’s hard to summarize the evidence.”

It’s hard because no one has ever produced verified documents linking Lee Harvey Oswald and the CIA. It would not be a stretch to assert that such documents do not exist and have never existed. Extensive FBI wiretaps of the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City when Oswald visited showed no mention of a relationship between Oswald and the CIA.

RFK continued on Fox, “When Congress, 10 years later, investigated the crime with much more evidence than the Warren Commission had at its disposal, Congress found that, yeah, it was a plot. It was a conspiracy [and] there were multiple people involved.”

The 1970s congressional committee RFK Jr. refers to was the House Subcommittee on Assassinations (HSCA) and its members found “no evidence” of an Oswald/CIA relationship. In fact, contra RFK Jr. they did summarize their evidence, “The Agency’s (CIA) investigative efforts prior to the assassination regarding Oswald’s presence in Mexico City served to confirm the absence of a relationship with him.”

This was supported by, of all people, the head of the KGB during Oswald’s time in Russia. With every motivation to implicate US intelligence, the KGB agent was totally unimpressed with Oswald and reiterated, “It was clear Oswald was not an agent, couldn’t be an agent, for the CIA or FBI.”

None of this matters to RFK Jr., who doubled down again (tripled down?) with Hannity, “There are confessions of people who are directly involved in the plot, who were involved in the planning of the plot, who were peripherals to the plot, there’s a 60-year cover-up.”

RFK Jr. mischaracterizes this as well. The HSCA did conclude there was a conspiracy, although no mention of confessions or how it was carried out. This is frequently cited; not so widely reported is that the HSCA was prepared to support the “lone gunman” theory of the Warren Commission until one late piece of evidence emerged, a Dictabelt recording of a motorcycle cop in Dealey Plaza that day. Academic analysts heard a fourth shot (that everyone agrees hit nothing), meaning another gunman and a conspiracy. This was flimsy. Subsequent analysis by the National Academy of Sciences, Bell Labs, Princeton and the Dallas Police Department (which documented the Dictabelt was not where the analysts assumed) demonstrated that critical piece of evidence was mistaken, discrediting that conspiracy theory.

Here are ten relevant questions no CIA assassination theorist has ever answered plausibly in 60 years. Without concrete answers to these questions, how could there be an Oswald/CIA conspiracy? (Commentors – could you please answer these questions in your comments, just this once, in lieu of the inevitable snark and invective? Thanks.)

Which CIA agent authorized the assassination?

Which CIA agent recruited Oswald?

Did that recruiter help Oswald kill the president or was another agent involved (RFK Jr. alleges multiple people)?

Where is the tangible evidence – paper trail, money trail, phone calls, corroborating eyewitnesses of any contact between Oswald and any specific CIA agent (Did Oswald work for free, and if not, where did the money go)?

Why did Oswald’s family, friends and acquaintances never mention anyone who turned out to be a CIA agent?

Why would a self-admitted Marxist and supporter of Fidel Castro’s Cuba collaborate with the agency that attempted to overthrow Castro (Bay of Pigs) and also planned his assassination?

Why would the CIA collaborate with an itinerant, chronic ne’er do-well, who was intermittently surveilled by the rival FBI?

Why is there no physical evidence of how the CIA actually carried out the assassination?

Why did the CIA allow Oswald to be captured and interrogated for two days by the Dallas police?

Why didn’t Robert Kennedy (RFK Jr.’s father), the country’s top law enforcement officer – with the resources at his disposal of everyone from local police forces to the FBI – attempt to uncover a CIA plot to kill his brother, whom he idolized and was his best friend?

We’ll never know, right? Well, we can come as close to knowing as anyone can about any historical event. No crime has ever been subject to as many official high-level investigations – four prestigious government panels: the Warren Commission, the HSCA, the Church Committee (to investigate CIA abuses), and the Rockefeller Commission on CIA activities. These committees included two future presidents, a vice president, a chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a Supreme Court chief justice, some of the country’s best senior lawyers and sharp junior lawyers looking to make their bones. All four panels failed to find any evidence of a tie between Oswald and the CIA, or any CIA involvement in the assassination.

Of course, the rejoinder is the CIA hid its role effectively.

The CIA? The folks who botched the Bay of Pigs, intelligence on 9/11 and Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, and most recently was deeply involved in the bogus letter about the Hunter Biden laptop? Is it even conceivable that this organization could hide all the assassination evidence and conceal a multilayered conspiracy involving so many people, none of whom is ever named by conspiracy theorists, with no one talking in 60 years and not having one investigation discover it?

Whom to believe? An RFK Jr. who offers zero evidence, or the unanimous conclusion of so many researchers who could have built bigger careers by producing a shred of proof implicating the CIA?

The living memory of historical events is ephemeral: people who lived through those events eventually die. The two most consequential days in 20th century American history were December 7, 1941, – Pearl Harbor, and November 22, 1963, – JFK’s assassination. Soon, everyone who lived through Pearl Harbor will be gone, and with the 60th anniversary of the assassination coming this November the number who remember where they were when JFK died is dwindling. When living memory disappears, even cockamamie bar talk will persuade -3some people that they now have the inside story.

Some say, what difference does it make at this point who killed JFK. Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr.’s revisionism is an unambiguous response to that question and as to why history matters. Because people who believe such fictions as those RFK Jr. propagates will, as the saying goes, believe six impossible things before breakfast.

A passage from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) manual ‘Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare’, prepared for the Nicaraguan Contras.


About the author:

Dr. Cory Franklin

Cory Franklin, physician and writer is a frequent contributor to

He was director of medical intensive care at Cook County Hospital in Chicago for more than 25 years. An editorial ng the pathologists who studied it intently but had no idea what body part it could be. This was before it was known as trolling.)

There is a lesson here. The next time someone tells you, with unmistakable conviction, that he believes in “the science,” gladly offer to discuss science with him over a sandwich. Give him a choice, chorizo or perhaps kosher salami. board contributor to the Chicago Tribune op-ed page, he writes freelance medical and non-medical articles. His work has also appeared in the New York Times, Jerusalem Post, Chicago Sun-Times, New York Post, Guardian, Washington Post and has been excerpted in the New York Review of Books. Cory was also Harrison Ford’s technical adviser and one of the role models for the character Ford played in the 1993 movie, “The Fugitive.” His YouTube podcast “Rememberingthepassed” has received 900,000 hits to date. He published “Chicago Flashbulbs” in 2013, “Cook County ICU: 30 Years of Unforgettable Patients and Odd Cases” in 2015, and most recently coauthored, A Guide to Writing College Admission Essays: Practical Advice for Students and Parents in 2021.

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  1. Dr.Franklin offers this salient point to burst the Assasination Baloon: “The CIA? The folks who botched the Bay of Pigs, intelligence on 9/11 and Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, and most recently was deeply involved in the bogus letter about the Hunter Biden laptop? Is it even conceivable that this organization could hide all the assassination evidence and conceal a multilayered conspiracy involving so many people, none of whom is ever named by conspiracy theorists, with no one talking in 60 years and not having one investigation discover it?”

    Chain of fools trumps chain of “evidence.” Evidence being a willful supposition.

    Thanks, Doctor!

    Even Oliver Stone can be wrong?

    1. I am not pro or con either side of the CIA involvement discussion, but how can anyone believe anything that comes out of the FBI or CIA?
      Relying on ‘proof’ from either of those rogue enterprises requires a leap of faith I am not willing to make.

      1. All good points. I remember being off from school, sitting with my grandfather, when they led Oswald through the police station, and when Ruby shot him, he was discovered to have mob connections. I’m not a big conspiracy theorist, but, I tend to still believe it was the outfit due to the cleanliness of the hit. Bobby was going after the very men his dad did business with.

        1. Exactly. The CIA is a known torturer and hit outfit. I’m sure they’d tell the truth, right?
          They’d never do anything illegal, right? Nixon was innocent, correct? There was no conspiracy to subvert the election.
          The doctor should stick to medicine. Who and how did he become and expert on assassinations.
          As a former coroner and forensic scientist there is plenty of proof that Oswald did not act alone.

    2. You’re not giving the CIA the credit it deserves. It did topple the democracies in Iran in ’53, Guatemala in ’54, in Indonesia in ’65, in Brazil in ’66, ans Chile’s on 9.11.63, etc., etc., etc.

      It also collaborated successfully with international drug cartels as detailed in Alfred McCoy’s U. Wisconsin-publ book, “The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade,’ and in Peter Dale Scott, Jonathan Marshall’s U. California book, “Cocaine Politics,” etc.

      So when it comes to the dark arts and multifarious malefactions, please don’t ignore the fabulous successes of The Agency.

      And didn’t Oswald work at a CIA spy base in Japan, Atsugi, from which U-2 spy planes were dispatched to fly across Russia?

      And didn’t he “defect” to Russia, go to the US Embassy in Moscow and openly promise to give the Russians state secrets?

      And then when he “undefected” and returned to the USA, courtesy of the US Govt, he wasn’t arrested, was he? That was at the height of the Cold War, wasn’t it?

      Hmm … I wonder who he was working for.

  2. Lately I’;ve been watching videos of Mort Sahl, who was also a believer in the conspiracy theory. Sahl, who was otherwise brilliant and politically astute, apparently never stopped believing even though there was not even sketchy evidence to confirm CIA involvement.

    The facts are these: Oswald was a Marxist who shot Kennedy because he thought he could escape to Cuba where he would be celebrated as a hero. He had attempted to assassinate General Walker who was a right-wing character associated with the John Birch Society. In his attempt to escape after killing Kennedy, he killed a cop. He was a killer and a communist fanatic. It defies credulity to believe he was working in tandem with the CIA.

    1. Perhaps one “fact” that might be considered is that Oswald was a very mediocre shooter. Much is made of his ‘Sharpshooter’ badge earned at Recruit Training.
      The fact is, the qualification to earn that badge was to score 210 points out of 250 possible, at a stationary target, at distances of 200, 300, and 500 yards.
      Earning a Sharpshooter badge in those days was very much an average performance.
      Many very high level expert shooters have attempted to duplicate the shots Oswald allegedly fired from the Book Depository. After many years and many experts trying, I believe ONE was finally able to do it.
      Add in the confusion still surrounding the killing of Officer Tippit, and I think it is far from certain claim it was Oswald alone who did that shooting, or even if he was at that scene.
      Knowing what we know now about how the CIA has operated its entire 70+ years of existence, I don’t think it is any kind of stretch to think they may have been involved, or lied about their involvement.
      For those not familiar with the investigation, it might be interesting to read up on the “Magic Bullet” theory of how one round managed to penetrate multiple layers of skin, muscle, bone, and clothing of Kennedy and Connally.
      Whilst reading about that theory, keep in mind that it was put forth by Arlen Spector, that paragon of fidelity, truth, justice, and the American way.

      1. The assumption underlying all of this of course is that he was good, not lucky.
        An ex-marine, communist zealot, onetime resident of the USSR, and married to the daughter of a Russian colonel would have been a very unlikely recruit for the CIA. Were it not for Ruby’s assassination, there would be no grounds for suspecting he was anything other than a lone wolf.

      2. H Young: You don’t know how much he had been practicing with that rifle after he left the Marine Corps. When a person obsessed with firearms the way Oswald was gets to know a rifle, he can become very accurate with it. The fact is that he, like all Marines, had extensive training in the Marine Corps with firearms. I’m sure he was at the range or drilling several times a week over his time of service. What percentage of Marines receive a sharpshooter badge? Do you know?

        The idea that the CIA would in any way be involved in the assassination of a president is ludicrous on its face. There were reports at the time that they were trying to assassinate Castro. It’s ridiculous to suppose they also wanted to assassinate the President of the United States. While it’s conceivable a disaffected lone-wolf employee of the agency was involved, it seems to me we would know his name by now if he was. No such name has ever surfaced.

        I’ve been reading literature on this subject since the days of Mark Lane and his book Rush To Judgement. It’s an industry now, the assassination conspiracy enthusiasm, and a lot of people have made money off credulous readers whose understanding of the subject is limited. I have never been convinced in all that time that the Warren Commission was in error. Oswald did it. And he didn’t have any help.

        1. I suggest that there are many things you and I could argue/debate, but anything about the Marine Corps in not one of them.
          I have been a Marine since 1964. You have never been a Marine.

          Oswald was assigned to the Marine Corps Air Wing as a radar operator. He probably never had a rifle in his possession except that one or two days he spent requalifying (once in four years) and he shot a miserable 191/250 possible points. The minimum score for qualification was 190. He was two points away from being an ‘UNQ’ (unqualified).

          Based only on my memory, I think roughly 20-25% of a Recruit platoon would fire Expert (220-250/500), 20-25% Sharpshooter (210-219/250), 40-45% Marksman (190-209), and a couple-three “UNQ”. In other words, Oswald’s second qualification was about as bad as anyone I ever saw.

          “You don’t know how much he had been practicing with that rifle after he left the Marine Corps.”
          That is true, and neither do you.

          But I do know that becoming a high-level shooter requires a lot of time and money, a facility, and some kind of support/assistance as you practice. Oswald had time on his hands, but none of the other requirements.

          “The idea that the CIA would in any way be involved in the assassination of a president is ludicrous on its face.”

          When you start implying that someone is “ludicrous” (or other insulting words), it usually means you’re losing the argument – especially when MY opening line was: “I am not pro or con either side of the CIA involvement discussion,…”.

          Beyond all of the above, none of us knows what actually happened in Dallas that day, and none of us ever will. Any real evidence has been locked up/destroyed/modified and on-line arguments among we the ignorant will continue ad infinitum.

          1. H Young… “Beyond all of the above, none of us knows what actually happened in Dallas that day, and none of us ever will.”

            Agree 100% with that statement. And I believe that, while Oswald was likely the lone gunman (and got off a lucky shot), he certainly didn’t didn’t act alone.

    2. Oh, so Oswald was a real Marxist, was he? Taught to speak Russian as a Marine, right?

      Soooo, he must have had some Marxist associates, friends, acquaintances, no?

      Can you name one?

  3. Considering the current state of affairs I would seriously doubt anything that came out of the government investigation on the JFK or RKF murders. They absolutely know who’s behind the killings but won’t tell us!

  4. I don’t believe Oswald killed Kennedy. Too many questions, and any evidence that might have proven otherwise has been covered up. Was it the CIA? No, but I believe it was an organized crime killing. The angle of the bullet shows that Oswald was not the only shooter. We’ll never know what really happened.

  5. I agree with Dr. Franklin. CIA didn’t do it. I would also like to point out-as an aside- that while we can disparage the CIA for the Bay of Pigs, Iran Contra, Iraq WMD etc… but by virtue of the MO of the CIA we will never know their successes. Perhaps we can add (as speculation) to the CIA failures the inability to thwart a foreign assassination of a US President? We really won’t know & most of the players at that time are dead.

  6. WAIT, are you saying far right grievance merchants have spread/promoted conspiracy theories to a gullible audience on Fox? Wow, so shocked..

  7. Whether or not the CIA was involved is probably moot now since so many who might know are likely deceased. The real question(s) is Oswald’s alleged great marksmanship (iffy for a target moving away and downhill) and IF he was the shooter, why not shoot when the target was travelling toward him on level ground? The magic bullet is ridiculous, anyone who has shot a rifle knows how a bullet distorts upon impact and for that bullet to have hit so many points and remained pristine is impossible. And the Zapruder video, albeit grainy, sure looks like a frontal entry. Add to that that Jackie climbed onto the back of the limo to retrieve a piece of JFK’s skull is obvious that a bullet entered from the front. Who did it? IDK. Was the CIA involved? IDK. Was Oswald involved? most likely yes but like he said before being shot, he was a patsy.

  8. Very valid points Dr. Franklin. Thanks for doing the research so we don’t have to! I remember a television network aired a “mock” trial of Lee Harvey Oswald back in the eighties. Perhaps another program addressing some of the points you have made would make the case for or against government involvement in the assassination and lay the subject to rest once and for all. Present the facts using real prosecutors and trial lawyers, rules of evidence, etc. No reenactments used or actors. To quote Sgt. Joe Friday, “..the facts, just the facts…” Everything is played to the court of public opinion these days anyway. Might make for some interesting viewing.

    1. “To quote Sgt. Joe Friday..” Dragnet reference, show ran from 1949-1959, 80 years ago. Even your references are hopelessly dated. Still have a VHS? Rotary dial house phone? Walkman? HA!

  9. “When living memory disappears, even cockamamie bar talk will persuade -3some people that they now have the inside story”—>exactly why Eisenhower videoed the Holocaust.

  10. Just one question: why won’t the government release all the documents from the assassination investigation? It’s been almost 60 years. Maybe, if we saw everything we could put this to rest. I don’t obsess about JFK, and I like RFK Jr, but it does bug me that the government “Of, for and by the People” cannot see who killed our 35th President.

  11. That Friday, at home for lunch, and now cursed for life for hearing an on-the-ground first-hand reporter saying “the shots appear to have come from the grassy knoll.”

  12. Growing up with this, it’s always been a mystery. CIA ? FBI ? Mob ? All today are far different than they were then. Oswald alone…nah. Definitely makes about as much sense and logic for why not as Dr Franklin’s valid explanation of why perhaps the CIA wasn’t.
    I still look at the mob. Many theories through the years that make some sense, especially Bobby’s desire to take them down. Hey, I’ve even heard stories that LBJ was somehow involved.

    Let’s face it, although JFK was a “popular” President, the Kennedy’s in general were not and still aren’t really the most liked. The most suspicious to me is that everything is still locked and sealed up. If there wasn’t anything there, they probably wouldn’t be.

    1. Could the “mob” have controlled the investigation?

      The CIA director who JFK fired, Allen Dulles, was on the Warren Commission, and by all accounts was the most active member.

      So the fox who withheld what he knew from his fellow commissioners is the guy we should trust? Or, might we wonder if it was not that the fox was in charge of protecting the chicken coop?

  13. While the CIA did not kill Kennedy, it is entirely possible that they knew of the plot and aided, or merely stood back and allowed it to unfold. I’d even venture to say the government knew of the Jan 6th “insurrection”, and 9/11!

    By not declassifying the relevant documents, they’ve allowed speculation to continue. Trump did not fire Faucci, nor did he ever balance a budget, nor did he release the Kennedy info mor UFO info.

    The “deep state does more harm than good. The government is dishonest and corrupt on both sides and needs to be replaced as the Declaration of Independence states if they are not doing what the people want.

    Of the people, by the people, for the people, not of the corporations and for the oligarchs and the elites on both sides.

    Tell me how Fox or MSNBC, or CNN are legitimate journalists? They spread lies, same with all other legacy media. With this crew at WAPO and NYT, the Pentagon Papers, My Lao, or Watergate would never have been exposed.

    With our current crop of corrupt Congressmen, the sitting president of either party would never be convicted in any impeachment trial.

    Tell me I’m wrong.

  14. Great column….

    everyone is missing the point…

    rule #1 – never…Never…NEVER let facts get in the way of a good story!

    rule #2 – people are sheep…and you spin a good enough story, you can lead them anywhere.

    and lastly – doubling down twice? Is that quadrupling?

    thanks for the article…hope your rehab is going well, John!

  15. This is so true: “Soon, everyone who lived through Pearl Harbor will be gone, and with the 60th anniversary of the assassination coming this November the number who remember where they were when JFK died is dwindling. When living memory disappears, even cockamamie bar talk will persuade -3some people that they now have the inside story.” And this is what I fear most. Revisionist history when those that lived it are no longer with us. I wasn’t even a blip in the universe or a sparkle in my parents’ eyes when JFK was shot. Yet this event has been the most talked about during my years in school. Why has the evidence taken so long to come forth about this day? Because Jackie wanted it sealed. It’s more likely Ted had something to do with it than the CIA.

    1. “Why has the evidence taken so long to come forth about this day? Because Jackie wanted it sealed… ”

      Complete rubbish. Jackie has long been dead, and didn’t demand key evidence be withheld when she was alive.

      They’re certainly not continuing to withhold evidence in honor of any request Jackie (never) made.

  16. It has been nearly 60 years since the assassination of President Kennedy but it has been a bipartisan effort by every subsequent administration not to release all the classified documents relating to that event.

    The reason given by President Biden in October, 2021 was that it “necessary to protect against identifiable harm to the military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement, or the conduct of foreign relations….” and that this “outweighs the public interest in immediate disclosure.”

    Which begs the question, why – after 60 years – there still remains a need to protect an identifiable harm to military defense intelligence, etc. which outweighs the public interest?

  17. Erin Geary,

    The very first pronoun uttered, upon the shooting and death of JFK, that I heard, was ” They” = They killed the President.

    From that moment and the reaction of the most of us the conspiratorial aspect ran amuck.

    I feel that Oswald killed the President. Don’t know. Don’t worry much over that.

    We have more coal to heave.

  18. I used to be a conspiracy theory enthusiast, having been exposed to the Mark Lane traveling circus as a college student in the early 70s. I maintained my belief in all the usual conspiracy talking points until I read Vincent Bugliosi’s deep (and I mean Titanic deep-1550 plus pages with an equal number of footnotes so numerous they’re contained on a CD included with the book) dive into the topic, “Reclaiming History.” Not light summer reading, but if you ever want to find out why all and every conspiracy theory is irrefutably false, take a look at it. Sometimes the cosmic tumblers just align, and the nearly impossible becomes reality. Oswald did it. Alone.

  19. We just endured both a fake pandemic and a fake election run by the CIA to get a president out of office. In 2001 GWB and the CIA blew the twin towers up so the Patriot act could be enacted. In the 1940’s Prescott Bush was a nazi paraclete hiding their money in the banks he ran. The Bush family is evil. George HW and the CIA likely killed Kennedy.

  20. If indeed there is no there there, why not release the files? It is hard to justify the witholding of information 60 years later due to “sources and methods.” Everyone is dead.

  21. I strongly encourage John Kass readers and writers not to go off the cliff and fall down in to wild, unsubstantiated, paranoid Conspiracy Theories – this is the curse, bane of the American Right Wing Conservatives – it leads absolutely nowhere accept confusion, giving up, pretending that everything is somehow controlled by supposedly all powerful, but unnamed sinister people who are all secretly working together to control, destroy….


    No, NOPE, Hell No.

    Almost all these people in the various intelligence agencies like George HW Bush, the Clintons, Rockefellers, those in the Bilteburgers, CFR, those get invited to Davos Switzerland get togethers have other things in common like…

    They all went to either Harvard and Yale in the USA (That’s why George HW Bush, and George W Bush were for Hillary Clinton over Trump) or in England, UK they went to Oxford or Cambridge – it sometimes spills over in that Arkansas White trashing poor White boy Bill Clinton went to 1 of those British places Cambridge and/or Oxford.

    Barack and Michelle Obama were discovered and groomed for highest office by the likes of Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod and SDS extremist Bill Ayers because both the Obamas went to Harvard U – and were safely part of the elite.

    As for killing President Kennedy – it’s all speculation and hard as it is today to believe after all the pro Communist, pro Lib Leftist, cult marxist sh*37 the last of the Kennedys – Ted Kennedy did, President John F Kennedy and Robert Kennedy were strongly anti Communist, anti Castro in 1960-73, both of those Kennedys planned the American anti Communist CIA, full out war against the Communists in Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos – the JFK Kennedy administration did try to assassinated Cuba Communist leader Fidel Castro using the CIA and the (Joe) Kennedy connections to the Italian Mafia This is well documented by the likes of Colombo Mafia made guy Michael Franzese and Michael Franzese claims the Italian Mafia ordered the killing of President Kennedy for JFK and especially RFK turning against the Mob.

    Again, Michael Franzese the Mafia guy doesn’t get specific, just makes that claim.

    So I recommend nobody reading JohnKass News wastes any time getting in to these wild conspiracy theories crazy stuff. It only leasds to confusion and paranoia.

    What we now face here in Chicago, on the Southern Border, in all our major cities in the Biden Administration isn’t something weird, something secret – it’s bad, really bad as in BLM mob rule, Soros funded BLM DAs that let pretty much all B, POC car jackers, killers, looters, perverts go free, but it ain’t hard to understand.

    I can send links to Colombo Mafia made guy, telling true mob stories Michael Franzese – if anyone needs it.

    Folks, our American, Western Civilization, Chicago Civilization is going down. There’s lots of hard work to be done. Let’s do it.

    Left Behind in Chicago

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