Is Trump Jumping the Shark, as Chuy Chums the Chicago Mayoral Waters, the Chicago Way?

By John Kass

November 15, 2022

Is Donald Trump jumping the shark with his expected announcement of a presidential run this week after that little red ripple of a mid-term election?

Why, Donald? Why?

That’s the question Jeff Carlin and I ask on this edition of The Chicago Way podcast. Shark Jumping on a national scale.

And Lightfoot Pothole Jumping in the Chicago mayoral election as Chuy vexes her by chumming the waters for socialists.

Why? Don’t be such a chumbolone. Because this is politics, that’s why.

Former President Trump had some great accomplishments as president, including not getting America into of those endless bi-partisan wars where the Washington establishment talks of honor and sacrifice but never loses its own legs or life.

And, for nominating three conservatives to the Supreme Court, and mostly for being a voice of the forgotten Americans–the working class—and calling out that simpering ruling culture that endlessly mocks the people who work for a living.

The Democrat and Republican establishment hates his guts for championing the working class. They’ll never forgive him.

And now after that little red ripple, Trump’s enemies Hillary and Mitch have their knives out for him, including his very own worst enemy named Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, now, Trump makes his move to consider one thing above all: Trump.

So, just picture the former president thinking about another run, with Republicans still trying to deal with the disappointing mid-term elections and the establishment pointing fingers and not knowing what to do.

And Trump water skiing off Florida, wearing a leather jacket just like Fonzie of “Happy Days,” when Fonzie jumped that shark, making cultural history.

Jump the shark is a phrase responding to a ridiculous show. Yet it really means a show, an entertainment that has worn off its “novelty” as its quality rapidly declines. And we’re exhausted from all the drama.

“I did all the waterskiing—except for the jump,” Henry Winkler who played “Fonzie” told Oprah Winfrey in 2015. “They wouldn’t allow me to … Well, I also couldn’t do the jump! I don’t know how to do that.”

Jeff Carlin is the best radio producer in the Chicago area. And I’ve knocked around politics some. We have a few opinions. Perhaps you do, too.

The Chicago Way is often dark, the stones uneven, with big ever-growing potholes. The street lights don’t work, as it is in Chicago. It is sometimes a boulevard of broken dreams, sometimes it’s a way out.

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