Democrat Politicos Terrified by Red November, are Gripped by Halloween Hysterics. But Beware of Baba Yaga!

John Kass

October 28, 2022

My grandfather, Papou Pete, was a great story teller.

He fought in two World Wars for Canada. As an immigrant from Greece as a little boy alone, he worked on the railroads in Utah, and later ran a shoeshine parlor in Panama and took bets. He had a series of diners. Occasionally during the Depression, he had a few unsanctioned bouts as a prizefighter for cash.

He cooked for us when we were boys, our favorites being oxtail stew and hunter’s stew with rabbit and upland game called stifatho. And he told us stories.

Papou Pete could tell amazing stories.

And now, at Halloween, with Democrats in hysterics and fearful of getting their behinds handed to them in a Red November beat down according to poll projections, it’s the perfect time to tell them Papou Pete’s scary stories. But he’s gone.

Their corrupt corporate legacy media allies who’ve protected the Democrats year after year are finally running out of steam (that’s what happens when you smash your face into reality).

What’s worse, after having media and Big Tech controlling the public debate to protect Democrat politicians from the people, the entrepreneur Elon Musk is taking over Twitter. This is an apocalyptic development for the left that pretended tolerance until it took control of government, and now hates free speech. What will they do without their leftist Twitter fever swamp?

And reality is crashing down upon them.

So, is it story time?

I don’t remember details. I didn’t take notes.  What I do remember was that when I was a boy, Papou Pete’s scary stories were terrifying. The most frightening would keep us up all night, hoping we’d make it to church in possession of our souls. But who believes in “souls” these days?  Talking about “souls” might relegate you to the basket of deplorables, or even extremists.

Papou’s most riveting stories involved a dangerous old lady who lived alone deep in the woods, in wooden hut that rested on giant live chicken legs:

Baba Yaga, the Witch of the East.

She didn’t bother with gingerbread tricks like those wimpy Western European witches. Baba Yaga ate children whole. She would murder heroes. She was vengeful, malevolent and devious. Her evil was insatiable.

As Democrat politicians gave themselves over to hysterics about polls showing them losing the November mid-term elections, a strange thing happened.

The famous election denier Hillary Clinton climbed on down from her hut in the woods and back into the news. As Hillary spoke, weaving her schemes, I couldn’t help but think of Baba Yaga

 Clinton began spinning her own vengeful tale of Republicans who would steal the presidency two years from now—in an  election that hadn’t yet happened.

“Right wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election,” Clinton said.

That election is two years away, Hillary. You’ve lost it. Are you cuckoo for Coca Puffs? Is this what happens when you indulge your fantasies, alone, with a big box of wine, day after day. There is a cost.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at a political rally in Des Moines during the Iowa Caucus. Photo by Evan Guest.

But what about those politicos who just can’t find refuge in boxed wine? What happens to politicians who’ve been kept safe in media bubble wrap? And who, by virtue of that constant media protection, never had to defend themselves or strengthen their political positions until they were overwhelmed by reality?

We’re finding out right now, aren’t we?

I won’t mock someone suffering a mental breakdown. You don’t mock those who suffer real pain. But the public breakdown is a staple of great and important fiction, like stories your grandfather told you while dicing carrots, only it happened to real people.

We’re seeing this now in real life among Democrats, but let’s stay on the safe side and consider only fictional characters.

King Lear lost his bleeping mind.  Captain Queeg, played by Humphrey Bogart in the courtroom drama “The Caine Mutiny” had a paranoid break over the strawberries. Shelly Duvall never quite got over the emotional beating she took during filming of “The Shining.”

And Blanche DuBois cracked up in Tennessee William’s play, “A Streetcar Named Desire.”

Like many of our politicians, DuBois had created an alternate reality for herself, a complicated lattice work of lies supported by puffs of media. She said she relied on the kindness of strangers, and insisted on fantasy and magic. Then it fell apart and reality and Stanley attacked her. Vivien Leigh says the necessary lines:

“I don’t want realism. I want magic! Yes, yes, magic. I try to give that to people. I do misrepresent things. I don’t tell truths. I tell what ought to be the truth.”

Is that a politician talking? Or is it a left wing pundit hoping to create an alternate reality and get a gig on MSNBC? Does it matter?

Politicians are anxious creatures in the days before an election. And it it is true that nothing so concentrates the mind as the prospect of being hanged in a fortnight, it follows that nothing panics the Democrat politico’s mind as the prospect of losing the House in the mid-term elections, and quite possibly the Senate.

Who is to blame? The Democrats. They control the federal government and arrogantly pushed policy that Americans did not want. Americans wanted secure borders, low violent crime, low gas prices. They had all that and more before President Joe Biden was elected in 2020.

Beware of getting what you want. The Democrats got what they wanted. And now?

Like Blanche DuBois, they bear no responsibility. President Joe Biden was out this week lying to the people about how he’s lowered the price of gas. He babbles his lies at his Democrats thinking they’re stupid. Are they stupid? They have a chance to prove him wrong in the voting booth.

Inflation eats away at American savings, a direct result of Biden and his Democrats spending trillion after trillion of dollars, taking our money to pay fellow Americans to stay home, sit on the couch and get high watching TV and not work.

They all got used to not working.  Now millions of jobs go unfilled, for wanting of willing workers.

The Southern border became a sieve under Biden. Millions of illegal immigrants poured across, including Middle Eastern terrorists on the terrorist watch list and other criminals. And illegal fentanyl from China, the drug that has killed at least 100,000 young Americans also comes across Biden’s open border to poison our children, some of it brightly colored like candy in time for Halloween.

And the increase in violent crime in major urban areas is something the American people did not want. Combined  with soft-on-crime prosecutors advanced by billionaire leftist George Soros, the crime issue has hurt Democrats in every urban area, from New York to San Francisco. And cities have suburbs, even in Chicago.

In Chicago, the soft-on-crime Democrats who appeased the destructive BLM/Antifa rioters who destroyed downtown now protect and defend Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s “Safe-T Act,” which is vigorously opposed by 100 out of 102 state’s attorneys in Illinois, both Democrat and Republican.  The 100 prosecutors warn of the danger to all residents.  Pritzker however, mocks critics of his “Safe-T Act” as “carnival barkers” and racists, even though the victims of violent crime are overwhelmingly black and brown racial minorities.

Perhaps voters of Illinois have been beaten down so thoroughly that they can’t lift their heads to comprehend the BLM rioters partnership with Pritzker and Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Democrats advancing the Safe-T Act. Perhaps they people are just too psychically damaged to respond and save themselves and vote. That’s what the Stockholm Syndrome does to people. They cleave to those who’d hurt them.

We’ll see if Illinois can pass the People’s IQ Test administered at the polls on November 8.

In Chicago, city of anarchy and chaos, where a woman on the North Side was surrounded by Mad Max thugs who fired a gun at her, the mayor of Chicago wants a raise. Yeah, Lori Lightfoot wants to give herself a raise, as the city circles the drain. Lightfoot’s endorsed Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, one of the Soros non-prosecutors, is keeping a low profile.

But in Philadelphia, the Soros supported Democrat prosecutor Larry Krasner decided to fight. “We don’t have a crisis of lawlessness, we don’t have a crisis of crime, we don’t have a crisis of violence,” he was quoted as saying,


Pennsylvanians are constantly assaulted to scenes of local violence on the news. While typing this, I watched a gunfight in the streets of Philadelphia. Republican lawmakers are pushing to impeach Krasner. In Illinois, Democrats have no such worries.

After November there will be plenty of blame. Democrats will blame Biden of course. As angry children, they’ll blame him for giving in to them too easily, like the story of the horse thief who blamed his mother for not whipping him hard enough when he stole the chicken.

Some will gin up news columns blaming  conservative “white women” who were turned off  by the increase of violent crime. These women will be denounced as suburban heretics by the left, perfect for burning as if they were witches from Salem.

Journalists have already trashed Dasha Burns, the female NBC journalist for doing her job. She dared tell the truth about Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman. They’re calling her an “ableist.” Fetterman’s debate with Republican Mehmet Oz was painful and difficult to watch. I’ve never been an Oz fan. He’s a silkie like Lindsey Graham.

But the trashing of Burns, and subsequent glowing reviews about Fetterman proved that corporate media is all about  lying to the people to protect the Democrats. But Democrats have already voted early for the impaired Fetterman.

They’ve already crippled Democracy while screaming that they’re the only ones defending it.

Perhaps they’ll blame Latino voters as “white supremacists”  for opposing Biden’s wide-open border, and for flocking to Republicans as Democrats push gender sexual identity issues in public schools.

Latinos (they hate woke newsrooms pushing the generic “Latinx”) are traditional people. They’re Christians. Latinos don’t advocate physically intact male high school athletes changing in the girls’ locker room while insisting that they’re women.

Latinos don’t support sexual/gender instruction by severe leftist white women and others like them in their children’s classrooms. Don’t push such policy and expect Latinos to love you. And when they don’t love you it’s idiotic to complain.

Why can’t Democrats understand this?

To them are Latinos real people, human beings with blood in their veins, and imperfections, or are Latinos just their mascots?

To wash their hands of their projected failures in the mid-term, Democrats will tell stories that suit them as politicians. They’re the heroes of their own fables. Their blood suckers will be conservatives like me.

But they won’t be the stories my grandfather used to tell. He didn’t like politicians much. He coined that famous saying about politicians: “When they speak, the donkeys break wind.”

Thanks Papou.

My grandfather worked hard all his life. I’d bet your grandfathers did as well. But Washington politicians have never had a job.  Joe Biden never had a job. He’s worked on a government salary for decades as an elected official. Yet somehow though, millions and millions of dollars have stuck to Joe Biden. He has several mansions. He lives large like the fabulously wealthy kid from Chicago with the big ears.  Americans have dutifully forgotten about the bag man Tony Rezko.

Now Obama walks on the beach glorifying himself on Netflix. And the Bidens cut their lucrative deals with China and enjoy wealth and their mansions, protected by dying Big Media and Big Tech. And those who crack up and cry when reality bites are the Democrat true believers, their voters. The politicos cash in.

It must be the luck of Baba Yaga.

Most of them dream and tell stories. And their stories are always about one thing.



(Copyright 2022 John Kass)

Baba Yaga and maiden-birds by Ivan Bilibin (1902)

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