Where’s Hunter? Key Players Missing from U.S. China Summit

By John Kass

November 17, 2023

There’s nothing quite like a major diplomatic summit between two rival superpowers, one power militarily ascendant, expansionist and hungry, the other led feebly by frail Joe Biden.

High stakes diplomacy and hi-stakes drama on the streets of San Francisco. Spies. Intrigue. Oodles of cash and fortunes to be made.

A plethora of unctuous toasts. American politicians bowing, kowtowing (can I still use that word?) and more American politicians and business leaders (you paying attention Nikki Haley?) lock their their lips onto the behind of China’s dictator Xi Jinping.

American CEOs stood to give a standing ovation to Xi Jinping. America’s corporate chieftains were thrilled companies including Apple, BlackRock, and Blackstone were there to support Xi Jinping and bask in his wisdom, as China smirks. And Russia and Iran smirk. And the world watches.

At the summit, U.S. business execs were so eager to rub elbows with China’s ruthless dictator Xi that they paid $40,000 apiece for a simple dinner. There wasn’t an Ortolan to be offered. Just steak. So, there was no need for American business titans to cover their faces with napkins from the shame of eating Ortolan. Instead, they applauded China and its ruthless dictator and showed their face to Xi.

Democrats hid the mentally deranged homeless and their tent cities in California, plucked them off the street, then spent days power-washing the human feces off San Francisco streets that they allowed to build up on the streets over the years.

Like King Augeas’ stables, not for horses mind you, but for Democrats standing and sleeping in their own filth. San Francisco was once a beautiful city, but then, so was Chicago.

And the wealthiest business bosses in America and the world gathered to rub elbows with China’s communist dictator Xi Jinping at the special VIP summit dinner.

They want to make money. And the politicians they’ve bought with them want to make money. They’d sell their daughters, sons, wives, mothers and fathers as fee-for-service prostitutes.  But mostly, they’d sell our country to China and ridicule those of us who’d oppose.

Biden has been desperate for this summit meeting, begging for it like a 14-year-old boy in pursuit of his babysitter who doubles as a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. The president and his entire administration have been bowing and scraping anxiously and awkwardly for the summit, as did Biden Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen chasing the Chinese to seek their favor. She embarrassed herself as did former President Barack Obama, bowing to the Saudi king.

The kowtow is known as a supreme sign of reverence. It is something a slave might do. But American presidents are never to put their foreheads to the ground in subservience to a foreign overlord. It might frighten people. Besides kowtowing to China has already been done by Hollywood actors and the NBA. There’s nothing new in it.

With so much money at stake in California this week, and so many politicians and business types sniffing the summit like ravenous hounds, with California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsome sniffing after Joe Biden’s job, we’re missing two key aspects.

I’ve been telling you for years to look for the thing that isn’t there, to listen for the dog that doesn’t bark as Sherlock Holmes wanted you to do. And to search out the negative space in a crowd, or on a stage.

A few things stand out in the negative space, and whinny for attention like a mare who wants her sugar cube.

One thing missing is that U.S. Rep Eric Swalwell didn’t have a major role in the U.S. China Summit. Oh, dear, oh dear.

Remember him? He is the most unctuous politician in the world, perhaps second only in the unctuous sweepstakes to U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Pelosi) and perhaps the oily former CNN “media analyst” Brian Stelter, who just might be the abandoned love child of oily left wingers Neil Steinberg and Jeffery Toobin.

No matter. Because Swalwell fell into that Red Chinese honeypot with the lovely spy “Fang Fang” and was then protected by then Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And he got to preen and posture like they all do.

Another missing piece is that Hunter Biden wasn’t there. Did you see him? No? Neither did I. And that’s disconcerting.

If there is one man who can get the attention of China it is Hunter, the presidential drug addict son who made reported tens of millions of dollars in bribes and tips from Xi Jinping’s government. And he’s not in prison, yet.

Joe claimed loudly on national television–using his drunken “this is a bunch of malarky” voice–that Hunter and Joe did not “make money” from China.

Then the New York Post published it’s amazing story about Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell and Miranda Devine of the Post wrote columns casting China Joe as some new Boss Tweed. The media ginned up a story that it was all Russia disinformation, which was a lie.

I remember how the corporate media pitched a fit, like some angry entitled Gen Z snowflake squirting tears, living a drama about life being just too hard. The Hunter Laptop from Hell has provided a treasure trove of information about Hunter’s deals, and Joe and Hunter’s dinners at snazzy Georgetown restaurants, and more cash from CEFC China Energy Co.–which is an arm of the Chinese government.

Though the corrupt American legacy media isn’t interested in Biden corruption, the media isn’t all that interested in the Hamas riots in Washington either.

I suppose we should all be thankful for The Federalist magazine and its editor-in-chief Mollie Hemingway as well as law professor Jonathan Turley and other like-minded scriveners who’ve nobly focused on Hunter and Joe sleaziness. The Federalist has proven invaluable for Americans seeking to understand the depths of the Biden Inc. corruption.

And one more thing was virtually ignored as the business executives enjoyed their steak dinner with the ruthless dictator of China. The menu included a salad with local vegetables, Angus steak with sweet potato purée, asparagus, broccoli and green garlic pesto or a vegetable curry with jasmine rice.

For dessert there was a “buttery tart filled with seasonal fruit, berries and custard.”

While the business leaders and the Biden Democrats preened and their taste-buds exploded with flavors, there was one thing that didn’t provide for deliciousness:

The fact that there have been 100,000 young Americans poisoned. 

Chinse fentanyl is killing them. It is brought across the open Southern border by the Mexican drug cartels. Biden knows this but doesn’t care.

He makes sounds like he’s concerned because some aide told the presidential meat puppet to demonstrate concern. But if he and other Democrats truly cared, they’d have closed the open border long ago, as thousands upon thousands of unknown “got aways” of military age scrambled across the Rio Grande.

But I’m sure China Joe enjoyed his buttery tart filled with seasonal fruit, berries and custard. And Xi Jinping watched him eat, and took mental notes  about Biden’s old man lips wrapping around the spoon, Hunter’s appetites too.

Watching them make speeches and play at being great leaders, and Xi Jinping calculates as to when exactly he’ll make his move. Biden and the rest have worked so hard to make certain we’re not ready. And that move will be made, perhaps someday soon.


(Copyright 2023 John Kass)


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  1. It’s a shock of reality to read this powerful column after having seen the Chicom-Biden gourmet celebration reported with a straight face by all our state-friendly media. Is John Kass reporting insightfully on a sinister farce while The New York Times and its many sub-outlets are reporting on a celebration of peace and progress? Yeah, he is and they are.

    The term often applied to propaganda enforced by the state and its servant media is “Orwellian.” Some people hear that term without being sure what it means. This Obama-Biden era is better understood by learning the origin of “Orwellian.” It refers to the novel 1984, written in 1948 by George Orwell. He was a British essayist who’d become alarmed by the lies and political euphemisms being spread by his fellow leftists in defense of totalitarianism’s global advance.

    This brilliant novel, foreshadowing a possible dystopian future, is in most libraries, available at retail and online. If you haven’t yet, please read it. Though it’s 75 years old now, it presciently describes what Americans are being fed today by Rachel, The View, and the CNN mouthpieces; by almost every newspaper, including the vestiges of the two in Chicago; in fact, by the uni-perspective available almost everywhere, though not here.

    Aren’t we fortunate to have “here”?

    1. David, the curious thing about this article it wasn’t in my inbox on 11-17-23 at 5am as usual. I found it on Real Clear most read for the week. I went back to look at my spam folder, promotions and zippo. I wonder if Winston memory-holed it with the help of A(eye) ( : I’m not sure if it was on my end or John’s but with half as many comments as usual I suspect Mr. Kass. I just happened to read 1984 in 2019 and in 2020 it felt a little too Deja-Vu-ish. Ben Shapiro had a book club on Daily Wire and one thing he mentioned was how you should get an old copy before it’s too late. I love reading your take on John’s great work and I hope you and your family have a great Turkey Day!

  2. Mencken would blush before exacting prose like this!

    “A few things stand out in the negative space, and whinny for attention like a mare who wants her sugar cube.

    One thing missing is that U.S. Rep Eric Swalwell didn’t have a major role in the U.S. China Summit. Oh, dear, oh dear.

    Remember him? He is the most unctuous politician in the world, perhaps second only in the unctuous sweepstakes to U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Pelosi) and perhaps the oily former CNN “media analyst” Brian Stelter, who just might be the abandoned love child of oily left wingers Neil Steinberg and Jeffery Toobin.”

    Hoist the Black Flag and Start Slitting Throats!

  3. You can see what a nation’s priorities are buy their budgets. Unlimited money for the war machine, while we have thousands of homeless veterans living in the street.

    But it’s even more than that. If you look at California, there are billions budgeted for homeless, various other agencies to help those in need or in distress, but how much of it goes up in smoke?

    That’s the thing, they’re big on handing out contracts to their friends, but the money the get back is all they care about.

    As much as you don’t want to admit it folks. There is atrophy and corruption on both sides of the aisle. The Democrats seem to have gone the way of theNetanyahu wing in Israel, but in the opposite way. They’ve sold their souls to radicals for power, and the radicals have injected the party.

    Of course the border should be closed. There’s no other way. We need to enforce the laws as John says, reform the asylum process, and hire much more staff to process asylum applications. No more catch and release.

    Both of these unethical corrupt parties rely on the fact that they’re perceived as better than the alternative.

    We only seem to vote for which corporations or oligarchs will rule us. They are the ones, Soros, who carry around the politicians in their pockets like so many nickels and dimes.

    Freedom of speech is also a myth. You’re only allowed to say what those who guide the mob allow you to say.

    We can do better.

  4. Corruption and human greed are non-partisan. From WTO admission to Carlyle Group manufacturing relocation resourcing, Democrats and Republicans both enjoy the gorge at the same trough.
    Xi won’t lead China into the mistake Imperial Japan made in 1941. He won’t drop TNT so long as dropping greenbacks on D.C. is working so well.

  5. Thank you John Kass for this and the use of kowtowing is most appropriate ….God bless.

    I do not know if you have this or not, but I thought you might be able to use it.
    It is the infamous 51 top security people advising the world about the Russian misinformation about Joe….
    I am sure your library is probably well stocked with stuff like this, but aren’t you a tad interested in seeing some of those 44,000 hours of J6 videos? No, I am not, but Ashley Babbitt’s family might want to highlight the bastard who killed her. He got a promotion…only in DC.
    Thank you John for all your words this day and every day. God bless you and keep you well.
    Tom Adams

  6. The ultimate irony is, as Ben Shapiro pointed out, is that the Democrats restored the “Shithole by the Bay” into it’s former glorious self: the Emerald City … Baghdad by the Bay. They did this despite then Mayor Newsom saying it would take at least a decade to do so. And they did this to impress a tyrant. God forbid trying to impress your very own constituents.

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