Listen Up: Would You Sign a Petition to Recall Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx? The Chicago Way

By John Kass

By now I figure that most subscribers have read my latest column on Kim Fox and Jussie Smollett.

But what about State Rep. Tim Butler’s proposed state legislation to recall the ethically challenged Kim Foxx?

Would you sign a petition to recall Foxx from office?

To listen to The Chicago Way podcast interview with Tim Butler, with co-host WGN’s Jeff Carlin and yours truly, just click on the link above, in the corner of the photo above—that same photo that thousands of people see every day on expressway billboards around Chicago.

How does a recall work, exactly? What are the mechanics both governmental and political? Could it happen here in Illinois? After all, Illinois is the shut up and take it state. Its people have been trained to bow to their political lords, and the legacy corporate media suffers from its own version of Stockholm Syndrome.

What Butler is offering to Illinois is happening elsewhere. Due to rising violent crime and an overwhelming sense of lawlessness, recall measures are taking place around the country focusing on George Soros backed prosecutors like Kim Foxx.

The people are sick of what’s happening. They’re sick of crime, of violence, of being afraid to drive the expressways for fear they’ll get caught in gang crossfire. They’re tired of running from shopping districts when the smash-and-grab gangs arrive.

 They will come out to vote in November.

You may remember that when I wrote for “the paper,” I dared call out the Soros and Foxx connection. And I called out Soros funded prosecutors in other states. The woke newspaper guild—which I had politely and repeatedly declined to join—used the Soros-Foxx column to falsely defame me for reporting the truth. A defamatory public letter was leaked and media gossips feasted.

But what I’d written was fact. And these facts that had been reported by other prominent news organizations across the country: Soros had indeed backed Foxx and a cadre of other prosecutors. A weak editor, fearful of the wrath of the woke news guild, moved me off my home of two decades on Page 2, to far back in the paper, a move that signaled management’s tacit approval of the union’s defamation of me.

That editor who moved my column never called me once to talk about what he’d done. He’s gone now, too.

Similar things happened to other writers with dissenting views at other woke newspapers. But I vowed then and now to never bend the knee.

Finally, a buyout was offered. New management didn’t want me to take it, but I jumped at it anyway to get away from that toxic environment. I had to go. I could never trust them again. I loved that paper once. I gave much of my life to it.

And now I’m so very glad that I’m gone.

I’m happy to be out of there, and writing here, free to speak my mind about Kim Foxx, politics, sports, fishing, food, or anything else.

And I’m so glad you’re with me on this great adventure. Thanks for listening to The Chicago Way, and thank you for subscribing to

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