Halloween Political Horror Stories, The Chicago Way.

By John Kass

October 29, 2022

Is there anything more terrifying than having a nightmare, only to wake up just before Baba Yaga grabs you in the alley and eats you?

Yes that’s scary, and so, taking a breath of relief after escaping Baba Yaga, you walk to the washroom and turn on the light. And there you see Gov. Pritzker and Mayor Lightfoot dressed as evil clowns, kneeling next to the toilet bowl, whispering, smiling, as they watch Chicago and Illinois circling the drain.

Then they notice you and they split your eardrums with their blood curdling screams. Is that scary enough? You’re darn right it’s scary. You still might be asleep trapped in a nightmare loop.

So, listen to this edition of The Chicago Way podcast because Jeff Carlin and I tell Halloween Scary Political stories. Just click on the link to the podcast in the photograph above, where I’m at the WGN radio studios, click on the arrow and you’ll hear my voice of a nightingale.

And scary stories of a political apocalypse, dystopian stories of the end of culture and the truly terrifying:  A story about Lightfoot stubbornly wanting to give herself a big fat raise with the city drowning in violent crime.

Actually, that’s true.

Jeff Carlin thinks that Lightfoot, running for re-election, wanting taxpayers to pay for her big fat raise is insane and scary.

“Hello? McFly?” Jeff said of the mayor of Chicago.  I could see him with the mayor in a headlock, Jeff knuckling Lightfoot’s thick wooden head, Lori wiggling her hands.

“McFly? You’re running for office, and you just gave this golden piece of audio to lay out? [For opponents] to say ‘Hey look this is the mayor who cares so much about helping you and making sure you’re able to put food on your table and your kids are educated and the streets are safe and now she’s giving herself a raise because she’s doing such a good job? That’s the idiocy there!”

Indeed. You can’t miss the idiocy.

That is some big damn idiocy let me tell you.  Yessiree Bob!

And with that, Lori Lightfoot, once thought to be quite intelligent, joins the strange, ancient cult of those who have irreparably softened their minds forever. These are the wretched malakiesmeni

We talk about other scary stories, including one about former Northside Ald. Dick Mell (D-Blago/DeLeo) blowing smoke at 44th Ward Ald. Tom Tunney about a mayoral run.

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So, listen up everyone. With just days before the November 8 midterms, there’s plenty of fear out there to go around.

But don’t even think politics is over when Pagliacci (Chuck Schumer) begins to cry after the polls close on on November 8.

It starts all over again the day after the midterm elections, with the main event of Chicago politics, the race for mayor.

And then you’ll see the evil clowns, their teeth sharpened, come running out to play on those short stumpy legs.

That’s scary. But there’s no waking up. It’s no dream, or nightmare.

(Copyright 2022 John Kass)



(Tiny, evil clown heads glare down at visitors to the “Massacre on Marshall Road” haunted house in the Trading post at Fort Bliss, Texas, Oct. 15, 2013. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Robert Golden, 16th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment)


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