A Wake-Up Call for Biden’s Woke America: Hamas Murder Raids

By John Kass

October 13, 2023

As those selfish hateful privileged children—students at elite American universities like those at Harvard who’ve been primed by Marxist professors spit their bile on massacred Israeli civilians–the Iranian backed Palestinian terror group Hamas and its supporters in the Democrat Party called for two things:

Hamas called for a cease fire, although like the wolf in sheep’s clothing they did so after after having committed unspeakable war crimes, from murdering babies to the taking of hostages away in their tunnels under Gaza.

And second, they began their own counter-offensive in their new day of public relations rage, shrieking on social media and to their allies in corrupt corporate media that Israel was to blame, that Israel over-reacted, to confuse the issue and muddy reality in the propaganda wars, while hoping to justify the murders they committed.

It has taken decades for the American Bolsheviks to drive out and cripple the old America that won the last World War. The left has won the media–just look at the drooling idiocy of MSNBC and the moral equivalence pushed out by the corrupt legacy corporate media. They have won the universities and other institutions and have accomplished their goal. They have weakened America, perhaps irreparably as our enemies think of slitting American throats.

But now, just days after the Hamas savagery against civilians in Gaza, as Israel Defense Forces gather this weekend to rescue their hostages taken captive and exact righteous revenge against Iranian-backed Hamas, a man of the West asks a question bound to irritate the Democrats:

When will America wake up from the woke delusions brought by the Obama-Biden regimes, the first delusion being that the murderous terror-supporting Iran belongs anywhere in the community of civilized nations?

Will America ever wake up from that Obama inspired dream of the nuclear Iran? Or is reality just too difficult to process, as we seek to cultural suicide through the pursuit of broken utopian dreams?

The universities have long been turned to the political left as the new Bolsheviks conquered institution after institution, from government to media, marching to conquest and destruction of America. Wealthy college students screamed against Israel, against Western colonialism, a favorite trope of “the Squad” and other Democrats–the illiterate among them unaware that even the concept of the university is itself a Greek and therefore Western idea.

Harvard students and those from other elite universities screamed and protested against Israel, and many pro-Palestinian groups celebrated the Hamas massacre of civilians. The conservative Christopher Ruffo put it this way on Twitter (now called X):

“The irony is that the modern university is a creation of the West—Bologna, Paris, Oxford, Harvard. There is nothing to “decolonize” because they are indigenous to Western culture. A truly “decolonized” university would be nothing more than a pile of rubble, a voodoo ceremony.”

The left got its rage and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu initiated Israel’s righteous revenge.

As of this writing a teacher was just stabbed to death in France by some student shouting to “Allahu Akbar!” Think of it. A teacher. And meanwhile, elite American college students–pampered through life–were horrified that their public support of Hamas war crimes might cost them in finding a job. Cry me a river. These are the same left wing students who demand “safe spaces” for them to condemn the West without consequence, from the same universities that allow only preferred leftist speech.

At Saturday’s anti-Israel rallies, many of the young cowards panicked and covered their faces, lest they be held accountable for their ugly hateful words, yet they were encouraged by media to anonymously trash Israel.

Democrat socialists and their unctuous apologists in media have long sought to blame Israel, because the Marxist left hates Jews and always blames Israel. Law enforcement agencies across America were put on high alert.

What will it take to wake America up? If the screams of the Israeli women being raped by Hamas Palestinian terrorists in Gaza doesn’t wake Americans up, what will?  If the suffering of the murdered and decapitated children doesn’t wake Americans up, what will?

We know that Hamas supporters have been protected and supported by the hard Bolshevik left and the Squad. If they were hateful conservatives they would be publicly exposed.

And we also know that the left wing architect of Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is Rob Malley, the U.S. envoy to Iran. He has been placed in limbo by the Biden White House, most likely as damage control over an FBI investigation into a reported misuse of classified material and his ties to Iran.

In the first few days following the Iranian-backed Hamas attacks, the major TV news networks–except for Fox News–avoided most mention of Malley. The pro-Democrat corporate news media avoids mentioning Iran and Malley, lest they lead voters to the Biden White House. According to the conservative media watchdog site newsbusters.org:

“Fox News Channel’s Special Report on Thursday covered a shocking story that Robert Malley the architect behind the Obama administration’s Iran nuclear deal was himself under investigation for alleged ties to the Iranian regime. During their Thursday evening newscasts, all three of the nightly news broadcasts avoided covering this revelation.

“Instead, they decided Olympic athlete Mary Lou Retton’s daughter battling pneumonia (ABC) and local weather reports (CBS) were all more important stories.”

As the Palestinians and their allies from the Democrat Socialist left continue to play public relations and propaganda as Israel rightfully invades Gaza to hunt down the Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists, will Americans wake up?

To appease the politics of the hard left, we’ve sat mostly silent as Biden and the Democrats declared war on fossil fuel, eliminating our once strongly held belief in our own energy independence. Now we allow Iran which hates us and Russia that fears us to dominate the world oil market for the benefit of China, that hands millions upon millions of petro-dollars to China, which seeks to someday put its boots on our children’s necks.

The whining and weeping and crying of the American intelligence services under Joe Biden didn’t promote confidence, particularly the CIA that promoted Biden’s transgender political agendas and pronouns than in doing its job which is to keep watch on our enemies.

And under the Obama-Biden administrations, Democrats have demanded that the the U.S. Armed forces suffer the Bolshevik compulsion and fascination with pronouns and skin pigment, not American strength and independence.

And so, another question from a man of the West:

Is the Chinese military or China’s intelligence service concerned about the pronouns of its soldiers?

No. They’re concerned about conquest of the West.

In her excellent essay “Campus Cowardice and Where the Buck Stops,” in The Free Press, journalist Bari Weiss notes the hypersensitivity of the political left that has captured the universities  cares little for the victims. The same political left doesn’t seem all that concerned over the mass murders, rapes and beheadings of innocent Israelis in Gaza.

“The campus administrators—so quick to offer statements on climate change and the war in Ukraine and Roe v. Wade—offered silence or equivocation this week in the face of mass murder. Meanwhile, student groups at some of the most elite college campuses in the country were positively gleeful.”

The West sleeps as the Democrat hard left captures its institutions.

The West sleeps as their chinless and woke military leaders become more concerned with currying favor among Democrat politicians, and embracing transgender politics, while bleating out Marxist slogans like “white fragility” and shovel this and other slogans down the throats of people made docile.

We have over-indulged our young, in a single-minded effort to raise them soft, to raise them as weaklings, with the idea that we’ll protect them from consequences of their decisions, that everyone gets a trophy just for participating.

We’ve sat idly by as Democrats have opened our borders to millions of illegal immigrants who have overwhelmed the cities with unknown thousands on terrorist watch lists. You’ve heard the descriptions yourselves. “Young men alone, not traveling with families…young men of military age.”

Many are simply young and poor migrants like our grandfathers had been. But not all. If there are terrorists among them, all they’re waiting for is a “Go” order. Are we that soft and sleepy that we’ve forgotten what happened to our country on Sept. 11, 2001?

And we’ve shamed ourselves into silence, we’ve trained ourselves to avoid conflicts with Democrats who’ve opened the gates, allowing poisonous fentanyl to kill the young as the heavily armed drug cartels control our American border.

We’ve slept as old-fashioned notions of meritocracy were abandoned in favor of the new social contract, strict adherence to racial/gender preferences. We know using race this way is racist, but we’ve made ourselves afraid to speak out, lest we be shamed by those who control social media.

And we’ve slept in thrall to the siren song of Obama-Biden Democrats who’ve protected the ambitions of a nuclear Iran as the Marxist left consumes the soiled remnants of the American news media. We can’t trust the corporate legacy media to report fairly and honestly about the major issues of the day, including whether the president of the United States has been compromised by our enemies, including Communist China.

In this crisis, we are in desperate need of steady and adult American leadership. All we get are the posturing of children as Iran sends its public relations battalions out to confuse us and erase the moral clarity the West needs if it wants to survive.

When will America wake up?

(Copyright 2023 John Kass)




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  1. “But, hark! A voice like thunder spake
    The West’s awake! The West’s awake!” – Thomas Davis Irish Poet

    Alas, poisoned Erin marches for Hamas

    John, your clarion call my root deeply in American hearts. God Bless Israel!

    1. MAY root deeply. I (we) need an edit button.

      When you Stand with Hamas (Palestine in rhetorical parsing) youare placing your feet exactly where the Communists ordered them to be.

      When will the media begin to look into Obama’s handler Valerie Jarrett? When will the media connect the dots from Jesse Sharkey’s ISM (revcom) work with Kevin Clark (ISM Gay Liberation &etc.) in getting Rachel Corrie killed and martyred? Keep light on these cockroaches.


      1. Pat,
        I concur, but alas, never gonna happen. The leftist media wouldn’t dare go against Joe and Barack, and expose the hatred they possess against their own country. Irony of ironies isn’t it? They have to live here as well, and yet, they think they’re above the fray….until the terrorists – that have been allowed into our country via the open borders – start knocking at their doors, regardless of the gated communities in which they live. Thankyou John and Pat for your spotlighting the sickness that has befallen all of America – complacency!

        1. I am worried about the open border and our future security. Untold, unidentified thousands of potential jihadists, anti-semites, foreign terrorists…all potential “Manchurian Candidates” have been allowed into this country. Around 250 years ago Benedict Arnold became the most infamous traitor in our history for planning to open the gates, give access to Fortress West Point to our enemies during a time of great peril to our country. Joe Biden is doing the equivilent by purposely opening our borders to any and all potential enemies. Another future 9/1/1 tragedy, led by some sleeper cell is not out of the question. History just may paint Biden as the biggest traitor since Benedict Arnold.

    2. Why do these HARVARD activist and others cover their faces? Cowards. I just don’t get it. I am an old lady. What is happening is frightening. I want to carry a sign around city hall and protest the Illegals, the taxes that are being spent on people who have no business being here, the mayor who should be in grammar school and learn the constitution. But I cannot. I worked in the Loop for years. I am a 30 yr CPD veteran. Devoted my life to this city and country. I just pray the rosary and say many Hail Marys.

  2. America wears a costume, just like that of trick or treaters on Halloween. Unfortunately the mask on the face of that costume is not the soft friendly face if Herman Munster it’s a bit more that of Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th.

    The “trophy” kids want it all. Free speech, protest marches, cries of unfairness. But they want to be protected from those enemies lurking in the shadows. The sword cannot get any more double edged.

    American government has its own agenda. Protect thyself and justify thy actions at any and all costs. We are just pawns in this giant game of chess being played at the expense of the average citizen.

    Perhaps a third party is needed. Both Republicans and Democrats have swung too far out of bounds for any reasonable thought to be displayed any more.

    I haven’t patented the name but I think the new party should be called RTA, Right Thinking Americans. Not right in the sense of conservative right, but right as in correct, doing the right thing. Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity nails it, you cannot keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    1. 100% agree. Politicians need to get back to “Doing the right thing” towards the wider community of people, the whole of US (that “E pluribus unum” concept), to restore the US to a leadership standing in the world, where we were a generation or two ago. We need to exit the current “protect thyself” partisan politicians just working to protect their power via harmful rhetoric. Today’s ping-pong politics of instability, both foreign and domestic are the path to continued downfall. I guess the old days of cross-aisle pork belly politics wasn’t so bad after all, relative to today.

  3. I’m sickened by the hateful rhetoric of the left. How did we get to this ? I put the blame squarely on the teachers and college professors who’ve been allowed to teach this crap and get away with it.

      1. Many donors are resigning from boards and calling out the madness. Administrations are predictably attacking them. The blame lies with Bill Ayers. He and his generation took over the universities. People like Mayor Daley, Big Jim Thompson looked the other way and the elite gave them space. It’s how Bernadine Dohrn became a respected legal scholar at Northwestern.

      2. John, I don’t know where the bulk of the responsibilities goes. The mouth pieces or those who back them. Those who backed BLM before they were found out what they really represented were ignorant, not evil. The bulk of BLM is evil. I think the same may be true of the Universities where the true evil resides. Hopefully the backers learn what they are backing.

  4. That poster in the center of the top picture really says it all: “necesary”.
    These are the functional illiterates populating our elite universities – and cowering those responsible for educating our youth.
    Entrance based on actual qualifications is long gone and pigment overrules all else.
    The power given to these radical left-wing idiot factories is unacceptable by any reasonable measure.
    One the earliest (and largest) mistakes made was back in the late 60’s early 70’s when they started kicking the ROTC programs off their campuses.
    By law, they could no longer receive any federal funding – of any kind.
    Our weak-kneed Congress did not then, nor now have the moral courage to pull the funding plug.
    Money talks and is the ONLY way to start moving these institutions in the right direction.

    (And YES, we do need an edit function.)

    1. To those of you wishing for an edit tool for your replies to John Kass there is a simple way around it. Write you comment/reply using your favorite editor (Word, Libre Office, etc.). Then make all your editing, spell check, and grammar changes there. When you are satisfied with your reply, use your mouse to highlight the text, copy it, then paste it into the Reply Section. Simple and easy.

      You can bet that John uses much the same procedures with his column. He writes it offline, after editing it, he pastes it into the online version. It would likely cost John serious money to add that user feature to his current software.

      I used the described procedure to fashion this reply on my iPad. You too can do it.

  5. Greetings, John, from Jerusalem where I now live. Many thanks for your courage and moral clarity. Much of the world has forgotten 9/11 and ISIS, or is tired already of Ukraine, but we are living again in the Gathering Storm, with no Churchill to rouse the sleeping West to the danger. It seems to be given to little Israel to show the way to face this radical axis of evil (here Iran, supported by Russia and China), and it will do so with courage, resolve, victory, and great sacrifice. Your readers may wish to know that Hamas has blockaded the roads preventing long caravans of Gazans heading south, encouraged by Israel to leave, from reaching safety before the ground attack begins (photographs on line). Hamas is are confiscating car keys and registrations of people planning to leave Gaza city. And here is something to watch and circulate: https://twitter.com/adamalbilya/status/1713411801663037849?s=48&t=BN9FDG1231ZvOg2fgEaeKQ Stay well and keep posting, Leon

    1. Well said! What happened in Israel is the Israeli’s 9/11. The gatherings on America’s campuses should be in unity to condemn Hamas and their brutal terrorist attack on the innocent! Excellent twitter feed.

    2. Be safe in Jerusalem.
      You are surrounded by enemies on all sides, but I have read that the government is actually allowing civilians to have firearms for the common defense.
      Israel has been at the point of a real solution to the Arab problem in the past but was always pulled back by the Western Powers.
      I am hopeful that they will finally be allowed to finish the job that is long overdue.

      Any suggestions for how just regular people over here can support you in these times?
      Semper Fidelis.

  6. That the democratic administrations even speak with Iran is abhorrent. How can the West reason with a country whose dream an national goal is to finish the Holocaust, to complete the work of the Nazis? Even the Nazis kept the facts about what they were doing quiet. The Palestinians and Iranians brag about it. What kind of nation, what kind of people dream of going down in history as that?
    Shame on our government.

  7. First, how about a nomination for the next
    Moutza: the marxist, snowflake, entitled American college students?

    Your column today really nailed it about the state of our country and culture. But I think the only to tackle this assault on our way of life is going to have to be at the ballot box.

    Matt Marciniec

      1. Election integrity? John, I believe that ship sailed long ago in Chicago/Cook County and more recently nationally. The verification process for getting a loyalty card for a chain eatery is more stringent than to cast a ballot!

        That old line, “vote early, vote often” has been replaced with “vote illegally, early and often!”

  8. Recognizing the full moral and intellectual degeneracy of Obama-Biden America is difficult, as well as horrifying. Americans who recognize this disaster are a voting minority now, but even as the defeats and debts driven by the left pile up, we need to count our blessings as well as our curses.

    There’s a blessing right here: Kass’ one-man war against suicidal American capitulation. His perspective reminds us that Americans who still have moral and intellectual assets have to vote out the Brandons locally and nationally, have to support a restoration of the America we inherited. I feel blessed that we can still have a reality check here, still see exposed the lies coming out of Iran and our own fascist-left institutions.

    Cynicism is easy, fighting back when you’re currently losing a war is hard. Just reading this column, I feel more hope of winning.

    1. David, you are spot on!
      I don’t like being cynical but I worry for my children, grandchildren and future generations. Once the old guard like us die off, as you’ve pointed out we are already a minority, who’s going to push back against this evil? It’s a tough battle and I haven’t given up but it doesn’t look too promising.
      Sorry for being a bit negative. God help us and please watch over JK, our voice in these troubling times.

      1. I feel exactly as you do. Worried for my grandchildren. Even though I’ve been onto this and extremely cynical and disheartened, it still shocked me to the core this week seeing all the young people on college campuses with the hate in their eyes.

  9. The American News Media is a total Propaganda machine for the Left! Pure and simple! Prove me wrong! How can they stand by and not speak about the total uncontrolled southern border and President Buydons total screwup of the Middle East, and Ukraine? C’mon Texas, hire more buses and ship them to the now whining and sniveling Governors and mayors like the “Big Johnson” in Chicago and New York that wanted them. Oh wait; I forgot that Rahm was the Sanctuary City guy for Chicago, and now sits in an Ambassadorship in Japan for his work on stealing the 2020 election. Also, the Republicans better quit fighting like little kids or they will be on the outside looking in wondering “What Happened?”
    Great Column John. Hope you are feeling better every day. Please keep it up.

    1. I agree, Helen, and join you in prayer that the One True God will continue to reveal the nasty little people behind the curtain.

      When it comes down to brass tacks, so many things here do not add up. Are we receiving only limited information? What is true? What is false?

      I believe we are witnessing shoddy kabuki theater. We see and hear only what the powers that be want to be seen and heard.

      For now, the most viable option seems to be to pray unceasingly, speak truth to lies, be prepared/alert at all times, and do good where/when we can.

      Micah 6:8 And what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, and to love kindness and mercy, and to humble yourself and walk humbly with your God?

      Over this, we have control.

  10. This was excellent by Tim Killeen, President of the University of Illinois system

    “In the past few days, we have watched the events unfolding in Israel and Gaza with great anguish and alarm. The unspeakable brutality of the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians is simply horrifying. Such acts can never be justified and we condemn them in the strongest possible terms”

    No equivocating. No ‘both sides’. Just a straightforward English language condemnation of the terrorists.

  11. Todays generation of twenty-thirty year olds have been told what’s important by leftist educators. Anyone with the B**LS to speak out is shouted down. Views from the right are the radical ones. Look at the influences in Obama’s life. Soros is grinning as he sees his vision of a new works order progress. One small step at a time. Like a frog in a pot of water, by the time he realizes he’s being cooked to death in water now boiling it is long too late. Feed the left ideas a little at a time, take over the media and educational institutions and problem solved. Lots of the pro Palestinian protestors in the US covers their faces (COVID no longer an excuse ) but another ginned up COVID crisis will occur and Fauci’s pronouncements will again legitimize mail in ballots (how easy it was to stuff the box). If the republicans cannot get their act together to elect a speaker and get the countries business done, they will be blamed for any failures on the part of the administration. After nearly 8 decades on this earth I have gone from postwar pride, Korea, the Cold War to the Middle East. I wonder how many abandoned US arms have made it from Afghanistan to Hamas. Some for sure. Biden is an empty suit, strings pulled by Obama Jarrett et al. Why the left has to keep Trump at bay. He may not be likable, and self centered but he is the best hope to alter the downward spiral laughingstock that is the US on the world stage. I hope Bibi really finishes the job and ignores the UN and O’Bidens call for moderation.
    Keep our conscious aware John. Excellent column.

  12. I remember the old saying- “Take all the weapons away from the Arabs and you’ll have peace in the Middle East. Take all the weapons away from the Israelis, and you’ll have another holocaust.

  13. Nice column. I think there are a couple of grammatical mistakes or typos:
    1. “as we seek to cultural suicide through the pursuit of broken utopian dreams”
    2. “transgender political agendas and pronouns than in doing its job”

      1. I get what you’re saying, but also understand from where Mr Proggio is coming.

        A good proof reader can do wonders to smooth over the rough spots that may make a reader stumble and become distracted. Also, if we are pointing out the fact that too many young people cannot string a cogent sentence or spell, we need to ensure that we are holding ourselves to a higher standard.

      2. I am genuinely just trying to help. I’ve seen others here leave comments regarding grammar and typos. I understand that because Kass is a one man operation, he edits his writing, which can be a problem.

  14. This is going to sound cold, but I have no sympathy for the citizens of Gaza. The exception being the children. In 2005 Israel gave self-governance to the people of Gaza. In 2007, the people of Gaza elected Hamas as their leadership by over 90%, and they have reelected and kept Hamas in power for these 16 years. Umm, who was it that said, “elections have consequences ?”

    1. Did the people of Gaza vote, or were the results due to manipulation?

      After what happened here in the last presidential election (and frankly, many elections before that), I don’t know that we can trust that anyone gets the candidate for whom they voted.

      1. The following will be “hear say” but I read an article early last week that recent surveys taken in Gaza and the West Bank indicated that if the election were held today (prior to 10/7) Hamas would be favored. Wish I could remember where so I could supply a link.

  15. Excellent call to action. The Marxist left has played the long game for years, and is malignantly rooted. Your Right Thinking readers need no more convincing of any of the points made. What is needed now are short and longer term tactics conducive to combatting the Marxist cancer here. Nothing is worse than feeling utterly unable to confront an evil- no less than a life threatening disease. First priority must be the integrity of the 2024 elections. Judicial Watch is a great ally there, and offers effective assistance in your individual efforts. It is a start.

  16. Don’t go too deep on the noisy college protestors. It’s easy to see that the ones wanting to be on the TV news aren’t the ones working their part-time jobs to help pay the tuition. These shallow coddled ones, having been given everything, are trying to give their lives purpose and gain status with their peers and profs. Heck, if the professors were saying “we need a wall to keep out those Central American anti-abortion Catholics,” they’d be all about building a wall. And when they graduate and daddy greases a job spot for them, they’ll think they did it all on their own.

  17. “and exact righteous revenge against Iranian-backed Hamas”.

    I hope they’re smarter than this, and I think they might be. At this point ‘revenge’ must seem pretty worthless to them, as it brings no one back, causes no change in behavior of the adversary and potentially waste the lives of their own youth. I seriously doubt they have some Gazan-body-bag goal they’re trying to reach, like the Aztecs/Incas of old with their human-sacrifice quotas.

    They probably just want to force and end to this, which means relocating everyone out of Gaza. If there was a way to do this without bloodshed (free cruise tickets to Iran), they would probably do this. As it is, there won’t be – Hamas seems like a suicide-cult that wants to die in glory, taking as many Palestinians with them as possible.

    So, there will be plenty of blood, but it won’t have anything to do with ‘revenge’.

  18. America woke up, didn’t like what it saw and pulled the blankets over their heads, believing that they were safe from the boogey man.
    The Left’s sole purpose in Life is to take the contrarian view. If we like it, they don’t.
    If history taught us about the barbarism of the Nazis against Jews, the Left denies that the Holocaust ever happened.
    They trump common sense with their radical view.
    The same people who argue that white settlers killed Native Americans to steal their land are the same people who now believe that Hamas has a righteous cause against Israel.
    Our world is on fire and there aren’t enough “firefighters” to deal with it.
    I stand with Israel.

  19. Many things come to mind as I read your column this morning but here’s two in particular:

    1) How the Middle East situation is reported. Both the Trib and Sun-Times are relying on the Associated Press to report what’s going on in the Middle East, even to the point that both papers run the same story and headline virtually word-for-word. The AP is blatantly biased and serves the progressive left, which is bad enough, but it is also a virtual monopoly as far as print news on anything going on outside of Illinois. Where can you get the truth in this town (besides JohnKassNews that is)?

    2) Fixing it at the ballot box? Our election integrity and trust has gone out the window. How can you have an impact with your vote when one of two things happen: your vote is stolen/manipulated/neutralized in any of a myriad number of ways to achieve the desired progressive Left result; and/or you’re the only person on your block who bothered to vote.

  20. Some call them “Gen Z”. Some call them “millennials”. I call them the “Soft Generation”. These kids have been indoctrinated by our leftist educators. They feed on a steady diet of garbage from their cell phones. They lap up the swill that is social media. They are more interested in getting hits on TikTok than getting involved in things that have an outcome in their future. Not only do our American teens suffer from this affliction of softness but it has also spread worldwide. A few weeks ago it was reported that some of the young Israelis were going to refuse mandatory service with their military over their dissatisfaction with Jewish politics. They would rather go to rave parties than fight for their own survival. There was news footage that showed them dancing as their murderers were flying in to kill them. Hamas recognized this softness within their own people and took decisive action to motivate their own youth. Now with Israels retaliation Hamas has a new generation of hardened terrorists. Their children are now properly motivated. No softness left with their kids anymore. Hamas is also using social media to try to hamstring Israel and our mass media is assisting them in their propaganda war. Hamas is going to arm children with weapons to kill soldiers and will cry foul when these kids are killed. Mass media will gleefully report the deaths of these children as brutality from the Jews, yet won’t report on the brutality of those that armed children to kill. Bidens paying ransom to Iran for hostages is now bearing fruit with Americans being kidnapped by Hamas. What will they ask for ransom? Weapons? Money? Another Biden mess. Hopefully this opens the eyes of Jewish donors/voters to the blatent anti semitism within Democratic Party. We all know their “Squad” celebrated the initial attack on Israel yet their elected officials like Schumer, Nadler and Pelosi hold hands with Omar, Talhib, and the rest of their Democrat miscreants in shows of unity. Maybe their Jewish constituents realize its its not about their values. Their politicians only care about one thing. Its about that party and keeping that party in power. Maybe their eyes have been opened so they can see the truth that is right in front of them. Hopefully, but not likely.

  21. Is it even possible that the woke can recognize and react to a wake up call?

    Over the past several decades, our youth has become desensitized to the suffering and even murder going on today. Even the very young think nothing of taking a gun or other weapon to school because they have an issue with someone there. Nobody seems to want to take responsibility to solve the bully problem. Yet we have higher and higher numbers of children committing suicide and/or bringing a weapon to school. When they go to College they are taught to hate anyone who does not think like they do and do as they do.

    Our so called leaders in our Government do not act any better than that kid on the playground. They cannot agree on anything without making a fight of it. And let us not forget Hillary’s wild eyed screaming on national TV during the debates calling supporters of her opponent every derogatory name she could come up with. A shining example of someone who should be in a top leadership position. The debates have become nothing more than a mud slinging competition. Why? Are candidates for any office afraid to say what they stand for?

    I pray that this is a wake up call, but fear they have been far too desensitized to notice. We have allowed corruption in our Government to go on for far too long. I fear this will have far reaching effects that will, sooner or later, make our Country wish they had paid closer attention to what is really happening.

    What is happening in Israel is frightening, it is sad and it is horrendous. Could it happen here? There is a lot of frightening hate out there.

  22. I believe the “hard left” is so entrenched in our society that it is nearly impossible to stop them and their ideas, actions, etc. Obama/Biden and their minions have screwed the USA at every turn. Looking ahead to the next presidential election I do not have much faith that either party will come up with a candidate that might start to lead us out of this morass.

  23. My fear is it is too late to save the past two generations of college educated people. A light in the darkness is the wealthy donors who are making a stand, Marc Rowan (Apollo CEO, UPenn) and Ken Griffith (Citadel, Harvard) are calling for ‘donor action’. They need to take this stand not just for the university’s current insipid behavior but of their longer term sponsorship of one-sided views.

  24. Fantastic article that is so correct. We need adults to guide this country, and all we have are idiots trying to create a uniparty. Do we have any conservatives anymore? Do we have a moral compass? Sometimes I feel as if I was born in the wrong time period. Patriotism, cultural mores, right versus wrong…are out the window. We are imploding.

  25. The pictures of the committed atrocities by Hamas should be played/shown over and over and over…..on all media. That will shut the f…k up the atrocity supporters. As long as they are kept from viewing these murdered become victims. Shown them everyday, all of them.

  26. Thank you John Kass for this column, you are a blessing.
    Yes sir, it is time to remove endowments to these grandiose universities and colleges. Also, stop donations to them by the angry alumnae with our Federal Government stopping all grants, scholarships and paid tuitions….getting sick as hell waiting for accountability on these monies being so generously given on an automatic basis….
    It is time for parents, and perhaps grandparents, to start putting spanking on the list of reasonable correction of a child’s behavior. That might be a great start. Is it too late, hell NO.
    Is it time to stop being a consumer of MSM in their dereliction of sanitizing actual news? YES.
    When MSNBC anchor was asking an Israeli mother who had two children being held hostage what she thought of the Israeli invasion of Gaza……..I thought I was going to throw up. Instead, the Israeli mom gave her a piece of wisdom…I do not remember the anchor’s name, a woman, but I see no mind to NOT remembering her stupidity.
    God bless Israel and all the families who have lost loved ones along with the missing in a hostage state. 30 Americans now dead and some 14 others still missing….Hey Biden, it is time for Iran to be SANCTIONED TO THE UTMOST. Remember what President Trump did to curtail this terrorist state and his example is your path marker….JUST DO IT!

  27. John, virtually every column you write is spot on, but this may be the most spot on! Unfortunately, there are not a lot of columnists or voices to carry the torch after you and that has me terrified. We lost a lot of ground with the passing of Charles Krauthammer and then Rush. Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens come to mind but don’t have the credentials you and the aforementioned men do/did (unfortunately any socialist/leftist voices don’t require any).
    I keep thinking that events will eventually go so far as to finally wake up the masses, but it doesn’t even seem like THIS has (not yet, anyway), and I also fear that IF that time comes will there be anything left to fight for or any means to do it.
    It may be in God’s hands now, and if that means destruction of the human race by his hands then so be it. If WE don’t do it first, that is.

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