The Chicago WayTM w/John Kass: Mike ‘Houli’ Houlihan- ‘Irishman of the Year,’ honoring first responders and a basket for love

The Chicago Way w/John Kass (09/06/2021): During the COVID-19 pandemic, John Kass & Jeff Carlin continue to podcast socially distanced from secure locations. This week, Mike Houlihan -who the Chicago Tribune once called the ‘most Irish of Chicagoans’ -is here to talk about being honored as the 2020 & 2021 Emerald Society Irishman of the Year and share some stories as only he can. Plus, Kasso wonders if Chicago’s leaders will realize the slow, violent death of Chicago’s downtown & Loop is a major problem in time to prevent it? Check out more Kasso at


Note: Mike Houlihan is a great storyteller. He says people don’t want to hear about blood and guts, but about how the one legged hooker chased a guy down the street for her money.

Houli is to be honored on Sept. 11 at the annual dinner for the Emerald Society of Illinois, comprised of Irish American law enforcement officers, at Gaelic Park. And I’m the MC, so that makes me an honorary Irishman.

He tells some of his stories here, on The Chicago Way podcast.

Is there any night better to raise a glass to our First Responders than Sept. 11? No.

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