Raging Democratic Socialists Mourn Their Lost Sacrament: Abortion

By John Kass

June 29, 2002

Do you recognize the image at the top of this column?

Of course, you do.

It is not a mass of cells. It is not an “it.”

It is a baby, a human life in a mother’s womb, a life that began at conception. And it is waiting to be born.

But idea of that baby allowed to be born and millions of other such babies, has triggered intense rage among the Democratic Socialists for the past several days, since the U.S. Supreme Court voted 6-3 to reverse Roe V. Wade.

I’ve wanted to be charitable to the other side. We have different views on a most contentious issue. And I am a Greek Orthodox. Sen. Dick Durbin might ask me if I am an “Orthodox Christian.” But he already knows. I’m a father who is pro-life. I’ve never hidden it. And I’ve worried about the spiritual cost of abortion on our culture. Readers know this about me.

Though I tried being charitable, I’ve failed. All the screaming over Roe the past few days, all their hysterical rage and theatrics, all the threats to the justices of the Supreme Court simply because they followed the Constitution, turning the troublesome issue of abortion where it belongs, back to the states to be decided by the people through their elected representatives. After all this ugly drama, with the promise of more to come, I’m having difficulty in being charitable.

There really isn’t another way to politely describe them. In their unhinged protests, they wear the white of the initiates. They spatter themselves with red paints and dyes to represent blood against their white garments. This is a a death cult.  They are like religious fanatics of some Dark Age, shrieking, so twisted now with anger as to be unrecognizable in their fury and righteousness. And loudly demonstrating outside churches like St. Patrick’s Cathedral they screamed:

“F—the church! F—-the state! You can’t make us procreate!!!”

To them, theirs is a religious fight. Roe v Wade was their church. And abortion their sacrament. And now that Roe has been reversed. They fear the loss of this sacrament. They have become unglued.

For example, one of the pregnant protesters in Washington took a marker and scrawled a message across her taught abdomen, with her baby inside.

“Not yet human” were the words she wrote on her belly for the benefit of reporters.

Not yet human?

“I am very pregnant – I am due tomorrow,” the woman reportedly told NBC News.

Madam, don ‘t forget to put that photo in the baby book, so your child might see it someday and give you a kiss as you express your maternal love. A mother so consumed by political ideology that she denies the humanity of her baby, and uses that life as a prop to score cheap political points in street theater? When people tell you who they are, believe them.

Conservative Chicago radio host Dan Proft said the other day on his Salem Radio “Morning Answer” program that the Democratic Socialists have finally revealed themselves. That they had decades to seal the deal, to sell abortion to the American people, and they failed to sell it. Now they are hysterical and their weakness  shows.

They did sell it to the giant corporations that form the base of the Democratic Socialist tripod in America and in the suburbs where many of the corporate women live. Corporations are now offering benefits of thousands of dollars to pregnant women employees who have abortions. A child can get in the way. A parent might trip on one as it crawls near the lowest rungs of the corporate ladder.

When compared to the lifetime cost of healthcare for a child, and dealing with the administrative headaches of work-related child care issues, of parents taking time off  to tend a child who becomes ill, it’s all so much cheaper, is it not?  Spending four or five thousand dollars in travel bonuses to women so they can travel to have abortions is much much cheaper than lifetime health care. This is what corporations call family friendly. They just get rid of what’s in the way to maximize profit and efficiency.

And all women have to do is buy in. Will HR be around to sit with her on some beach, alone, years from now as she weeps? Perhaps she won’t weep. Perhaps she’ll smile and check her 401k.

But the selling of Roe v Wade wasn’t as easy in much of America. It was a ruling that was flawed and poorly reasoned. It was so torturously concocted that even intellectually honest pro-abortion legal scholars viewed Roe v Wade as the the work of partisan political hacks. It invented a fictional world in which the right to privacy was magically inserted into the Constitution. This tore the country apart for 50 years.

Until former President Donald Trump reached out to the conservative Federalist Society. Trump was vulgar, often crude and I questioned whether he had the temperament for the job of president. But he did have the foresight, and the courage to select, nominate and support originalist thinkers to the High Court. Ronald Reagan didn’t do this. Bush I and Bush II, the idols of the warmongering neo-con “Never Trumpers” didn’t do it.

It was Trump who fulfilled his promise to the American people. He did what he said he’d do during his 2016 campaign. His enemies hated him for it. He withstood a constant media and political onslaught. He did not back down. How many millions of lives will have been saved? How many of these lives will be girls?

In the half century since Roe v Wade was concocted, despite all their screaming and fundraising, and with Democratic majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate, the Democrats were unable to sell the American people on support of abortion.

Proft is correct. The Democratic Socialists could not close the sale. They could not close the deal. Now, publicly lost in rage, barking nonsensically, frothing at the mouth, they’ve been revealed. And what has  been revealed? Their weakness.

Former President Barack Obama, the Chicago Democrat, had both houses under Democrat control. He was considered a messianic figure among the Democrats, and god-like, he claimed credit for stopping the rising of the oceans. But though he was his own god, he didn’t want to risk his capital on saving abortion. He didn’t try to sell it. None of the Democratic presidents did. It was much easier to play the politics of division. And so, they relied on the black robes of the Supreme Court to carry their political burdens and plunged America into decade upon decade of cultural strife.

Now the issue has been returned to the states. Abortion isn’t ended completely. States will decide. And the blue states like California, New York, and corrupt Illinois will protect abortion rights. And other states will protect the lives of the unborn. Isn’t federalism what the founders intended? What’s wrong with letting the people decide how they want to live, and what stains if any to carry on their souls?

The Democratic Socialists want abortion any time during nine months of pregnancy, many to the moment of birth  and some even beyond birth. As if they’d not only become neo-Marxists but also new Spartans to toss the ill and infirm into a pit, as well as being neo-Marxists

The death cultists want abortion on demand for nine months. Most Americans don’t support that. The Democratic Socialists  want taxpayers to pay for it, so that those opposed to the killing of the unborn would be complicit in the use of their tax dollars. Most Americans don’t support that either.

And when the Supreme Court overturned the flimsily reasoned Roe v Wade and returned the issue of abortion where it belonged, as the Constitution intended, sending it to the people and to their elected representatives in the states, all hell broke loose.

There was violence and threats of violence. Pregnancy crisis centers were firebombed. Pro-abortion demonstrators stormed government buildings. Judges were threatened. Some on the left even threatened Civil War. The High Court, once above criticism when it did the political work of the left, became illegitimate when it correctly interpreted the Constitution and turned the abortion issue back to the American people?

But wait a minute. Aren’t the Democratic Socialists and their many allies in corporate legacy media opposed to insurrectionists who threaten the institutions of government? Don’t they condemn—and investigate and prosecute those who treat government as illegitimate or dare protest on the National Mall during a contentious presidential election?

Things changed in a day. Because of the politics. What the left can’t control, the left must destroy. And the people see right through them.

“The hell with the Supreme Court—we will defy them,” said U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, the California Democrat exhorting protesters in Washington. “You see this out here? You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

The high priestess of the Democratic Socialists, U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the New York Democrat, said the court was “illegitimate” and urged her supporters to go “into the streets.”

Democratic Socialist protesters continued to hound Supreme Court justices, protesting outside their homes to intimidate them in violation of federal law. And Attorney General Merrick Garland, once Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, has yet to make arrests outside the justices’ homes, even though an armed fanatic has already been charged with the attempted murder of Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Under the Democratic Socialists and the Washington Democratic Media Complex, parents who are concerned about what their children are taught in the government schools are easily portrayed by the Department of Justice as potential “domestic terrorists.” And parents who don’t want their young children taught about gender dysphoria are condemned as bigots.

But leftist thugs can publish and post the home addresses of Supreme Court Justices, and the schools attended by the justices’ children? The Biden Justice Department targets some violence, and allows other types of violence through bureaucratic inaction.

And they dare lecture us from Washington?

The American people see all of this, and for many, the mid-term elections can’t come soon enough.

Though the Democratic Socialists are anything but reasonable, the American people are reasonable. The people know that young girls make mistakes. And boys, too.  Most Americans would support abortions in the case of rape or incest, but most draw the line at late term abortions, as do most civilized European nations. And now, in their state legislatures, they will work it out, rather than have edicts handed down from on high.

With so much screaming, from politicians, activists and hysterical media pundits shrieking for heads on pikes, there was one comment that cut through the noise. It was not filled with rhetorical flourishes. It was clear and clean, a simple understanding, a mother’s understanding of what the cult of death has cost us in America.

It was a comment from U.S. House Rep. Mayra Flores, the Texas Republican, born in Mexico who took her seat from the Democrats who’d held it for decades.

“Hallelujah,” Flores said. “I woke up this morning praying for this. I never thought it would happen. This was a big win not only for South Texas, because we are Pro Life. But it’s also a big win for our country. If we want to see real change in bringing crime down, we need to raise a generation that respects life in the womb.”

As she said those words, I could feel House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shrieking.

Please think of  Flores’ words, her prayer. Not the screamers with their red paint, but Myra Flores telling all of us that if we want to see change in crime, we must raise a generation that respects life.

The image at the top of this column is not some mass of  unwanted cells, like some tumor blocking the way to a splendid career in the corporate world, a career of meetings and lunches and fine clothes worn in those giant downtown palaces of steel and glass. It is not a roadblock to promotion to partner at a big law firm, where power and wealth await.

It is not a barrier to recreation, or to ambition or to joy. It is not an impediment to spiritual growth. It isn’t easy. It comes with great responsibility, with lost hours, sleeplessness, anguish, and concern that only parents know. It also comes with joy that cannot be explained.

It is the enemy of the culture of death. Rep. Flores knows this.  There are costs to creating and supporting a culture of death. We see teenagers and young men slaughtering each other on the streets in the gang wars, and violent crime rising, fathers absent from the home, as the culture of death devours them and sprouts its leprous blossoms.

So, that infant in the mother’s womb at the top of this column is more than just a symbol.

It is God’s gift and His offered antidote to the culture of death.

It is life.

(Copyright 2022 John Kass)


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