Listen here to Mollie Hemingway on ‘The Chicago Way’ podcast about her book on the election, “Rigged.” And get a free bonus column too.

By John Kass

Listen here to the great Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at The Federalist, who sat down with the Chicago Way podcast to talk with us about her brave new book, “Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech and the Democrats Seized Our Elections.”

And get a free column.

Were the 2020 elections stolen as Trump says? No. But was the election rigged? It sure looks like it. Some of you might think the distinction between “stolen” and “rigged” is nothing but semantics, but then you’d be wrong.

I’m from Chicago, where rigging elections is a tradition. The city where I was born is a city now at war with itself, and a river of violence runs through it. But Chicago is also the place where politics breaks amateurs.  And in the Chicago of long ago, a truth was told that still applies today:

Politics ain’t beanbag.

I’m a big fan of Hemingway’s And I’m glad she made the time to talk to Jeff Carlin and me, and to you on the podcast, about what happened in the 2020 when the Lords of Big Tech reached out and touched the nuts-and-bolts of elections and the critical mid-term vote that comes in November of 2022. There are those who say we mustn’t talk about it. But I beg to differ. We’re Americans, and we can talk about anything and speak our minds.

There is a backstory to all this and I talk about it in the podcast introduction.

We had a technical glitch and published the column on Saturday, before we were ready, rather than Sunday. As chief bottle-washer here, what happens here falls to me, glitch or no glitch.  So we decided to offer the Mollie Hemingway column to you for free if you haven’t read it: Here’s the column link.

As we recorded this edition of The Chicago Way podcast, I couldn’t can’t help but imagine my angry lefty Jacobin trolls listening to this, their tiny fists clenched in rage as hate-listeners often do and their neo-Marxist heads exploding, like in that old movie, “Scanners.” They know what’s coming in November of 2022.

And rather than face the music, they’ll scream and discredit the election process, even as they condemn those who disagreed about 2020.

Ah..,The impotent rage of trolls doth pleaseth me. It pleaseth me well.

Buckle up my friends. The politics of 2022 should be quite interesting. The national elections, and the local elections in Illinois, where the fate of Illinois and Chicago will be decided.

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Don’t let politicians and their minions make chumbolones out of you. This is the no-chumbolone zone.

And there’s nothing like the gift of common sense



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