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But readers in Europe remind me that I’ve made a serious mistake. For some reason, I neglected to post the Glenn Loury interview on the Chicago Way podcast on johnkassnews, in which the great professor, thought leader and freedom fighter for the mind talks of Chicago urban violence and progressive policies that are crushing the black community in America.

My friend and co-host Jeff Carlin thought it was one of our best interviews. So did I. Prof. Loury’s intellect and passion carried it. It’s one of the reasons I’m blessed to do this work.

Most readers get the podcast through links we post here at johnkassnews.com and I missed posting it. Those who subscribe to the podcast in other ways, on various platforms here, from iTunes, Stitcher, etc. have already heard Prof. Loury on the podcast.

 But some nations can’t get it that way. I’m not a tech guy, but that’s how it is explained to me. Today, here, I correct that mistake and relink here in case you missed it. Apologies to all from overseas who’ve contacted me about this.

Professor Loury is a critically important voice in our country. A professor at Brown University, he writes and podcasts often on The Glenn Show.

He’s from Chicago, SouthSide born, as was I. He noticed one of my Twitter posts on the horrific beating by a mob of a CTA bus driver on Michigan Avenue. Prof. Loury became angry at the savagery of the attack in his hometown. He condemned it in no uncertain terms, retweeted the video of the beating for his followers, and graciously agreed to be interviewed on the podcast. And I wrote a column about it which you can read, here.

Loury is an impressive intellect and an impressive man. Bari Weiss describes him as did the philosophers, as “a man in full.”

When you read his words and hear his voice, I think you will agree with Bari Weiss. Loury is a man in full. And he remembers how his South Side neighborhood was like once, when he was a boy many years ago here, and what it has become

Here is the link to the Chicago Way podcast, the Glenn Loury episode

And here are the links to all episodes of The Chicago Way

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