Column: John Cena? Princeton? Matt Gaetz? Lori Lightfoot? May contenders plentiful in Golden Moutza race

by John Kass | © 2021 John Kass

When it comes time for the world-famous Golden Moutza of the Month award, some people just can’t handle the truth.

“We are way beyond a single Moutza,” says agitator Dan Mulvihill. “There are way too many candidates. Might I suggest a March madness-type game where 64 are nominated for their activities in the past year? And the first one to do something Moutza-worthy goes to the next round. And so on.”

With so many idiots vying for the Golden Moutza of May, it can be overwhelming. But that’s why you were given hands, to Moutza whenever you want. And feet too for a quadruple when warranted

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