Democrat Donner Party: After Virginia and New Jersey, “looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys,” as Democrats begin devouring themselves.

By John Kass

Republicans shocked the Democratic world in Virginia and New Jersey, and the frenzied Democratic left began chewing on whatever moderates remain among them, and the blame game could be heard in full throated tribal screams.

I’m sure the survivors of the Donner Party blamed those who furnished them a haunch or two, or more, for the crime of tempting them in their time of need.

And as a journalist, I felt the need to sit down on the couch and dispassionately enjoy it all. But I had a question:

What brand of single malt scotch to pour, to best relish the leftist pundit hysterics on MSNBC and CNN?

I settled on a glass of 18-year-old Glenmorangie, and a nice fire in the fireplace, wondering what would happen to President Joe Biden and his Democrats after their disastrous election performances in blue Virginia and dark blue New Jersey.

And each time some leftist talking head said something ridiculous–proving they’d locked themselves in their silos and hadn’t been paying attention to what was coming–I’d raise a glass for a sip:

Like MSNBC’s Joy Reid saying that “education” (with her air quotes) “which is code for White parents don’t like the idea of teaching about race,” and the mad ravings of Nicolle Wallace, or  CNN commentator Van Jones saying the election results were evidence of the emergence of “the Delta variant of Trumpism.”

Yes indeed, epic meltdowns by propagandists caught in their fragile webs of fantasy can fascinating, even compelling when the web cracks and shatters in their hands as if it were made of spun sugar, as when reality intruded upon Blanche DuBois in “A Streetcar Named Desire.”

But nothing quite matches House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, her face a tight mask like the skin of a Chia Pet, pushing ahead with her wild multi-trillion-dollar inflationary spending spree, though some rational Democrats think it a political death sentence in the current climate.

She said through her mask that she was saddened by Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s defeat in Virginia.

“Well, the people have spoken,” Pelosi told reporters. “We respect the results. I’m very sad…”

A reporter asked: Does it change the (spending) agenda for the House?

“No,” Pelosi responded. “No.”

Damn the torpedoes Madam Speaker! Full speed ahead.

For a woman who has everything, including panache, a great overperforming stock portfolio and a stash of gourmet chocolate ice cream in her fancy freezer, I think I know what she needs for Christmas:

Hearing aids.

She’s not listening to what the people are telling her.  In blue Virginia, President Joe Biden won by 10 points just a year ago, but the other day those blue suburbs cost McAuliffe his election.

 “I’m not going to let parents come into schools and take books out and make their own decision,” McAuliffe famously said in a debate. “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Some mistakenly call that a gaffe. It wasn’t a mistake. It was a reveal. McAuliffe is among the last of the Clinton political mafia, and what he said about parents is the view held by his party’s leaders.. Parents are good for paying taxes, nothing more.

In deep blue New Jersey, incumbent Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy was locked in a nail-biter with Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli, with the election still too close to call on Wednesday. Down ballot races in Virginia and New Jersey surprised the political world.

But the tastiest nugget involved the New Jersey Republican truck driver who spent only about 150 bucks on his campaign.

On Wednesday afternoon the trucker was leading longtime New Jersey Democratic Party boss, State Senate President Steve Sweeney.

Republican challenger Edward Durr  reportedly spent a measly $153 on the race for donuts for his staff and a few pamphlets. Sweeney is the longest serving Senate president in New Jersey history, a true party boss. He had reportedly planned on winning a seventh term and then running for governor in 2025.

“I don’t know if I truly am fearless or stupid,” Durr told NJ.Com. “Because who in their right mind would take on a person with that kind of power and clout? But his power, his clout, did not scare me.”

Hey Nancy, you’d better get those hearing aids and try a radical idea: Listening to the people.

Left wing media hysterics don’t listen to the people. Instead, they’re too busy condemning the people as fools or liars for the sin of not agreeing with them. Telling people what to do, shaming them as racists or “insurrectionists,” declaring them a virus or a collection of potential “domestic terrorists” if they don’t support the left’s agenda. That’s what drives many in media and they wonder why their credibility is low.

Yes, it’s a racket. The loudest, the angriest, can make a good living at the game. But politicians make their living through addition, not subtraction. You’d think that professional politicians would listen.

Yet Biden and other boss Democrats don’t listen. The president’s tanking poll numbers on Democratic policy failures are screams that their house is burning.

Biden’s do-nothing immigration policy and the wide-open Southern border is a catastrophe of his making.  The yearlong shutdown of the schools at the behest of the powerful teachers’ unions that wag the Democratic dog was catastrophic for the kids, but at least parents could see the political garbage being pumped into their children’s minds by glancing at the remote learning laptops on the kitchen table.

The wild government spending sprees that fuel inflation are ruinous. People see this when they buy groceries or fill up their car with gas, or wonder if they can afford Thanksgiving turkey. They don’t need a panel of economists to explain inflation. They live it each time they go to the store.

And the sense of lawlessness in urban areas fueled by catch-and-release Soros-backed prosecutors is a catastrophe, especially for victims of violent crime, most of whom are minorities.

What truly motivates all Americans are their children. And parents don’t like supporting government (public) schools, where children are separated by race and pitted against each other by political operatives who see race in all things.

We were once beyond thinking in such terms. Only barbarians thought of race that way. Now the Democrats give us “equity,” which is all about discriminating on the basis of race. And news sites use the word “equity” and conflate it with “equality of opportunity” without blushing.

It is a hustler’s con game.

It has become fashionable among party activists and leftist corporate media to insist that Critical Race Theory isn’t taught in the schools. They tell us, as they did on election night, that parental anger is all based on conservative lies.

But that’s simply not true. They’re acting like reality deniers. CRT and its offshoots shape K-8 public education now. Parents, and many good teachers know this.

McAuliffe doubled, even tripled down on the absurd denial, telling parents they had no place in the debate, foolishly stepping between the mother bears and their cubs. It cost him. And parents like the brave Virginia mom Xi Van Fleet, survivor of the Cultural Revolution in Communist China, called him out as a liar, as did many others.

She understood what was happening. She wasn’t intimidated or bamboozled. She stood up. She confronted them. And she and others were inspiring.

People will die for their children. They don’t appreciate others telling them how to raise their kids, particularly if those pushing advice are racist political hacks, ordering the FBI and the Department of Justice to use the Patriot Act to treat dissenting parents as if they’re domestic terrorist and silence dissents.

Decent people don’t like it when children—their own or the children of others—are treated differently because of race. That’s what’s happening in the woke government schools. Insisting that it’s not happening is absurd.

It cost the Democrats the election in Virginia and may have cost them in New Jersey, because politics is always upstream of culture.

It was true when the late Andrew Breitbart said it years ago, and is especially true now, as Democrats look to the mid-term elections of 2022. And constant government overreach by the left has backfired.

“Because you see what happens in Virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024 and on,” said Vice President Kamala Harris, prophetically, before Tuesday’s vote.

Some Democrats are no doubt wondering if they’d made a terrible mistake by not standing up to the hard neo-Marxist left that shapes their party when they had the chance. But that chance is gone. And the Democratic establishment betrayed the progressives years ago, by rigging the 2016Democratic presidential nomination for Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders.  They left does not forget or forgive. Nor should they.

Now, all Democrats and their pet pundits know what will happen if they stand up to the left. They’ll be politically devoured, just as the left devoured American cities and the administrations of liberal Democratic mayors in the summer of the George Floyd riots, amid the looting and the burning in those “mostly peaceful” protests media kept prattling on and on about.

Everything is force. The Democrats really don’t want to listen. And they can’t hear. What they want is to survive, perhaps sacrifice a few weaklings.

They’re like the Donner Party. They must know that snow will cover the mountain passes. And winter is coming.


(Copyright 2021 John Kass)

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